Chapter 39 The Past…

Jiang Xianbang was an orphan since childhood. He had no father, no mother and no children. He grew up eating meals from a hundred families. When he was eight years old, he met a man who did ignominious things. He was adopted as a son, and started to do immoral business like digging graves to sell. Slowly he learned a lot of real skills, after the end of the man’s death, he officially inherited this so-called career. But Jiang Xianbang was smart, his brain was particularly alert and active. He found a shortcut that made his business become bigger and bigger. Until his early 35s, they encountered a big deal that would absolutely let everyone get wealth instantly. A man from his core team finally got a dissatisfaction, killing the other four people in addition to Jiang Xianbang.

These few people were old friends who had followed him for many years. When Jiang Xianbang was 30 years old, he stopped doing this by himself. He was only responsible for contacting customers or being a cultural relics dealer. Fortunately, Jiang Xianbang, who had escaped from the robbery, found someone to kill the bad guy. After the ceremonious burial of five old folks who followed him for more than ten years, he washed his hands and stopped doing his business.

However, Jiang Xianbang believed in causality, and he didn’t know what else he could do if he stopped doing that business, what was worse, he was afraid of retribution. So he visited many famous plains and rives, and spent a lot of money looking for a high-ranking man. He eventually met Qin Sheng’s grandfather in Zhongnan Moutains and visited the old leader of Louguantai Temple. He gave him a clear direction.

Since then, Jiang Xianbang came to the Yangtze River Delta, relying on the good things and funds in his hands, and made friends with many people. Fortunately, he met several noble people. Since then, he made rapid advancement in his career. But Jiang Xianbang was very low-key. And during this nearly 20 years, he had accumulated a lot of good relationships and virtue, but he had never dared to marry, let alone had children.

Now that for Jiang Xianbang, who was over half a hundred years old, the most troublesome thing was his own family business. Who could inherit it? In the past few years, he had trained many young people, but there were not many that could really make him satisfied. They were too shrewd and deep, or too shallow, or had limited ability. In short, he had not found a satisfactory candidate. As for Qing, he never thought about it. Not mention the character of Qing, since he was too low-key, his outsiders could not understand him. Furthermore, a woman could not burden this at all, let alone he only hoped that Qing would have a good peaceful life, just like Qin Sheng who hoped Han Bing would enjoy her life in her own way.


Once they had chosen this way, they would never live a comfortable and happy life.

At the beginning, he still thought that after Qing’s marriage, if her boyfriend was good, he could try to cultivate him, but this girl had never thought about getting married. Jiang Xianbang never thought about forcing her, and then he thought Qing’s boyfriend was definitely not the kind of young man he would like, so he gave up this idea.

Therefore, Jiang Xianbang later gave up this matter completely, and just let nature took its course, being too stubborn would not have results. He kept this idea until he saw Qin Sheng a few years ago.

When Jiang Xianbang first saw Qin Sheng, he was in the courtyard near the Louguantai Temple on Zhongnan Mountains. There was no wall in the courtyard, only two old brick-and-brick houses. There was only one such family nearby. In a distant place, there was a village. In the village, the yard was full of flowers, plants and vegetables, as well as two most common artichoke trees in the rural areas of Guanzhong.

It was a sweltering summer. At dusk, under the artichoke tree, an old man was lying on a lounge chair, holding a fan in his hand, closing his eyes and listening to Peking Opera. A five- or six-year-old child was holding a branch in his hand, playing the so-called sword trick, shouting Li Bai’s “Knights”. After reciting the poem, he repeated the sentence “Ten steps to kill, and thousands of miles do not stay.” But unfortunately, he fell on the ground at the end. He got up and looked back at the old man, and found that the old man did not see it. He patted the soil and continued to play. There was also a Chinese garden dog and several old hens aside.

This scene was very harmonious. Jiang Xianbang thought this was the life he wanted most when he was old. He didn’t know whether he was tired or thirsty. He just walked into the yard inexplicably.

As for the following story, we didn’t need to say it. It was the first time he saw Qin Sheng.

Then he never looked at the old man again. It was not because he didn’t want to go. The old man said that there was no need to come again. He couldn’t see them again if he came. Therefore, he never stepped into the ancient city and he did not see Qin Sheng again.

It was until Qin Sheng went to Shanghai to study at the university. Once he fought with others in Fudan caused too much attention. All students in their dormitory were almost expelled. At that time, they did not know each other’s specific identity background. After all, they were college students, dormitory brothers. What they cared about was their relationship. Not after leaving society, when intersecting with strangers, they might care about the backgrounds of the others and so on.

At that time, this thing was spreading on a big scale. Nearly everyone in Fudan knew about it. Several students were beaten to be hospitalized. After that, Qin Sheng’s dormitory was calm and peaceful, in fact, three people behind had already informed their family. Qin Sheng had no way at that time. This incident might delay the future of several people, so he eventually found Jiang Xianbang.

The big thing in the eyes of ordinary people was nothing to Jiang Xianbang. He just gave notice to this matter and it would be settled down. Who knew that he hadn’t come out yet, this matter had already been solved. Afterwards, Jiang Xianbang was curious and asked what was going on. It turned out that there were three coxcombs in a dormitory, and only Qin Sheng had no background.

After this incident, Jiang Xianbang and Qin Sheng had a meal together, and said that he did not help, the family background of three coxcombs in his dormitory was not simple, and this thing had been settled down.

Originally, Qin Sheng really thought that it was Jiang Xianbang’s help. Now he knew the reason, but in the dormitory, he was still the same as usual, and nothing was mentioned. Later, he gradually knew the family of these three coxcombs who acted like pigs that could eat up tigers.

Later, Jiang Xianbang also helped Qin Sheng a few things, but they were insignificant. The intersection of the two was still very little, but from that time, he was very concerned about this young man, all aspects of whom were his favorite.

But he never thought about flicking the young man, because he knew that the terrible old man standing behind the young man might have paved the way for his grandson.

Later on, Qin Sheng disappeared completely, and even he could not reach it. The time passed slowly for more than two years. Until last month, Qin Sheng returned to Shanghai again and called him.

When he knew that the old man had passed away, and Qin Sheng would stay in Shanghai, he made a joke to let Qin Sheng come to him. This sentence was partly true, partly false, and Qin Sheng naturally refused it.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Sheng was involved in the turmoil of Han Family. Out of the facts of the past, Jiang Xianbang, who did not want to offend others and caused troubles, could only help him, but he also found more bright characters on this young man.

But he did not expect that Qin Sheng looked for him today, and spoke to him straightforwardly.

At this moment, Jiang Xianbang’s heart had already blossomed, but he remained in calm.

Hearing Qin Sheng’s unswerving remarks, Jiang Xianbang had already made up his mind. He slowly asked, “What do you think? You can come to me, but I have to figure out what you mean, and otherwise, I guess you are not willing to do it if I let you be a vice president .”

“I am too young. You said you let me be the vice president, but I don’t have that ability. I want to start from the bottom, one step at a time,” Qin Sheng said truthfully, he knowing what he should do.

Jiang Xianbang pondered for a few seconds, thinking about what Qin Sheng should do. After thinking for a few minutes, he finally made the decision. “Fine, then you just start from the bottom. I have a private club, called Shangshan Ruoshui, usually entertained those noble people. If you are interested in it, you should start with Shangshan Ruoshui.”

“When can I go to work?” Qin Sheng did not want to delay too much time, so he said bluntly.

Jiang Xianbang laughed and said, “Anytime, just look at your schedule. I will give them a notice.”

“Don’t expose my relationship with you. I don’t want to be said by others,” Qin Sheng said casually. This was the truth, after all, he was not going to gild.

Jiang Xianbang took a sip of cigar and smiled. “You don’t have to tell me that, worry too much.”

At this time, a servant slowly came over. “Mr. Jiang, the lunch is ready. Do you want to have it now?”

“I told you so much nonsense. I am hungry now. Let’s go to have the lunch, and drink with me,” Jiang Xianbang put down the cigar, pulling Qin Sheng and said happily.

“Drinking is okay, do you have Xifeng 375,” Qin Sheng curled his lips and said. He knew that Jiang Xianbang could drink a lot. He was not an opponent at all.

Jiang Xianbang stunned for a moment. “I have some Xifeng, which are all good wines that can’t be bought in the market. But Xifeng 375, I have never heard of it.”

“That is okay if you haven’t heard about it, but remember to keep a few boxes in the future. I will definitely come here to eat and drink later,” Qin Sheng said disapprovingly.

“D*mn, why are you so verbose? Still want to have the lunch?”

“Of course.”

The two men squatted back and walked to the restaurant. They did not look like the elder and the younger generation, but more like evil associates who would mess with each other.

Throughout the afternoon, Qin Sheng and Jiang Xianbang were messing in this old Shanghai mansion. On the wine table Jiang Xianbang had something in his mind. Qin Sheng, who was persuaded by different kinds of drinking words, finally drank one and half pounds of white wine. So did Jiang Xianbang.

In the end, Qin Sheng shouted and abused. “You are such an old thing! How shameless you are, just because you are old and you take it as an advantage, hey, I have made such a mistake.”

“So you talk to your boss like this? Do you believe that you will be fired tomorrow?” Jiang Xianbang was not angry. He laughed and said to Qin Sheng. He didn’t know why, he always liked to play with young people, and he was not willing to be with those old men, which made him feel boring.

Qin Sheng shouted. “I haven’t gone to work yet.”

They kept drinking from the dining table to the living room. Finally, they didn’t know whether they were drunk or really sleepy. The two fell asleep directly. Jiang Xianbang was lying on the sofa and Qin Sheng was lying on the carpet.

When the servants saw this, it was not good to move them back to the room. They could only cover them with blankets. The air conditioner was a little cold, for fear that they would catch a cold.

When Qing came back, it had already been over ten o’clock. Unless there was something, she basically returned before eleven o’clock and never let her uncle worried.

However, this scene in the living room made her shock. After asking the servant, she knew what was going on.

For her uncle, she knew him very well. She knew that her uncle seldom got drunk, but what was the thing today?

Drinking with a young man like this, what was the identity of this young man, to make his uncle took him so valued?