Chapter 44 Everything was Unknown…

Qin Sheng got up early in the morning and was ready to start a new life. Who knew that he met the cheongsam lady first, and then met the cheongsam lady’s weird nephew. Having been delayed for such a long time, how could he not complain about it?

But who knew that he just complained about it, this cheongsam lady appeared. Qin Sheng had many advantages, having good memory was one of these advantages. When he heard this delicate voice, he had only three words in his heart, OMG, what a coincidence. He didn’t read the almanac before going out.

Yuan Huaneng knew the cheongsam lady. Apparently, Qin Sheng guessed it right. The cheongsam lady was a member of Shangshan Ruoshui. As an employee who was about to enter the job, Qin Sheng naturally dared not to offend her. His face was like a Sichuan opera face, quickly transformed from depression to smile. He turned to the lady with a smile on his face, “Miss Xue, I have already done the things that you told me to do. I bring Xue Hao to you.”

The cheongsam lady took elegant steps and slowly walked toward Qin Sheng. Her eyes were staring at Qin Shengdao very coldly, and said, “Thank you, but explain to me first, what trouble have you made?”

Xue Hao who stood next to Qin Sheng, was feeling schadenfreude at the moment. He was just suppressed by Qin Sheng and had no temper. Not mentioned the cynicism, he was kicked by Qin Sheng. He thought this guy was freaking awesome, but he was awkward when he saw aunt.

“Oh, there is a traffic jam on the road. I should have already come back earlier. But I have been delayed for so long, I am afraid that you are angry.” Qin Sheng’s brain ran very fast. He quickly came up with an excuse.

Yuan Hua was just the deputy manager of security. He couldn’t say anything when facing cheongsam lady. The cheongsam lady was one of the six top members. He wanted to help Qin Sheng out of trouble, but he was unable to do what he hoped to do.

This explanation was also reasonable, however since Qin Sheng was watching the bustle and deliberately not helping this morning, the cheongsam lady wanted to tease him. Not waited for her to speak, the person in charge of Shangshan Ruoshui, Xu Lancheng, said in a careless tone, “Qing Yan, you know Qin Sheng?”

Yuan Huagong said respectfully, “Mr. Xu.”

Xu Lancheng, who had an aura of authority, waved his hand and gestured to Yuan Hua to go to work. Yuan Hua looked at Qin Sheng quietly, nodded with a smile and left.

“We know each other.” Cheongsam lady Xue Qingyan said with narrow eyes. The name Qin Sheng was plain and unremarkable. And he looked also unremarkable, Xue Qingyan lost her interest in a moment.

Qin Sheng’s interest at this moment was no longer in the cheongsam lady Xue Qingyan, but the person in charge of Shangshan Ruoshui, Xu Lancheng, who was in his forties, had short hair, squared face with angulars, deep eyes and well-proportioned body. Not like most middle-aged men, he was not fat. As to his body, he must do exercise regularly. Otherwise, this suit of a famous brand which was on his body, could make him become the model.

“Mr. Xu.” Qin Sheng nodded and said hello with an appropriate attitude.

Xu Lancheng just smiled and his attention was still on Xue Qingyan. When facing the members of Shangshan Ruoshui, Xu Lancheng would respect them and did his duty. He was never self-approbation. He only regarded himself as a big butler for each member. And serve them well. Otherwise, Jiang Xianbang would not put him in this important position.

“Xue Hao, what’s wrong with you?” Xue Qingyan pointed at the scratch on Xue Hao’s face and asked, then she looked back at Qin Sheng.

Xue Hao smiled and explained, “Nothing, when I played with my classmates, I fell and chafed my skin.”

“Really?” Xue Qingyan was dubitative. But Xue Hao created trouble. Although he was awkward with his family, he performed very well at school. His academic performance was also excellent. Today was his birthday. His father went to Beijing for a meeting. His mother went to Hong Kong for a business trip, leaving him alone. So Xue Qingyan just let Qin Sheng picked him up and celebrated his birthday together.

Xue Hao took Xue Qingyan’s arm, “Aunt, when did I fool you?”

“Qin Sheng, you take Hao to heal the wound, don’t let him get infected.” Xu Lancheng had noticed that the outside guests had arrived, and immediately ordered Qin Sheng to take Xue Hao to leave with this excuse.

Xue Qingyan also understood the meaning of Xu Lancheng, whispered, “You go to heal the wound first, I will come to you later.”

“Go.” Xue Hao shouted at Qin Sheng triumphantly. Qin Sheng had no temper and could only leave with dejection.

Outside Shangshan Ruoshui, an old around seventy or eighty was staggering in. Xu Lancheng and Xue Qingyi rushed out to welcome him, did not dare to neglect this guest. Jiang Xianbang would also come later.

Qin Sheng didn’t know where to go to heal the wound. He got the answer after asking an artist. He now knew that in Shangshan Ruoshui, the waitress was called an artist and waiter was called a prince. This was also very interesting. Qin Sheng did not know until now, he would scold Jiang Xianbang if he had known that.

“Hey, you said that you are not an employee here. You fooled me. I thought you were terrific.” On the way, Xue Hao, who was full of blood and energy again, began to fight back.

Qin Sheng stared at him and said, “Believe it or not, I will beat you again.”

“To tell the truth, I really don’t believe it, you can try to touch my finger.” Xue Hao had his aunt to support, he retorted resolutely.

This guy had the ability now, Qin Sheng could only change his routine. “Still want me to take revenge for you?”

“Yes.” It was the point of Xue Hao. He didn’t want his family to join in. But this matter must be solved. Otherwise, he would be bullied at school all the time.

“Then just shut up.” Qin Sheng shouted without anger.

This time Xue Hao recognized his shortcomings. He shut up and followed Qin Sheng to the ground floor to disinfect the wound, and then put on a band-aid.

After tossing in the whole morning, Qin Sheng and Xue Hao were hungry. So the two came to the staff restaurant to have lunch. The food was really good in Shangshan Ruoshui. It was a buffet mode that provided everything, almost the same as the five-star hotel outside.

After a meal, a artist ran down and said, “Mr. Qin, Mr. Xu asked you take Childe Xue go up.”

When Qin Sheng took Xue Hao to the second-floor box, Xue Qingyan and Mr. Xu were talking very happily. Xue Qingyan grinned, “Brother Xu, then I will go first, and the rest, please take good care of it.”

“Qingyan, just don’t worry about it, the thing in the afternoon, I will arrange it well. let alone we have brother Jiang” Xu Lancheng responded politely.

Xue Qingyan got up and whispered, “That’s good.”

“Hao Hao, let’s go” Xue Qingyi took the bag and pulled Xue Hao to leave. She pretended not seeing Qin Sheng. Xu Lancheng had explained that Qin Sheng was only an employee who had not yet joined the company. It was no wonder that she did not know him. She naturally would not look an ordinary employee in her eyes.

Xue Hao turned back to Qin Sheng and said in a low voice, “Don’t forget our business, call me back.”

Xu Lancheng asked Qin Sheng to wait in the box. He personally sent Xue Qingyan to leave. He would not cold-shoulder every member of Shangshan Ruoshui. He remembered every member’s habits and hobbies in his heart. And would not forget to greet and sent presents during the holidays.

Finally, the pair of aunt and nephew was sent away. Qin Sheng released a sigh and looked at the structure of this box. This was different from the style of the box that he stayed in the morning. This box was bigger, and there was a set of six-people-seat in the center.

A few minutes later, the door of the box was pushed to open, and the absolute girl killer Xu Lancheng came back. This middle-aged successful man had a fatal temptation to the 20-year-old girl. Xu Lancheng was absolutely more attractive than Jiang Xianbang.

“Mr. Xu.” Qin Sheng came back to his sense and politely greeted again.

Since the opening of Shangshan Ruoshui, Xu Lancheng had been responsible for everything. Jiang Xianbang had never intervened personal things. This was the first time Jiang Xianbang arranged outsiders to enter into the business. Xu Lancheng would not think that Jiang Xianbang distrusts him. Otherwise, he would intervene earlier. Not only he would arrange such a young person to be engaged. So Xu Lancheng believed that the relationship between Qin Sheng and Jiang Xianbang was not simple.

“Qin Sheng, there is no outsider here, you don’t have to be so polite, just call me brother Xu.” Confirmed the previous idea, Xu Lancheng also made it clear about how to get along with Qin Sheng. Absolutely he could not treat him based on the relationship between the superior and the subordinate.

Qin Sheng was not modest, and he said, “I listen to Brother Xu.”

“Don’t just stand there, sit down and talk,” Xu Lancheng said casually.

Qin Sheng waited for him to sit down, he then sat next to him.

“Qin Sheng, brother Jiang told me everything about you. It is estimated that you know Shangshan Ruoshui, know what the place is. Brother Jiang would let you come here, he must trust in you. If you had any requirement for this job, just tell me. ” Xu Lancheng said with a smile. There was a cup of tea that just made on the table, and he took the initiative to pour a cup of tea for Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng took the teacup and whispered thank you, then slowly said, “Brother Xu, I have no requirements, I am a young man, I just want to learn something. I mainly want to start from the bottom.”

“Start from the bottom, um, let me think about it.” Xu Lancheng was deep in thought. He didn’t know if Qin Sheng was telling true or false. If he really put him at the bottom, that would be nothing matters if he was not happy. But it would be bad if the big boss was not satisfied.

After thinking about it, again and again, weighed the pros and cons. Xu Lancheng still believed that Qin Sheng’s words were true. At least if Qin Sheng was suddenly placed at a high position, he was so young and had no experience. Everyone was certainly dissatisfied. So he smiled, “Shangshan Ruoshui is not too big or too small. It actually has three parts, reception, security, logistics. Reception is the most important. Our goal is to serve every guest well; next is security. The antique artifacts here are valuable, the identity of the guests here are honorable, no one can afford if something happened here; the last is logistics, the logistics includes many things. Which one do you choose?”

“Reception and security are fine, I have no experience in receiving, but I can learn. As to security, my skills should be able to rank in Shangshan Ruoshui. But I prefer the former.” Qin Sheng said truthfully.

Xu Lancheng felt a little surprised. Qin Sheng was not like bragging himself. He thought about it for a while. “If this is the case, then you should learn in the first month. I will find an old employee to take you to learn about the reception, then you can get along with Yuan Hua as much as possible. Just try your best to get familiar with Shangshan Ruoshui, next month you can decide what you want to do. How about this plan?”

“I listen to you.” Qin Sheng had no objection.

Xu Lancheng said kindly, “If you don’t understand, you can ask any old employee, do more things, suffer more losses, and build a good relationship with them. It will benefit you in the future.”

“I will, thank you for reminding” Xu Lancheng had got up, Qin Sheng also followed up and said politely.

Therefore, from this moment on, Qin Sheng began a new job. As life here would be plain, or it would twist and turn, everything was unknown…