Chapter 50 Have a Try

It has become a rule ever since ancient times that many heroes are youngsters. Li Jun was now deeply impressed by Qin Sheng. He didn’t figure out who he was. But he was definitely not an ordinary character if he was able to do this kind of thing at such an early age. In addition, he was thoughtful and skilled, and did not reveal any clues. Other people could only doubt him, but they were not sure.

However, there must be slight oversight in spite of careful deliberations. Li Jun had his own way of doing things. Now he had verified his guess. However, he was curious that Qin Sheng was so good, why should he go to Shangshan Ruoshui as an ordinary waiter? Was he a descendant of Jiang Xianbang? However, Jiang Xianbang was not likely to take such a big risk for a young person, so there must be secrets between them. Only by checking this out could he understand everything.

After Qin Sheng and Chang Baji left, they called Han Bing. Han Bing said that her friend introduced her an authentic Shaanxi restaurant. The restaurant was nearby, and she sent an address to Qin Sheng and asked them to take a taxi to come here.

Qin Sheng broke out in a cold sweat. He wanted to drink two glasses of Xifeng liquor to calm down. It was the best if there was authentic Xifeng 375. Along the way, he talked a lot with Chang Baji. The worst ending for him was running away. He did not care, but he was afraid of dragging down Chang Baji. After all, he came over here just to help.

This Shaanxi restaurant was called Guanzhong Impression. Its name was very authentic, but they did not know how its dishes tasted. Han Bing and Hao Lei were already in the box. The boxes were named after prefecture-level cities in Shaanxi. Han Bing’s box was called Baoji, which is the hometown of Yandi and the hometown of bronze. In the box, Han Bing was chatting with Hao Lei. Han Bing was wearing a deep V-necked thin sweater, slim white jeans, a Hermès silk scarf, and her temperament was good with her short hair. Although Hao Lei had known Han Bing for some time, he always blushed when talking to Han Bing. He not dared to look straight into her eyes. Qin Sheng thought that fortunately, Hao Lei knew Han Bing after she had changed a lot. If he met Han Bing before, Hao Lei would be dizzied if she gave him several winks.

“Have you finished?” After Qin Sheng and Chang Baji came in, Han Bing got up and smiled, and looked at Qin Sheng and her eyes were like the warm sun in the cold winter.

Qin Sheng sat next to Han Bing, and Chang Baji sat opposite to them, next to Hao Lei. In the eyes of Chang Baji and Hao Lei, Qin Sheng and Han Bing were couples. Hao Lei and Qin Sheng had known each other for so many years. He knew that Qin Sheng only had one girlfriend before. The girl was Su Qin, a big card in their high school. To be honest, Su Qin was definitely the goddess in every man’s heart. Except for the prominent family, her appearance, IQ and EQ were the best, but they did not stay together at the last. However, Han Bing was not worse than Su Qian. For Qin Sheng, she may be a good choice.

Qin Sheng smiled and nodded, Han Bing did not ask what he had done. She was more and more familiar with Qin Sheng and she knew how to get along with him. Qin Sheng did not like others to interfere with his freedom, and he had too many secrets or stories, so they must respect him.

“I haven’t tried Shaanxi food, so I didn’t order any food. Hao Lei said that we can order after you come here.” Han Bing gave Qin Sheng a cup of Fuyang tea and smiled. She was more and more suitable for this identity.

They called the waiter. Qin Sheng and Hao Lei and Chang Baji discussed and ordered several Shaanxi dishes. Common dishes were there, but they did not know how they tasted. Chang Baji knew that Qin Sheng wanted to drink some wine, so he asked, “Do you have Xifeng 375? It’s about 20 yuan.”

The waiter replied that they had all the main series of Xifeng, but the price of this cheap wine may be high. But they did not care about the prices, so they bought a bottle of wine. They just wanted to have a taste and did not want to get drunk. Han Bing said that she would drive them back, so all three men could drink.

It didn’t take long for the dishes to be served. After they tasted it, they felt that it was quite authentic. It must have a cook from Xi’an. After drinking, they became satisfied and Han Bing asked Qin Sheng, “Have you asked for leave?”

“Yes. I just came here anyway, so I don’t need to finish a lot of things.” Qin Sheng ate the private gourd skin and answered.

Han Bing whispered, “I have to bother you once again.”

Qin Sheng was angry and he said, “If you say this once again, I won’t go next time. To be honest, this time I am not for you, I’m for the sake of Old Wu and Beiming, I admire them.”

Han Bing bowed her head and said, “I know that, thank you.” She would never doubt his personality and because of it, she found that she had already fallen in love with him. She would not hesitate this time, although the results were not very good.

After dinner, Han Bing drove them back to Tomson Golf. When they returned from Tianshui, Han Bing would move back to Huarun Nine Mile Bund and Tomson Golf would be listed for sale.

In the early morning, they set off again to Tianshui. It was estimated that it was the last time for them to take this private plane of Han Guoping. This plane belonged to the property of Guoping Group and would be sold in two days.

It was noon when they arrived at Tianshui. Qin Sheng did not bother Zhao Quan. The relatives of Han family took them back to the hotel. After having a rest and eating lunch, they went to the Public Security Bureau.

Zhao Quan had previously notified the police, and leaders in the city also attached great importance to this matter, so the Public Security Bureau was willing to cooperate. They have confirmed the identity of the corpses. They were the few people who disappeared that night, but the corpses were severely decomposed. Therefore, they chose to cremate. All the procedures were carried out according to the procedure. Qin Sheng also identified the relevant photos of the corpses. They were Old Wu and Chen Beiming.

The caskets of the two younger generations of the Han family had been taken away. The funeral began yesterday. They will be buried tomorrow morning. The urns of Old Wu and Chen Beiming were still placed in the funeral parlour. Qin Sheng and Han Bing personally took the urn back and placed it in the hotel. Later, Qin Sheng accompanied Han Bing to take part in the funeral of her cousins. Han Bing gave them compensation, and she was very generous. After all, they all died because of her.

They were busy from the afternoon to the next morning and Han Bing was distressed. How could she be happy if so many people had died for her? However, at least Qin Sheng was with her. Sometimes she was sleepy and fell asleep directly on Qin Sheng’s shoulder.

After the funeral of her cousins, they returned to Shanghai that afternoon. Han Bing had already asked people to choose a cemetery. Because Chen Beiming and Old Wu had no relatives, they would be buried without the cumbersome procedures the second day.

After burying Old Wu and Chen Beiming, Qin Sheng was relieved. This matter was finally over, but the process was complicated, and they had paid a heavy price. He hoped that nothing like this would happen in the future.

After finishing these, Han Bing completely relaxed. She experienced too much for the past month, and she seemed to have grown up in a moment. Unfortunately, she was forced to do so.

It had both advantages and disadvantages.

In the afternoon, Han Bing and others had breaks. Qin Sheng went straight back to Shangshan Ruoshui. He had already told Xu Lancheng that he would come back in the afternoon. Xu Lancheng could do nothing about this. After all, Qin Sheng belonged to Jiang Xianbang.

Xu Lancheng didn’t care, but Ms. An was angry about him. She directly called him to the office and criticized him. Qin Sheng could do nothing but said, “Ms. An, I knew that I was wrong. Please don’t be angry and this is bad to your health.”

“Qin Sheng, you are arranged by Mr. Xu. You are the first one who enter our company by nepotism. You have just come here and you take such a long vacation. You know? Others have no chance to take time off. Don’t let everyone be angry with you and don’t lose Mr. Xu’s face.” Ms. An was disappointed and said. She thought highly of Qin Sheng because of her appreciation of him. The second reason was his relationship with Xu Lancheng.

Qin Sheng smiled and said, “Ms. An, I know that you did this for my sake. I will not do this again in the future.”

“I hope you can keep your promise. Go to work.” Ms. An waved her hand and said helplessly. If Qin Sheng did it again, she would definitely tell Xu Lancheng that Qin Sheng was not suitable for this place. No matter how authoritative Xu Lancheng was, he could not ruin the reputation of Shangshan Ruoshui. When the big boss got angry, all of them would be fired.

When Qin Sheng came out, Lyu Yuan was waiting for him outside. He whispered, “Did she yell at you?”

Qin Sheng had no choice but to smile.

“You’d better get used to it as soon as possible. Ms. An is very kind, but she is ill-tempered. If you make mistakes, she will scold you and make you suffer a lot. But she is good-natured and will not criticize you if you work hard. But the other two deputy managers are not as kind as her. Some people are angry with you and someone said that you enter our company because of Mr. Xu. Some want to punish you to warn others. Where there are people, there are intrigues. You need to be careful.” Lyu Yuan reminded him kindly.

Qin Sheng frowned and he did not expect that he made others feel uncomfortable despite that he just entered this company several days ago. Anyway, he had Jiang Xianbang behind him and they could have a try if they want to battle with him.

Throughout the afternoon, Qin Sheng was busy and followed Lyu Yuan. When the lady wearing the cheongsam came and entered the box, she directly named Qin Sheng to serve them. This made many people puzzled. After Qin Sheng entered, he understood the reason. It turned out that the dude had also come.

He couldn’t really ask me to hit the high school students, it was too shameful…