Chapter 289 Absolutely Impossible

Lin Changhe often came to Shanghai, the business of the Lin family was mainly in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai, but this time he came specially to meet Yan Chaozong. He did not like to waste any time, and was a direct person, the sooner he got to the point, the better. What was more, he considered Yang Chaozong as a predecessor. Yan Chaozong was from the younger generation, and he would not refuse the request. If he could not reach a decision with Yan Chaozong, he would seek the help of an older member of Yan family; after all, he had a good relationship with Yan Chaozong’s uncle.

Yan Chaozong was wondering why Lin Changhe wanted to see him. The only possibility was that he wanted to work with him to kill Qin Sheng. Maybe this time he was having too many thoughts.

Yan Chaozong arranged to meet at a particularly interesting place, which was at Shangshan Ruoshui. Though Shangshan Ruoshui was not as glorious as before, it was a famous private club in Shanghai. Boss Ye did not put much effort into running Shangshan Ruoshui, and he did not have a capable assistant like Xu Lancheng.

It was the place where Qin Sheng had started his career, and was the place Yan Chaozong had put Qin Sheng down. It was easy to know what Yan Chaozong meant. He used to work with Ye Muyang, then Ye Muyang went into hiding in Australia for several months . When he returned, he was scolded soundly by his dad.

In this case, Boss Ye would certainly not go against his own people, just because of Qin Sheng. However he had some problems with Jiang Xianbang. But Jiang Xianbang was not significant anymore, he was now drifting in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, of course he would not be a threat to Boss Ye.

Yan Chaozong had called the manager of Shangshan Ruoshui, Hang Zhengdong, and asked him to reserve a box for them. Later Yan Chaozong brought Feng He to Shangshan Ruoshui, and told Feng He and Lin Ze what his plan was.

On the way to Shangshan Ruoshui, Feng He asked out of curiosity, “Young master, what does Lin Changhe want to talk to you about. If they want to harm Qin Sheng, we have given them detailed information, and they can take action anytime, so why are they still doing nothing?”

Feng He’s words were a reminder to Yan Chaozong. Yan Chaozong thought about it and said, “Yuan Ke said that during Third Master Wu’s birthday party, just few days ago, Qin Sheng had a fight with Lin Ze. I think the Lin family might be seeking an opportunity, or they might be having problems within their family?”

Feng He shook his head and said, “I don’t know about this, let’s see what he wants to talk about. Everything will then be clarified.”

Finally there was a renowned person coming to Shangshan Ruoshui. Han Zhengdong had been waiting for a long time already, Some time ago, Angie left Shangshan Ruoshui, and it made Han Zhengdong very annoyed. Angie’s departure had a great impact on Shangshan Ruoshui, because so many artists left as well. Hang Zheng did not know what to do, he could only bring in Wang Haichao to the vice president position. Though he knew Wang Haichao was not that capable, he had no choice, because they did not have anyone suitable for the post.

This was the second tide of departure, the first time was when Qin Shen encountered some problems. Chang Baji, Lyu Yuan and Yu Fengzhi left Shangshan Ruoshui, en masse. He felt helpless at that time, and could only hold the fort with Ms. An’s help, or he would be fired by Boss Ye. This time when Ms. An resigned, he tried his best to make her stay. However Ms. An said she wanted to leave Shanghai, so Hang Zhengdong had no way to make her stay.

He saw Wang Haichao, who was standing in the distance This guy had a good relationship with many artists in Shangshan Ruoshui, but he was in a worse position than him. He was close to the second young master, and since they were good friends now, it would not be good to offend him. It just needed time to find a right fit for this position, at that time, Wang Haichao could be kicked out of Shangshan Ruoshui, and he would not have the chance to seduce the artists anymore.

At this moment, Yan Chaozong’s Bentley was parked in the yard of Shangshan Ruoshui. Hang Zhengdong and Wang Haichao welcomed him, together with several artists, and greeted him, “Welcome, Mr. Yan, your coming today gives us great pleasure at Shangshan Ruoshui.”

“You are welcome, Mr. Han, has everything been arranged?” Yan Chaozong would definitely not take a person with such a small role, seriously. He just said something polite and then went directly to the main topic for today.

Han Zhengdong bowed and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Yan, I have arranged everything for you. Let me take you there.”

The reason why Xu Lancheng’s situation was stable in Shangshan Ruoshui, and won Xue Qingyan and Master Liu’s trust, was because Xu Lancheng had a sense of propriety. He would keep a distance from every member, unless it was those long-term members who had become friends with him. He would not get close to members deliberately. But Han Zhengdong was the exact opposite, he wanted to get on well with every member, and spent a lot of time fawning over the VIP members. This made him immensely unpopular with people, and they stopped their visits to Shangshan Ruoshui.

Such an insignificant person like Wang Haichao, yet he persisted in wanting to stay close to Yan Chaozong, and was stopped by Feng He. His face flamed with embarrassment, but he was still smiling, despite feeling ashamed.

Yan Chaozong asked deliberately, “Mr. Hang, where is Ms. An? She was the flower in Shangshan Ruoshui.”

Hang Xhengdong sighed, “Mr. Yan, Ms. An resigned last month, and she is no longer in Shanghai.”

“Oh, no wonder my friend told me that he saw Ms. An in another city, I thought he made a mistake at that time. But it seems that it is true.” Yan Chaozong said casually.

Hang Zhengdong was confused, “You know where Ms. An is?”

“Of course I know. She is now in Shanghai, and working as a manager for someone you know.” Lin Changhe had not arrived yet, so Yan Chaozong was making fun of Han Zhengdong, on the way to the box.

Han Zhengdong was curious and Wang Haichao was still waiting for Yan Chaozong’s answer. Yan Chaozong paused deliberately and then said,” She is working for Qin Sheng.”

Yan Chaozong’s words stunned Han Zhengdong and Wang Haichao. Qin Sheng, who had disappeared for such a long time, had actually lured Ms. An away. It was indeed big news.

Yan Chaozong did not bother about them anymore. He entered the box, together with the other artists. Feng He was standing at the door of the box, in order to prevent Yan Chaozong from being disturbed by anyone. Of course Yan Chaozong understood Han Zhengdong’s feeling, when he ran into problems with Qin Sheng, Han Zhengdong helped him a lot. If he had not lured Chang Baji away, Yan Chaozong would not have been able to endanger Qin Sheng’s life so easily.

However, Qin Sheng was still alive, and Hang Zhengdong was afraid. He was afraid that Qin Sheng would take revenge on him. Maybe Qin Sheng could not kill Yan Chaozong and Ye Muyang, but it was possible to kill him.

Yan Chaozong waited for less than ten minutes, before Lin Changhe’s Volkswagen Phaeton drove into Shangshan Ruoshui. It was the car he used in Shanghai. He was not like Lin Changting, who liked to drive his Rolls-Royce everywhere, though the Rolls-Royce was a common car among the rich men in the Yangtze River Delta area. But Lin Changhe preferred to be low-key.

Han Zhengdong had already gone back to his office. Wang Haichao brought Lin Changhe to the box. Feng He nodded to Lin Changhe, and then opened the door to let Lin Changhe in.

Yan Chaozong ended his call immediately, smiled politely and said, “Uncle Lin, we have not seen each other for a very long time. I was so surprised to get your call.”

As the elder generation, Lin Changhe smiled and said, “Chaozong, I have not seen you for two years, and you look more and more energetic. No wonder your uncle is always full of praise for you .”

“Uncle Lin, that’s very kind of you.” Yan Chazong knew how to stand on ceremony, as he responded to Lin Changhe, “Please sit down, uncle Lin, let me pour you some tea. I think you are hungry now. I have ordered all sorts of Hangzhou dishes for you to try.”

Lin Changhe shook his head and said, “I don’t have any preference.”

So Yan Chaozong immediately asked the artists to serve the dishes, and opened a bottle of good wine.

When all the dishes were on the table, the two of them started to talk about their family and other trivial things. Yan Changzong drank with Lin Changhe, and when the atmosphere was right, Yan Chazong took the lead and said, “Uncle Lin, why did you invite me out today, just let me know if you need my help.”

Yan Chaozong took a step back as part of the strategy. But Lin Changhe was not an easy character. He smiled lightly and said, “Chaozong, I don’t need your help. I will go to your uncle if I really need help.”

“Oh, now I’m more confused.” Yan Chaozong said.

Lin Changhe said slowly, “Chaozong, you and Susu have known each other since you were children. I know the love between you and her, and I know you like her, so we want to bring you and Susu together.”

“I know that, uncle Lin.” Yan Chaozong interrupted Lin Changhe.

Lin Changhe continued, “But marriage is not a matter that could be decided by families anymore, because everyone has the freedom to choose their spouse. Though we want to bring you together, we cannot control Susu’s will, so I have to apologize to you.”

Lin Changhe had a nice attitude. Yan Chaozong dared not take it for granted, so he said, “Uncle Lin, as a young generation, I can’t accept this.”

He could figure out the meaning of Lin Changhe from this short conversation, but it was still not clear yet, and was different from what he thought, so he said, “Uncle Lin, what do you want to say, just tell me, I will do as you say, if I’m able to do it.”

Lin Changhe looked at Yan Chaozong, and said, “Chaozong, you know Susu has broken off her relationship with that man, and we have not contacted each other for half a year. Now our old lady really misses her granddaughter. She is in poor health now, and she just wants to see her granddaughter before she passes away. Though Susu made us angry and has brought shame to our family, however we still take kinship seriously. No matter how hard we were on Susu, we have to give in, for the old lady’s sake. So I tried my best to find Susu and asked her to come home, but she was not willing to go home. She would only come home if we approve the relationship between herself and Qin Sheng. She said she is now having Qin Sheng’s baby, and it really puts us in a dilemma. We cannot kill two lives right? So I…”

Lin Changhe’s words were like a needle that pierced Yan Chaozong’s heart. Lin Su was pregnant? Who had ever thought that Lin Changhe would say something like this. Lin Su and Qin Sheng would also be astonished if they knew that.

Yan Chaozong must be incredibly stupid, if he still did not understand. He interrupted Lin Changhe’s words and summarized, “Uncle Lin, I understand. You came to me to ask for forgiveness for Lin Su and Qin Sheng?

Lin Changhe had already put aside his pride, so he sighed, “It has reached such a stage, and I do not know what else to do…”

Yan Chaozong said coldly, “Uncle Lin, I can forgive Lin Su due to our family’s relationship. But it is impossible for me to forgive Qin Sheng…”,