Chapter 45 It Must Be…

The working hours of Shangshan Ruoshui were flexible. The normal situation was from 10:00 am to the early morning. But there were not many members came to Shangshan Ruoshui during the day. Unless there was any activity. They basically came at night. After all, this was a private club, and the atmosphere and environment were better. Shangshan Ruoshui was a double shift working system.

Xu Lancheng used the internal system to call the heads of the administrative department and the reception department, so that the former helped Qin Sheng to run through the admission procedure. As for the salary, they had been discussed with Qin Sheng. He would be paid as an internship staff at the beginning. One month later, his salary was the same as formal employees. The employees here were carefully selected and their salary was particularly high. Except for management department, the highest salary was for the artists and princes that were responsible for reception. The second highest was security and kitchen, and finally was administrative and logistics.

During the internship period, the salary was 15,000 per month. It would be 20,000 per month after becoming a formal employee. It could be more base on the situation, plus the various subsidies such as the five insurances and accumulation fund, which was definitely higher than the foreign and private companies. It was said that except for the management department, the highest annual salary could be millions. And most importantly, here you could get in touch with people from a different level. People who came to Shangshan Ruoshui, what was the role?

The manager of the reception department was a 36-year-old woman named Sister An. Needless to say the temperament. The most important thing was that she was charming but not dissipated. Her eyes could definitely take away the soul of men. She used to be in airlines and international hotel groups. Xu Lancheng brought her here with a good salary. Anyway, Jiang Xianbang was willing to give money to Shangshan Ruoshui, and never cared about small money.

Xu Lancheng had to leave in advance. He had made clear about the things that need to be made clear. He let this sister An took Qin Sheng to get familiar with the rules of Shangshan Ruoshui.

The dress of each department of Shangshan Ruoshui was different. The artist of the reception department was wearing a gray tight dress which could show good body figure. The sexy body line made men couldn’t help looking at it. The prince wore a brand suit. After Xu Lancheng was gone way, sister An came to Qin Sheng, said with elegance, “Little brother, how old are you this year?”

This sentence was very ambiguous. Qin Sheng really wanted to say that you could try to see how old I am. But he still said in a good manner, “I’m 26 this year.”

“You are only 26, but you got the taste of a 30-year-old man. There must be a lot of stories from you. There is wine in my room and you have a story. Do you want to come to me at night?” Sister An said with a tempting smile. A woman full of taste was a young man killer. However, Qin Sheng was not attracted to this.

He kept being shocked and said, “Sister An, don’t be kidding.”

“What do you mean by kidding, you are mine in the following days.” Sister An kept teasing Qin Sheng continually. She had put her arm on Qin Sheng’s shoulders. The charming fragrance of her body was enough to make men feel happy.

Qin Sheng wanted to continue to stay back. Who knew that this lady was so aggressive. Qin Sheng was a little angry, and directly slapped on the ass of sister An. “Sister, don’t lead the wolf into the room, I am afraid that you can’t stand it.”

This action directly controlled sister An. she did not expect Qin Sheng to be so unscrupulous. Those young people who just came to Shangshan Ruoshui to see her for the first, would hold back themselves even they were eager in their blood, unlike Qin Sheng.

After Qin Sheng finished this action, he walked back two steps in a quiet manner. He smiled and stared at the sister who had not yet come back to her sense. He was not afraid of what sister An would do to him.

“You kid, dare to touch my body.” Sister An frowned and said.

Qin Sheng knew that sister An was not angry, he laughed and said, “Who told you to seduce me, how can restrain myself? If I was indifferent, that could mean that sister An was not charming enough?”

“Fine, you got the point, it’s very interesting. Don’t you kid be afraid that I will tattle about you in the future?” The tricks were known by Qin Sheng so simply, sister Ann was not interested in teasing him again.

Qin Sheng said in a serious way, “I know, sister An is not such a person.”

“You have a good tongue. I will remember this thing first, and will be back for you to solve it. Let’s talk about work first.” Sister An stared at Qin Sheng, turned into another expression instantly, and said with a cold face.

Qin Sheng nodded and listened to the teachings of sister An.

“Have you seen the movie ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ ?” Sister An asked casually.

Qin Sheng said thoughtfully, “Yes.”

“Then you understand what I want to say?” Chatting with smart people was a simple thing. Sister An thought that Qin Sheng was quite clever.

From the beginning to the end, the concierge Gustav was just an ordinary concierge. However he could make friends with so many officials and nobles, and became the most trusted person for them. This might be the highest level of service.

“Sister An wants to say that if you want to be a good service person, you have to be honest with each guest like Mr. Gustav, and become friends with them, think for them no matter big things or small things. Try to do it as much as you can. If you can’t do it, just find a way to do it.” Qin Sheng said a few words casually. It was probably this meaning. In fact, everything should be done like this.

Ann Sister ignored Qin Sheng’s words. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is a movie that I will require every reception employee to watch. Maybe you think Gustav is just a character in the movie. It’s just because you haven’t seen the steward of many big families in Britain. They are much awesome than Gutasev. This may be a bit far away from my topic. I used to be in Intercontinental Hotels Group. I have seen many such concierges, and there is a legendary concierge in Peninsula Hong Kong. The reason why many rich stars prefer living in the Peninsula Hotel, instead of wanting to live at home, is because in the Peninsula Hotel, these details are made delicately. The concierge is now almost seventy, but he is still the most popular concierge at the Peninsula Hotel. Many guests have appointed him to serve themselves. He is a friend of many famous people. Just like the movie, there are two rich people who have no children. They directly wrote down the testament that inherits the property to him. Do you think such a person is amazing?”

Qin Sheng listened with interest, knowing that this was not a story, but a real person. You had not experienced many things, and you didn’t know that some people were powerful. This kind of person could be successful no matter what they did.

“Great, thank you for your edification, Qin Sheng was taught.” Qin Sheng listened like a primary school student.

Sister An patted Qin Sheng’s shoulder, “Qin Sheng, do you know what is your first impression to me?”

Qin Sheng shook his head, not clear about it.

Sister An smiled and said. “I am not a big figure, but I should experience more than you. It’s just that I have good judgment about a man. What you have in common with them is that there is ambition in your eyes. No matter how hard you try to hide it. See, I know that your kid must not stay here forever. If you want to go further, you can definitely be helped by Shangshan Ruoshui. Let’s do it. People who used to go out from here are now doing good business.”

Qin Sheng was a little surprised. He didn’t really think that sister An knew so much. But he still pretended to say, “Sister An, don’t make fun of me.”

Sister An said with a disapproval smile. “Okay, I will let Lv Yuan teach you this month. He is the one with the highest salary in the reception department of Shangshan Ruoshui. You got to learn from him. I will send you a document later. Every detail of the members is inside the document. But not relates to their background identity, just their habits and hobbies, etc. As for other things, it depends on your ability.”

“Thank you.” Qin Sheng said with a slight smile.

Sister An took Qin Sheng out of the box and went directly to the basement. First, Qin Sheng went through the entry procedures, and received clothing and other things. After Qin Sheng changed clothes, Lv Yuan had been already waiting outside.

Lv Yuan was one meter and seventy-five inches. His eyes were very soft, and his face was with a smile. He wore a pair of retro round-frame glasses, with a small mustache. After seeing Qin Sheng, he laughed. “Qin, I am Lv Yuan. Sister An asks me to come over.”

“Brother Lv, thanks for helping me in the future.” Qin Sheng, who was in a suit and leather shoes, was very handsome. He shook hands with Lv Yuan and replied.

Lu Yuan smiled and said, “You’re welcome, we will be colleagues in the future. You will follow me this month. I have no requirements, only one request.”

“Brother Lv, you said,” Qin Sheng asked quickly.

Lv Yuan still laughed and said, “When I go to work, follow me. I want you to do what you do. Just listen and look, don’t ask and don’t speak, can you?”

“No problem, I listen to you” Qin Sheng replied without hesitation.

Lv Yuan wasn’t talking too much. He said directly, “So we start from now on, there will be a salon later, and you decorate the box with me. A member does not fit with water, so the waterscape in the big box has to be removed.”

Such a simple sentence made Qin Sheng understood a lot of things. Shangshan Ruoshui was not simple. My uncle Jiang was amazing.

So in the whole afternoon, Qin Sheng was busy with Lv Yuan. He also knew a lot of artists in Shangshan Ruoshui. It was important to mention that artists here were all beautiful women. Nobody knew where to find them.

At around 3 o’clock, Jiang Xianbang came over. Every artist and prince lowered their heads respectfully and said “Mr. Jiang” when they saw Jiang Xianbang. Those who were familiar with him would call uncle Jiang or brother Jiang. When Jiang Xianbang saw Qin Sheng, he turned a blind eye and walked directly. It made Qin Sheng breathed a sigh of relief.

Before the start of the salon, there were several great people who came to Shangshan Ruoshui. Qin Sheng knew some of them, and some he did not know. Qin Sheng was just standing aside and watching these people received by other artists. Lv Yuan whispered to him what characteristic each member had.

At 7 o’clock, Lu Yuan told Qin Sheng that he could go back home. There was no important thing at night, and no members came. They would say hello before they came.

Qin Sheng changed his clothes and came out, just happened to meet Yuan Hua, who was ready to go home. Yuan Hua drove away and took the initiative to ask Qin Sheng to sit in her car. Qin Sheng smiled and refused.

He took the bus directly back to Tomson Golf. In the past two days, he would take the time to find a house nearby, and it was best to get closer.

On the bus, people came and went in an endless stream. Everyone had their own lives and stories. Some of them might be numb, and some might be fighting for their ideals.

Outside the bus window, the lights started to light up. Compared with the daytime, Shanghai in the evening was more prosperous and full of temptation. Qin Sheng’s heart was calm like water. He knew that everything had just begun. This was the first step, but no matter what, he would conquer the city.

It must be…