Chapter 287 No Need to Consider

What happened that night was indeed unforgettable. It was the moment that he was on the brink of death, after he came back to town. He thought he was dead, when he lost consciousness.

He had been lucky to survive. Qin Sheng mulled over the happenings that night. Yan Chaozong had been the protagonist, and Ye Muyang was the support. So what was the role of the Lin family?

Qin Sheng was thinking if the Lin family was indeed involved in the affair, how could he ever face them? They were all Lin Su’s family members, would he be able to take revenge on them? After all, when Lin Changhe came to Shanghai to talk to Qin Sheng, he had been most resolute. If Qin Sheng insisted on staying with Lin Su, he would be punished by the Lin family. So Qin Sheng thought the Lin family was also one of those involved.

Sometimes, he was not a magnanimous person, who was able to put up with anything and repays good for evil. He was just an ordinary guy, who would take revenge when the time was right.

He understood the Lin family’s situation. Big families like Lin family would not allow their accomplished daughter to marry such an ordinary man like him. They would choose someone like Yang Chaozong. Of course Qin Sheng understood this. But he could not accept it, when they went round killing people.

Today Qin Sheng met Li Changhe, and he could finally loosen the knots in his heart. If the Lin family was not one of those who had him beaten up, his attitude toward the Lin family would not be so rigid anymore. At least he could still sit down and chat with them. If the Lin family members looked down on him, so what? He did not have the ability and did not really care. All he cared about was Lin Su. He could accept anything, if it would make Lin Su feel better.

So now Lin Changhe had something to say. For Lin Changhe, no matter what kind of tough problems he had to face with the Lin family, he would deal with it, as it was rare that he had such an opportunity.

Lin Su looked so good. Because she had settled her biggest problem, she felt very relaxed, and said, “Uncle, do you have something to say?”

Lin Changhe hesitated for a moment, looked at Qin Sheng, said, “I need to know whether Qin Sheng will agree to this. If you want your relationship with the Lin family to be smooth sailing and to have a better future.

“Please tell me.” Qin Sheng said, without hesitation. He understood Lin Changhe was giving him a chance, and he would definitely hear him out.

Lin Chang took a sip of the coffee that had just served by the waiter, narrowed his eyes and said, “Qin Sheng, to be honest, I appreciate you. You are capable and talented in dealing with affairs, and I like your personality. However, families like the Lin family, do not have time to test your potential, and do not want to take the risk. Because the Lin family is going downhill, we need strong and powerful supporters to maintain our social status. Marriage is our first choice if we want to realize this goal. Anyone who is born in such a family would understand this, and some would accept it, while some might want to revolt, just like Susu.

Lin Su did not say anything. It was their luck, but also their tragedy. Those who were lucky could find a well-contented life partner; those who were not that lucky, might have a marriage that existed in name only.

“Second uncle, I understand the situation of the Lin family. So I just have a few comments about this whole affair, and I would never hate the Lin family. If I was a member of the Lin family, I would also choose Yan Chaozong.” Qin Sheng said this sincerely. This was his honest opinion.

Lin Changhe nodded in appreciation, “I’m so glad you understand. But I did not expect things would be like this, and I also did not know that Susu would be so tough and decide to run away with you, and give up the whole family. But Susu is the daughter of the Lin family, we care about her and love her, and you are already in it, so we can’t do anything. So we need to have a final solution, and this is why I am meeting you today.”

“So your solution is?” Qin Sheng asked, feeling confused. He did not believe that things would be so simple. After all, it was a serious matter. It was not just about the Lin family, but it involved the Yan family as well.

Lin Su also looked at her uncle curiously. It would be great if they could find a perfect solution.

Lin Changhe stopped for a while. Maybe he was thinking how to persuade Qin Sheng by using the right choice of words. Finally he said slowly, “You know that the main characters in this matter are you and Susu, the Lin family and the Yan family. Though you and Susu challenged the reputation of the Lin family, and made the Lin family suffer a lot, Susu is still our family, and you are together now, so we could only endure the loss. But we are not going to bow our heads to the Yan family, because they are not like us. We will destroy the marriage, and Chaozong likes Susu so much. If we choose you at this point in time, we will be severing the relationship with the Yan family. It is impossible for them to accept the truth. According to the Yan family’s ability, they will definitely put pressure on us, so we need to solve the Yan family’s problem.”

Qin Sheng did not interrupt, but asked, “What is your suggestion, uncle?”

Lin Changhe knew this was the key point, so he continued, “If the Yan family is willing to let it go, then it will not be a problem anymore. You can be together. So the key point is the Yan family, and the main character is Yan Chaozong. You have to find a way to make Yan Chaozong forgive you. If he forgives you, that will solve all the problems.”

Qin Sheng and Lin Su did not expect that Lin Changhe’s suggestion was to seek Yan Chaozong’s forgiveness. That was indeed a difficult task! How could Yan Chaozong ever forgive Qin Sheng? They should be thankful that Yan Chaozong did not kill Qin Sheng. The Lin family was asking for the moon.

“Uncle, how could Yan Chaozong ever forgive Qin Sheng?” Lin Su could not help saying.

Qin Sheng followed up and said, “Second uncle, you are truly testing me with a hard problem.”

Lin Changhe knew that they would react like this. Since Qin Sheng just mentioned this, Lin Changhe knew that it was impossible for Qin Sheng to do this. After all they had started a feud, how could Qin Sheng lower his head and admit his fault?

“I know it will be hard on you. So what I have said is useless. But it is the only solution, and of course I’ll be glad to listen, if you have a better way to solve the problem,” Lin Changhe sighed.

Lin Su was gritting her teeth and said, “Uncle, do we need to be afraid of the Yan family?”

“What do you think, Susu? You are smart, do you still need me to explain?” Lin Changhe stared at Lin Su and asked, and he continued, “Qin Sheng, sometimes you need to know how to make your choice, do you want to be together with Susu, smoothly?” ” Do you want to marry Susu? If we cannot solve this problem, do you think Yan Chaozong will let you go, even if we don’t care about it anymore? You can conceal your identity, but will you still have the chance? You are successful in Hangzhou, your reputation will definitely attract the attention of the Yan family.”

Lin Su looked at Qin Sheng lovingly. Qin Sheng squinted and was deep in thought. Uncle Lin was right, if this problem could not be solved, they would be fighting forever, unless he had the power to fight with the Yan family. But did he really have enough power to fight with them?

At that moment, they all lapsed into silence and the atmosphere was tense. Lin Changhe was drinking coffee, as he did not have any more expectations. He waited for Qin Sheng for a while, and realizing that Qin Sheng was keeping quiet, he sighed, “Qin Sheng, think about it. I know what it means to you. To you, it is destroying your pride, ruining your dignity and the bottom line is, I will not push you if you are not willing to.”

Qin Sheng suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Second uncle, I don’t have to think about it, I will apologize to Yan Chaozong and try my best to get him to forgive me. I can bear anything as long he does not take Lin Su away.”

Qin Sheng’s sudden response made Lin Changhe felt incredulous. He stared at Qin Sheng in astonishment. There was a saying that a great man knows when to yield and when not, it was right, but not everyone was able to do this.

At this moment, he knew that Qin Sheng was not a simple character. He would be a marvel given a chance. Such a young person just needed time to make it.

His opinion about Qin Sheng was getting better at this moment.

Lin Su, who was sitting with Qin Sheng, stared at Qin Sheng with stunned eyes; It was obvious that she could not believe it. It was really a bad move for Qin Sheng. It was pushing Qin Sheng to the ground, and must have cost him tons of courage to make such a decision.

“You don’t have to do that.” Lin Su said with reddened eyes. She knew Qin Sheng was doing this purely for her.

Qin Sheng held Lin Su’s hands, and said firmly, “Second uncle, please help me to arrange a meeting with Yan Chaozong. I will talk to him face to face, and I’ll do whatever he asks me to do.”

Lin Changhe nodded, “Okay, let me handle it. Just wait for my call. Qin Sheng, you are so great. I have high expectations of you; all that you have gone through today, will be the driving force to take you further. You will get it back someday.”

Qin Sheng said gratefully, “Thank you, uncle.”

“Then I will leave first.” Lin Changhe had done his duty, and did not have to stay here anymore, so he left.

He gave a credit card to Lin Su, when he was ready to leave, “Susu, your dad told me to give this to you. I know you have a lot of money, but you did not use it, since you are afraid that we will find you. But you don’t have to hide anymore, so don’t be hard on yourself.”

These words made Lin Su felt sad…

When Lin Changhe left, Qin Sheng took Lin Su’s hands, and acting as if nothing had happened, said with a smile, “Let’s go home, my dear.”