Chapter 306 Qin Sheng Did Not Disappoint Qin Changan

It did not occur to anyone on the scene that the banquet hall, which had been quiet at first, would be in chaos all of a sudden, whether it was Yan Chaozong or Qu Huanxi or those on-lookers, for example, Luo Changgong, Boss Hu, and Dugu Qingning. Of course, Lin Changhe and Yang Deng were also included. None of them had ever thought about the possibility of Qin Sheng actually daring to strike out. They had thought he would end up being in a situation of despair since it was Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi whom he was going to face.

But Qin Sheng had already been prepared for the worst because no matter what he did, he was destined to leave Hangzhou anyway. The Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai regions were integrated, where the Yan Family was simply too strong and had very powerful connections. If he could not eradicate Yan Chaozong, it would be simply impossible for him to continue his business here.

Consequently, he thought, “If you want to force me, I will have no choice but to do something really big. Since you want to watch a show, I will just make you all play the leading roles.”

Chang Baji, who had taken the initiative to launch an attack, came at Feng He directly. He did not want to conceal his capability at all today. Striking out extremely swiftly, he launched his attack with a speed as swift as lighting, which could leave anybody feeling stupefied, and aimed right at Feng He’s neck with a karate chop. Feng He became so frightened, since it had not occurred to him that the group of people with Qin Sheng would actually dare to fight them here. Before he came to his senses, Chang Baji was already in front of him. Consequently, he grabbed one of his underlings over and placed him at the front subconsciously to block Chang Baji’s attack. His underling responded with confusion because he had no idea how to deal with Chang Baji at all. All he could do was use his arms to ward Chang Baji off. However, as the sound indicating that his bones were broken rose up, he cried out in pain somewhat hysterically.

Feng He finally had a chance to take a breath and launch his attack. After Chang Baji threw the man out single-handedly, making the man heavily crash down onto the table next to him, Feng He kicked right at Chang Baji as if he were a hound. Chang Baji had expected a move like this from him already. After all, he was a veteran in battle and had encountered various kinds of opponents. When it came to the kind of minor role like Feng He, Chang Baji was simply not interested in them at all. If Qin Sheng had not stopped him from killing Feng He, he would have already dealt with him in the Western Area of Sichuan basin before.

Chang Baji raised the corner of his lips and fought with Feng He with the same move. They fought each other by moving to the right and left side continuously. As for who would win in the end, it would depend on who acted faster and who was much more responsive.

Obviously, Chang Baji still won this time. Both of them had aimed at the counterpart’s head. Chang Baji had already figured out Feng He’s strength, attack angle, and speed within a blink of an eye. He had evaded him at the tipping point. As a result, Feng He’s kicking had almost swept past Chang Baji’s nose. However, since Feng He was not as capable as Chang Baji, he could not completely avoid Chang Baji at all. Chang Baji kicked him right in the shoulders, making him fall backward directly and knock into two of his underlings behind him.

On Gu Qingyang and Gu Xiaobo’s side, they had already struck out and broke out of the encirclement. Hao Lei and Tang She also did not want to reconcile themselves to falling behind. Speaking of all the core underlings who Qin Sheng had brought here today, except for Tang She, who might be less capable, all the others were not easy to deal with.

Neither Yan Chaozong nor Qu Huanxi had expected the situation to end up like this, so neither of them had been prepared. Except for two to three trusted subordinates, most of the people whom they had brought here today were ordinary. They simply could not beat that kind of big shot like Chang Baji.

At this time, the whole banquet hall was already in a mess. Both parties on the stage became livened up and struck out violently. Fearing that they would become involved, the guests stood up in a hurry and retreated to the entrance of the banquet hall. Among them, instead of intending to get out of here, some stood a little distance away and watched the scene of bustle. After all, seldom did they have a chance to encounter such a scene. They thought, “How courageous the person is since he dares to challenge both Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi, who are rich playboys.” But some elder ones disliked that kind of scene. Since they had been somewhat uncomfortable about the arrangement made by Qu Huanxi and Yan Chaozong today originally, they took advantage of this opportunity to get out of there and avoid getting involved in that kind of disturbance.

Standing off the stage, Qu Huanxi saw the fighting scene going on the stage and yelled to the group of people including Yuan Ke, “Why are you still standing by? Go and get them!”

Qian Buping, who had been waiting for Qu Huanxi’s order, directly rushed on the stage with his underlings. He also took a chair with him conveniently. Of course, his target was Qin Sheng. He certainly needed to get back at him.

As for Yuan Ke, he was hesitant for a while. After that, he ordered his underlings to get up on the stage to help. Other big shots on the Old Monk’s side also issued their orders. A group of people rushed at the stage in an instant.

Standing at the rearmost, Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi were protected. Of course, the group of people including Chang Baji did not have time to deal with them. They encircled Qin Sheng in the middle and dealt with the opponents who came at them continuously. All in all, they could not let Qin Sheng get injured.

Qin Sheng stood in the middle and looked on coldly. Except for several brothers of his and trusted subordinates like Chang Baji and Hao Lei, he did not have any other helpers. Besieged by so many people, he was destined to end up miserable.

Hangzhou disappointed him.

As Qin Sheng’s good friend, Yang Deng was somewhat passionate because Qin Sheng finally showed who he was. Never would Qin Sheng bend his knees to anyone, nor would he submit to anybody. Qin Sheng dared to challenge any opponent who pushed him around. The fear of losing would not at all keep him from trying.

However, Qin Sheng could obviously not handle so many people besieging him. Yang Deng took him as his friend. In this case, of course, he could not look on and do nothing. Otherwise, he could not face Qin Sheng in the future.

Consequently, Yang Deng was about to rush forward to help Qin Sheng without any hesitation at all. Luo Changgong by his side had been watching over him. Speaking of the scene taking place today, it was destined to be a hot topic for most of the people in Hangzhou City. It did not occur to him that Qin Sheng would be so courageous to fight back. He was confused about the reason why Qin Sheng would do so and thought, “Is Qin Sheng reckless or did he get some back-up?” However, in any case, never should Yang Deng be involved. Consequently, he directly stopped Yang Deng and said, “What do you want to do? You should not attend to a kind of issue like this.”

Yang Deng replied straightforwardly, “Brother Luo, Qin Sheng is my friend. Since he is in trouble now, can I look on and do nothing at all? That’s not how I am supposed to be.”

Luo Changgong snorted as he said, “Instead of representing yourself, you represent the Third Master now. Once you are involved in this, the Third Master will also be involved. At that time, he should clear up the mess for you, right?”

Instead of giving up on this, Yang Deng said in a deep voice, “Brother Luo, this is my own business. It has nothing to do with Foster Father. If I don’t get it done today, I would feel guilty for the rest of my life. After I am done with it, I will offer an apology to the Third Master on my own. As for how he will punish me, I am OK with it.”

Upon finishing his words, Yang Deng did not pay attention to Luo Changgong anymore. He broke free from Luo Changgong’s arms and rushed onto the stage immediately as if he were a ferocious tiger dashing down a mountain who was going at his prey directly.

Luo Changgong felt so angry that he shouted abuse, saying, “What the hell is going on? Dammit!”

Luo Changgong’s underlings asked him in a low voice, “Big Boss, what should we do?”

Though Yang Deng could act on his own free will, that was not the case for Luo Changgong. Consequently, he said helplessly, “What we can do is to watch over them.”

Boss Hu did not stay far away from the stage. All of his underlings already went inside to protect him. After all, he knew both Chang Baji and Qin Sheng, and they were affiliated with each other. His underlings asked in a low voice, “Boss, should we help them or not?”

Boss Hu shook his head. What he meant could not be more obvious. How could he get involved in a kind of issue like this? Though he had appreciated Qin Sheng and had been highly respectful to Chang Baji, they were no longer acquaintances at this time. Since Qin Sheng and Chang Baji had offended two strong powerful connections, he certainly could not stay in Hangzhou anymore later on, which was quite obvious. In this case, of course, he would not offend the Old Monk and the Yan Family for the sake of Qin Sheng and Chang Baji.

As for Dugu Qingning, he already retreated in the direction of the entrance. Since he was just a speaking acquaintance of Qin Sheng, of course, he would not give him a hand. However, he did appreciate Qin Sheng’s daring and resolve. In the current society, few youths were as courageous as Qin Sheng.

As for Lin Changhe, he felt completely helpless. The moment Qin Sheng had launched his attack, the Lin family had drawn a clear distinction with him and gave him up completely. In this case, he would not give Qin Sheng a hand. The only thing he needed to consider was how to ensure Lin Su’s safety. At worst, he would take a tough approach and bring Lin Su back to Ningbo. Of course, Lin Su should not stay in Hangzhou anymore.

Surrounded and protected by the group of people including Chang Baji, instead of taking part in the fighting, he looked on and did nothing. He would keep in mind everything taking place today, for example, the group of people that included Qu Huanxi, Yuan Ke, and Qian Buping had rubbed it in his face; Luo Changgong, Boss Hu, and the Lin family had stood by and done nothing at all; and those ones on the scene had been staring at him with sneers and mockery in their eyes. It was possible that he would never forget what had happened today.

He kept all this in mind. Hangzhou really disappointed him…

At first, Yan Chaozong had been somewhat indignant. However, he felt somewhat delighted now since Qin Sheng was completely isolated by the group of big shots in Hangzhou City due to all the fuss he had made today. He did not even need to deal with him on his own. Obviously, it was not possible for Qin Sheng to pursue his dream in Hangzhou anymore. What could he do if he was only backed by Cao Da? And as for the so-called Xue family, Qin Sheng only got along with Xue Qingyan. The other members of the Xue family certainly would not be interested in him. Moreover, taking the Xue family’s background into consideration, they were supposed to evade risks. In this case, it was not possible for the Xue family to stand up for Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng stood by and observed what was going on indifferently. Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi stared at Qin Sheng playfully as if they were staring at a patient on his deathbed. To them, Qin Sheng was no longer a threat.

After all, they were at Yuerong Manor in Xixi, which was a well-known top hotel in Hangzhou City. Of course, the administrators of the hotel would not allow that kind of farce to go on for too long. They had already called the police. Meanwhile, they called all the security guards over to the banquet hall.

Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi saw the people sent by the administrators entering the hall. They looked at each other and called out at the same time: “Stop! Everyone, back off.”

Upon hearing their bosses’ orders, people on Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi’s side all retreated backward without hesitation and stayed away from Qin Sheng’s group. As for those on Qin Sheng’s side, they did not stop immediately. At this time, except for Qin Sheng and Chang Baji, people on Qin Sheng’s side were all injured, more or less. Of course, they also had beaten their opponents heavily. Many people on Yan Chaozong and Qu Huanxi’s side, such as Feng He, were severely injured. Qin Sheng’s group, including Chang Baji, did not conceal their capabilities at all today. Of course, they had their own bottom lines and would not beat their opponents to death. After all, if they got anyone killed here, Qin Sheng would be really doomed.

During this process, one interlude took place. Before Qian Buping rushed forward with the chair in his hands aggressively, he was directly kicked out by Gu Qingyang and ended up being a joke.

The general manager of the hotel was extremely angry. As a foreign general manager, he was astonished at what had happened in front of him. Based on the Xixi Yuerong Manor’s social status, he ordered the security guards to separate both parties involved from each other. Following that, he accused and reproached them abusively.

Soon afterward, the policemen arrived. They dispatched several police cars and arrested both parties involved. The farce finally came to an end. However, everyone knew that it was just the beginning.

In the siheyuan of the Qin family in Sijiu City, Qin Changan, who had witnessed the whole process, stood up slowly and burst out laughing all of a sudden as he said, “As Qin Changan’s son, this is exactly how he should act.”

Gongsun smiled and did not say anything at all because Qin Sheng did not disappoint Qin Changan this time…