Chapter 293 Exchanging Favors

As a prince of the night club, in his daily life, besides dealing with the issues of the company, Qu Huanxi spent most of his time enjoying himself with feasting and other kinds of entertainment. To him, it seemed that life was all about having fun. There were no more other things in the world he should go after. After all, the achievements, which his grandfather had made, already reached a climax. He did not think that his capability could excel that of his grandfather.

Never did he give a damn about how others would think of him. To him, the reason why others thought of him as a wastrel, a rich playboy, a rich second generation, and so on was that they admired, envied, and hated him in a stark manner and that was all. if it were others who had been born in a family, which was the same as his family, probably they would go even further than him. Unfortunately, most of the people were not that lucky. He was much more fortunate. Ever since he was born, he had already stood at a height, which most of the people could not achieve even if they had been striving for their entire life. Plus, most of the people in the world were ordinary ones, who were not decent at all. As a result, if he did not spend his time enjoying himself, what else could he do? Could it be that he needed to strive strenuously? In his opinion, all he needed to do was to guard his grandfather’s resource and that was all.

He thought of himself as a smart one instead of a conceited one, and it was indeed true. He knew clearly how he should behave in society and how he should get along with people. However, he needed to pretend to be a rich playboy, which was a disguise and protection for himself. Otherwise, sometimes, he would plunge himself into a dangerous situation easily.

Speaking of the Star East across him and the Queen Club on his side, to Qu Huanxi, they were the same as his home, where the group of tycoons, including him, could enjoy themselves on their own free will. If he visited these places, he certainly would be treated like a VIP. Plus, he visited these places on a frequent basis.

Qu Huanxi took several rich playboys to the Queen Club today and enjoyed themselves there for some while. It was not until the Old Master urged him to go home early that he left there reluctantly. However, he had hooked up with a returned female successfully, who had gone pubbing there. Her body figure was pretty magical, sexy, and attractive. It happened that he liked this kind of female so much. Of course, he would not let her go.

However, it did not occur to him that when he had just gone out of the club, he would run into Qin Sheng, who started to act obediently after being punished by him in the past a few days. Of course, Qu Huanxi came to him immediately. He liked to play the game of kicking someone when he was already down very much. Otherwise, how could he get fun out of it?

Under the influence of alcohol, Qu Huanxi mocked Qin Sheng as he said, “Whoops, who is it? It turns out it is you, President Qin. It did not occur to me that I would meet you here. Nice to meet you.”

Though others, who were by Qu Huanxi’s side, did not know Qin Sheng, of course, they could tell it from Qu Huanxi’s attitude that Qin Sheng did not get along with Qu Huanxi well. Since Qu Huanxi dared to treat him in such an unscrupulous way, it meant Qu Huanxi did not give a damn about him at all. As a result, of course, they would not respect the group of people, including Qin Sheng. Instead, they looked down upon them.

Qin Sheng did not say anything at all. As for Gu Xiaobo, Gu Qingyang, and Tang She, who had been standing behind him, they all walked forward for a few steps, in order to deal with any unknown danger. They were obligated to do this kind of hard and dirty work.

Qu Huanxi continued provoking Qin Sheng as he said, “President Qin, you look so majestic. I remember it clearly back when you were in the underground boxing field of Boss Hu, you made the best of the wind. You did not even try to help us maintain our dignities at all. Could it be that you intend to steal the spotlight tonight again? You want to hit me, right?” Upon hearing what Qu Huanxi had said, several friends of him went forward directly, pushed, and shoved the group of people, including Gu Qingyang and Gu Xiaobo.

Gu Qingyang and Tang She could still put up with it. After all, Qin Sheng did not issue any orders yet. However, Gu Xiaobo was short-tempered. Before he intended to fight back, he was stopped by Hao Lei.

Qin Sheng, who had been silent during the whole process, had no other way out. While facing this kind of rich playboy, he had no choice but to smile obsequiously. After all, the Old Monk was Qu Huanxi’s grandfather. Consequently, he said politely, “Oh-oh, it turns out it is you, Young Master Qu. Are you all blind? Don’t you know who he is? This is the Young Master Qu. Make an apology quickly.”

After Qin Sheng finished his words, Gu Xiaobo felt somewhat uncomfortable. Since Qu Huanxi had provoked them in such a way, they did not need to put up with him anymore. However, since Qin Sheng was the boss, he had no choice but to admit his mistake obediently as he said, “I am sorry, Young Master Qu. I didn’t know it was you.”

Qu Huanxi waved his hands and laughed out loud as he said, “As the saying goes, love me, love my dog. Since you are just a small potato under Qin Sheng’s charge, I don’t have time to quibble with you.” The group of people, who had been standing behind him, started to mocking Gu Xiaobo.

The expression on Gu Xiaobo’s face changed slightly. He clenched his hands tightly and could strike out at any time. Based on his capability, he could deal with this group of paper tigers across him within one minute. Never had he been wronged like this.

Qin Sheng smiled subserviently as he said, “I am sorry for disturbing you, Young Master Qu. If there are no other issues, we will take our leave first. I hope you can enjoy yourself tonight, Young Master Qu.”

Qu Huanxi said aggressively, “Tut-tut-tut, well, you can’t put up with me, right? Are you going to leave that fast? I heard that you seemed to live a difficult life in recent days, President Qin. Everybody knew your Poly International seemed to have been closed down. Could it be that you have provoked someone, who you should not have provoked? The situation going on in Hangzhou is quite complicated now. President Qin, since you are new here, I advise you to be careful first. It would be better if you can behave yourself. Otherwise, you would suffer from great losses at that time.”

What Qu Huanxi had said somewhat enlightened Qin Sheng. He started to ponder on the possibility that the Old Monk was behind the scene, pushing the whole issue forward. Qin Sheng remained calm, smiled and said, “Thanks for your reminding, Young Master Qu.”

“Alright. Thar’s it. Let’s go. Originally, I thought of you as a pretty awesome one, who did not even help us maintain our pride. It turns out you are just so-so.” Qu Huanxi laughed out loud. After that, he yelled at the group of people behind him. The group of bad friends of his also mocked the group of men across them unscrupulously. They thought, “Though they look pretty powerful and strong, they are just a group of cowards and that’s all.”

Though Qin Sheng still wore a smile on his face, the look in his eyes was somewhat sinister. Whoever had been mocked in this way, they certainly would feel angry. However, Qin Sheng dared not turned hostile to Qu Huanxi since he needed to pay a high price if he did so. He was dying to see this god of plague get out of his way in a hurry.

Before Qu Huanxi left with his bad friends, he seemed to have thought of something. He turned back and walked to the front of Qin Sheng. As he lowered his head, he whispered in Qin Sheng’s ears as he said, “Don’t expect that I don’t know all the crappy things taking place to you previously. if you are wise enough, you should keep a low profile in Hangzhou. Otherwise, probably you will feel regretful.”

Qin Sheng was at a loss. After that, he smiled happily as he said, “Okay-okay-okay.”

Since Qu Huanxi had been disgracing Qin Sheng mercilessly for some while, he finally worked off his feelings. As he always took the thing happening in the underground boxing field to his heart, he, who liked to steal the show all the time, was not willing to see others make the best of the winds. The thing went as he wished in the end today.

“Alas. They are a group of chicken-hearted persons.” Qu Huanxi left along with his bad friends amind a round of mockeries, feeling satisfied. Only the furious sounds of laughter were left behind.

It was not until Qu Huanxi left that Qin Sheng retrieved his smile. During the whole process, Qin Sheng had been keeping a low profile. As for all the people behind him, though they had felt indignant, they had dared not speak out.

Finally, Gu Xiaobo could not constrain himself. He said, “Brother Qin, with a few words from you, I will deal with him immediately. Never will I get you involved in.”

As Chang Baji felt somewhat indignant, he said, “Xiaobo, you are acting presumptuously.” He knew Gu Xiaobo well. However, what he had said at this time was equal to adding fuel to the fire, which acted as another slap in Qin Sheng’s face.

Sensing that his Senior Uncle had been angry, Gu Xiaobo lowered his head in a hurry and dared not speak anymore. He feared nobody else except his Senior Uncle, who was senior to him in the clan and much more capable than him.

Qin Sheng turned his head back and smiled at Chang Baji as he said, “Lao Chang, it’s OK.” After that, he patted Gu Xiaobo on his shoulder and said, “It is no longer a time when we can fight on our own free will. If we really want to kill him, any one of us can get it done. However, as for what should be done next, who should figure it out and clear out the mess? Though you can look down upon him, you definitely can’t ignore his grandfather. In that case, at that time, the group of our members, who have been striving with great efforts to take a root in Hangzhou, would have no choice but to run out of Hangzhou awkwardly. If we were lucky, we could go on living somewhere else. If we were in bad luck, probably we need to become fugitives for our entire lives.”

“Brother Qin, I am wrong.” Though Gu Xiaobo felt quite unwilling to admit his mistake in secret, he still ate humble pie.

Qin Sheng shook his head as he said, “Nobody is willing to be a servant. Everybody prefers to be an Eldest Master. Xiaobo, since both you and Qinyang just start to be engaged in this society, after you get familiar with the rules of survival of this society, you will understand that a lot of things are not easy to deal with in the future.”

Gu Xiaobo glimpsed at Gu Qingyang, who had been untouchable all the time, and knew he actually had made himself less impressive today, more or less. He let out a sigh helplessly.

Qin Sheng chuckled as he said, “Let’s go.”

Everybody left by car one after another. As always, Gu Qingyang drove Qin Sheng home first and left. He would be here again on time tomorrow.

The next evening, Qin Sheng, who had asked Boss Hu and Brother Luo to out in advance, arrived in the restaurant early. Of course, Chang Baji was there too. Since Yang Deng had something to attend to, he did not come over. He actually had exerted great efforts to help Qin Sheng this time.

Soon, two tycoons walked into the restaurant one after another. Qin Sheng and Chang Baji stood up in a hurry and welcomed them. After that, they exchanged greetings and pleasant remarks with each other.

After all the sides were served, they drank with each other for a while. Qin Sheng said half-playfully, “Two brothers, I disgraced you this time, more or less. Thanks for your great efforts. Lao Chang and I would like to prose a toast to you.”

Upon finishing his words, Qin Sheng and Lao Chang picked up the glasses and drank up the wine.

Boss Hu and Brother Luo stared at each other. Smiling, they also drank up the wine.

“Till now, you still have not figured out the ins and outs, right?” Brother Luo was on Qin Sheng’s side, more or less.

Qin Sheng shook his head as he said, “Speaking of the connections behind the scene, it is complicated. The counterparts probably were also prepared in advance. Anyway, since the issue was already solved, we did not intend to look into it anymore. If the counterparts are still that persistent, they must have other tricks. We will know how they will play against us at that time.”

It was true that Qin Sheng did not intend to look into the issue. After all, he could not ask for so many favors due to this issue. Back when the issue had taken place, even Xue Qingyan had called him, asking him whether he needed any help or not, Qin Sheng had refused her. He also had not turned to Fang Jianping. As for Master Liu, he had not even asked him roughly.

Boss Hu said pretty approvingly, “You handled it in a proper way. Let’s reduce the trouble to the minimum.”

“Brother Hu, since Poly International is closed down now and its business is terminated, Lao Chang says he has been idle during this period and plan to go somewhere to relax. The way I see it, your training base is quite good.” Qin Sheng took the initiative to change the topic of the conversation into this one. He had already discussed this with Lao Chang before the dinner and Lao Chang had been OK with that.

Boss Hu’s eyes widened in an instant. Apparently, what he had done for Qin Sheng this time turned out to be correct. He smiled in a hurry as he said, “Of course, I fully support that. Originally, I feared Lao Chang would look down on the group of people under my charge, who were good-for-nothing.”

Lao Chang shook his head and said, “Boss Hu, you are polite.”

Brother Luo took advantage of this opportunity and said, “Lao Hu, in this case, If I send several more people to your side, there should be no problems at all, right?”

Boss Hu laughed out loud as he said, “Ha-ha-ha-ha, you are polite.”

After that, Brother Luo stared at Lao Chang and Qin Sheng as he said, “Lao Chang, don’t spoil the group of bastards under my charge. You deal with them the way you like it. If they dare to fight back, I will teach them a lesson later.”

All the people on the scene laughed out loud unanimously. In this society, people should exchange favors. Since they had helped Qin Sheng, of course, Qin Sheng needed to give them something in return. Lao Chang also knew this principle.

After the dinner, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji saw Brother Luo and Boss Hu off in succession on their own. After that, Qin Sheng said to Chang Baji, “Lao Chang, come with me to see someone.”