Chapter 36 Fighting

Liu Hejun and Han Guoping built up their business from nothing. From the beginning to now, how many people still chose to with Han Guoping? And if they chose to stay, how many of them would be put in important positions after these many years?

He got ambition just as Zhao Dongsheng, however you should have the ability that could match your ambition as a prerequisite. With ability and ambition, as well as luck, you would be impossible to lose the game. But once you had ambition with the lack of ability, the game would be over soon.

After Han Guoping’s death, every one was eager to take over his big property. This chance could take you to the top of Shanghai Bund pyramid, making you a big shot like Han Guoping and Zhou Wenwu. So Zhao Dongsheng thought about it, Liu Hejun was also hunger for it. But Liu Hejun knew he was not able to take that business. He knew that he couldn’t burden the stress even he had the luck to make it happen. So he was calm. He just watched Zhao Dongsheng chasing it. It was a pity that Zhao Dongsheng didn’t have the ability to match his ambition. He was only able to work as Han Guoping’s assistant though his dream was to be the big daddy of Shanghai Bund.

Dreaming too big would put a man into danger. So he finally lost it. Now he just sat idle and enjoyed the fruits of others’ work. Who was the smartest?

In the morning, when the sun had not yet risen, Pudong was already crowded. Tangchen golf club, which was in the center of downtown, was also full of people. Qin Sheng and Chang Baji woke up very early. Since Chang Baji came to Shanghai, they were busy doing everything and had no chance to chat with each other. Not to mention the communications about kung fu skill.

Chang Baji was a typical societal character. He had been learning baji and pigua from an old master since he was a six-year-old child. It was obvious his skill was excellent.

There is an old saying, “Baji and pigua, makes ghost and God afraid; pigua and baji, immortal can’t even defeat.”

Qin Sheng was a new school character. He learned many skills but did not master anything. He learned little simple things from the old master at the beginning. You could say he was a fellow apprentice of Chang Baji. The old master had just stopped teaching young apprentice several decades ago. Even old Mr. Qin could not break his rule.

Qin Sheng used to learn baji and pigua, wing chun, Thai boxing and wrestling. Old Mr. Qin was afraid that he was tough but also easy to be injured, so he asked Qin Sheng to learned tai ji when he had time, to train balance. This was the reason why during two years of traveling, Qin Sheng could back off safely every time he was put in trouble.

After having breakfast, Liu Hejun had not yet arrived. Han Bing was handling things in her reading room. Chang Baji was practicing on the outdoor lawn, showing movements that were regarded as useless as his wishes. Hao Lei and Qin Sheng were watching these movements at a short distance. Hao Lei used to say furtively that they could learn from Chang Baji secretly. This teacher-near-by was a good chance for them. Not everyone could have a chance like this.

“Brother Chang, I heard from grandpa Song that you are his most talented apprentice. You can even do much better than him if you were not that weak in teenage.” Qin Sheng was telling the truth. These words were from conversations between grandpa and old master. He remembered all these things because he had good memories since he was a child.

Chang Baji had practiced for such a long time, but he didn’t get sweaty at all. He walked to Qin Sheng and said, “I’m clear about my own ability. My master was too modest. The smoke will be out from the ancestral grave if I was regarded better than him . ”

“Brother Chang, you are too modest. I also learned something about kung fu. Please teach Hao Lei and me something if you don’t mind,” Qin Sheng said happily. Hao Lei was next to Qin Sheng, and he heard this conversation. He stared at Chang Baji with expectation, fearing that Chang Baji would refuse them. When Hao Lei was in troops, he fought with people there. But he could not find a good fighter at all. At least it was a chance to see what those soldiers could do. Even he was defeated by the soldiers he fought with, Hao Lei could threaten them after competing with them. Then he met Chang Baji, a man without bad temper, was like a lion that used all strength to wrestle with a rabbit, ruling over the world. Chang Baji would kill him and gave him no chance.

Chang Baji threw his towel aside and took two steps back. With a slight smile he said, “It’s very kind of you. Old Mr. Qin and my master are good old friends. That means we have some connections. Let’s have a fighting and learn from each other. Come on.”

Chang Baji bent his legs and waist, stretched his arms to make a beginning movement of baji.

“Now?” Qin Sheng stunned for a while and said.

Chang Baji grinned and said, “Don’t worry about it, I won’t attack you, I just defend. You come to me.”

“Fine, obedience is better than politeness,” Qin Sheng spoke with laughter. He moved forward slowly, and stood on the opposite side of Chang Baji. He would not miss such a precious chance.

Chang Baji was calm and peaceful. And Qin Sheng was standing still. They stood there seemed competing momentum first. Hao Lei was excited about it. He wanted to know how powerful Chang Baji was.

Qin Sheng took actions finally. He was like a fierce tiger, taking two steps forward and running to the side of Chang Baji. Chang Baji was in no hurry. He planned to stop Qin Sheng by his arms. However he didn’t notice that Qin Sheng cheated him by fake movements. When Chang Baji wanted to attack, Qin Sheng took his action back and hit Chang Baji’s chest with his arm. Chang Baji laughed and cursed. “God d*mn, you play dirty tricks.”

“I didn’t say that I won’t play dirty tricks,” Qian Sheng said in a nothing-matters tone.

Chang Baji turned his body hurriedly, to hide away from the powerful arm beat from Qin Sheng, and took two steps back in an easy manner. Qin Sheng followed his steps without hesitation. He used wing chun to attack Chang Baji’s shang san lu when he got closed. Wing chun was restraining and smooth while baji was aggressive and tough. When baji met wing chun, that would be an awesome fighting.

It was the first time Hao Lei saw Qin Sheng fighting with others. He had never thought that it would be such amazing. He was shocked by that. Qin Sheng was the one who Chang Baji took seriously, not just being perfunctory.

Chang Baji and Qin Sheng were neck and neck. He thought Qin Sheng’s skill was just as Hao Lei. He had never thought that Qin Sheng could be superior. Qin Sheng looked weak and strengthless before, but now he seemed became another person after not seeing him for many years.

Servants in Han Family’s villa had never seen such a fighting before. It was more attractive than plots in the movie, and they all ran out to watch. Han Bing also realized the fighting from her reading room. She opened the door, stood on the balcony to join in watching the fighting. She knew Qin Sheng was terrific, but she had no idea about Chang Baji. Today she got a chance to know it.

These two people were fighting with each other. Chang Baji was no doubt powerful than Qin Sheng. But he had promised to defend with attacking at the beginning. He couldn’t break his promise so he just focused on defending, fearing Qin Sheng would play dirty tricks on him to make him ashamed.

Qin Sheng was thrown away by Chang Baji. He made a turn-over in the air by taking this advantage. And he fought with his legs when he fell from sky, forcing Chang Baji to draw back and protect himself. Chang Baji leaned to one side to prevent himself from being attacked. Qin Sheng’s legs were falling beside his shoulders. He became angry. He waited for Qin Sheng to show up his shortcomings. But finally he decided to keep his promises. He continued to sound out after Qin Sheng stood up.

On the outside of Tangchen gold club, Liu Hejun had parked his Audi A6L in front of Han Family’s villa. Chang Baji noticed that it was the right time to stop fighting. He waited until Qin Sheng made a turn-around to show off, and he finally took action in the funniest way. He used his ass to push Qin Sheng away. Qin Sheng was attacked to stagger, nearly fell down badly.

Qin Sheng saw the car parking outside too. So he stopped attacking after standing from the ground. He puffed and said, “Brother Chang, you are much experienced than me. I’m still lack of skills.

“You young people wanted to treat me. Fortunately, I didn’t look down upon you, or I will lose my face horribly. Your ability is much better than Hao Lei. You are such a young boy with awesome talents. If you practiced for several years, I couldn’t defeat you anymore. You complimented me a genius. But how can I compare with you!” Chang Baji cursed with laughter.

Qin Sheng laughed and said, “But today you could kill me if you want. It is impossible for me to escape.”

“Stop talking about killing. The customer is coming. Let’s stop talking,” Chang Baji glared at Qin Sheng and said.

Qin Sheng just withdrew his smile, turned away to the door and welcomed the customer. At this moment, Liu Hejun had come in with his fellows. Qin Sheng Laughed. “Uncle Liu! Finally, we have you as our guest.”

“Qin, you are so good! I just watched your fighting in the distance,” Liu Hejun replied with grins.

People who didn’t know much about them would misunderstand they were friends for many years. People around them knew they just met each other for a few times. Not acquaintances, let alone friends. These words were just for fluttering each other.

“How can I compare with uncle Liu, I heard Han Bing said, Uncle Liu and Master Han fought a way out all by yourselves. Me, a little junior, dare not show off myself in front of you,” Qin Sheng said humbly.

Chang Baji and Hao Lei already stood on the back of Qin Sheng. Liu Hejun was not in a mood of complimenting Qin Sheng anymore. He smiled and said, “We shall stop flattering each other now. Is Bing Bing here?”

“Han Bing has been waiting for you in the house. I’m leading you in.” Qin Sheng stretched out his hands showing gestures of “please”. And then Followed Liu Hejun went to the living room on the second floor.

At the entrance of the second-floor living room, Liu Hejun’s fellows were stopped by Chang Baji and Hao Lei. These fellows yelled at him. “What do you mean by this?”

Liu Hejun turned around said with smiling, “That’s fine, you guys wait here. The lady and I will have a discussion. You guys are unqualified to join in us.”

Since Liu Hejun said that, these two fellows just stood outside and waited.

Han Bing had been waiting in the living room for a long time. When she saw Liu Hejun, she stood up slowly and said, “Haven’t seen you for a long time, Uncle Liu. Why you look thinner than before?”

“Master Han has passed away. I’m so heart breaking that I can’t eat and sleep.” Liu Hejun sighed.

Han Bing didn’t know whether it was true or not. She just pretended to be touched and said, “Uncle Liu, Thanks for remembering my father. And those people, they are just ungrateful.”

“Bing Bing, I have worked for Master Han for many years. Our relationship is not like others.” Since Han Bing had made him such a person, he just followed her words and continued the conversation. To be honest, Master Han’s death had made him sad somehow.

Han Bing nodded. “Uncle Liu, you are right. That is the reason why I want to talk with you. Have your seat first, please.”

Liu Hejun sat down. Han Bing poured him a cup of tea. Qin Sheng was next to him, which made him felt a little bit uneasy. He said straightly, “Bing Bing, just tell me what you want to say. We are all familiar with each other.”

“Uncle Liu, um, I do have something to talk to you. But I can’t say it. So I’ll let Qin Sheng tell you.” Liu Hejun was straight forward. Han Bing was also not good at acting politely. So they just made it straight and clear.”

After hearing Han Bing’s words, Liu Hejun turned pale suddenly. “Qin Sheng?”