Chapter 294 Preparing Himself for Both Eventualities

Though Boss Hu might not have thought highly of Qin Sheng, he definitely admired Chang Baji. After all, he had been a soldier before and liked those skilled masters. Consequently, he thought much of Chang Baji. Since Qin Sheng was by Chang Baji’s side, naturally, Boss Hu also thought highly of him. It was true that Qin Sheng had gained some advantage from Chang Baji frequently.

As for Brother Luo, of course, he liked Qin Sheng better since he thought of Qin Sheng as a rare young person. With limited connections, Qin Sheng actually could achieve such success within a short period, which could not be accomplished by just anybody. Qin Sheng was probably not that powerful enough yet since he did not have many connections now. However, he was so young that he definitely could stand on the top of the pyramid if given enough time.

Brother Luo could not help thinking back to what he had been doing at the age of 28. At that time, he had been fighting with others. It was a different time now. These young people would dominate this society in the future.

Who was Qin Sheng going to meet?

He was going to see Yan Chaozong tomorrow. Lin Changhe, who had acted as their intermediary, had arrived in Hangzhou at dusk. Yan Chaozong was estimated to have been in Hangzhou today. At this time, Qin Sheng definitely needed to pay Lin Changhe a visit.

It was still Gu Qingyang who was the driver. He already became Qin Sheng’s full-time driver. Chang Baji sat in the passenger’s seat and Qin Sheng sat in the back seat. He rolled down the window and lit a cigarette. After taking a puff or two, he spoke up first. “Lao Chang, I have to inform you about one thing. Don’t blame me. I made this decision because I had no other way out.”

“What is it?” Of course, Chang Baji could feel something was not right with Qin Sheng’s mental state in recent days. However, he thought the same as Hao Lei. Qin Sheng had to have felt stressful due to the issue happening in recent days. However, obviously, the issue taking place recently was not the root now.

Qin Sheng let out a sigh as he said, “I chose to bend my knees to Yan Chaozong. He is in Hangzhou now.”

Gu Qingyang didn’t know who Yan Chaozong was. Chang Baji knew that he was Qin Sheng’s hardcore enemy, who had almost gotten Qin Sheng killed. Qin Sheng had already told him days ago that Yan Chaozong had known their whereabouts in Hangzhou and might attack them at any time. At that time, Chang Baji had already sensed how stressed Qin Sheng had been. They also had figured out a solution. It did not occur to him that Qin Sheng would make such a decision in the end. “Is he still the same Qin Sheng?” he wondered.

Chang Baji questioned Qin Sheng as he asked, “Why?” Based on Qin Sheng’s character, he would rather die standing than live kneeling. Why would he choose to bend his knees now?

After taking a puff, Qin Sheng explained, “The Lin family softened their attitude towards me. As long as I can bend my knees to Yan Chaozong and Yan Chaozong can forgive me, they will accept me.”

Chang Baji shook his head as he said, “Is this the sole reason?”

Chang Baji was not the same as others. It was not possible for him to be easily convinced. Consequently, Qin Sheng added, “What happened this time made me see a fact clearly, that is, our foundation in Hangzhou is too shallow. If the Yan family really deals with us seriously, to be honest, we can’t make it. In that case, could it be that we’d need to go on leading a wandering life? Even if we leave Hangzhou, should we go to other places? Lao Chang, I am 28 years old. I can’t afford to torture myself like this anymore. Plus, you are by my side and I don’t want to disappoint you. Oh, I did it because of Lin Su. I simply can’t let her have a wandering life with me for her entire life.”

Chang Baji knew Qin Sheng had made up his mind. Whatever he was going to say was useless. He could tell Qin Sheng that as for himself, he actually could give up everything in front of him. However, how about Qin Sheng himself and others? The reason why he could give up everything he had now was that he was already in his 40s. To him, he would not go after many things in his daily life anymore. He could totally take things as they were. However, based on these young people’s temperament, it was not possible for them to let go of everything they had now. Consequently, he got Qin Sheng’s point.

Chang Baji got down to the point as he said, “Okay. I won’t try to convince you. But I want to know is it really true that Yan Chaozong could forgive you easily? Did you ever think about the possibility that you needed to pay the price?” He did not talk much bullsh*t. Though he did not place himself in Qin Sheng’s shoes, he could understand Qin Sheng’s situation. This was a society where the weak would be the prey of the strong. If they did not bend their knees, they would end up in a miserable situation. As Qin Sheng had told Gu Xiaobo yesterday, nobody was willing to be a grandson.

Qin Sheng threw the cigarette butt out of the car window vulgarly. Apparently, he was not somebody perfect. Sometimes, he was almost the same as most of the ordinary ones.

Qin Sheng rolled up the window and found that it was raining outside again. As the saying goes, the autumn rain goes on and on. Every year, the time of this season was the most awkward one. Qin Sheng let out a sigh as he said, “I don’t know. Of course, I am not someone reckless. If the price I am going to pay is really out of my reach, I definitely will refuse him. So let’s see him first and see how it goes.”

“Are we going to meet him now?” Chang Baji nodded quietly. Apparently, Qin Sheng had his sense of order.

Qin Sheng shook his head as he said, “No. We are going to see Lin Su’s Second Uncle.”

Half an hour later, Gu Qingyang drove to the location where Lin Changhe had set the meeting. It was a Dim Sum House located nearby The One, where also lay Lin Changhe’s house in Hangzhou, the most prestigious house in Hangzhou. Many influential people in Zhejiang purchased their houses here. It was said that the cheapest house here would cost three or four million dollars. In daily life, the houses were barely occupied.

Lin Changhe had already arrived here in advance. He brewed a pot of Oolong Tea, waiting for Qin Sheng and Chang Baji’s arrival. After the attendant showed Qin Sheng and Chang Baji into the lounge, instead of standing up, he chuckled as he said, “I thought you would not be here.”

Qin Sheng replied calmly, “Since I have made a promise to you, I don’t even plan to go back.”

Lin Changhe smiled happily as he said, “Nice. Not every young person is as determined and dominant as you. Qin Sheng, as expected, you don’t disappoint me. I admire you more and more now. “As a true man, you certainly will go through several ups and downs in your life. I believe that you will have much more potential and can go far in the future. Probably the Lin family needs to be dependent on you in the future since you are the Lin family’s son-in-law. Lin Ze is not reliable and can’t be trusted.”

Lin Changhe almost exalted Qin Sheng to the sky. He did so probably because Qin Sheng was going to face Yan Chaozong tomorrow and he wanted to comfort him psychologically. Consequently, Qin Sheng did not take what Lin Changhe had said seriously. He chuckled as he said, “Second Uncle, at least I know myself well. Anyway, even if the Lin family were given one hundred more chances, you would still choose Yan Chaozong instead of me.”

Lin Changhe did not respond. Instead, he smiled bitterly and shook his head. After that, he spoke to Qin Sheng and Chang Baji. “Sit down. Let’s talk about it while sitting.” Following that, he poured each of them a cup of tea.

Lin Changhe spoke once again. “Yan Chaozong already arrived in Hangzhou. He is living in Amanfayun now. The place where we are going to meet is the Lingyin Temple and the time is set for eight o’clock. I will send someone over to pick you up at that time. Or will you go there directly by yourself?”

Qin Sheng frowned as he said, “Are we going to meet at the Lingyin Temple?” It did not occur to him that Yan Chaozong would set up the meeting location at the Lingyin Temple, which was somewhat interesting.

After Qin Sheng came to his senses, he shook his head as he said, “You don’t need to send someone to pick me up tomorrow. I will directly go there on my own. Let’s meet at the entrance of the Lingyin Temple.”

Lin Changhe reminded him as he sad, “Don’t take too many people there. Take it easy. Since I will also be there, he dares not act randomly. Moreover, we will meet at a quiet place, which is revered by Buddhists.” Since Qin Sheng had gone so far, he needed to keep a low profile and show his sincerity to Yan Chaozong. At that time, Yan Chaozong might not give Qin Sheng a hard time on purpose.

Qin Sheng took a glimpse at Chang Baji and replied confidently, “I will only take Lao Chang there with me and that’s all.”

Did he trust Lin Changhe?

Of course, it was not possible for him to trust Lin Changhe. Even if he did trust him, he could not trust Yan Chaozong. Consequently, he had to keep Lao Chang by his side. As long as Lao Chang was by his side, every issue would be a piece of cake since Lao Chang was intimidating.

Lin Changhe glimpsed at the middle-aged man across from him. Though the man was not good-looking, he looked imposing and murderous, who was supposed to be not ordinary at all. It seemed that he had been by Qin Sheng’s side when they had been in Shanghai at that time. Lin Changhe thought that he should be Qin Sheng’s trusted subordinate.

Feeling relieved, Lin Changhe said, “In that case, that’s good.”

Qin Sheng frowned as he said, “Second Uncle, the way you see it, will Yan Chaozong really let go of me?”

The look on Lin Changhe’s face changed slightly. To be honest, he was not sure whether Yan Chaozong would let go of Qin Sheng or not. If Yan Chaozong didn’t intend to forgive Qin Sheng, the situation would get complicated. Based on Yan Chaozong’s character, he definitely would eradicate his enemy. So was the same with the Yan family when it came to how to handle affairs.

Lin Changhe smiled bitterly as he said, “I don’t know. You can talk about it at that time. I won’t get involved in this.” What he was doing was providing both Qin Sheng and Yan Chaozong an opportunity, and that was all. Speaking of whether they could reach an agreement or not, it lay with how the two young persons would talk with each other.

Qin Sheng smiled knowingly, then stood up happily as he said, “Second Uncle, I will go home now. See you tomorrow.”

Consequently, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji left directly and did not stay there for a long time. Lin Changhe looked thoughtful. He was pondering on what kinds of undue conditions Yan Chaozong would put forward.

After they left the Dim Sum House and got in the car, Chang Baji said randomly, “Qin Sheng, you need to be prepared for the worst. If Yan Chaozong won’t forgive you or he needs you to pay a price that is far beyond what you can bear, we have no choice but to face him.”

Qin Sheng nodded quietly as he said, “Well, I get your point.”

Qin Sheng went back to the Golden Coast. Hardly had he opened the door and entered when he saw a guest at his house, who turned out to be Lin Su’s sister, Lin Yue. The females both were dressed in pajamas. They sat on the couch cross-legged, watching TV and chatting with each other. Their postures did look somewhat tempting, which was a feast for Qin Sheng’s eyes.

Upon seeing Qin Sheng walking in, Lin Yue stood up in a hurry and said, “Brother-in-law, nice to meet you.”

Qin Sheng smiled politely as he said, “No wonder your sister likes you so much. You are good with your words.”

Lin Yue, who was fantastic and shrewd, smiled happily as she said, “I am not as good with my words as you are, brother-in-law. My sister praises you often. Ever since I entered the adult phase, this is the first time I have heard her praising a man in this way. Brother-in-law, the way I see it, did you save the whole world in your previous life? If not, how could you be so lucky enough to find a wife like my sister.”

Qin Sheng found it funny and didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

At this time, Lin Su explained, “This girl just arrived in Hangzhou tonight. She insisted on sleeping with me tonight, saying that she has not seen me for a long time and has so many words to say to me.”

Qin Sheng replied randomly, “It is true that you have not seen each other for a long time. I will sleep in the study tonight and make room for you.”

Lin Yue said happily, “Brother-in-law, would you mind if I borrow your wife for one night?”

Qin Sheng smiled happily and replied, “I don’t mind.”

After talking with Lin Su and Lin Yue for some while, Qin Sheng took a shower, went back to the study, and was about to go to sleep. Lin Su had already prepared a quilt for him. It was not until Qin Sheng went into the study that Lin Su said sullenly, “Did you meet Uncle?”

Qin Sheng nodded and said, “Yes.”

Lin Su took the initiative to ask, “When will you meet Yan Chaozong?”

Qin Sheng said honestly, “We will meet at eight o’clock tomorrow morning at the Lingyin Temple.”

Lin Su clamped her teeth together as she said, “I will accompany you there.”

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “You don’t need to go there. I have asked Lao Chang to accompany me. You stay at home obediently and wait for my news. For lunch, I want to eat squirrel-shaped Mandarin fish.”

Lin Su held Qin Sheng gently as she said, “All right. I will cook one for you.” She would follow the arrangement Qin Sheng had made without any opposition.

A silent night…

When the sky started to light up, Qin Sheng left for the Lingyin Temple…