Chapter 38 No regrets?

Fate first, luck second, timing third, virtue forth, knowledge fifth, title sixth, look seventh, respect to God eighth, helpful person ninth, good health tenth.

Many people knew this sentence, and many had studied on it. Many believed in it while many did not believe it. The most interesting thing was, ordinary people did not believe it, however those big shots who had made great business believed it firmly.

Qin Sheng remembered grandpa told him this sentence when he was a child. He said if you read this sentence from the start to the end, you got a meaning; if you read it from the end to the start, it had another meaning. If you got an excellent congenital character, your life would be like the start from the end of this sentence, very smooth and successful. But if you didn’t have an excellent congenital character, you didn’t have to be sad. You can choose everything mentioned in the sentence, such as gathering virtue, studying, respecting God, meeting helpful people and having good health. After doing all these things well, finally you would realize you had changed your congenital condition. That was called “man could conquer nature”.

Qin Sheng had congenital characters, but not enough. That was the reason why he chose things that he was able to do, like gathering virtue, studying, respecting God, having good health. As meeting helpful people, he really met many helpful people in different fields during these years. Some people and friend sourcing were left by his grandpa, some were people he met in his life.

Jiang Xianbang could be a helpful person, but he was one of his grandpa’s introducing people, just congenital condition. At the begining Qin Sheng somewhat reject this favour. Now Qin Sheng had figured it out. During our life of decades, it would be difficult to be successful if we didn’t have an open mind. His grandpa is his only family members. These people were gifted from his grandpa. So why didn’t he use it?

Those so-called “big shots from nothing”, they all depended on helpful people’s assistance, and reached the top step by step. Who could make rapid advancement in his career by only himself?

Jiang Xianbang had seldom been to office. Just these days he needed to handle something by himself, so Qin Sheng could catch him in the office several times.

In daily life, he lived in the old mansion located in Middle Huaihai Road. He built his business from selling antiques. Living in those big newbuilt villas was boring to him, and not feeling being at home. So he bought an old mansion in the earlier years and spent millions on decorating it, as well as buying antiques for it. The old mansion looked nothing special from the outside, except those advanced security systems. But there was a different world inside. From upstairs to downstairs, there were artworks of celebrities, ancient works made of bronze and ceramic. Ordinary people could not get used to living in here, because it was too old and gloomy. But Jiang Xianbang was special, he was suitable for living in a place like this.

The old mansions nearby were in line. Seldom had independent villa and gardens, just like Jiang Xianbang’s mansion. Only big shots that hid in cities, would live in villas that surrounded by tall bounding walls, isolated from crowded cities. When Qin Sheng drove his Benz to reach the door, the security man opened the electric grey gate.

After parking the car in the parking garage, Qin Sheng was taken into the mansion by a servant. He could hear the laughers from inside though he was not yet getting to the room. Beside Jiang Xianbang, there was a man in thirties in the living room, talking and laughing with Jiang Xianbang. A beautiful woman was making tea next to these men. Qin Sheng felt funny and annoying. As long as Jiang Xianbang was there, a beautiful woman was indispensable. It was his only hobby. Guess he had many women outside, but no one could be the hostess of this mansion.

The thirty-year-old man wore glamorous and bright, or he couldn’t possibly share the same statues with Jiang Xianbang. When he saw Qin Sheng coming, the man became acquainted and got up. “Brother Jiang has a visitor, then I have to go first. I will drink with you another day.”

“What you so hurry, just have lunch together!” Jiang Xianbang tried to ask him to stay out of courtesy.

The man smiled and shook his head. “I invited a few elders of my wife’s family at noon, not free today. I will definitely not be polite with you.”

“Okay, so I will not send you off, and let’s gather another day.” Jiang Xianbang did not insist.

Just as Qin Sheng came in, Jiang Xianbang shouted. “Qin Sheng, come on; let me introduce.”

Qin Sheng slowly came over and the man stopped. Jiang Xianbang introduced. “Qin Sheng, this is my good friend Zhao Zixi, say hello to your Brother Zhao”

“Brother Zhao.” Qin Sheng greeted with dignity.

“Zixi, this is my nephew Qin Sheng. He just arrived in Shanghai for a not very long time. Take care of him, you young people can have fun with each other. I am too old,” Jiang Xianbang said casually.

In a short sentence, Zhao Zixi read a lot of meanings. First of all, Qin Sheng was the nephew of Jiang Xianbang, and secondly, Jiang Xianbang introduced this man to himself indicating that their relationship was very close, not what kind of distant relatives. Finally, Jiang Xianbang intended to let him take care of this man that meant this young man was very important to Jiang Xianbang.

“Brother Jiang, you are welcome, do not mention taking care of.” Zhao Zixi smiled, then took out a business card from the jacket pocket and handed it to Qin Sheng. “Qin, we can contact with each other more in the future. I am an old friend with Brother Jiang, and you can call me if you have anything.”

Qin Sheng slightly bent and took the business card with his hands. This business card was as ordinary as the agency consultant of the community door. The above introduction was simple, only name and phone number.

When Qin Sheng put the business card into his pocket, Zhao Zixi didn’t wait for Qin Sheng to speak and smiled. “Brother Jiang, then I go first.”

“Qing, help me send Zixi,” Jiang Xianbang said to the beautiful woman next to him.

That beautiful woman smiling in a reserved way, she stretched her hands and said, “Brother Zhao, please.”

After Zhao Zixi’s left, Qin Sheng smiled and said, “I call you uncle, and he called you brother. You also let me call him brother. Are you taking advantages of him?”

“Except being garrulous in front of me, can you be serious, so what, you have time to visit me, this lonely old man, today?” After Jiang Xianbang sat down, stared at Qin Sheng and said.

Qin Sheng had never been polite to Jiang Xianbang. He sat down directly at the opposite side of Jiang Xianbang, poured himself a cup of tea and said happily, “Look how you talk to me, I am asking for help today.”

“Okay, okay, my young master, please don’t come for me again, the matters of Zhou Wenwu and Zhao Dongsheng, you think it is not serious enough? The Yan Family behind Zhou Wenwu has suspected me now, it is all because of you.” Thinking about this, Jiang Xianbang complained with some anger. The Yan Family was someone that even he dared not to provoke. He now regretted putting himself in Qin Sheng’s trouble.

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “Zhou Wenwu is done by me, Zhao Dongsheng is not”

“Zhao Dongsheng is not what you did?” Jiang Xianbang was surprised. When he knew that Zhou Wenwu was missing, he knew it was definitely done by Qin Sheng. At that night he had a bottle of liquor alone, because he had rarely met such a young man.

However, Zhao Dongsheng was hacked to death on the street. It made Jiang Xianbang very annoyed. This was Shanghai, Qin Sheng was so unscrupulous. Was he really not afraid to trouble himself?

Qin Sheng nodded. “How can I lie to you. I would not be so unconstrained.”

“Who will it be?” Jiang Xianbang said with a puzzle. Was there anyone still gazed at the Han Family’s industry? Now there was enough meat but the monk was too many.

At this time, the beauty wearing a long skirt, Qing, came in. Qin Sheng took the initiative to said, “You keep a mistress in a love nest. How many good girls have you harmed? Don’t you fear that you will be hacked to death?”

Qing was a typical southern girl. Like in the Jiangnan water town at dusk, a neighbor girl who walked through the small bridge alone, looking tender and lovely, made people feel delicate and pitiful.

After hearing the words of Qin Sheng, Qing’s face changed slightly and she was obviously not happy.

“Don’t talk about nonsense, Qing is my old friend’s daughter. After his father’s death, she had been living with me. Just like a daughter. You have to call Qing sister.” Jiang Xianbang frowned and scolded.

Qin Sheng was somewhat annoyed at himself being such a big-mouth, he quickly got up and said, “Sister Qing, sorry, I took the liberty, don’t be angry.”

“That is fine.” Qing shook her head, obviously, she was not at the same level as Qin Sheng, and then she said to Jiang Xianbang, “Uncle, I go to school now.”

She was a teacher at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music nearby. There were two classes in the afternoon, so it was time to go out.

“Okay, be careful on the way, and come back for dinner at night?” Jiang Xianbang looked at Qing’s eyes with gentle love. There was no other meaning at all. Sometimes he had no bottom line, but he took his brotherhood very important. Most of their descendants were taken care of by him, and every year he would take time to sweep the graves for them.

Qing smiled and shook her head. “No, I will go to my friend’s home at night.”

“Okay, call the driver to pick you up at that time,” Jiang Xianbang said slightly.

Qing nodded and said yes. Then she picked up her bag and left the house.

“See, my friend’s daughter is good. Would you like me to introduce her to you?” after Qing left, Jiang Xianbang laughed and said. He had been looking at Qin Sheng’s eyes. Obviously, Qing was amazing to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng was shocked. “Ah, you are pushing your friend’s daughter into the fire. I have no house and no car, so how can I match such a fairy lady?”

“That is true, I’m just kidding,” Jiang Xianbang shrugged and said.

Qin Sheng directly scolded. “God d*mn it!”

Jiang Xianbang laughed happily. In fact, he really felt that the ordinary person could not match such a girl like Qing. Boys who had met Qing could not stop thinking about her. Those who took the initiative to ask for marriage with their fathers, all had a big family background. However, Jiang Xianbang would not let Qing marry to such a family. He knew that Qing would not be happy in such an environment. To tell the truth, he still took Qing’s opinion important, as long as she liked, even if she fell in love with a beggar, he could let the man have a place on the Bund.

“Come on, you never go to the temple for nothing. Why do you look for me today? I will not believe if you said you come to thank me.” Jiang Xianbang lighted his cigar. When the Qing was here, he didn’t dare to smoke. The girl would always blame him for this.

Qin Sheng smiled and said, “I just told you about it.”

“I forgot it, and you repeat it again,” Jiang Xianbang grinned and said.

Qin Sheng smiled and said, “I’m here to ask for something to do.”

Jiang Xianbang thought deeply. Of course, he knew what Qin Sheng meant. He had never thought that Qin Sheng would agree, but he still asked seriously, “Han Family is not good?”

“They are good, but not fit for me,” Qin Sheng said truthfully.

“You made up your mind, and don’t regret it?”

“No regrets.”