Chapter 43 Bear Cubs…

A person’s upbringing had nothing to do with whether he came from a rich or poor family. With poor upbringing, you would be looked down upon by people. Likewise they would think that your parents had a poor upbringing as well. Regardless of whether one was a child or an adult, he should not bring shame to his parents by their poor mannerisms, showing poor upbringing.

In Qin Sheng’s perspective, Xue Hao was such child with poor manners and poor unbringing. Qin Sheng also knew that Xue Hao had treated him with comtempt because he thought Qin Sheng was a chauffeur working in his aunt’s company. With his sense of superiority based on his misunderstanding, he did not think much of Qin Sheng and thought he could simply make Qin Sheng lose his job by making a statement.

Rightfully, one would be expected to display basic courtesy even to strangers, not to mention if he were his chauffeur. If Xue Hao were to come across some hot-tempered, dim-witted guy, and kept blabbering vulgarities, he would get into serious trouble.

Xin Sheng slowly walked up to Xue Hao, who was lying on ground, and fixing his eyes on Xue Hao, he said, “I was wondering why they wanted to beat you up, but now I thought you deserve a beating.”

Xue Hao continued glaring at Qin Sheng, even though he did not even have the strength to get up from the ground. The look in his eyes told Qin Sheng that he would take eventually take his revenge.

“Don’t try to look strong when you do not have the capabilities. Especially don’t threaten others. If you had met with some formidable character, you would not be given a second chance. For example if I beat you up today, you’re welcome to get back at me. However, if you fail to defeat me, I won’t give you another chance. Judging from the fact that your aunt drives a Lexus, you must not be some commoners. My life is worthless compared to yours, so to me, it’ll be worthwhile for me to trade lives with your,” Qin Sheng said, litting up a cigarette and squatting down beside Xue Hao.

“With regards to your comments about me being a coward, you were right. However, it depends on the situation and timing. If we were friends, I will definitely help you. Afterall they were merely a bunch of students? A bunch of rich kids who didn’t even have the guts to be ruthless. Even if all four of you were to attack me the time, and I let you have a headstart, there’s no way you kids could hurt me. However, you were rude and trying too hard. My job was to pick you up, why should I help you when it wasn’t me who beat you up. These had nothing to do with me,” Qin Sheng continued as he puffed away with the cigarette.

The their university days, the conflicts between Qin Sheng and Hao Lei mostly evolved around Su Qin. Being the campus belle, she was naturally an object of desire among her admireres. It was this time that the young men enjoyed gossiping for entertainment and when they were full of energy, sensitive yet competitive. Often, they had to let out steam through various means, sometimes in the form of fights.

Hao Lei had always been physically fit, and Qin Sheng had been training himself up physically since young. They had fights both throughout the high school, as well as physical conflicts with the members of secret societies. Eventually, many were afradi of them and kept their distance. Nevertheless, the students of that era usually gather their friends when they were challenged and almost no one would involve their families in these conflicts.

Qin Sheng’s words sunk into Xue Hao’s mind. This was the first time he came across such characters. Apart from when he was in school, people generally treated him obsequiously when he was at home. However, this man here today was merely a chauffeur, but obviously not only did he not suck up to Xue Hao, he even gave him a few kicks.

There was no way he would let Qin Sheng despise him even if he was utterful furious with him, so he struggled to pull himself up. Giving his stomach a few gentile rubbings, he felt much better. Although he also had some bruises and cuts on his face, that was about all the injuries he sustained. Other than that, he was simply covered with dust and feeling embarrassed.

Qin Sheng had been controlling his strength when he gave Xue Hao those few kicks, just to make sure he did not get into trouble later on.

“Give me a cigarette,” Xue Hao was not in a hurry to get back at Qin Sheng. In reality, Xue Hao was also not a dandy. He was exceptionally offended because during these three days of the school trip, those three students had relentlessly insulted and humiliated him in front of the girl he fancied.

Qin Sheng glared at him and said, “A lad smoking cigarette? Why do you pick up these bad habits instead of good ones?”

“If you don’t give a stick, I’ll tell my aunt that you beat me up,” Xue Hao threatened, but immediately regretted his words, as he was fearful that Qin Sheng would beat him up again.

Qin Sheng used to smoke when he was in high school too, so he was not totally against the idea. He was in fact more worried that this lad would complain to his aunt about him. It seemed from Xue Hao’s words that he would not breathe a word about what happened to his aunt as long as Qin Sheng gave him a stick of cigarette, so he gave in to him and passed him a cigarette as well as the lighter.

Xue Hao lit the cigarette with ease, which obviously betrayed the fact that he was not new to this. He had probably been capable of smoking, drinking and fooling around with girls for a while.

“What’s your name?” Xue Hao asked after a few puffs.

Qin Sheng replied casually, “Qin Sheng.”

“I’m quite sure you are not my aunt’s chauffeur. Firstly, I have never seen you. Secondly, a chauffeur would never dare to kick me no matter how bold he is,” by now, Xue Hao had calmed down, and it seemed that his IQ was rising constantly as he calmed.

Giving him a strange look, Qin Sheng said, “Looks like you have basic level of IQ. I would like to believe that no idiots would have gotten into Fudan University unless you had bribed your way in.”

Ignoring Qin Sheng’s comments, Xue Hao looked excited as he continued, “Are you good at fighting?”

Qin Sheng squinted and said, “Why? Are you thinking to rope in my help? Didn’t you say you were very good yourself?”

“I was so mad just now that I was out of my mind and said some rash words, don’t be so petty. Let me apologize to you then, I’m sorry,” finally, Xue Hao seemed to be reflecting on his mistakes after being beaten up twice.

Qin Sheng surpised how this lad was rather smart afterall. What was he up to, apologizing to him after he was kicked by Qin Sheng? Something was amiss. Nevertheless, Qin Sheng simply mumbled something in approval.

“You haven’t answered my question yet. Are you good at fighting? Or are you just bragging?” Xue Hao said intentionally.

Qin Sheng smirked, “Do not provoke me. Why should I lie about being able to fight. It’s not a big deal. If opportunity arises, I’ll show you the true skills. Although those three kids looked physically fit, let me tell you, even tell of those are nothing to me.”

“Really?” Xue Hao was becoming even more excited. He had not met with such a formidable character as Qin Sheng described, but only heard about them from some people. However, he could feel anger rising when he thought about the three students and how he was defeated by them. He was not going to let this matter go, but he did not want his family to find out about this, so it would seem that this man in front of him was his only chance.

“Let’s just tidy up. Your aunt is still waiting and I have other business to attend to too. I don’t want to waste my time talking nonsense with you here. You will have to think about how you are going to explain to your aunt,” Qin Sheng extinguished his cigarette and got up to go.

Similarly, Xue Hao threw away the cigarette that was still smoking, dusted his clothes and left with Qin Sheng. Fortunately, he had taken extra care to shield his face from the attackers, so there was only a few scratches on his face, lest he was unable to explain these injuried to his family.

“Are you seriously not worried that I would complain to my aunt?” Xue Hao tried to threaten Qin Sheng on the car.

Unperturbed, Qin Sheng replied, “Stop making those calculations in your head. Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking. Let’s not dwell on whether I would be worried about that. More importantly, you’re obviously a prideful person. I believe you would rather quietly settle this than to ask help from your family.”

Looking resigned, Xue Hao’s thought was obviously being found out. “Alright, you’re smart. I’ll let you off for now. However, I won’t forget about your kicks. We’ll settle this next time.”

“It’s up to you if you want to remember it. If you want my help, you’ll have to think of how you can pay me in exchange. I will not get myself into a losing transaction,” Qin Sheng said to humor Xue Hao.

Xue Hao, taking Qin Sheng’s words seriously, went into deep thoughts. What could he give Qin Sheng in return? In terms of money, Qin Sheng did seem to be short of any, and Xue Hao did not have money himself apart from a few thousand dollars of pocket money. What could he do?

Suddenly, an idea came to Xue Hao’s mind. He bit the bullet and said, “My aunt is not attached yet. If you are thinking of going after her, I can give you a hand by becoming your undercover.”

“Pfft!” Qin Sheng burst out laughing at this offer. How could this scoundrel betray his aunt just like that?

“This is a good price for transaction. Please don’t say you’re not interested in my aunt. All the men in Shanghai have their eyes on my aunt. If I become your undercover, you would already have a huge advantage over them. However, I can’t guarantee you that you would win her heart for sure. That would depend on your capabilities. I’ll just be giving you a hand,” Xue Hao had begun talking gibberish, even though he had a serious expression on his face. He really thought Qin Sheng would find this price attractive.

Qin Sheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. It just made him wonder what kind of weirdo this fellow was. “I have just met your aunt, why would I want to go after her?” Although her womanly curves was did create an electric shock in Qin Sheng’s heart.

“Well, let me consider this,” Qin Sheng said, pressing his lips together.

Still looking serious, Xue Hao said, “No problem, you can consider. Please leave your contact number with me. Once you thought over this and are agreeable, just give me ring to let me know. We can talk about the terms and conditions later.”

In this manner, they exchanged their contact numbers with each other.

Qin Sheng finally returned to Shangshan Ruoshuo again after 20 minutes. During the journey, Xue Hao remained quiet as he played on his mobile phone. From the smile on Xue Hao’s face, Qin Sheng thought he should be texting the girl whom he fancied.

“Where’s this place?” Xue Hao asked curiously, as he had not been to Shangshan Ruoshui

Qin Sheng gently explained, “This is Shangshan Ruoshui, a private club. Your aunt is a member here, and she had instructed me to bring you here.”

“Are you working here?” Xue Hao continued to ask.

Qin Sheng did not explain further, but just shook his head. He led Xue Hao straight into the building and apparently Xue Hao was rather excited about visiting Shangshan Ruoshui, especially when Qin Sheng explained that the displayed items were all authentic antique pieces. He could not take his eyes off the antique pieces as he studies them with appreciation.

It was then Manager Yuan came out and bumped into Qin Sheng. Frowning, he said, “Where have you been, Brother Qin? Manager Xu had been looking for you.”

“I had something to attend to so I went out for a while. You were in a meeting when I left,” Qin Sheng explained as he continued, “Where is Manager Xu?”

“He’s upstair chatting with some friends. When you are done with whatever you are busy with, go straight up to him,” Manager Yuan remained very courteous to Qin Sheng as he was not sure of his identity, but when he saw Xue Hao, he made a face and asked, “Who’s this?”

After all, Shangshan Ruoshui had its rules and regulations. Not only were its members not allowed to bring outsiders into it, there were also other restrictions on its members.

At a lost of how to explain himself, Qin Sheng could only say, “Did you see a beautiful lady wearing a grey cheong sum today?”

Manager Yuan, unable to figure out what he was trying to say, thought for a while. He vaguely remembered seeing that here was only one person wearing a grey cheong sum today, so he asked, “Are you talking about Ms Xue?”

“Oh yes, that’s his aunt,” Qin Sheng said, pointing to Xue Hao, who was wearing an innocent expression. Qin Sheng continued, “I don’t know why I was so unlucky today.”

At this instant, a woman’s voice came from behind him, that said, “Tell me what is so unlucky about your day.”