Chapter 285 What Do You Think of This?

Why did Qin Sheng think so?

If Poly International’s trouble was caused by Cao Da, Qin Sheng had just been implicated in this incident. Considering Cao Da’s high position, it made sense that he might be stabbed in the back. Their enemy would not be a nobody. However, if this was due to him, Qin Sheng would definitely feel hapless. He was no more than a small potato. How could those people cause so much trouble to go against him? In that case, he would of course feel overwhelmed.

Who was the target and how he thought was not important. Now, taking action was a priority.

After Qin Sheng settled everything at Poly International, he left some of the Security Guard Department staff there and asked other people to leave. Tang She stayed with him, waiting for Yang Deng and Brother Luo’s man. They did not wait too long.

Yang Deng, Brother Luo’s man, Qin Sheng, and Tang She left Poly International together. They stopped somewhere on the road and smoked. Then, Yang Deng asked, “Who has the power to deliver such a great strike?”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t waste my time smoking here,” Qin Sheng said with a forced smile.

Everybody felt more or less depressed. Yang Deng laughed and said, “What would you do if you knew? Take your men and kill them all? No, you wouldn’t have to. I guess you might offend some big shot. Find the person and give him something good. Then, everything will be alright.”

“I hope so,” Qin Sheng said while he squinted.

After smoking a cigarette, they went to the municipal public security bureau. This would definitely be a sleepless night.

This big incident had stirred up some waves on lots of people’s minds, just like a single stone could create a ripple all over a lake. Nobody had figured out the truth. They were all asking around for information.

Thanks to all their efforts, most of Poly International’s people had been released by the police at dawn, except for Chang Baji and some managers. A bureau leader told them that they had to report something to the higher-ups. Although he was willing to release them all, he could do nothing until the leader gave him permission.

Qin Sheng asked Tang She and Gu Qingyang to deal with these things and then took Yang Deng and Brother Cai- Luo Ge’s man- to have breakfast. He was almost starving to death. He had barely eaten anything after yesterday’s lunch. His dinner with Lin Su last night had been ruined by the unexpected incident, so he’d only eaten a little.

After breakfast, Qin Sheng told Yang Deng and Brother Cai, “Thank you for your help. Go back to sleep now. I’ll call you if I need you.”

“You should do the same. It’s not a big deal. Nobody was killed, and there’s no fire. The worst outcome would be starting a new business,” Yang Deng said to comfort him.

Qin Sheng nodded at Yang Deng and Brother Cai. After seeing the two of them off, he left for Jiuxi Rose Garden by taxi. He had to report to Cao Da what had happened the previous night and see what Cao Da was going to do next.

Cao Da had also slept late the previous night. However, he did not feel annoyed any more after he had figured out the whole thing. After all, he had experienced a lot of storms over the past decades, so this incident was not a big deal in comparison. He had been calm while doing these things, as he knew that Qin Sheng would settle the rest of the chores.

When Qin Sheng arrived at Jiuxi Rose Garden, Cao Da was still asleep. Considering Cao Da’s age, he naturally was not as energetic as young people any longer. The maidservant asked Qin Sheng to wait in the sitting room.

About half an hour later, Qin Sheng finally met the mansion’s hostess, Second Aunt Mi Na. When she went downstairs and saw Qin Sheng sitting there, she said in confusion, “Qin Sheng? Why are you here? It’s still so early.”

“Good morning, Second Aunt. I have something to talk to Uncle Cao about.” Qin Sheng stood up and answered politely. However, he looked exhausted, as he had been busy the whole night and not gotten any rest.

It was very early. Mi Na had just gotten up and was not fully conscious, so she didn’t think too much. She just laughed and said, “He’s taking a shower. It won’t take too long. You just wait here. I’m going out for shopping.”

Qin Sheng nodded and said, “Okay, Second Aunt. Goodbye.”

Qin Sheng did not wait too long before Cao Da went downstairs. Then, he stood up. However, Cao Da made a gesture and said, “Let’s talk about this outside.”

He then asked the maidservant to make some tea.

When they reached the garden, Cao Da said calmly, “You don’t have to feel bad. It’s not your fault. This is out of your control. I’ve almost figured it out. It’s a vice-chief of the provincial public security bureau who was going to retire. I didn’t know who was behind this, so I asked some leaders of the provincial government and provincial public security bureau to have dinner tonight. You will go with me and try to settle this at dinner. Have you taken care of everything else?”

A starved camel was still bigger than a horse. Although Cao Da was not as powerful as before, he had still accumulated his own human resources during all those years in Hangzhou. Thus, he had figured out almost everything only by making a couple of phone calls. This leader, who was almost retired, had been exploited by somebody. However, he was still puzzled. Who was going against him regardless of this great trouble? There were other easier ways.

“I’ve arranged all the staff vacations. Poly International has closed down indefinitely. Apart from several management employees, everyone else was released last night. Next, we will hear about the punishment decision of the municipal public security bureau.” Qin Sheng reported the truth.

Cao Da squinted and said, “Well done. There might be other trouble soon. However, to me, this is not an end, but a beginning. You should be more careful now, and I’ll observe Lao Zhou as well.”

“Okay, I’ll be careful,” Qin Sheng said with a profound expression.

Cao Da sighed and said, “We’ll talk about this later. You’ve been bustling around the whole night. Go home and get some rest. It’s alright now. Remember, come to dinner early.”

“What do you think of Yuan Ke? Is he viable?” Qin Sheng couldn’t help asking. Only Yuan Ke had the power and motivation to do this.

Cao Da, who didn’t care about this, said, “No more guessing. Things will finally come out. Now, go home and rest.”

“Okay, Uncle Cao. I’m leaving.” Qin Sheng said goodbye to Cao and left.

Qin Sheng was exhausted by the time he went back to Golden Coast. Yesterday, he had spent almost half a day on the road. Then, he had met his girlfriend and chatted a little before bustling around the whole night. He was too tired to complain about this. Anyway, life was a struggle. There had to be a lot of other people leading even more exhausting lives than him. Nobody cared about his complaints. He had to go through all those ups and downs by himself.

Qin Sheng went home and found Lin Su making breakfast in the kitchen. She heard the sound and went out to check, worried about Qin Sheng’s tired look. However, she did not ask anything. Lin Su hid her qualms and said, “Go take a shower. Then have breakfast and get some rest.”

“I’ve had breakfast. I’m okay, I’ll take a short rest later.” Qin Sheng gave Lin Su a hug and smiled. He did not want her to worry too much.

Lin Su wanted to say something to Qin Sheng, but she decided to delay this talk and let Qin Sheng get some rest first.

Qin Sheng didn’t sleep long. After three hours, he was awakened by the phone. He did not dare turn off the phone in case of an emergency.

A three-hour sleep was enough for Qin Sheng to feel refreshed. He took a shower and changed into clean clothes. Then, he went to the study and called the number back. When Qin Sheng was done, he went to the sitting room and found Lin Su preparing lunch.

“Honey, I’ll do this. You go and rest for a while.” Lin Su had taken a long business trip and finally had a two-day break. Qin Sheng did not want her to be so busy.

Lin Su, who was wearing floppy leisure wear, shook her head and said, “It’s okay. I’m almost done. Just wait for lunch.”

“You sure?” Qin Sheng asked in her ear, hugging Lin Su from behind.

Lin Su, who felt uneasy, pushed Qin Sheng out of the kitchen, in case he caused more trouble here. She was sure that something big had happened last night. She had just come back from her business trip. Qin Sheng had never stayed out after her return. Qin Sheng’s tired look definitely made her realize something as well.

Qin Sheng went back to the sitting room and answered on Wechat. Lin Su soon got lunch ready. It included four dishes and one soup, all nice home meals.

“Honey, I’m sorry I didn’t stay with you last night,” Qin Sheng said with regret.

Lin Su smiled and said, “As you said, we’re already an old couple. You don’t have to say this. I know you must have had something urgent to deal with, or you wouldn’t have stayed out the whole night.”

“God blessed me with a good wife like you,” Qin Sheng said to please Lin Su.

Lin Su lowered her head and continued to eat. After a while, she hesitated and raised her head before saying carefully, “I’ve thought it over and over again. I know you’ve been tired, but I have to tell you this.”

“You don’t need to hesitate. Just do anything you want. Nothing is more important than your issues,” Qin Sheng said in his manly voice.

Lin Su smiled and said, “I… I know. It’s not a big deal. I just got a call from my uncle last night when I arrived home.”

“Hmm…” Qin Sheng was puzzled. The Lins had not contacted Lin Su for a long time. “What will they do? Force her to leave, or anything else?” he thought.

“My uncle wants to talk to you and apologize for Lin Ze’s business. He arrived in Hangzhou today. If you’re willing to see him, he can meet you at any time and any place.” Lin Su repeated Uncle Lin Changhe’s proposal word-for-word. She did not mention that her uncle had asked about her life and whether Qin Sheng was good to her. Her grandmother missed her very much and had been in a good condition recently. He helped her understand her father more, who, as the head of the Lins, sometimes had to make tough choices.

She did not care about other things. The only person she cared about was her grandmother. She had gotten upset when Lin Yue had called her two days ago, and she had not slept well after her uncle had talked to her.

Qin Sheng was lost in thought. Lin Changhe had never been so friendly to him. Qin Sheng had a relatively good impression of Lin Su’s uncle, who was not as tough as Lin Changting.

“My uncle also asked me to tell you that Yan Chaozong has been staying in Hangzhou. He told the Lins about our situation,” Lin Su said with a frown. She had particularly mentioned this because she suspected that what had happened to Qin Sheng last night might have had something to do with Yan Chaozong. She knew that Yan Chaozong never let things go easily.

Although she knew nothing about Poly’s incident, Lin Su was actually right. If she knew, she might not reach this conclusion. This was exactly the truth, even though it seemed to be far from it.

Qin Sheng thought for a while, his complexion becoming cloudy. Then, he sighed and asked, “What do you think of this?”