Chapter 292 How to Face Yan Chaozong?

Anyway, the plot, which Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi had played against Qin Sheng, did work. The group of people, including Qin Sheng and Cao Da, were thrown into a panic. What made them feel more helpless was that they had no idea who their opponents were, which was a pretty depressing thing.

Qu Huanxi and Yuan Ke did not bear a deep grudge against Qin Sheng. They did so just to work off their feelings, teach Qin Sheng a lesson, and make him understand that he could not have his own way in Hangzhou. Since Yuan Ke still had some scruples when it was related with Qin Sheng, more or less, he had not shown up at all during the whole process. Instead, he had turned it over to Qu Huanxi and Yan Chaozong.

Both Qu Huanxi and Yan Chaozong had powerful connections; they could do as they wanted. Even if they made a mistake, somebody would always get them out of trouble. It was not the same with Yuan Ke, who could be used without a scruple at critical moments. He did know himself well. After all, Qin Sheng was familiar with Xue Qingyan. Moreover, he got along with Master Liu pretty well.

As for Yan Chaozong, he was far more shrewd and subtle than what those people thought of him. Could it be that he dared to plot against Qin Sheng unscrupulously? The answer was negative. He did have some scruples when it came to Qin Sheng. It was because what had happened in Mount Jiuhua had become a mystery in the end and nobody knew what on earth had taken place. Qin Sheng, who had been supposed to face certain death, had had a close shave. The group of ten people—including Uncle Zhao, who had gotten the upper hand—had all been completely annihilated and vanished into thin air in the end. After that issue, it was not until Qin Sheng had been missing for a full ten-months’ period that he finally showed up again. During that period, there had been no news about him at all. No traces of him could be found. What on earth had happened? After Qin Sheng had arrived in Hangzhou, how could he spring up all of a sudden within just a few months? Yan Chaozong had so much confusion about Yan Chaozong.

Consequently, speaking of the plot he had played against Qin Sheng that time, to him, it was just a test and that was all. He wanted to see how capable Qin Sheng was and who was doing him the favor secretly. He intended to catch them all in one draft. Never would he let Qin Sheng seize any chance.

Speaking of it, Yan Chaozong was somewhat conceited. He never considered the possibility that the big cheese behind Qin Sheng might be someone who he dared not provoke. Because in his opinion, it was not possible for Qin Sheng to know some big cheese. Otherwise, Qin Sheng would have used that connection back when he was in Shanghai. He could not have gone so far as to conceal his identity because of Yan Chaozong’s persecution.

What had happened at the time indicated that Yan Chaozong had guessed correctly. There was no big cheese behind Qin Sheng at all. Qin Sheng just had some shitty luck and that was all. Plus, since he knew Qin Sheng had no powerful connections in Hangzhou and he could place him into such a predicament with such a petty issue, what if he played against him with other plots?

Lastly and most importantly, Lin Changhe had found Qin Sheng and he had taken the initiative to chicken out, indicating what Yan Chaozong had made the right guess.

In the past two days, basically, Qin Sheng was busy attending to his own chores. Lin Su was also busy meeting and hanging out with her friends, who requested to see Qin Sheng. However, Qin Sheng did not have time to do that.

Lin Su called Qin Sheng that day, saying that she had already chosen a suite of housing located beside the West Lake, which was a rare high-end property. Of course, the housing was horrendously expensive. It was an apartment with three bedrooms, two living rooms, and two bathrooms, whose area was above one hundred and thirty square meters. Its total price could easily exceed millions of dollars.

As usual, Lin Su had sent the apartment’s location to Qin Sheng, including the information of the residential quarter, and the house layout drawing. Obviously, she truly liked that apartment, since she could overlook the view of the West Lake while standing on the balcony. As a result, Qin Sheng directly made up his mind to buy that suite of housing and left the rest of the things to Lin Su. Since Lin Su was specialized in finance, she could handle those things easily. Qin Sheng did not need to worry about anything. Anyway, he did not need to pay out of his own pocket anymore.

What was Qin Sheng busy doing? He was busy giving a feast to his group of people, to help them get rid of the ill-fortune, including Chang Baji. During that period, feeling utterly exhausted, everybody was in a poor state of mind. Qin Sheng intended to take advantage of the opportunity that night to cheer everybody up.

Besides Chang Baji, Lyu Yuan, Gu Xiaobo, Vice Managing Director Zhang, who was in charge of the financial affairs, and the Public Relations Manager—Sister Zhen, who had been a female boss in that field for quite many years, were also invited to attend the feast. Afterwards, Qin Sheng granted Sister Zhen and Vice Managing Director Zhang a holiday, asking them to rest well at home until Poly International resumed operations. At that time, of course, Qin Sheng would notify them.

Since Poly International was closed, the group of people, including Qin Sheng, needed to meet somewhere else. Of course, they had no choice but to go to Yunding International. After all, Guangyin LIVE was under renovation.

A group of guys, including Qin Sheng, Chang Baji, Hao Lei, Song Wei, Lyu Yuan, Gu Xiaobo, Gu Qingyang, and Tang She, who had earned Qin Sheng’s recognition, gathered together. Of course, there was no b-girl on the scene. None of them ever sang songs. Accompanied by light music, they just chatted with each other and drunk.

Picking up a glass of wine, Qin Sheng said to the group of people, including Chang Baji, “Due to the issue taking place this time, you suffered from injustice. Thanks a lot for what you did during this period. Anyway, we made it finally. I’d like to make a toast first.”

After Qin Sheng drunk a glass of beer, others picked up the wine glasses close at hand; one after the other, they drank up the wine. That was the first time they faced a setback. Though the things did not work out the way they thought, at least, they solved the problem in the end.

Qin Sheng ordered in a deep voice as he said, “Lao Chang, during this period, take time to rest well first. I plan to get the operation of Poly International resumed one month later. At that time, we can renovate it, change its name, and resume its operation. Let us do this to get through the difficulty this time.” He had already figured out what he would do in the next following days.

Chang Baji nodded quietly as he said, “It’s up to you.”

Qin Sheng immediately added, “Both Brother Luo and Boss Hu exerted their efforts this time. I will invite them to dinner tomorrow. Lao Chang, at that time, you need to accompany me there.” As for the meaning between Qin Sheng’s lines, of course, Chang Baji got it.

After that, Qin Sheng gave out an order as he said, “Brother Song, I will hand over Yun Ding to both you and Hao Lei.”

“Take it easy. Rest assured that I will notify you if there are any signs of disturbance or trouble.” Since Song Wei was on Qin Sheng’s side firmly for the moment, of course, he would obey Qin Sheng’s order. Lao Zhou had been abandoned by Cao Da at the moment. He was nothing but a professional manager.

Qin Sheng went on to issue his order as he said, “Lyu Yuan, during this period, you will stay in Poly International along with Tang She and Gu Xiaobo. If there are any issues, please hold a discussion with Lao Chang.”

Since everything was arranged properly now, they should drink next.

Hao Lei, who was sitting beside Qin Sheng, spoke up all of a sudden, “The way I see it, something is on your mind, right?” Though he had known Qin Sheng for so many years, he dared not say he really knew Qin Sheng well. But he still knew some of Qin Sheng’s small details. For example, if something was on Qin Sheng’s mind, he would be in a daze subconsciously.

Qin Sheng shook his head as he said, “I don’t have anything on my mind. During this period, I have been busy summarizing the ins and outs of the whole issue and reflecting on whether there were some faults on my side. Consequently, I feel tired now.”

Hao Lei replied out of kindness, “Nobody is perfect. Since we are still young, there is a long way ahead for us. You don’t need to force yourself too relentlessly.” Ever since he had followed Qin Sheng to Shanghai, he had found out that Qin Sheng would take on every responsibility, whatever it was. Sometimes, the issues were not related to him at all. However, he was born that way.

It seemed that Qin Sheng had too many things on his shoulders. If he continued leading such a life, it would be exhausting for him.

Qin Sheng smiled bitterly as he said, “I know it. Probably I have overthought things.” It was true that something was on his mind. Because Yan Chaozong would arrive in Hangzhou the next day. Lin Changhe had already informed him that they were going to meet in the afternoon of the day after tomorrow. Speaking of where they were going to meet, it had not been decided yet; it would be determined by Yan Chaozong. So far, Qin Sheng had not told anyone about that issue yet since he feared that his team members, such as Hao Lei or Chang Baji, would become impulsive.”

Since Qin Sheng majored in philosophy, Hao Lei knew when it came to handle affairs, Qin Sheng was far smarter than him and had more sense of order. He also knew how to adjust himself in time. As Qin Sheng’s friend, he did so to show his concern for him.

Hao Lei said thoughtfully, “Han Bing will hold a grand opening for her new company two days later. At that time, she would like to invite us there to attend the ceremony. Since you were so busy in the past two days, I did not inform you about this. She also didn’t want to disturb you.” The relationship between Han Bing and Qin Sheng was pretty subtle at the moment. Ever since Han Bing had been living in Hangzhou, Qin Sheng had only met her three times. Most of the time, he had avoided Han Bing, who, after all, was a female. Plus, with Lin Su by Qin Sheng’s side, it was not convenient for Han Bing to disturb him. Consequently, Han Bing had no choice but to ask Hao Lei to relay her messages to Qin Sheng.

To some extent. Hao Lei did not know how to deal with Han Bing. Meanwhile, he felt sorry for her. In his opinion, Han Bing was a good girl. Since it was he who had been with Han Bing for the longest time, he had developed a crush on her, more or less. However, since he knew Han Bing’s feeling for Qin Sheng and Qin Sheng was his brother… anyway, he had no choice but to hide his feelings for Han Bing in his heart.

Regardless of whether Han Bing would end up being together with Qin Sheng or not, Hao Lei would not put his foot in their relationship. Back when he had liked Su Qin during that time, Su Qin had ended up staying with Qin Sheng in the end. He had had no choice but to hide his feelings for Su Qin secretly. He didn’t even confess his love to Su Qin until recent days. Some people could dash ahead, regardless of their safety, for the sake of love and abandon everything. However, to Hao Lei, his parents and his brothers mattered the most to him. When it came to the so-called love, he adopted a happy-go-lucky policy. Since the world was vast, he would meet his Ms. Right someday.

Qin Sheng asked, “When is it? I will ask someone to prepare a flower basket or whatever.” Han Bing’s company was going to have a grand opening, which was a pretty important thing for Qin Sheng. After all, he was her good friend.

Hao Lei replied, “Next Monday.”

Qin Sheng nodded as he said, “Alright. I get it. We can go there together at that time.”

Hao Lei had other things to discuss with Qin Sheng. It seemed he was Qin Sheng’s secretary at the moment. He found out that a lot of people could only get a lot of issues conveyed to Qin Sheng through him, which was quite interesting. Consequently, he spoke straightforwardly, “Su Qin will arrive in Hangzhou on weekends. She wants to see you at that time. I am here just to notify you in advance. As for whether you will meet her or not, it’s up to you.”

Qin Sheng felt somewhat surprised. Holding a cup of wine, he was unknowingly at a loss. Ever since Su Qin and he had said their goodbyes in Xi’an some time ago, they had not been in touch anymore. Su Qin never called or texted Qin Sheng. Of course, Qin Sheng remembered his conversation with Su Qin’s father, Su Yongxian, that night. As a father, of course, Su Yongxian had hoped his daughter could lead a happy life and walk out of the previous predicament. However, when it came to the relationship between a man and a woman, he could not do whatever he wanted. Consequently, he had turned to Qin Sheng for help.

Qin Sheng let out a sigh. After all, Su Qin had been his most beloved woman. Though what was gone was gone, he still had some feelings for her. He said helplessly, “I will call her and pick her up at that time.”

“Okay.” Qin Sheng’s answer made Hao Lei feel satisfied. If Qin Sheng were merciless to Su Qin, he certainly would feel pretty disappointed. After all, Su Qin had given out the best time of her life to Qin Sheng. Even though Qin Sheng stayed together with Lin Su in the end, he could not do that to her.

Qin Sheng did not continue talking about those annoying trifles. He was not in the mood to dwell on those issues. To him, so far, the most pressing thing was how he was going to face Yan Chaozong and talk with him. He wondered what Yan Chaozong had prepared for them.

They went on drinking until eleven o’clock had passed. The group of people, including Qin Sheng, went out of Yunding International and were about to take their leave by car respectively. However, unfortunately, they ran into Qu Huanxi, the rich playboy, who had just come out of the Queen Bar. Actually, his eyesight was pretty good. He recognized Qin Sheng and Chang Baji immediately. Leading his people, he ran over without any hesitation and blocked the way for Qin Sheng and Chang Baji’s group.