Chapter 290 Who Made This Decision?

After figuring out Lin Changhe’s purpose in coming, Yan Zhaozong felt somewhat displeased, feeling he had been regarded as a nobody by the Lin Family. Upon hearing the news that Lin Su was pregnant, he was extremely agitated, as his painful memories had been completely raked over. Lin Su was supposed to be his wife and the mother of their yet-to-born children. However, Qin Sheng had taken advantage of her now. In this case, how could he forgive Qin Sheng? Plus, considering whatever that had taken place before, and the tension between them, it was not possible for him to let Qin Sheng off that easily.

Based on his knowledge about Qin Sheng, he thought Qin Sheng was a vengeful person. For people like Qin Sheng, the reason why they did not seek revenge now, was that they were not capable enough to do that. Once they became powerful, they certainly would not spare any of their enemies.

Consequently, it was absolutely impossible for Yan Chaozong to consent to forgive Qin Sheng.

Yan Chaozong ended the conversation firmly and with a simple sentence, leaving Lin Changhe no chance to speak further. Lin Changhe had been fully prepared for this. No man in this world would easily consent to this request. After all, Qin Sheng had taken Lin Su away, making a fool out of both Yan Chaosong and the Yan Family. Lin Changhe understood that it was not possible for him to convince Yan Chaozong only with a couple of words.

Instead of calling it quits, Lin Changhe was silent for a while, which gave Yan Chaozong a chance to take a break. A few minutes later, he spoke up again, “Chaozong, it has been a long time since the issue took place. Love is blind. If you really like Susu, you should support her decision. Moreover, since she is so close to Qin Sheng now, could it be that you will give up only when she dies? What is the point of doing all this?”

Yan Chaozong swirled the wine in the glass, admiring the view of the red wine against the wine glass, and the intoxicating scent it gave off. He sneered as he said, “Uncle Lin, in this case, the way you see it, the Lin Family has accepted Qin Sheng, right? Tut tut tut, how interesting your family is.”

Lin Changhe replied tactfully, “I must say that if I am the one, who has to make the decision, I will certainly choose you. Even all the members of the Lin family think so. There is a huge difference between you and Qin Sheng. However, based on her current relationship with Qin Sheng, I doubt whether you can still accept her. Even if you can, will your family do the same? It is not possible for both your family and mine to accept her, since we all value dignity the most. When it comes to the issue between you and Susu, we have no choice, but to feel sorry about it. Anyway, we are so angry that there should be such an unfilial woman in the Lin Family.” By saying so, not only did he maintain the Lin Family’s dignity, but at the same time, he made both the Yan Family and Yan Chaozong feel comfortable. But he had belittled Qin Sheng somewhat excessively.

After pondering for a while, Qin Sheng asked playfully all of a sudden, “Uncle Lin, have you met Qin Sheng?”

Lin Changhe said honestly, “Frankly, I did meet him. We both know Susu well. She won’t keep this from Qin Sheng.”

Yan Chaosong continued, “In this case, can you represent Qin Sheng?”

Lin Changhe said in a deep voice, “This decision is not only made by me, but also by Qin Sheng. What else can he do? Since Susu is pregnant with his child, can he still bear to see Susu enduring many hardships with him? As long as he is a responsible man, he will not do that.”

Yan Chaozong picked up his bracelet and played with it. Only he and Lin Changhe were in the room. He did not ask the artist to stay and serve them. It did not occur to him that Qin Sheng would make such a decision, and had chickened out so fast. Could it be that Qin Sheng already knew that he was the one who had done the thing, or as Lin Changhe had said, Qin Sheng had no choice but do so?

Yan Chaozong said cynically, “He actually chickened out now, which is totally out of my expectation. He is a proud person, isn’t he?”

Previously, Lin Changhe had a pretty good impression of Yan Chaozong. However, the way Yan Chaozong reacted today, made him feel pretty uncomfortable. Nevertheless, he still asked him patiently, “Chao Song, the way you see it, how will he be able to confront you? Based on his current situation, it will be pretty easy for you to deal with him.”

Yan Chaozong replied adamantly, “In this case, Uncle Lin, could you please tell me how he should apologize to me, and why I should forgive him?”

Though he looked calm, Lin Changhe was trying hard to restrain his temper as he said, “That is an issue between you and Qin Sheng. You can talk it out face to face. It has nothing to do with the Lin Family, whether you can reach an agreement or not. I came here to talk with you today, on behalf of the Lin Family. The reason why I did so, is that the Lin Family cares about the Yan Family, who have been friends with each other, for many generations. The relationship between us will not be affected by anyone.”

Yan Chaozong replied politely, “Uncle Lin, I totally agree with what you said. The relationship between the Lin Family and the Yan Family matters more than anything else.” However, he sneered secretly as he thought, “You actually can just ignore my family. However, you dare not offend us.”

Since Lin Changhe had finished what he had to say, he said straightforwardly, “ChaoZong, we have had a long conversation. I wonder if you have made up your mind?”

Yan Chaozong, who already had a solution in his mind, chuckled as he said, “Uncle Lin, since you have been trying to convince me for such a long a time, for this request, I certainly need to take both you and the Yan Family into consideration. I agree to meet Qin Sheng. However, I cannot assure you how it will end. You can set up the time and the location.”

When he heard Yan Chaozong’s words, Lin Changhe said gladly, “Alright. As expected, you are generous and magnanimous, Chao Zong.” Since he managed to get this thing started and Yan Chaozong had agreed to his request, Qin Sheng should be able to handle the rest of it.

Since Lin Changhe had accomplished his mission, it was not necessary for him to stay here anymore. As an elder, what else could he tell Yan Chaozong?

Yan Chaozong asked Feng He to see Lin Changhe off, on his behalf. Feng He came back a while later. Sensing that the expression on Yan Chaozong’s face was somewhat sour, he frowned as he said, “Young Master, what was Lin Changhe here for?”

Yan Chaozong swore unscrupulously as he said, “Feng He, the purpose of his coming is almost the same as what you had guessed. Though the Lin Family has hundreds of years’ history, it is just a f**king joke. No wonder the Lin Family is on the decline.”

Feng He asked in surprise, “Did the Lin Family choose Qin Sheng?”

Yan Chaozong squinted as he said, “Sort of. Lin Changhe asked me to forgive both Qin Sheng and Lin Su. How dare he! I have never been a generous person. Based on what happened between me and Qin Sheng, it is impossible for me to forgive him. If I don’t nip the danger in the bud, I will be the one who will suffer from the losses in the future.”

Feng He said thoughtfully, “The reason why the Lin Family did so, was because they feared that the Yan Family would be offended. Even if they would like to choose Qin Sheng, they certainly needed to get permission from us first. If we don’t agree with them, they would not dare to do that.”

Yan Chaozong replied quietly, “You are right. That is also the real reason why Lin Changhe came to me today.”

Feng He asked tentatively, “Young Master, what is your decision?”

Yan Chaozong replied playfully, “It is not possible for me to forgive him. But I have to meet Qin Sheng in person, to confirm whether it is Lin Changhe or Qin Sheng who has made this decision.” He intended to adopt this strategy to belittle Qin Sheng, as well as play tricks on him, which would make Qin Sheng feel both miserable and helpless. Only by doing this would the hatred in his heart be dissolved.

In Hangzhou, which was far away from Shanghai, Qin Sheng, who was accompanying Cao Da to entertain several leaders, sneezed twice, inexplicably. He had no time to think about what Lin Changhe had proposed to him. Instead, he focused on how to deal with this current issue, in a proper way.

The crisis did not worsen Instead, with the efforts made on every party’s side, it was suppressed. It was confirmed that the deputy director would retire early, and no longer take care of any detailed issues. Though many people in the bureaus of the city and the province were scolded, someone still needed to take the blame, which was the last thing Qin Sheng expected.

However, the situation after the unrest still needed to be taken care of. That was the reason why Cao Da would treat several friends of his, who would be of help, to a feast. As the saying goes, the thin dead camel is bigger than the horse. Cao Da was still somewhat capable. Plus, on Brother Luo’s side, he had some connections. Consequently, there should be no issues at all. The group of people, including Chang Baji, were estimated to be released soon.

Though it had been a long time since Cao Da had asked for help from others, he humbled himself again tonight, smiled frequently, and drank with the guests, who were present and this moved Qin Sheng deeply. Moreover, though Cao Da was an important figure, more or less, after he met with some mishap, he still needed to lower himself. Sometimes, the power was far more efficient and desirable than the fortune. However, though the ones, who possessed the fortune, could enjoy themselves unscrupulously, the powerful ones could not abuse their power.

At around ten o’clock, Qin Sheng and Cao Da saw the tycoons off, who left one after another. Cao Da, who only drank on exceptional occasions, was totally drunk tonight. At this moment, he still tried his best to stay awake.

Qin Sheng asked with some concern, “Uncle Cao, are you alright?”

Cao Da walked somewhat unsteadily, swaying from side to side. He held Qin Sheng’s arms as he said, “Let me get inside and rest for a while. I won’t go back home tonight. You call Aunt Ji and inform her about this later.”

Qin Sheng nodded, supported Cao Da, and went back to the villa. Then, he ordered the servants to brew a pot of Puer tea to sober Cao Da up. After the tea was served, he held the teacup and blew on the tea, on his own. It was not until Cao Da downed several cups of tea, that he felt pretty comfortable.

After coming to his senses, Cao Da asked, “Qin Sheng, do you know why I dislike this circle?”

Qin Sheng was somewhat surprised. He did not know why Cao Da would say something like this all of a sudden. Before he replied, Cao Da continued, “Do you know what I dreamt to be when I was young? I just wanted to be a teacher, who could impart to the students, knowledge about the Chinese, history or geography, dutifully. If I was in the mood, I could even teach them how to conduct themselves in society. However, they might not pay attention to my advice.”

Since Cao Da was still a little drunk, he spoke fitfully, “Then, I was pushed by others inexplicably, moving forward step by step. It was not until a few years ago that I started to lose my principles, my bottom line, and my conscience. After I suffered from a serious illness, I woke up with a start. I started to realize that, except for the money and the so-called social status, I had nothing at all. While facing me, everybody had their masks on. Even my wife and my children treated me as if I were a stranger. I was somewhat scared all of a sudden. It seemed that I had foreseen what kind of situation I would be in as I got older. I would lie on the hospital bed alone. As a result, I made up my mind to give away everything I had. I did so, in order to live the way that I liked the best.”

Qin Sheng did not know why Cao Da would pour out everything, without any reason. He listened to what Cao Da said, quietly and attentively.

Cao Da let out a sigh as he said, “Now, I hate the social interaction, the drinking parties, and acting hypocritically. I only want to accompany my wife and my children, and live our lives. At times, I will ask several friends of mine out to play golf, drink tea or have a few drinks, talk about the past events, what took place during the adolescent years, and the various domestic trifles. Ever since I got severely sick, it is the first time that I have been engaged in social interaction.”

Feeling regretful, Qin Sheng said, “Uncle Cao, regarding what happened this time, it was my fault. I was not capable to deal with it.”

Cao Da smiled awkwardly as he said, “I told you that you did not need to beat yourself up. Their target is not you, but me. When I decided to give up everything I have now, I knew this day would come sooner or later. After all, I have offended many people before. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. The reason why I chose you as my successor, was that I feared Cao Zhang was not capable to deal with these issues. I hope you won’t blame me for my selfishness.” He actually disliked the drinking party and did not enjoy himself tonight. All the people, who attended the party tonight, disgusted him. He certainly knew their real intentions. They would not help him, in vain.

Qin Sheng shook his head as he said, “Uncle Cao, I totally understand your intentions. I should thank you for giving me this opportunity and this platform. Otherwise, I would not know what I should do.”

Cao Da added, “Qin Sheng, though I don’t know what you have gone through, I do know you have kept everything bottled up. You won’t tell anyone about it. It’s also impossible for you to do it. However, since I have experienced it all, I need to tell you that never should you give up too many things, which you are supposed to hold onto, during your young days for the sake of some trivial things. As the saying goes, whatever will be, will be. Otherwise, you will get nothing at all, in the end.”

Obviously, what Cao Da had said, contained a profound meaning. After all, he knew Qin Sheng’s authentic family background. Speaking of those things, which others would get only after striving for several generations, Qin Sheng could easily get them with his identity. The higher Qin Sheng’s social status was, the more necessary it was for him to hold his ground. Otherwise, at that time, Qin Sheng would only feel regret.

Qin Sheng said gratefully, “Uncle Cao, thanks for your instructions.”

Feeling somewhat tired, Cao Da raised his hands and indicated to Qin Sheng to send him back to his room. Since he had finished what he wanted to say, it was up to Qin Sheng himself, to try and understand. He could not directly tell Qin Sheng that his father was Qin Changan, who was well-known in Sijiu City, and whatever Qin Sheng liked, he would get it in the end.

Qin Sheng called Aunt Ji and informed her about Cao Da’s news. Aunt Ji, who was worried about Cao Da, said she would come over to take care of Cao Da. Consequently, Qin Sheng left some instructions to the servants in the villa. Then, he got into the car and left.