Chapter 296 Bare Humiliation

In this world, most of the people were hypocritical since this world itself was hypocritical. Everybody certainly needed to adapt to the rules of survival in this society. In the end, all masked themselves. If you were honest, frank, and straight, you would be thought of as someone who was ignorant of worldly affairs and tactless.

Consequently, Yan Chaozong was also hypocritical. The reason why he had acted so politely just now was to put on a show in front of the outsiders. Since he and Qin Sheng were hardcore enemies, it was not possible for him to be polite at all. Since the outsiders, including Lin Changhe and the Old Master, had been around a moment ago, he needed to put on a show.

At this moment, in Shifang Garden, without even ordering the fast noodles, they sat across from and confronted each other. The look on Yan Chaozong’s face was pretty gloomy. Yan Chaozong stared at Qin Sheng with a faint smile on his face. Qin Sheng was still unmoved and faced Yan Chaozong calmly.

Yan Chaozong smiled disdainfully as he said, “It did not occur to me that you’d actually dare to come here. Aren’t you afraid that I will set up another trap for you?”

Qin Sheng said calmly, “If I say I am not afraid at all, even I won’t believe it. However, if I did not come here today, could it be that you would spare me?”

Yan Chaozong sneered as he said, “I almost killed you before and forced you to hide for half a year. In this case, you actually are willing to bend your knees to me and admit your own mistake. I think you are a man of unfailing rectitude, right? How come do you chicken out?” The way he talked was somewhat unscrupulous. It seemed he did not mind anything at all.

Qin Sheng let out a sigh as he said, “I am just an ordinary loser and that’s all, while you are the successor to the powerful and vigorous Yan family. Wherever I hide, you will find ways to locate me, deal with me, and step down on me mercilessly unless I have been leading a secretive life. However, I don’t want to lead a life like this. Since you already know that I am in Hangzhou now, obviously it is not possible for me to go on living a peaceful life. I would rather take the initiative to bend my knees than live in fear.”

“Hehe, you are pretty good at talking. You actually describe me as a big evil and yourself as an innocent youth. However, is that really the reason why you choose to bend your knees to me?” Of course, Yan Chaozong would not believe Qin Sheng’s words. Though what Qin Sheng had said was right, in his heart, Qin Sheng was a super sophisticated person who knew how to disguise himself well.

Qin Sheng said in a half-doubting manner, “Not exactly.”

Yan Chaozong said confidently, “In this case, go on. If you can convince me, we can continue talking. If you can’t, once you walk out of Shifang Garden’s gate, I can’t guarantee you what I will do in Hangzhou.” It seemed that he was playing with his prey. He did not care about how Qin Sheng would feel at all.

Qin Sheng straightened up as he said, “If I am all alone, as what you say, I definitely won’t bend my knees. I would rather die standing than live kneeling. After all, all humans are practical in the end. I am not alone, so I have no other choice but to do so.” It was true that he was such a person. However, when it came to dealing with the kind of doubting Thomas like Yan Chaozong, he needed to play some tricks.

After Yan Chaozong heard what Qin Sheng had said, the look on his face became somewhat softened. However, he found it funny as he said, “As what you said, you bent your knees to me because you had no choice or were coerced by me. However, before that, I want to ask you a question since I just can’t figure it out.”

Qin Sheng knew what Yan Chaozong was going to ask him. He already thought of a good solution for that.

Yan Chaozong directly asked, “Speaking of the issue happening on Mount Jiuhua, even I took every possibility into account, you still had a narrow escape luckily, how did you do that? As for my underlings sent over that time, are they alive or dead?”

Squinting, Qin Sheng replied, “Did you really think I was totally ignorant of the trap you had set up? Since Ye Muyang was a rich playboy, how could he be on intimate terms with me? As the saying goes, there must be something strange about things going wrong. I just turned your trick into my use and that was all. On the way to Mount Jiuhua, I had already set up a way of escape. However, something was wrong with the timing. It did not occur to me that the killer you had sent over would be that skilled. I almost lost my life there.”

Yan Chaozong chuckled as he said, “All right. I get you. I am dying even more to see how you are going to convince me to forgive you now.” The look on his face was pretty peaceful. It could not be seen whether he believed Qin Sheng’s words or not.

Qin Sheng asked him instead, “Then, how can you forgive me?” He handed the initiative back to Yan Chaozong. When it came to how to deal with an issue like this, it was not good for him to have the initiative. If he made Yan Chaozong feel unhappy, his plan would be beyond hope.

Yan Chaozong said pretty solemnly, “I don’t lack money. You are not rich. You can’t be even connected to power. You don’t have any background or connections. Since you have nothing at all, the way you see it, how can I forgive you? Oh, it seems that you can get one thing done. As long as you are willing to give Lin Su to me, I certainly will forgive you. In this case, the personal vendetta between us will be revoked once and for all.”

It was a humiliation, a bare humiliation for Qin Sheng. As for what Yan Chaozong had said, the previous part of his wording was a personal attack on Qin Sheng, and he could still put up with it. However, when it came to the latter part of his wording, it was simply a bare and aggressive humiliation for Qin Sheng.

Holding back his anger, Qin Sheng snorted as he said, “Besides this one, do I have other choices?”

Yan Chaozong replied quite straightforwardly without any hesitation at all, “None.”

Qin Sheng also refused him quite straightforwardly and said, “In this case, it seems I should not have come here. If you intend to forgive me in this way, I have no choice but to stick to the dead end. I would rather give up everything.”

“Hahahaha, Qin Sheng, are you kidding me? You even said you could give up everything. You have nothing at all. What can you play against me? I tell you now that it is just a piece of cake for me to have you killed. I just want to observe how you will die. Since you don’t believe in my capability, I will tell you one thing. Did you know why your Poly International was closed down?” It seemed that Qin Sheng was more likely to turn hostile to him all of a sudden. It was not necessary for Yan Chaozong to keep pretending. Consequently, he directly shed all pretenses of cordiality with Qin Sheng.

After Qin Sheng heard the last sentence, the look on his face changed all of a sudden. He actually did not expect this at all. It did not occur to him that Yan Chaozong actually was the driving force behind the issue taking place at Poly International last time. Lin Su had made such a guess on that day and she was right. Upon knowing the ins and outs, Qin Sheng felt more guilty since he had implicated Cao Da.

For a moment, Qin Sheng thought of himself as a trouble maker. After he had gone back to Shanghai and met Han Guoping, Han Guoping had killed himself. After that, he had been following Jiang Xianbang. However, some mishap had happened to Jiang Xianbang, forcing Jiang Xianbang to go abroad to seek asylum. Now, he had made great efforts to be in Hangzhou and Cao Da had provided him with a platform. As expected, he had implicated Cao Da again.

Qin Sheng felt pretty bad in his heart. He glared fiercely at Yan Chaozong. It seemed that he was going to kill Yan Chaozong. Based on his skills, if he could not restrain his impulse at this moment, he definitely could kill Yan Chaozong instantly on the scene.

However, since they were in a sacred and peaceful place of Buddhism, Qin Sheng dared not act wildly. Even if he could kill Yan Chaozong, the Yan family would get back at him continuously. Anyway, he would be dead in the end. At that time, what would Lin Su do? What would others do?

Consequently, Qin Sheng had no choice but to put up with Yan Chaozong. He had no other way out.

Qin Sheng gritted his teeth and replied, “I did not expect that it would be you.”

Yan Chaozong laughed out loud and said, “There are many more things that are out of your expectation.”

Though Qin Sheng knew what he had done before, Yan Chaozong did not intend to forgive him. He was here to humiliate him today and that was all. Even if Qin Sheng would lick his butt today, he would not spare him.

Consequently, Qin Sheng did not intend to beg for mercy bitterly. He still had some guts. As a result, he said, “Sorry for disturbing you, Grand Elder Master Yan. I will leave first and won’t accompany you to have a bowl of fast noodles.”

Yan Chaozong said disapprovingly, “Well, you are flustered and exasperated now, right? Since you can’t put up with such petty frustration, why should I forgive you?” His meeting with Qin Sheng today made him feel more assured about his secretive thought in his heart, that was, he absolutely could not spare Qin Sheng. Now Lin Su was not the root cause anymore. His personal vendetta with Qin Sheng was the root cause now. If he did not eliminate him, Qin Sheng would get back at him someday, sooner or later.

Qin Sheng, who had stood up, smiled bitterly as he said, “Grand Elder Master, you do not intend to forgive me. All you want is to humiliate me and force me to give Lin Su up. I can’t do that.”

Yan Chaozong sneered as he said, “I know you can’t do it. Hahahaha, I am just joking and that is all. Moreover, do you think I will still want a woman like Lin Su back? After all, I am Yan Chaozong. I can get any woman I like.” His words dishonored Lin Su again.

Qin Sheng clenched his fists. Though Yan Chaozong could dishonor him, he could not put up with him if he targeted Lin Su. He really could not do that. A real man should protect his woman. It did not matter whether he could do that or not, but he had to try.

Yan Chaozong mocked him once again as he said, “What’s wrong? You can’t bear it again, right?” The feeling of playing with his opponents made him feel pretty comfortable. He liked to see Qin Sheng’s furious yet helpless look.

The corner of Qin Sheng’s lips twitched slightly. He restrained himself successfully again in the end.

“If you want me to forgive me, I can do that. I will choose a time and a location. At that time, you need to get down on your knees and kowtow to me three times, saying ‘Young Master Yan, I know I am wrong. Please forgive me.’ In that case, we will be even.” Finally, Yan Chaozong put forward his conditions, which he did not consider to be excessive. However, what he had offered was just a small part of his plan. It was definitely impossible for him to forgive Qin Sheng that easily. Moreover, he did not intend to forgive Qin Sheng at all.

Since Qin Sheng was humiliated again, the look on his face was extremely gloomy.

Since Yan Chaozong had achieved his purpose today, it was not necessary for him to stay here anymore. He was not in the mood to eat a bowl of fast noodles anymore. Anyway, it was the same to him whenever he would be here to eat the fast noodles. He stood up happily, patted Qin Sheng on his shoulders, and said, “I am waiting for your answer. However, I am not that patient. I don’t know whether I will go back on my words or not. Think about it.”

Upon finishing his words, Yan Chaozong laughed out loud and left. He finally felt so comfortable and relieved. When it came to dealing with Qin Sheng, this was the first time he felt fully delightful. He did his utmost even when dealing with Qin Sheng and it made him feel pretty satisfied.

After Yan Chaozong walked out of Shifang Garden, Feng He directly walked forward and greeted him. Yan Chaozong said randomly, “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

When he passed by Chang Baji, he glimpsed at him randomly, feeling somewhat envious and jealous. He thought, “Though Qin Sheng is a coward, he actually could get a friend like Chang Baji. How lucky he is.”

Chang Baji did not bother to pay attention to Yan Chaozong. He walked into Shifang Garden with quick paces and saw Qin Sheng sitting there. Qin Sheng was still at a loss, pondering the conditions Yan Chaozong had put forward a moment ago.

Chang Baji frowned as he asked, “What happened?”

It was not until this moment that Qin Sheng came to his senses and said, “Oh, nothing. Let’s go back home as well.”

Chang Baji asked with concern, “How was your conversation with him?” He rarely did so.

Qin Sheng shook his head, smiled bitterly, and said, “Let’s talk about it when we are at home.”

Chang Baji did not question him anymore.

After walking out of Shifang Garden, he saw that one of Lin Changhe’s bodyguards was here but Lin Changhe was not seen. He asked randomly, “Where is Second Uncle Lin?”

Chang Baji replied, “I don’t know. After you went in there, he just left.”

At this time, Qin Sheng did not want to meet Lin Changhe since he knew Lin Changhe definitely would ask how his conversation with Yan Chaozong went. He simply could not tell Lin Changhe that Yan Chaozong had asked him to get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness. Consequently, he said to Lin Changhe’s bodyguard, “You inform Second Uncle that we will go home first.”

Upon finishing his words, Qin Sheng left the Lingyin Temple with Chang Baji.

However, his figure looked lonely and the look in his eyes was complex. Anyone who saw him would feel somewhat sorry for him…