Chapter 291 When Will I Meet Yan Chaozong?

To the young people, every senior—those who had gone through the storm, the stress, and the rapid changes—was a valuable asset to them. The seniors could help them avoid detours. Even if they could not be open to all of the senior’s advice, they would still benefit a lot. However, it was difficult for most of the young people to encounter such seniors.

Qin Sheng thought of himself as a pretty lucky one. When he was young, he was instructed by his grandfather. Influenced by what he constantly saw and heard, he knew a lot of truth. His outlook of the world, life and values were directly affected, aiding him in getting along easily and skillfully with people. Speaking of that point, a lot of people weren’t on par with him.

When Qin Sheng was at school, he ran into Uncle Lin, a tycoon, who had been all-powerful in the business field for many years. He infused positive thoughts and outlooks into Qin Sheng every day, taking him to meet various people and to experience different kinds of occasions, widening his knowledge.

After his grandfather passed away, Qin Sheng had been traveling around for more than two years, enabling him to gradually consolidate everything he had learned. After all, theory was nothing but theory. Only after testing and experiencing what theory said on his own could Qin Sheng turn it into his own thing.

After Qin Sheng went back to the city, he got help from Han Guoping, Jiang Xianbang, and Cao Da successively. Consequently, Qin Sheng really saw himself as a lucky one. Since God was quite kind to him, he thought little of the hardships he had endured and the difficult days he had gone through.

He chose that path on his own. Whether he needed to finish that path while crying, laughing, cursing, feeling exhausted, standing, or kneeling down, he had no choice but to stick to it until the end, unless he decided to tell himself that he could not stand it anymore and it would be best to give it up.

Before giving up, he needed to go ahead.

As an experienced one, Cao Da exploded without reason that day. He actually did not know what kinds of situations Qin Sheng was facing at the moment. He intended to make Qin Sheng understand that whether he got along with people or dealt with issues in later days, he needed to maintain the sense of order and also learn when to hold fast and when to let go. He could not abandon things, which he had been struggling to hold onto, for the sake of quick results.

However, after Qin Sheng listened attentively to what Cao Da had said, he naturally overthought it. He had been struggling between two choices. Should he be true to himself and fight to the end with Yan Chaozong, whatever the result and the future of the group of people who were by his side, would be? Or should he stop holding onto his principles and bottom line and start making concessions? Even if he would be stampeded into the dust, he could still face all of the people calmly. By doing so, at least, he could keep the job, which was not bad at all, leading an ordinary life with Lin Su, and stop others from experiencing the ups and downs because of him.

What Cao Da had said was related to the general direction. However, as for how to do it in detail, Qin Sheng needed to figure it out, taking the current situation into account. Upon looking back, people would find out that they had made many decisions helplessly on the basis of the circumstances. Based on the current environment, people had no choice but to make an optimum choice.

It was also the same with how Qin Sheng should make his choice. Though he neither wanted to abandon his principles and bottom line, or to swallow his pride, things would not go as however he liked.

On the way back to Golden Coast, Gu Qingyang said with concern, “Brother Qin, in my opinion, you looked somewhat exhausted in the past two days. You should rest early tonight. I will wait downstairs. You can call me anytime you want.” Due to the unexpected accident, which had happened in Poly International, Chang Baji’s imprisonment, and Qin Sheng’s predicament, Gu Qingyang understood a lot of things, including the reason why he needed to be engaged in social activities.

No wonder back when his Senior Uncle had taken him out of the mountain, he had told him the following sentence, “To be disengaged from social activities is to cultivate your physical body; to be engaged in social activities is to cultivate your mind.”

The group of people, including Hao Lei, were as busy as bees. As Qin Sheng’s full-time driver, Gu Qingyang helped Qin Sheng to take care of some things in the meantime. After all, sometimes, Qin Sheng was too busy to attend to every issue.

Upon hearing what Gu Qingyang had said, Qin Sheng smiled knowingly as he replied, “Qinyang, sorry for troubling you these days.”

Gu Qingyang replied somewhat impulsively, “Brother Qin, this is my duty. Senior Uncle also advised me to do that. You don’t need to be that polite. Whatever you would like me to do, you can just inform me and let me know. I won’t refuse it.” He just felt that there was nothing he could help Qin Sheng with, at all. He could only do some donkey work. As a matter of fact, even if his task was to commit murder and arson, he would be willing to do it.

Qin Sheng nodded quietly and said, “I get your point.”

Gu Qingyang was practical and Gu Xiaobo was tactful and sophisticated. Consequently, if Qin Sheng was going to assign either one of them with any new task, of course, Qin Sheng would choose Gu Qingyang.

By the time when Qin Sheng went back to the Golden Coast, Lin Su had already arrived home. After taking a shower, she was chatting with her several besties by the group video at the moment. Obviously, she was very happy. After all, she had not contacted any of her friends in a long time. Whether it was she or her friends, who had been missing her, they certainly had many things to talk with each other.

Upon hearing the sound indicating the door was open, Lin Su hung up the video chat with her besties. After all, Qin Sheng mattered more to her than anyone else. Wearing a pair of slippers, she ran out hurriedly as she said, “Here you are.”

Stroking Lin Su’s silky hair, Qin Sheng smiled as he said, “Since you look so happy, I wonder… who did you meet today?” He gave no indication of suffering from great pressure. As the saying went, even if he had suffered from too much bitterness and exhaustion outside, he needed to face his family members with a smiling face at home. Though Lin Su was smart and capable, she actually was willing to be a delicate lady for his sake. What else could he ask from Lin Su?

Taking Qin Sheng by the hand, Lin Su smiled cutely as she said, “I went to the Academy of Art to look for Ruoqing first. It so happened Song Chu was in Hangzhou, too. She also came to join us. It also coincided that two good friends of ours were also here. We spent the whole afternoon together and enjoyed ourselves. Tan Jing will rush all the way here from Shanghai tomorrow. We had not seen each other for a long time. During this period, a lot of things had taken place.” Obviously, she appeared to be in a pretty good mood.

Qin Sheng asked her on purpose, “Well, speaking of the reason why you had been missing for half a year, how did you explain it to all of them? Could it be that you told them honestly that you had eloped with me? In this case, your friends must hate me quite a bit. Previously, Song Chu and Tan Jing teased me a lot, saying I was aiming at the moon. Now, not only had I aimed at the moon successfully but I also took the moon away. They certainly were eager to kill me.”

Covering her mouth, Lin Su smiled adorably as she said, “You got it. I did tell them the truth. They did have the intention to get you killed and cursed you quite often. However, they fully supported my decision. Because instead of choosing to put up with the marriage, choosing to marry someone suitable, choosing a properly matched marriage, and an alliance, I chose love.”

What Lin Su had said about her friends was expected. After all, speaking of them, who Lin Su took as her besties, though they had some flaws, they had surely been treating Lin Su quite well. Qin Sheng was quite confident of that point. Because he believed that no one in the world could jerk Lin Su around.

Qin Sheng smiled awkwardly as he said, “It seems that they will often give me a hard time deliberately in the future. I need to think about some solutions.”

Lin Su did not know whether she should laugh or cry. It was not until that moment that she noticed Qin Sheng stunk of wine. She frowned as she asked, “Why did you drink again tonight?”

Qin Sheng replied honestly, “Something took place in the company, right? Uncle Cao held a party tonight and I helped him to entertain the guests of honor. Since Uncle Cao was already drunk, in your opinion, was it possible for me not to drink?”

Lin Su asked sensibly, “Was it related to the thing that happened last night?”

Though Lin Su still didn’t know what had happened the night before, she could tell by instinct that it wasn’t something easy to deal with.

Qin Sheng nodded as he said, “We are almost done with it. You don’t need to overthink it.”

Lin Su nodded and did not ask anything further. Since men had suffered from a large amount of pressure outside originally, women should not be too wordy. If men wanted to talk about it, of course, they would speak up. Moreover, if women intended to figure it out, they would find ways to do so.

Lin Su asked Qin Sheng to sit down first. Then, she rushed over with a pot of tea to sober him up. Back when Qin Sheng had been at the villa, he had been at Cao Da’s service. At that moment, somebody finally served him. He had been forcing himself to stick to the end that night. Otherwise, he would have vomited so much and would have fallen unconscious by then.

Lin Su said thoughtfully, “I plan to ask both Song Chu and Tan Jing to accompany me to visit a suite of housing tomorrow.” Meanwhile, she was staring at Qin Sheng, observing the expression on his face. Since the relationship between her and the Lin Family had already been improved, she could put her deposit and various profits made out of various financial products to use. She did not need to be secretive anymore. Though the Lin Family had quite many properties in Hangzhou, she still intended to purchase a suite of housing, one that belonged to her and Qin Sheng. She wanted to furnish the house according to their own tastes. Most importantly, she wanted to prepare a big study room for Qin Sheng. However, she feared that Qin Sheng would overthink it. After all, Qin Sheng was somewhat of a “male chauvinist”, who thought that women had to respect men upfront.

As a smart person, Qin Sheng knew Lin Su wouldn’t talk inexplicably. Of course, he knew what was going on. He chuckled as he said, “Apparently, I don’t need to work so hard in the future. My little rich wife is back online.”

Lin Su replied in a flirtish manner, “I am talking to you earnestly.”

Qin Sheng giggled as he said, “I know. In this case, you will take care of this thing. I will be a hands-off boss.”

“You wish! I want to buy a suite of moderate housing. On the one hand, we can take it as a dwelling place; on the other hand, we can use it as an investment if we do not stay in Hangzhou in the future. Excluding the repayment made to Uncle Zhuang, the remaining money on my side should only cover the down payment and the expense of interior decoration. You have to pay for the monthly mortgage payments.” Lin Su had already planned everything well. They had to pay Uncle Zhuang’s money back. After all, they borrowed the money, which was used to cover all of their expenses during that period, from Uncle Zhuang. The housing price in Hangzhou was quite high. Without tens of millions of dollars at hand, It was not possible for them to buy a suit of housing located in a better residential quarter. As a result, speaking of the money Lin Su could employ, they could only cover the downpayment and the expense of interior decoration.

Since Lin Su had settled everything, Qin Sheng felt happy as he spoke, “No problem. It is nothing but a petty issue. After all, as your husband, I am a golden worker, whose annual income is at millions of dollars.”

Lin Su intended to humor Qin Sheng as she replied, “Since I am a delicate lady, I only have a small amount of dowry. I will hand everything over to you now, My Lord. I need to be dependent on you to support my life, My Lord. I don’t have high requirements. As long as I am fed with steamed buns and pickles every day, I will feel satisfied.” Meanwhile, she acted tenderly and bashfully.

Originally, Qin Sheng had been in a gloomy mood. All of the gloominess disappeared in an instant just then. Lin Su’s behavior made him burst with laughter. He directly held Lin Su up and intended to walk into the bedroom while talking.

After they entered the bedroom, Lin Su said in a hurry, “Stop fooling around. I still need to inform you about another issue.”

Qin Sheng said confusedly, “What else matters more than what we are doing now?”

“Uncle called me tonight, saying he had been to Shanghai this afternoon and visited Yan Chaozong. He told me that Yan Chaozong had consented to meet you in person and you should be psychologically prepared for that.” It was true that Lin Su did not want to spoil Qin Sheng’s pleasure with that issue. However, she had tell him that news so that he could come up with solutions in advance.

Qin Sheng retrieved his smile as he said solemnly, “When will I meet Yan Chaozong?”

Lin Su replied honestly, “It is unknown yet. We need to wait for his call.”

After going through that episode, Qin Sheng felt somewhat unhappy. He talked with Lin Su for a while. After that, he went to take a shower directly. As the saying goes, what’s meant to be will be; avoidance won’t change anything at all.

As a matter of fact, it was somewhat good for Qin Sheng to confront Yan Chaozong. Previously, since Yan Chaozong had been in the dark, Qin Sheng had no choice but to find ways to watch out for him. He could fight with him fairly and squarely.

Qin Sheng did not have the time to rest well for several consecutive days. He had been bustling about all the time. Though Cao Da had set up the connections for him, he still needed to carry out specific actions.

With the help from many parties, the group of people, including Chang Baji, were finally released from jail on the fourth day after the issue had taken place. During that process, not only had Cao Da made great efforts but also Brother Luo had turned to many of his connections. Even Boss Hu had shown up to stick up for Chang Baji. He did so because he thought highly of Chang Baji and that was all. Poly International was of little influence to him.

That issue had finally come to an end. It would be forgotten by everyone soon.