Chapter 29 Not Possible

Some old songs may require more mature singers who had been through much in life to express their essence. For example, when the song “Looking Back”, was sung by a young singer, he would not be able to bring out its essence compared to if it were sung by an uncle. Just as it was suitable for Qin Sheng to sing “More Beautiful than Spring” but not “Looking Back”.

Looking back, the past was like a dream;

Looking back, my heart remained the same;

The endless road accompanied me…

Perhaps it would take another 20 to 30 years before Qin Sheng could understand the matters of heart.

Chang Baji had followed closely behind Qin Sheng as they left the bar. He thought to himself, if he were like Qin Sheng, he would not have to worry about not being able to find girls.

Unfortunately, not only was he not good looking, apart from knowing how to fight, he had no other notable skills and talents.

While Qin Sheng had left the bar, the woman on the second floor was still weeping. In fact, she was stunned when Qin Sheng appeared in the bar. All the more she could no longer contain her emotions by the time Qin Sheng finished singing the song.

She was the new boss of this bar who usually visited once in a few days at irregular timings. Some people knew she was once a resident singer in the bar who used to work part-time in her university days. Later on, when the boss of the bar migrated overseas, she took over the bar and business was as usual after that. Most of the employees here were undergraduates. While she had no desire to earn a living through running a bar, she did it for nostalgic reasons.

“What happened Su Qin?” the young and handsome bodyguard next to her asked. He was clueless as to why this woman, whom he pursued for over a year, was at this moment weeping. However, he could sense that it had to do with the man who sang the song a moment ago.

Su Qin, a woman who had left lots of memories in Qin Sheng’s life, who was the only woman other than the women in the Lin family, who doted on Qin Sheng.

She wore waist-long black hair and was cladded in a flower print long skirt. Dangling from her neck was a necklace with an expensive-looking pendant. This jade pendant used to belong to Qin Sheng but he gave it to Su Qin on her 18th birthday. While Su Qin had given herself to Qin Sheng on his 18th birthday.

Su Qin eyes were big and dark and they had a certain calm about them. Su Qin wiped away her tears and said, “Nothing, some bad memories just came to my mind.”

“Perhaps you are under too much pressure recently. Would you like to make time for some relaxation and take a trip somewhere to cheer up? I heard Palau is a great place, or how about Daxi?” The man extended the invitation to Su Qin. He was a new and upcoming star in the financial scene in Shanghai and it seemed that it was only a matter of time that Su Qin would accept his pursuit. It was a common belief that taking a tour together would help a couple get to know each other deeper. It was during the trip that the lady would start to want to rely on the man, and being alone with each other would solidify their relationship.

“I don’t think so. We will talk about that next time,” Su Qin shook her head replied.

“Alright, we can go anywhere you like, when you find the time.” The man did not push it but smiled and behaved like a gentleman.

As Su Qin touched the jade pendant hanging on her neck and called to mind the memories, a smile appeared on her face, but she eventually said, “It’s getting late, I have to go home.”

“Let me arrange for the driver to send you home.” The man quickly got up.

“The wine could not be compared to you”… As Su Qin pondered over the lyrics of the Qin Sheng’s song, she started to wonder if the “you” in the lyrics was actually referring to her…

Outside the YOUNG bar, as Qin Sheng and Chang Baji were getting ready to walk away, the men in ambush were trying to inform their accomplice in the streets, saying, “Fourth Brother, they are leaving. Let’s prepare to strike.”

The people following Qin Sheng and Chang Baji had parked their car beside Qin Sheng’s Mercedes, which was basically within a back alley. Qin Sheng had purposely parked his car there since it was easier to carry out their plans in a more secluded place. If their car was parked at a place with much traffic, even their enemies would hesitate to strike.

When Qin Sheng and Chang Baji were nearing the alley where their car was parked, there were already a few men following closely behind them. When Chang Baji glanced sideways at Qin Sheng, he saw an unfamiliar cold smile on his face, which was a total contrast with his usual mannerism.

Once they entered the alley, four men emerged from the back of it, five other men appeared and blocked the entrance to the alley simultaneously. Each of the four men at the back was holding a knife in his hand. What was fortunate was that they were not holding guns. This was after all Shanghai and possession of a gun was a big criminal offense.

“Brothers, you must have been mistaken?” Chang Baji greeted them with a smile, as he had been through much worse circumstances with gangsters et cetera.

The leader of the group was called Fourth Brother. He was Zhao Dongsheng’s best thug for the reason that he was a skillful fighter. With a long knife in his hand, he drew near to them and said, “No mistakes. We are looking for you two.”

“Is there any enmity and hatred between us?” Qin Sheng played along.

The back alley was in darkness as even the street lamps had somehow been switched off. At this moment, there happened to be no one passing by, otherwise the someone who passed by would freak out. For this reason, this location was great for such attacks.

Fourth Brother was wearing long hair which had been dyed yellow, looking like a rock singer. He had a fit and healthy looking body. He let out a laugh and said, “Are you so forgetful? This afternoon at the director’s meeting, were you not the one who stood up and threatened Brother Zhao? Don’t you know what Brother Zhao does in Shanghai?”

When Chang Baji heard these words, he responded saying, “Oh I see, so you are the slaves of Zhao Dongsheng. I thought one of my men impregnated one of your daughters and you have come to seek revenge with your life. You should have told us right at the beginning instead of talking so much nonsense.”

“How ignorant.” Fourth Brother was surprised how composed and arrogant they still were given that there were only two of them.

To Chang Baji, all this talk was useless talk. At the same time, Qin Sheng also could not be bothered to say more. He directly told them, “You are a bunch of idiots who are just pretending to be strong. Do you think we idiots?”

Qin Sheng had struck while he was still talking. He charged at Fourth Brother who was holding a long knife, while Chang Baji followed closely behind Qin Sheng. Chang Baji’s job was to protect Qin Sheng as well as dealing with the sidekicks.

Fourth Brother did not expect Qin Sheng to have such an explosive temper, although that was what he had wished for. He shouted, “Everybody attack! Let’s kill them!”

After he finished shouting orders, Qin Sheng had come right up to him when he wielded his long knife towards Qin Sheng. However, no was not match for Qin Sheng in terms of his capabilities. Even Yang Deng had been defeated by Qin Sheng, so this Fourth Brother was but a small fry to Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng dodged his long knife and the knife brushed pass his chest. Qin Sheng gathered his strength and struck the back of his elbow with a punch.

Enduring the pain, Fourth Brother struck out at Qin Sheng again but his arm was caught by Qin Sheng’s hand and he was furious. He knew Qin Sheng was not that easy to defeat, so he discarded his knife and started

Compared to Qin Sheng, Chang Baji was dealing with a bunch of small fries. The only advantage they had was that they were holding knives. However, they were merely brandishing their knives randomly and to Chang Baji, defeating them was as easy and effortless as killing the ants.

With his bare hands, Chang Baji managed to snatch one of the knives and thereafter, everything was easy peasy for him. As Chang Baji darted in and out of the group of people, immediately five men fell to the ground. Fortunately Chang Baji exercised restraint by not using the long knife, otherwise, these five men would have been dead by now. Chang Baji knew that their main target was not these small fries but someone who was to come later.

Qin Sheng also managed to subdue a few more men. Although it did not come as easy as for Chang Baji, Qin Sheng did not get injured. In an instant, Fourth Brother picked up a long knife somehow and was about to attack Qin Sheng from behind when Chang Baji rushed forward and kicked his back, sending him flying and crashing into the wall by the side.

“I despise people who sneak attacks from behind. I would have killed you a hundred times if we are not in Shanghai.” Chang Baji cursed as he trampled Fourth Brother under him.

All their attackers including Fourth Brother lay on the floor, groaning in pain. Although Chang Baji and Qin Sheng did not hurt them with the knives, their heavy punches and kicks were sufficient to break their bones and knock some of them unconscious.

This was the difference between skilled fighters and regular gang members.

“I will play along with you,” Qin Sheng said to Fourth Brother, snorting with laughter.

With a wink, Chang Baji already knew what he had to do. They forced Fourth Brother into the Mercedes and Qin Sheng, who had only a bottle of beer, drove off quickly. They headed towards a secluded area outside the city where they could finish off their job.

When their car sped pass YOUNG, Su Qin and her escort were just getting into a car. Although Qin Sheng caught sight of Su Qin, by the time the scene sunk in, he was already over 100 meters away. Frowning, he thought in his heart, “That’s impossible.”

He smiled and comforted himself thinking that it was because of his nostalgia about this place that he was imagining things. Qin Sheng knew that all the people had misunderstood Su Qin back then. They had broken up not because they had stopped loving each other, or that there was a third party who came in between them. They were the only ones who knew the real reason.

For this reason, Qin Sheng had never thought to put the blame on Su Qin.

Qin Sheng and Chang Baji brought Fourth Brother to a deserted place and taught him a hard lesson. They also managed to get much information about Zhao Dongsheng out of him, including confirming that Zhao Dongsheng and Zhou Wenwu were the ones behind the incident in Tianshui. They were also found out that it was Zhao Dongsheng who was behind tonight’s ambush.

Eventually, they let Fourth Brother go. They would let him decide how he wanted to report to Zhao Dongsheng.

It was already 4 a.m. when they finally returned to Huarun Nine Mile Bund, and Han Bing had fallen asleep for a long time by then. Hao Lei had also dozed on the sofa in the living room. Qin Shen and Chang Baji were so exhausted that they simply lay down on the floor and slept.

In the days that followed, apart from protecting Han Bing, Qin Sheng, Chang Baji and Hao Lei also started following Zhao Dongsheng and Zhou Wenwu secretly as preparation for their plans.