Chapter 284 Who’s Behind It?

Qin Sheng had rarely seen the always-calm Chang Baji get into a fluster like this. But when Qin Sheng found out what was going on, he was also stunned.

Poly International was sealed off by the police.

Chang Baji hung up without finishing his words. He was probably dealing with some troubles.

It should have been a happy dinner as Lin Su was talking about her business trip. But Qin Sheng became absent-minded with a cloudy and heavy complexion after hanging up the phone.

Gu Qingyang, who was sitting beside and enjoying his meal quietly, also became curious about what made Qin Sheng so upset.

Lin Su frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”

Qin Sheng did not answer. He was thinking about which part had gone off track, and who had the power to ask the police to seal off Poly International tonight. After all, it was a big deal, which might probably be reported on the news tomorrow. He had kept in touch with political and law system officials and met a lot of city and district department leaders. Adding to Cao Da as his backup, Qin Sheng just could not figure it out why Poly International was sealed off with nobody informing him.

“Who is behind this?

“Cao Da’s rival? Or an old enemy?”

Qin Sheng’s mind wandered for a while, and then he realized that he had to inform Uncle Cao of the incident at once. Things had gotten out of his control and Cao Da had to do something with his resources.

“Honey, Qinyang will take you home. Go to bed early tonight. I have something to deal with. Maybe I’ll be home late,” Qin Sheng said to Lin Su.

Lin Su was thoughtful and never disturbed Qin Sheng’s business. So she just hid her agitation and said, “OK, be careful.”

“Qinyang, take her home and then call me. I’ll tell you the place where we’ll meet,” Qin Sheng said to Gu Qingyang.

Gu Qingyang hesitated and asked, “Brother Qin, are you sure you can make it? I’m afraid…”

“Don’t worry. I can handle this,” Qin Sheng said and patted Gu Qingyang’s shoulder.

Qin Sheng paid the bill and went out of the restaurant. He called a taxi and left hastily. On the way, he first called Chang Baji, but got no answer. Chang’s phone was off.

And then he called Song Wei. Once it got through, Qin Sheng could not wait to ask, “Brother Song, is Yun Ding still OK?”

Song Wei was puzzled and said, “What happened? Yun Ding’s good, but what do you mean by saying that?”

“That’s good. Poly International was sealed off. You should be careful. If you find something wrong, just close down.” Qin Sheng was quite direct about this. Yunding International was located in the busiest place at night in Hangzhou, with Queen, G+, and other pubs around. Old Monk’s Star East was across from it. So Yun Ding’s situation was much better.

Song Wei was shocked by the news and exclaimed, “What? Poly International was sealed off?”

“Just now. I’ll talk to you later. I’m going to check it out,” Qin Sheng said in a low voice. He did not have the time to chat, and had to inform others of the bad news right away.

Song Wei was still drowned in his astonishment. He frowned and said, “OK. Be careful. Call me if anything happens.”

After that, Qin Sheng felt less worried. It would have been particularly annoying if Yun Ding also got into trouble. He did not bother to think too much, and called Cao Da at once.

“Uncle Cao, Poly International is in trouble,” Qin Sheng said hurriedly the moment Cao Da picked up.

Cao Da’s voice was cloudy. “I already know that. I’ve been waiting for your call.”

Qin Sheng was stunned, for he never expected that Cao Da should get the news before him. Obviously, this was another piece of bad news for him. Qin Sheng was guessing when Cao Da knew about it, before or after the incident. Qin Sheng was responsible for Poly International, but now it was in trouble. Cao Da, as his leader, would definitely be unsatisfied with him.

Qin Sheng was silent. Cao Da realized that Qin Sheng might be thinking too much, so he comforted him and said in an unhurried tone, “Someone called me before you. I’m asking around for information. You go to handle Poly International. I’ll call you if I get anything.”

Qin Sheng said nothing and just nodded with a “got it”.

Qin Sheng went straight to Poly International. This was the first time since the founding of Poly International that it had gotten into in such great trouble. Everything went well under Qian Buping’s charge.

Qin Sheng did not await his doom. Along the way, he called the lead official of the district public security bureau who was in charge of Poly International. As he expected, the lead official also just learned about this and was quite worried.


When gods fight, it is common people that get hurt. Now that things occurred on his land, he had no choice but to take the responsibility to solve it, no matter what results would be. That lead official spoke about a few with Qin Sheng then hung up. He was now busy finding out who did this.

And then Qing Sheng called another lead official of the municipal public security bureau, who was introduced to him by Fang Jianping. He was not surprised to receive a call from Qin Sheng. He sighed and said, “Little Qin, I guess you have offended someone. Poly was sealed off by our municipal bureau staff, but the raid was led by the provincial-level leader. I just know this, and nobody told me anything.”

“Sorry to trouble you, Brother Wu,” Qin Sheng said politely.

That Brother Wu shook his head and said, “I can’t help you this time. You have to figure out the reason. Fortunately, nobody was arrested. If you’re going to meet someone, I’ll introduce you to him.”

“That’s fine. We should have a drink when all this is finished,” Qin Sheng answered and nodded.

Qin Sheng stopped for the traffic light and waited. He was arriving at Poly International. At least he found out that the trouble was from the provincial public security bureau. Qin Sheng was helpless and upset, for he had no relationship with that level.

Among all the people Qin Sheng knew, only Fang Jianping had some relationship with the politics and law system. Although he was not willing to ask this big shot for help, he had no other choice now.

“Brother Fang, you haven’t gone to bed, have you?” Qin Sheng asked tentatively.

Fang Jianping just got back home from work and was going to take a shower. He answered the phone and said, “No. I just arrived home. What’s the matter?”

Qin Sheng had no time to beat around the bush, and he said in a direct way, “Brother Fang, I don’t want to trouble you, really. But now I can’t handle this myself. Poly International was sealed off by the provincial public security bureau. Could you do me a favor by asking for information about this?”

Qin Sheng was particularly humble when he asked for help. He did not like this. But faced with reality and power, the only thing he could do was lower his head down. If he did not settle this incident appropriately, Cao Da would be disappointed with him. What was worse, he might lose this hard-earned job and then he’d have to start all over again. All in all, Qin Sheng had to do something now, regardless of his dignity.

Fang Jianping was surprised. He never expected things to have gotten here and he had heard nothing up until now. Fang Jianping pondered and then murmured, “When?”

“Just now,” Qin Sheng spluttered.

Fang Jianping was always a decisive person. He just said, “I’ll call you later.”

“Thank you, Brother Fang…” Qin Sheng said with a forced smile. But Fang Jianping hung up before he finished his words. Qin Sheng felt helpless and he sighed.

When Qin Sheng arrived at Poly International, the police had already gone. They took away all the customers and hostesses tonight, as well as some of his staff and managers, including Chang Baji and Gu Xiaobo.

Poly International’s door was sealed, with quite a few people around watching and wondering what had happened. Qin Sheng crept into the building through the staff-only entrance in the back.

Now, only some of the Security Guard Department staff were still there. The person who was responsible here was Tang She. Chang Baji promoted this young man, who used to be a bully and started with a clean slate then. Qin Sheng had met him a few times.

Seeing Qin Sheng coming, those people immediately got encouraged. They all went up to Qin Sheng and greeted him. “President Qin, it’s so good to see you.”

Tang She also came but said nothing. He knew Qin Sheng would ask about what he wondered.

“What about everything now?” Qin Sheng frowned and asked.

Tang She answered briefly, “Manager Chang was taken away. Vice-manager Zhang in charge of finance and Brother Gu were taken away either. All of our accounting books and computer were sealed off. I asked other people to go back and wait. Only Security Guard Department staff are here. I don’t have your number, so Manager Chang had me wait for you here.”

Qin Sheng gave an appreciative glance at Tang She, for he had dealt with it all correctly, and said, “You’ve done a good job. I’ll handle the rest.”

Qin Sheng took over and began to arrange the following work. He had to guarantee that everything ran on its right track. No matter what happened, they could not implode. And he should be the one to clear up the mess.

Tang She had called Luo Changgong, who was in charge of this district, before Qin Sheng arrived. So soon after, Qin Sheng received a call from Luo Changgong. He picked up and said, “Brother Luo, did you know about that?”

“Poly International was in trouble so deep. How can I know nothing at all? I don’t know who was daring to do this f*cking thing. They have no idea who’s behind Poly!” Now that Luo Changgong cooperated with Qin Sheng, he definitely would not shrink and would stand behind Qin Sheng without hesitation when Poly International was in trouble.

Qin Sheng said with a forced smile, “The municipal bureau and district bureau knew nothing about the raid by the provincial bureau.”

Luo Changgong shook his head and said, “No matter if the municipal bureau or the provincial bureau did this, there has to be some reason behind. Nobody would have bothered to ask for such big trouble and offend a lot of people. Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal.”

“I know. Uncle Cao is asking someone for help as well,” Qin Sheng said and nodded.

Luo Changgong was ready to help, and he said, “Yang Deng will go to help you and I also asked my men to help. Go and settle the other things. You must have your hands full.”

“Thanks, Brother Luo.” Qin Sheng was quite grateful. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Yang Deng and Luo Changgong had surprised Qin Sheng so much.

Luo Changgong shook his head and scolded. “Cut the crap. It’s nothing.”

Calling Luo Changgong made Qin Sheng feel greatly relieved. Luo Changgong definitely asked a capable person for help. At least, he should try to get his people out by giving the cops money or something else.

Cao Da should have his own way to ask somebody for information. With so many people working on it, the incident would not affect anything further.

But Qin Sheng was eager to figure out who was the troublemaker behind this. If this was targeted at Cao Da, Qin Sheng would not be that irritated. But if this was at him, Qin Sheng had to do something.