Chapter 51 Troublesome…

When the elegant and gorgeous Ms Cheongsam arrived, Qin Sheng was tidying up a room together with Lyu Yuan to prepare for the arrival of a club member. Lyu Yuan had specifically told Qin Sheng that this particular club member had mysopobia and that his room must be tidied up and cleaned to his stardards. If there was anything short of his expectation, Ms. An would be furious.

It was until the time when the reception instructed Qin Sheng to go to the Room Yuan, there were altogether 24 rooms of various sizes in Shangshan Ruoshui. The name of each room was named by a master and all the names were tastefully chosen. None was named after a landmark, location or numbers, but each consisted of one Chinese character. Qin Sheng had yet to find a pattern in them, neither did he know how the names were chosen.

Qin Sheng knocked on the door and pushed through it after he heard the soothing voice of Ms Cheongsam. However instead of wearing a cheongsam today, Ms Cheongsam was clad in a formal suit. She must have come straight from her busy work, with bunned up hair and an elegant jade bangle around her wrist.

“Are you looking for me, Ms Xue?” Qin Sheng greeted her warmly with a nod. Sitting next to Ms Xue was the willful boy, Xue Hao, who was making a face at Qin Sheng, but Qin Sheng couldn’t be bothered about him.

Xue Qingyan, who was one of the six VVIP members of the club, still did not have a good impression of Qin Sheng. “I heard form Hao that you are into antiques and history?” asked Xue Qingyan casually.

In fact, Qin Sheng had some knowledge of these things, but was certainly not an expert in them. Qin cursed under his breath, that the little rascal was exaggerating things. He could only humbly reply, “I do know a little bit about them.”

“Where did you use to study?” Xue Qingyan asked, betraying her curiosity, yet her eyes remained cold and there was an air of arrogance about her, just like how most well-sought after ladies were.

“Fudan University, faculty of Philosophy,” Qin Sheng replied in honesty.

“Fudan University’s Faculty of Philosophy?” Xue Qingyan was taken by surprise. She did not expect Qin Sheng to be an intelligent student. Only the very outstanding student could do Philosophy in Fudan University. In fact, there were few youngsters who chose to study philosophy. Xue Hao, who was sitting by the side was stunned. He thought Qin Sheng was just someone who only knew how to fight in the streets and had not even gone through university. Little did he expect Qin Sheng to be a hidden talent.

Now Xue Qinyan’s curiosity had been kindled. Although all the young men working in Shangshan Ruoshui were carefully and selectively chosen, none of them were graduates from an university as prestigious as Fudan. Although they were not offered a low salary, it was still somewhat embarrassing for these young ambitious men to be working as a waiter. For this reason, she asked him out of curiosity, “A graduate from Fudan University should be able to find a fairy good job, why are you working here?”

“It’s for the high salary. After all we are all working to earn a living,” Qing Sheng answered casually. What he really meant was that she should mind her own business.

Narrowing her eyes, Xue Qinyan asked, “Really?”

“I wouldn’t dare to lie to you,” Qin Sheng replied with a smile.

Xue Qingyan pondered for a while and decided to let the matter rest. It was none of her business and moreover she had something else to attend to, so she said to Qin Sheng, “Hao says he is interested to know more about the antiques and other displays in Shangshan Ruoshui. Please bring him to have a walk around and explain more about them to him. After that, you may send him home. I will let Mr Xu know about the arrangement.”

“Alright, I get it,” Qin Sheng said softly.

Thereafter, with a gleeful expression on his face, Xue Hao trailed after Qin Sheng to leave the room. Xue Qingyan thought something was not quite right but did not know what it was going on between those two. Perhaps she had been over sensitive and reading too much into Xue Hao’s expression, he could be just excited about touring around the place.

Once they stepped out of the room, Qin Sheng pretended to direct Xue Hao politely, saying, “This way please.”

“Stop fooling around with me, Qin Sheng. Be honest with me, if you can’t handled that matter for me, I will look for someone else,” In the absence of his aunt, Xue Hao could now speak his mind freely.

Smiling, Qin Sheng said, “Why? Don’t you trust me?”

“I somehow have the feeling that you words cannot be trusted. Why do you come here to work as a waiter if you are such a resourceful person?” This was Xue Hao’s greatest doubt about Qin Sheng, although Qin Sheng’s calm and confident demeanor that day made him showed otherwise.

Qin Sheng led Xue Hao onto the corridor where he would try to introduce the displayed collectibles along the way when someone happen to pass by them. Ms. An had handed Qin Sheng a write up, detailing the information about every piece of collectible display in Shangshan Ruoshui. In addition, Lyu Yuan had also told him quite a bit about them. Coupled with some basic knowledge Qin Sheng had, he had a fairly good understanding of the items displayed.

“Don’t you know that you have to find a way of escape after committing a crime?” Qin Sheng said with disdain, rolling his eyes.

Xue Hao who had a crew cut hairstyle and dressed simply did not look one bit like a rich man’s kid. However, judging from how his aunt was like, one could tell that he did not come from a simple background. He must have a low-key at school.

“So what do you say we should about that matter?” while Xue Hao did not mind being bullied, he did not want the girl he fancied to despise him or to think that he was useless. However, his father forbid him to create any trouble in school and it would be too embarrassing to tell his family about it. All he could do was to swallow it since he brought this upon himself.

“Did I ever say I was going to help you? What can you give me in return if I were to help you?” Qin Sheng said, trying not to laugh.

What Qin Sheng said made Xue Hao anxious and he blurted out in panic, “I’ve already let you have my aunt, what are you still dissatisfied with?”

“Hey brother, the reward you are offering is as good as nothing. A lady like you aunt is easy to get. You are just trying to put two people together anyhow,” Qin Sheng said disapprovingly.

Now Xue Hao was really getting nervous. “What do you say then? You have to help me think of a solution! Otherwise I will get aunt to fire you!” Xue Hao said.

“Er… you threatening me?” Qin Sheng laughed coldly.

“Brother, my mistake, please give me another chance,” said Xue Hao quickly.

“It puzzles me that a rich kid like you could have easily found some body to do this for you, so why me?” Qin Sheng continued, “I can help you, but I haven’t thought of what reward I want. Also, I will help you on the condition that you keep this a secret.”

“That’s not a problem,” Xue Hao replied immediately and continued, “However, you’ve got to show me what you’ve got, otherwise there’s not point moving forward if you don’t have the skills.”

“Believe it or not, it’s your choice. Get lost!” Qin Sheng said decidedly.

Feeling helpless, Xue Hao said, “Alright, alright. I will submit to you!”

“Give me the photographs and addresses of the three students and you can leave the rest to me. I assure you when they meet you again in a few days time, they will behave themselves.” For Qin Sheng, such matters were easy-peasy. In fact, he did not even have to handle it personally. He could just leave it to Chang Baji and Hao Lei.

Obviously Xue Hao was taken in by Qin Sheng’s words and instantly sent him the photographs and addresses as requested to Qin Sheng’s Wechat account.

After showing Xue Hao around the place for an hour, Xue Hao requested for Qin Sheng to drive him home. At the same time, he was going to treat Qin Sheng to dinner and Qin Sheng could leave work early in that way too. Qin Sheng had no other choice but to oblige.

After reporting to Ms. An about his plan, Qin Sheng and Xue Hao walked out of the building towards Xue Qinyan’s Range Rover. As they were getting to the car, Qin Sheng witnessed a surprising scene.

They saw Chen Xiangyang, the Shangshan Ruoshui’s security manager, having an argument with Xu Lancheng over something. Apparently Chen Xiangyang was asking a favor, saying, “Manager Xu, please lend me another million dollars. I promise this will be the last time.”

“Old Chen, are you not going turn over a new leaf yet? Don’t you know the consequences once the big boss finds out that you are addicted to gambling?” Xu Lancheng rebuked him in anger.

Chen Xiangyan tried to explain, “Please, Manager Xu, please don’t tell the big boss, otherwise he will definitely chase me out of here.”

“Don’t think that big boss wouldn’t find out if I don’t tell him. Old Chen, all the people can see the state you are in with their own eyes. I would advise you to seek for forgiveness from the big boss if you don’t want him to be furious,” Xu Lancheng was disappointed that Chen Xiangyang turned out to be no good.

“If big boss were to know about this, he would kill me, Manager Xu!” Chen Xiangyang was so terrified that he was starting to speak irrationally.

Xue Hao frowned as he looked on and unable to hold it in anymore, he coughed. Qin Sheng, left with no choice, walked up to the two man and said to them with glee, “Hi, Manager Xu and Brother Chen, what you doing here?”

“What are you doing here, Qin Sheng?” Xu Lancheng said to Qin Sheng, fuming.

Chen Xiangyang panicked. He gave Qin Sheng a furious look as if he was going to swallow him up.

“Manager Xu, Ms Xue had instructed me to send Master Xue home,” Qin Sheng replied matter-of-factly.

Xu Lancheng pretended to look as if he came to a realization and said, “Alright, hurry and not delay.”

Qin Sheng hurried Xue Hao to get in the car as he recalled that Chen Xiangyang behaved awkwardly when he saw Qin Sheng just now, so this was it. Qin Sheng wondered if Chen Xiangyang knew that he overheard their conversation.

“This is troublesome,” Qin Sheng sighed.