Chapter 47 So Strange…

Although there are four seasons in a year, it seems that most of the time everyone thinks that there are only summer and winter. Spring and autumn were passing quickly. Shanghai in the middle of November was already a bit cold. The weather got colder with each autumn rain. The rain made the pedestrians feel cold and distressed. The flowers and trees on the roadside had begun to welcome the arrival of winter.

It was not long before Qin Sheng, who was holding an umbrella, walked out of Tomson Golf. A Volkswagen Magotan blocked his way. Three men came down from the car. Their looks and eyes indicated that they were bad guys. Qin Sheng subconsciously stopped and raised vigilance. He wondered if Zhou Wenwu’s death was exposed, or whether his old enemy had caught up with him in Shanghai.

“Are you Qin Sheng?” The man who took the lead asked coldly, wearing a black suit, with small braid. He was quite artistic. The other two men should just be his underlings.

Qin Shengwei squatted to face the unknown danger. He whispered, “I am Qin Sheng, who are you?”

“You needn’t to know my name, some people want to see you.” The artist man said very arrogantly, but Qin Sheng was not scared. He did not follow their instructions despite their threatening appearance.

Qin Sheng smiled with resignation, and then he was about to bypass the three men to walk to the bus station. However, the underling next to him pulled him directly, and shouted, “Bro Jun was talking to you, are you deaf?”

When the underling was about to touch his shoulder, he moved suddenly. He grabbed the underling’s wrist, and twisted it. The man shouted, but Qin Sheng did not stop. Instead, he hit the ribs of the man with his elbow. Finally he pulled the man to him and directly slammed him with his shoulder. The whole movement was finished smoothly and quickly before Bro Jun and his underling knew it.

The man fell to the ground, and he was so hurt that he could not stand up.

The expression of the artist man called Bro Jun changed immediately, and he remembered that his boss told him to be polite before leaving. He lost all his arrogance because apparently, they were no match for him.

“Mr. Qin, they are all stupid, please don’t be angry.” Bro Jun apologized immediately.

Qin Sheng did not want to entangle with these people and he said casually, “If there are no other problems, I will go to work.”

Bro Jun said quickly, “Mr. Qin, our boss wants to meet you, please come over tonight.” He was afraid that they couldn’t finish the task and might be punished.

Qin Sheng shook his head and said. “I don’t know who your boss is. Obviously I don’t know him. Why do I have to accept his invitation?”

“Our boss is Li Jun, the president of Xinghe Industry. Although you have never seen him, my boss knows you and wants to make friends with you.” Bro Jun continued.

Qin Sheng seemed to have heard this name, but he was sure that he didn’t know him. Qin Sheng hesitated for a moment and said, “Tell me the address and I’ll come over after my work at six o’clock.”

Bro Jun told him the address quickly, “Sinan Mansion.”

Qin Sheng nodded thoughtfully. He left without saying anything.

“Bro Jun, who is he? Why is he so swift and skilled?” After Qin Sheng left, the underling next to him helped the injured man to stand up and asked with a puzzled face. Their boss was famous and highly respected on the Bund in recent years. Why did he invite such an ordinary guy? And it seemed that he was not grateful for this.

Bro Jun frowned and said, “That’s boss’s business and you know nothing about it! Both of you lost my face and nearly made trouble. Get the fuck out of here!”

After cursing, they drove away…

This little problem did not affect Qin Sheng’s mood. In the past few years, he has experienced too many things. He was no longer a college student in the ivory tower. He often encountered weird people and interesting things.

When he arrived at Shangshan Ruoshui, there was no one except the security guards who were on duty at night. The security department was the second important department after the reception department. It had one manager and two deputy managers and there was always one manager on duty, day or night. Meanwhile, there was a police station next to Shangshan Ruoshui, and there was a public security bureau not far away. Besides, there was Jiang Xianbang behind it. As a result, nothing special had happened so far.

Qin Sheng changed his clothes and came out and met Chen Xiangyang, the security manager who was on duty last night. Qin Sheng learned from the heads of various departments of Shangshan Ruoshui yesterday and he recognized Chen Xiangyang. This was also the first time he saw this man. But he looked pale. His eyes were swollen and his face was yellow.

Qin Sheng greeted him politely, “Bro Chen.”

Yuan Hua had already introduced Qin Sheng to the security department. He was arranged by their boss and Chen Xiangyang knew him. After all, he knew all the people in Shangshan Ruoshui. But it was the first time for him to meet Qin Sheng, so he said, “You are Qin Sheng.”

Qin Sheng smiled and nodded.

“Work hard and it is a good place.” Chen Xiangyang patted Qin Sheng’s shoulder feebly.

“Bro Chen, are you gonna get off work? You look pale and you should pay more attention to your health.” Qin Sheng kindly reminded him. Chen Xiangyang was in his forties. When men reached this age, they should pay more attention to their health.

Chen Xiangnan thanked him and left without saying anything else to him.

Qin Sheng went upstairs and downstairs. It didn’t take long for other employees to come. Yuan Hua was still on day shift today. At night, another deputy manager was responsible for this. For the reception department, Lyu Yuan was the first one to come and he was also the best one. Ms. An arrived in time. But when everyone arrived, they became busy immediately.

But no members visited this morning and there were no other activities. Qin Sheng followed Lyu Yuan to the reception department for a meeting. Ms. An officially introduced Qin Sheng to everyone. Qin Sheng politely greeted everyone and found that there were only six men in total in the reception department and all the others were beautiful ladies. Qin Sheng realized that the women were outperforming men at this department and men who worked here were very lucky. But it was a pity that internal love affairs were prohibited in Shangshan Ruoshui. Once found, both of them would be fired. This rule seemed to be made by Mr. Xu.

Nothing happened in half a day. Qin Sheng followed Lyu Yuan to continue his studies. At lunch, he found Ms. An and said that he wanted to take two days off. He said that he was going back to his hometown to handle private affairs. She frowned and said, “Qin Sheng, you just joined us lately and you want to take days off and I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

“Ms. An , just for once.” Qin Sheng must accompany Han Bing to Tianshui, this was the way he handled things. This time, he did it not for Han Bing, but for Old Wu and Chen Beiming. He respected them.

Ms. An, who was wearing a gray dress today, stared at Qin Sheng with her eyes and said, “Qin Sheng, sometimes young people like you is too impetuous. The most important thing in life is to seize the opportunity. You are at the internship period and don’t let Mr. Xu be embarrassed.”

“Ms. An, I understand what you mean, I will definitely not let you down.” Qin Sheng did not plead, but said casually. If she disagreed, he would look for Mr. Xu and if he didn’t agree, he would look for Jiang Xianbang.

Ms. An did not make the decision. Instead, she made a compromise and said, “You can ask Mr. Xu. If he agrees, I will agree. I will inform the administration department.”

“Thank you.” Qin Sheng said happily.

Qin Sheng did not go directly to Xu Lancheng. He did not want others to think that his relationship with Xu Lancheng was not simple. Instead, he directly called Xu Lancheng after going outside. He said honestly that he had to go to Tianshui to handle some affairs. Xu Lancheng agreed and that was what Qin Sheng had expected. Then he told the result to Ms. An and this problem was tackled.

Qin Sheng was in the internship period and he got off work at six o’clock in the evening. It was busy in the afternoon, because today was Friday and there were several members. Qin Sheng still had no chance to directly receive them and he could only do some trivial things. But Qin Sheng did not complain about this because everyone must go through this stage.

After work, Qin Sheng did not hurry to return to Tomson Golf. Instead, he gave a call to Jiang Xianbang and asked, “Uncle Jiang, do you know something about Li Jun, the boss of Xinghe Industry?”

“Why do you get involved with him?” Jiang Xianbang, who was accompanying the leader outside, was very puzzled.

Qin Sheng smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t know. He wants to see me. I have to go to Sinan Mansion tonight.”

“This is a bit strange. Are Zhou Wenwu’s things exposed? No, that’s wrong. Zhou Wenwu is backed by Yan family. Li Jun is a rising star. Behind him is another force that belongs to Ningbo Group and it has no relation with the Yan family. Why does he want to see you?” Jiang Xianbang was also curious.

After listening to Jiang Xianbang’s words, Qin Sheng frowned and asked, “Should I go?”

“You must go because you can’t go back on your promise. But you have to be careful. If you don’t feel right, you can find a way to withdraw.” Jiang Xianbang suggested.

Qin Sheng nodded silently and said, “I know it.”

Before hanging up the phone, Qin Sheng said, “By the way, I took two days off and I’ll accompany Han Bing back to Tianshui and finish the last thing.”

“Have you told Xu Lancheng?” Jiang Xianbang asked without any motions. After all, Xu Lancheng was responsible for Shangshan Ruoshui.

Qin Sheng knew the answer of Xu Lancheng and he smiled and said, “You don’t need to worry about these things.”

“Pay attention when you are on the road, and find Zhao Quan when something happened.” Jiang Xianbang smiled.

Qin Sheng answered politely, and then he hung up the phone. Finally, he went to the Sinan Mansion. However, before the departure, he sent a message to Chang Baji to let him go to the Sinan Mansion. If nothing happened, it was the best. If there was something dangerous, he also had a way out.