Chapter 288 Look for Trouble

This was Qin Sheng’s choice, a choice due to lack of power.

Just as Lin Changhe said, everyone had to make his choice. To most people, they wanted to live with dignity, but it was not easy. So those who could take temporary setbacks could live a good life, and those who resorted to flattery could go to a higher place.

But should this society be like this?

Qin Sheng was confused.

If he was alone like he was before, he could be free, and like the swordsman in ancient times, he did not need to care about other people’s opinions. He could go wherever he wanted to go, and do whatever he wanted to do. He could hide in the city or in the forest.

But he could not be like this now.

Lin Su chose him against all costs, he would not make Lin Su go into exile with him, during his life. He would not be so selfish, even if Lin Su was willing to.

Chang Baji, Hao Lei and the other fellows had followed him from Xi’an to Shanghai, and then from Shanghai to Hangzhou. They trusted him so much, how could he just disregard them for his own benefit?

Therefore, Qin Sheng had to make his choice, and he had to do this, even though he was unwilling, in his heart.

He was doing it for the people he cared about.

On the way home, Qin Sheng held Lin Su’s hands tightly. He feared that Lin Su would be far away from him if he loosened his grip.

“Qin Sheng, you don’t have to do this, I’m serious.” Qin Sheng did not say anything on the way home, and looked upset. Lin Su was afraid that it would sap Qin Sheng’s strength, and turn him into another person. So she could not stop herself, and said it again.

Qin Sheng turned his head toward her, held Lin Su’s shoulder and said, “Don’t think too much, my dear. I have my own plan, and, if Yan Chaozong is asking for too much, I will not say yes to him. It would be better to break the net.”

“Really?” Lin Su said doubtfully. She used to be independent and smart, but now all she thought about was Qin Sheng. She did not want to think too much.

Qin Sheng said, “How can I lie to you?”

Woman needed to be coaxed, even a smart woman. Qin Sheng took Lin Su back home, with sweet coaxing. He did not want Lin Su to feel the pressure. It should be a man’s responsibility.

Since the Lin family had approved their relationship, Lin Su did not have to hide it anymore. She decided to contact her friends in Hangzhou, after all, many of her good friends were in Hangzhou, not just the beauty in the art academy. She was an ordinary girl, of course she would miss her friends with whom she had lost touch, for a long time.

As for Qin Sheng, what happened last night was not over yet, but it was suppressed by some their strong relationship, or it would have exploded in this morning. Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi did not make it into a big thing. It could offend many people if it was out of control, and that would be a bad thing.

So their barks were worse than their bites.

Qin Sheng arrived at the company located in the Euro America Center. Angie had contacted several famous PR companies at Zhejiang province last night. Though Cao Da had already told the propaganda department what to do, it was still an age of new media, and would be better if they could have some backup plans. This PR company was powerful and was said to have a strong background. All these big companies in Hangzhou would look for them if they had big issues to settle. Their strategic cooperation partners were the PR companies in Beijing, so these trivial things would be easy for them. They just needed enough money.

So this morning Qin Sheng had to go to the company and based on Angie’s report, Chang Baji was not there yet, so Qin Sheng called Song Wei to have him contact brother Luo. After all, Song Wei was good at doing this. Hao Lei, Gu Qingyang and Tang She were busy doing other trivial things…

Everyone was busy putting out a fire, and Qin Sheng of course needed to be in the middle of it. He kept in touch with the big bosses in politics and law system, and was ready to see those who were authorized to speak with Cao Da.

Qin Sheng did no look so good, and everyone kept quiet out of fear, when they saw Qin Sheng. When Qin Sheng saw his secretary, he asked in a low voice, “Where is Miss An?”

“Miss An is in a meeting.” The secretary said, and she took Qin Sheng to the meeting room.

The door of the meeting room was open and many management executives were inside. Qin Sheng seldom came to company, as he had passed the management work to Ms. An. Everyone knew who Qin Sheng was, and they all stood up and greeted him, “Mr. Qin.”

Qin Sheng said, with a smile on his face, “Thank you for your work today. Please pay more attention to this thing. But it won’t have too much influence on our company, it will be better soon.”

Though Qin Sheng said this, everyone was worried about it. Only those who knew the hidden rules understood that if someone really wanted to challenge them, Qin Sheng would not be here anymore, he would be in the jail at this moment. So it would not be a big deal, they might just offend some small characters.

“Okay, I am done, today’s meeting is over, everyone should be responsible for your own work. I will be tough on you if you do something wrong.” Ms. An said. She was usually gentle, but she could be tough when something really happened. Qin Sheng was aware of this trait when they were in Shangshan Ruoshui.

When everyone left, Qin Sheng and Ms. An were still in the meeting room. Ms. An sighed and said, “You are finally here, I’m afraid that I can’t take it. This is the first time I have encountered such a thing.”

“Not a big deal, I believe in you.” Qin Sheng patted Ms. An’s shoulder and said.

Ms. An looked at Qin Sheng and said, “I have been busy since your call last night. I only had one meal today.”

“When everything is over, I will give you an one-week holiday, and you can have a good rest. Of course everyone will also have a good bonus.” Qin Sheng said.

Ms. An nodded with satisfaction,” That is good.”

“How about today, is there anything special?” Qin Sheng squinted and asked. This was what he was most worried about. He could not keep an eye on everything, so he had to delegate it his fellows, or he would be worked to death.

Ms. An sat down and said, “Thanks to the company you contacted, they will suppress all the negative news, or we will be busy. We still have President Song and Hao Lei to take care of it for us, if it doesn’t work, but that would mean that we were not able to control it.”

“It is good.” Qin Sheng gave a brief response.

Ms. An stared at Qin Sheng, and said in an enquiring tone, “I want to know who we offended, and why he would do such a thing to us.”

“I only know who is the initiator of this evil; he is a retired deputy director, even Mr. Cao and brother Luo cannot offend him. It is said that he has someone to support him, but we don’t know who he is, and we are trying to figure it out.” Qin Sheng was telling the truth. He did not want to lie to Ms. An.

Ms. An said thoughtfully, “I hope we can get through it, and I hope they don’t have any background power.”

Qin Sheng did not say anything. Ms. An should not worry about it. She just needed to handle what Qin Sheng told her to do, and Qin Sheng would take care of other things.

Qin Sheng called Song Wei and Hao Lei. He wanted to know how everything was going today. They had paid the punishment money, and promised to stop running the business in order to reorganize it. But when did they let Chang Baji out?

It was already afternoon by the time Qin Sheng finished settled all these, and then he rushed to Jiuxi Rose Garden, and had a discussion over dinner with Cao Dao. They had to make sure who would be there, what had to be prepared and what was the size. Qin Sheng had made it clear.

Qin Sheng’s place had been messed up.

Of course Qu Huanxi and Yan Chaozong were the happiest people. They were now enjoying the happiness of being the winner. They did not know that these dramas would only bring themselves trouble and created hatred. Of course they were not aware about it now.

“Lao Yan, the plan is perfect. Your enemy has been screwed, you have done a good job.” Qu Huanxi was sitting in a villa, laughing with a beautiful girl in his arms.

Yan Chaozong, who was still in Shanghai, said, “It is just the beginning, we will have more aggressive actions in the future. We have a clear target.”

“I know, I know. Hahahaha, when will you come to Hangzhou, I can’t wait.” Qu Huanxi said excitedly.

Yan Chaozong hesitated for a while, “I will be on a business trip these few days. I will go to Hangzhou, once I come back from Beijing.”

“Okay, I will wait for you.” Qu Huanxi hung up, feeling very satisfied.

Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi had different goals. Yan Chaozong aimed to kill Qin Sheng, after all they were enemies. Qu Huanxi was just a playboy who wanted to have some fun. He wanted to put Qin Sheng down and get him out of Hangzhou. They just made use of each other, only the alliance between giants could make things easier.

When Yan Chaozong hung, he was thinking about Qin Sheng’s situation. Did he really think he was a big character in Hangzhou? Yan Chaozong had a million ways to get him into trouble.

When he was still feeling happy, his phone rang again. The name on the screen made him hesitate to pick it up, it was just a nobody who wanted to be his friend. If he married Lin Su, he would have control of everything in the Lin family now, nothing would be his brother-in-law’s business.

Who knew that Qin Sheng would suddenly appear. What the hell.

Yang Chaozong picked up the phone and chatted, without emotion. After chatting for few minutes, he knew that Lin Changhe, who just arrived at Shanghai, wanted to see him…