Chapter 35 Do You Understand?

Zhao Dongsheng was dead?

This piece of news shook them up considerably. How was Zhao Dongsheng dead even before they made any move? Could he have committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun like Han Guoping, knowing that he could not protect himself anymore?

Qin Sheng thought that it was not possible. Zhao Dongsheng was not such a person. While Han Guoping was cornered by the situation surrounding him, Zhao Dongsheng could never achieve the same kind of willpower.

What exactly happened?

When Qin Sheng came to, he asked coldly, “How did Zhao Dongsheng die?”

Chang Baji was at the scene when it happened, so what he said was first hand information. He was shaken up too. He could only conclude that what was meant to be would be. Zhao Dongsheng, who lost his defense and protection from Zhou Wenwu, had reached the end of his journey in life. Chang Baji continued to explain saying, “Just a few minutes after Zhao Dongsheng stepped out of his office building, he was stabbed to death. His subordinates were also injured by the knife. The assassinator was indeed very skilled. Unfortunately I was too far away to see who it was.”

“Are you sure he’s dead?” What happened came as a shock to Qin Sheng. Who could have vented his anger on Zhao Dongsheng? Like Zhou Wenwu, there were many who hated Zhao Dongsheng. However, most were hesitant about taking revenge on him because of his strong backings.

With certainty, Chang Baji said, “He was stabbed seven times and every jab was fatal. If he could survive the attack, it would go into the Guiness World Records.”

Both Zhou Wenwu and Zhao Dongsheng were now dead. Qin Sheng thought regardless of who was behind Zhao Dongsheng’s murder, the Han family storm had finally passed. He could finally take his leave from the chaotic situation, but before that, he wanted to speak to Han Bing. Just as there was Zheng Ping to pick up the pieces of the Guoping Group, there had to be someone to do the same for the less glamorous jobs.

Qin Sheng nodded and said, “Brother Chang, you may return to Thomson Golf Resort. We are now relatively safe, given Zhao Dongsheng was dead.”

Chang Baji had the exact sentiments.

When Qin Sheng and Chang Baji arrived at Thomson Golf Resort one after another, Han Bing and Hao Lei were having their dinner. They had moved back to Thomson Golf Resort after Zhou Wenwu died, after all the three men were beginning to feel awkward sleeping together on the floor of the living room.

“Oh you’re back! Have you had dinner?” Han Bing asked as soon as she saw Qin Sheng coming in.

What Han Bing said to Qin Sheng that morning was meant to be a confession. She was one bold lady who was not used to concealing her feelings, although she was unsure of how Qin Sheng felt towards her. She was one who followed her heart. Was Qin Sheng not someone a woman needed, one who was always there for her to protect her so that she did not have to suffer in any way?

While Qin Sheng did not respond, Han Bing thought that silence did not equate to rejection. She had full confidence in her charm and she did not believe that Qin Sheng would have completely zero feelings for her. She believed that with determination, Qin Sheng would eventually be won over by her.

“I already had dinner. Go ahead and finish your food. I’ll be waiting for you in the study. We need to talk,” Qin Sheng walked up the stairs, where his room was right next to Han Bing’s bedroom.

Chang Baji was famished so he hurriedly replied, “I’ve not taken my dinner yet! What’s there for me to eat? Wow, there’s sweet sour fish, which is my favorite! Give me two bowls of rice!”

“Auntie Liu, prepare rice!” Han Bing said, smiling.

Qin Sheng went straight into Han Guoping’s study. To the Hans’ servants, Qin Sheng was like the master of half of Han’s family, after all Han Bing was very obedient to him.

This was the second time Qin Sheng entered Han Guoping’s study since his death. The first time was when Chen Beiming brought him in to comfort Han Bing. Qin Sheng drew the curtains and settled on the seat Han Guoping sat on when he put the gun to his mouth. At that moment, Qin Sheng’s eyes were filled with confusion and puzzlement.

Han Guoping had been through the many ups and downs in life to finally end up where he was now. How much hardship did he have to go through to be able to sit on this seat?

When he returned again to Shanghai earlier, he was somehow coincidentally intricated with the Han’s affairs so much so that the momentum of his life was interrupted. Presently, the Han’s affairs had come to an end and he had to make a decision out of three options. Firstly, he could remain with the Hans to assist Han Bing in other family matters. Secondly, he could accept Jiang Xianbang’s offer to help him by giving him a headstart so he could continue from there. Thirdly, he could start from scratch on his own, which would be the most tedious journey for him.

Qin Sheng was hesitant about which choice to pick.

When Qin Sheng was deep in thoughts, Han Bing entered the room and Qin Sheng stood up immediately. He was neither Chen Beiming nor Zhao Dongsheng after all and he did not want Han Bing to misunderstand him in any way.

“I smelt alcohol and perfume on your body, where have you gone to fool around?” Han Bing asked with a serious expression on her face. She was behaving like a young wife who had spent their day alone at home and waiting for the husband to return, so she could interrogate him like a private eye.

Amused, Qin Sheng paused for a second and said, “Do you have a nose of a dog?”

“Just tell me the truth,” Han Bing continued pressing him.

Qin Sheng did not see the need to explain himself, however, worried that she would keep pressing him, he said, “I went to Fudan University to see my little sister today, accompanied her to go shopping and had dinner together with my university friend. You know him, he’s Xia Ding, whom we had a drink with. Are you satisfied now?”

“What? I didn’t know you had a little sister!” Han Bing was taken by surprise.

Qin Sheng rolled his eyes and asked, “What do you know about me anyways?”

“That’s true. Looks like I’ve to get to know you better from now on. You need to tell me more about yourself, your story,” Han Bing held on to Qin Sheng’s arm in a kittenish way.

Qin Sheng tried to distance himself as he was worried that she would get the wrong idea. However, it was comforting to see that she seemed to have walked out of the dark shadow of her father’s death and was in better moods these days.

“Stop joking, let’s talk about the more serious matters,” Qin Sheng said, sounding serious.

Han Bing stared at Qin Sheng in dismay and said, “Alright, which serious matters?”

“Zhao Dongsheng is dead,” Qin Sheng said quietly.

Han Bing’s widened her eyes upon receiving the news, shaken, she said, “When was that? How come I don’t know about it?”

“Just half an hour ago,” Qin Sheng tried to explain. He was not surprised by Han Bing’s reaction.

Han Bing was certain that Qin Sheng and Chang Baji were behind Zhou Wenwu’s disappearance althought Qin Sheng did not admit it openly. Could he also be the culprit who murdered Zhao Dongsheng?

She fixed her eyes and Qin Sheng for a moment and suddenly she felt fear creeping up her spine. If it were other people, they would think that Qin Sheng was a ruthless and cruel person, but she did not know how to describe her how she felt about Qin Sheng.

“Did you guys do it?” Han Bing asked with a trembling voice.

Qin Sheng shook his head and replied, “It’s not us. I’m not sure who did it. Anyways he had so enemies who hated him, it’s not surprising, especially now that he has no one to back him up.”

Han Bing breathed a sigh of relief after hearing Qin Sheng’s words.

“Regardless of who killed Zhao Dongsheng, it is to our advantage. From this moment on, we can safely say that your crisis had been resolved. However, with the death of Zhao Dongsheng, someone has to settle this situation. It’s still better for you to stay out of this,” Qin Sheng said slowly. This was what he wanted to discuss with Han Bing today.

Puzzled, Han Bing asked,”What situation are you talking about?”

“Zhao Dongsheng had been in charge of many illegal matters within the company. Now that he’s dead, there has to be someone who has to settle these matters. You have never handled such things . Moreover, those people in the company will not trust you. In addition, it’s not suitable for you to handle these matters because they would taint you,” Qin Sheng said, as he further explained that Han Bing should just handle the bankruptcy and restructuring of the company.

Han Bing finally understood what Qin Sheng was trying to say, so she asked, “Who do think would be suitable to handle all these matters then?”

“Liu Hejun,” Qin Sheng replied without any hesitation. This cunning fox had been walking on tip toes ever since Han Guoping died. He was definitely not high key in his dealings like Zhao Dongsheng. In fact, he had acted wisely and was not too greedy, but he ended up reaping the most benefits.

“Uncle Liu?” Han Bing did not understand why Qin Sheng chose him as the candidate.

Qin Sheng continued saying, “What you need to do is to make an appointment to meet him, and I will handle the rest.”

“Alright, I will do just that,” Han Bing nodded.

In front of Qin Sheng, Han Bing immediately made a call to Liu Hejun. When he picked up the call after a few rings, Han Bing politely explained the purpose of her call, saying that she had been very busy recently and did not have time for a good conversation with Uncle Liu and that he was among her father’s long time good brothers. That her father had told her to approach Uncle Liu whenever she needed help.

She had exhausted all the flattering words she could use on Liu Hejun and this in fact, her words had made him very happy. Eventually, Liu Hejun agreed to meet up with her at Thomson Golf Resort the next day.

After Liu Hejun hung up the call, his subordinate next to him said, “You are brilliant in your calculations, Boss. This Han Bing immediately looked for you after Zhao Dongsheng dies.”

“Now that Zhao Dongsheng is dead and had left behind a sticky situation. Who else other than us are able to handle this? Zheng Ping has been in charge of the administrative affairs in the office and would never be involved in these matters. It seems like I’m the only one who can rise to the occasion,” Liu Hejun squinted his eyes, feeling complacent. He had been rivals with Zhao Dongsheng for so long and had not managed to gain any advantage over Zhao Dongsheng before Master Han, he thought alas, he was victorious over Zhao Dongsheng. Since Zhao Dongsheng was already dead, despite he having selfish ambitions and capabilties, what could he do? A living dog was better than a dead lion, being alive was Liu Hejun’s best resource.

Liu Hejun’s subordinates laughed happily and said, “You are so right, Boss. No one could take this place since you are the most experienced and capable candidate. However, given that even Zhao is dead, could we not just seize the Han’s family wealth?”

“Idiot!” Liu Hejun’s face fell when he heard those words.

As his subordinate was puzzled, Liu Hejun explained, “Look at Zhao Dongsheng, who was such a formidable character with Zhou Wenwu backing him up, look what’s happened to him now. First, Zhou Wenwu disappeared without a trace, then, Zhao Dongsheng was stabbed to death openly in the streets. Don’t you see that there are a lot of people who are eyeing Han’s family wealth? Han Bing has people protecting her so Qin Sheng’s appearance was not coincidental.”

“I totally understand! You are so wise, Boss. What then shall we do?” Liu Hejun’s words snapped his subordinate out of his folly. No wonder Liu Hejun, who was equipped with so much experience, could be the boss. His subordinate felt so inadequate in front of his boss.

Liu Hejun laughed and said, “We’ll just do what Han Bing wants us to do, understand?”