Chapter 42 Let Me Teach You…

Cladded in light grey cheong sum with slender long legs, full breasts, shapely hips and bunned head, Qin Sheng had always thought that only a woman around 30 years old was able to carry herself elegantly in cheong sum. The lady before his eyes was definitely his type.

When he snapped out of his thoughts, the pretty lady in cheong sum had already entered Shangshan Ruoshui. It was then that he remembered he had told him to pick up some student from Fudan University, and he started cursing under his breath.

Should he go ahead to pick up the student as instructed?

Qin Sheng was hesitant about going as he stared at the Lexus car key in his palm. Manager Xu was about to arrive and he could not simply fail his manager on the first day of work. However, he knew he could not sabotage the lady in cheong sum. She was obviously a valued member of Shangshan Ruoshui, and the job of the club’s employees was to help its members out whenever they meet with troubles. Moreover, this was really a small favor.

Left with no other choice, Qin Sheng had to follow the lady’s instructions, but he had to tell Manager Xu first. He dialled Manager Xu’s number but he did not pick up his phone. Qin Sheng decided that he would not keep calling, but to simply run into the building to look for the deputy security manager. Unfortunately the reception personal told him that Manager Yuan was in the middle of a meeting, and he could not reach him.

All Qin Sheng could do was to introduce himself to the reception lady, asked her pass a message to Manager Yuan that he had to attend to some urgent matters and would return later. In addition, he also sent another personal message to Manager Xu.

Thereafter, Qin Sheng headed towards the High School Affiliated to Fudan University in the Lexus.

Qin Sheng was reasonably familiar with the High School Affiliated to Fudan Universtiy. It was one of the top high schools in Shanghai and situated next to Fudan University, not far from Sinan Road. It would take him half an hour to get their if the traffic was good. He was actually feeling good driving the cheong sum lady’s Lexus as he set out.

It was almost 11am by the time he arrived at the High School Affliated to Fudan University. However, Manager Xu did not contact him, nor did he reply Qin Sheng’s message. Although Qin Sheng was puzzled, he assumed that Manager Yuan must have informed him.

Qin Sheng parked the Lexus opposite the high school and started waiting. It was a long wait during which he exhausted a few sticks of cigarettes. He thought this was rather bizarre. The lady could at least give him a way to contact her or the student, otherwise how could she expect him continue waiting?

Finally, there was a big bus that arrived at the school gates and high school students in their uniform began alighting from the bus. After a while, a 1.7 meters tall guy who was carrying a luggage and his school bag walked slowly towards the Lexus.

Qin Sheng guessed this was the one whom he was picking up, however, the lad did not look happy to see Qin Sheng at all. Before Qin Sheng could greet him, the lad asked, “Where’s my aunt?” with an indignant tone.

“She’s busy so she had asked me to come to pick you up,” Qin Sheng said casually.

“Are you the company’s chauffeur? Why have we not met?” the lad questioned.

Qin Sheng could not be bothered give an explanation to the young lad. All he wanted to do was to return to Shangshan Ruoshui as soon as possible. “You can say that. Get on the car and I will send you over now,” Qin Sheng said.

“Can you open the boot?” said the lad.

Qing Sheng opened the boot, thinking that he was going to put his luggage in and get up the car. Little did Qin Sheng expect that after the lad deposited his luggage, he said to Qin Sheng, “Wait here for me, I am some personal matters to settle.”

“How long would that take?” Qin Sheng asked, frowning. The young lad was trying to sound like an adult. What important matters would he have to settle?

To Qin Sheng’s surprise, the lad responded to Qin Sheng’s question with irritation. “Why do you ask so much? Just wait here for me.”

The lad walked towards a nearby residential area thereafter. Qin Sheng cursed under his breath again, thinking that he so unlucky to have met these pair of aunt and nephew.

Qin Sheng had a passing thought to leave him behind. However, why should he get upset over and spend his energy wrestling with a young lad?

It was just unfortunate that his aunt was a member of Shangshan Ruoshui, so he would be implicated whatever happened today. Given that he had no other choices, he simply trailed behind him.

After entering the residential area, he evetually found the lad at a corner behind one of the buildings. There were three other boys in uniform apart from him and they looked as if they were going to get into a fight. So this was the ‘personal matter’ that he had to settle? He sounded as if he were settling some parliamentary procedure.

Qin Sheng did not try to camouflage himself and stood some distance away, under a tree, and looked on. When the three boys saw Qin Sheng, they said to the lad mockingly, “Why, Xue Hao, you have brought an assistant! We thought you were more capable than that!”

“Nonsense, who did I bring?” the lad turned around and spotted Qin Sheng.

This statement provoked Qin Sheng to anger, but he snorted and said, “I’m just an onlooker. I will not be involved, so you guys go ahead.”

The lad was suspicious of Qin Sheng’s intentions, but he would not mind if Qin Sheng were to give him a hand because the three boys looked strong. He would have a backup if they were too strong for him.

“This was going to be just between me and you guys, Zhang Qiang, Wang Yue and Xu Hang. I’m going to take back what you owe to me today!” Xue Hao was humiliated by these boys in front of his sweetheart when they were participating in an activity outside. He had meant to recover his integrity.

The three boys burst out laughing and said, “Do you think we’re scared of you, Xue Hao? Do you think you alone could beat us up? Even your assistant is not our match. You better keep your distance from us in school, otherwise we’ll beat you up everytime you bump into us. What is this taking back what we owe?”

“Fuck you, I’ll kill you!” Xue Hao cursed and thereafter charged towards the boys.

Qin Sheng had thought that this lad must have some capability to have talked in that manner and stood up to three bigger boys. Little did he expect that he was quickly tripped over by one of them and became totally defenseless thereafter.

The lad was definitely at a disadvantage fighting against three. In addition, he was also physically weak. It seemed obvious that he was doomed to fail.

Qin Sheng had no intention of going up to help him, he merely stood afar off, watching. At the beginning, the three boys were still a little worried that Qin Sheng would come to his rescue. However, after realizing that Qin Sheng was not Xue Hao’s assistant, they went all out.

Nevertheless, Xue Hao was a smart lad. Knowing that he could not overpower all three boys, he concentrated on beating up just one of them. However, he was still weak being alone and was eventually pinned to the ground and further beaten up.

The entire incident was over in a matter of minutes. Qin Sheng, who was expecting something more exciting and spectacular, was rather disappointed.

“I thought you were really something, but in truth, you’re useless. Don’t even think about going after Jiang Siyu. I’ll get someone to destroy you if I see you two together,” the boy named Wang Yue said viciouly as he spit on Xue Hao.

By this time, Xue Hao was covered with bruises and was unable to rebut. He merely curled up on the ground and glared at the three boys.

“What are you staring at?!” Wang Yue said, giving another two kicks. Thereafter, he said to the two other boys, “Let’s go for a sumptuous meal, the meal is on me!”

The three boys left after bashning up the lad to their heart’s content. Xue Hao, the sore loser laid motionless on the ground. He did not seem to want to get up.

The three boys gave Qin Sheng a look of contempt as they passed him, meaning to intimidate him, but Qin Sheng did to try to stop them. He merely casually said, “Walk carefully!”

Qin Sheng’s words infuriated Xue Hao.

It was only after the three boys were afar off, Qin Sheng finally walked over to Xue Hao and mockingly said, “What a hero, who fights alone! Obviously you neither have the capability, nor did you bring along company. What were you thinking?”

“Get away!” Xue Hao shouted at Qin Sheng, now that he did not have a good impression of Qin Sheng. “Who are you? You’re just a chauffeur working in my aunt’s company,” Xue Hao thought.

Agitated, Qin Sheng said, “Why do you vent your frustration on me after you’re defeated?”

“Why didn’t you give me a hand?” Xue Hao questioned accusingly as he slowly tried to get on his feet.

Qin Sheng was taken aback for a moment, then burst out laughing and said, “Didn’t you say you didn’t need help? Now you’re accusing me of not lending a hand? You must be crazy! Moreover, why should I help you when we’re not even related?”

“You idiot and coward!” Xue Hao bellowed. He was provoked to anger by Qin Sheng’s humiliating words.

Qin Sheng thought there was a limit to his patience. He had tried to tolerate this lad time and again. As his patience was wearing thin. “Since your parents didn’t teach you manners, I’ll teach you!” Qin Sheng blurted out harshly.

After saying those words, Qin Sheng gave Xue Hao a kick on his stomach without warning. The force of this kick far exceeded that of the three boy’s punches.

Xue Hao fell onto the ground with a loud thud, holding on to his stomach, and started groaning in pain. He completely did not expect a chauffeur to have the audacity to beat him up.