Chapter 53 Interested…
Qin Sheng completely disregarded the consequences since there was Ms Cheongsam behind his back. He thought even the worst scenario was not going to be a big deal to them, the important thing was to get Xue Hao’s room back and not let him take in the punch in vain.

There was no doubt about Qin Sheng’s nimbleness and skills, given that even a professional as Chang Baji treated him seriously. What was so difficult about tackling these seven to eight men who had given themselves to alcohol and girls?

Qin Sheng planted his feet on the spot, totally fearless of the seven to eight men, who were already slightly drunk and was not steady on their feet. This made it easier for Qin Sheng. Within a short time of a few minutes, the men were beaten up by Qin Sheng and were lying on the floor. It was like the scenes in a movie where the bystanders cheered to hearts’ content. Xue Hao initially wanted to ask his classmates to go forward with him to give Qin Sheng a helping hand, he would have done that even if his classmates refused. Xue Hao had always preferred to stay low-key and act cool, but he was not one to abandon his friend. At this moment, however, Xue Hao could see that Qin Sheng alone was sufficient to handle the group men and did not need help. Those men were far from being his match. As Xue Hao looked on, he realized Qin Sheng had not been boasting about his skills after all, he really was capable of real fights.

After Qin Sheng put those guys down, he let out a long breath then said with a low voice, “I told you to settle by talking but you guys refused. Now I see you are regretting your decision.”

The patrolling police finally arrived after some time. All the people involved were to be taken to the police station.

Since the three female classmates were not involved, Xue Hao tossed his handphone to his crush and said, “Call my aunt and tell her I’ve been beaten up.”

The girl nodded weakly and began searching up Xue Hao’s aunt’s contact number.

At this moment, the elegant and gorgeous Xue Qinyan was drinking a glass of red wine and chatting with her good friends in one of the rooms of Shangshan Ruoshui. They were in the midst of discussing their business when her phone rang.

Looking at the caller ID, Xue Qinyan thought it was Xue Hao calling her to tell her that he had reached home, so she rejected the call, thinking it was not important. She usually did not answer calls in the midst of business discussions, unless there was a prior arrangement.

Now the campus belle was getting anxious when her call was rejected, so she tried to call again.

Xue Qingyan’s phone kept ringing and she could see that it was from Xue Hao’s phone. She frowned. Xue Hao should know her habits and usually when she hung up the phone the first time, Xue Hao would refrain from making another call straight away. There had to be something important that came up.

“Is something wrong, Qingyan?” the sixty-year old man sitting opposite her asked, smiling.

Embarrassed, Xue Qingyan apologetically said, “Old Zheng, please continue your discussion. I will answer a call outside.”

“Are you home, Hao?” Xue Qingyan asked affectionately and cheerily.

“Hello Auntie, I’m Zhu Dan, Xue Hao’s classmate. Xue Hao was beaten up by some men and the police had taken them away. He asked me to call you to let you know,” the campus belle said in an anxious voice.

Xue Qingyan was first confused by an unfamiliar lady’s voice then after hearing what she said, her face turned pale and she quickly asked, “Where are you now?”

“I’m at Taipei PureK on Ninghai East Road,” Zhu Dan said, tearing up. It was the first time she had encountered such a situation. She had always been a good girl.

“I’ll come over right now,” Xue Qingyan hung up the phone after that.

She returned to the room to inform the elders and friends that she had something urgent to attend to. Fortunately they were quite a familiar group of friends, so none of them probed further.

Fuming, she went to Xu Lancheng and had him contact Qin Sheng straight away. She had instructed Qin Sheng to send Xue Hao home, so she wondered how Xue Hao would be involved in this fight. She would definitely not let Qin Sheng off if anything happened to Xue Hao.

Xu Lancheng became anxious after hearing what Xue Qingyan said. “Qingyan, don’t worry, let me try to contact him,” said Xu Lancheng.

However, no one, including Xu Lancheng, Ms. An was unable to get to Qin Sheng through his phone. What Xu Lancheng could do was to ask the others to keep calling Qin Sheng. After a few other phone calls, it was confirmed that Xue Hao and the rest were taken to the police station at Jinlin East Road. Xue Qingyan, accompanied by Xu Lancheng set out to go to the police station. On the way, both Xue Qingyan and Xu Lancheng made a few other phone calls to inform whomever was concerned.

Not long after Qin Sheng and Xue Hao had arrived at the police station, they were allowed to go off. In fact, the chief of the police station had respectfully brought the two of them to a waiting room to take a rest. The group of men, on the other hand were hand-cuffed and brought in for interrogation.

“May I know who is Master Xue?” asked the young chief with a smile. He had poured them some tea and made some policemen clean their wounds.

Xue Hao answer, “I am.”

“I am sorry for the trouble, Ms Xue and Manager Xu will be here in a moment,” the vice chief of the police station said politely. It sounded rather funny that the policeman should address a lad so respectfully.

Although Xue Hao felt a little awkward with the special treatment he was getting, he had after all met many big shots and was not especially comfortable with the officer’s obsequiousness. He waved his hand to dismiss him, saying “You may go about your business. I will let you know when I need anything else.”

The vice chief officer felt as if he had been thrown a cold bucket of water, so feeling embarrassed, he excuse himself immediately. To minimize embarrassment, Qin Sheng quickly said, “Chief Liu, thank you and sorry for the trouble tonight.”

“No problem. This is what we as the police should do. Please excuse me,” Officer Liu smiled and took his leave. Qin Sheng also took special note of how the patrol policemen address Officer Liu so he could remember his name.

It was only after Officer walked away that Qin Sheng took out his phone. He realized that there were many missed called and guessed as much that most were calls from Shangshan Ruoshui, so he called Xu Lancheng immediately.

Xu Lancheng breathed a sigh of relief when he finally received the call from Qin Sheng. Taking into the consideration Qin Sheng’s special relationship with Jiang Xianbang, he suppressed his displeasure and said, “Finally Qin Sheng. What happened?”

Before Qin Sheng could say anything, Xue Qingyan took over the phone and asked in an interrogating tone, “Where’s Xue Hao? Let me tell you, Qin Sheng, if anything happens to Xue Hao, I’m not going to let you off!”

Not wanting to explain himself, Qin Sheng passed his phone to Xue Hao and said, “It’s your aunt.”

“Auntie, I’m fine. This has nothing to do with Qin Sheng,” Xue Hao did not waste a minute to explain himself because he knew his aunt would put the blame of Qin Sheng.

After a few minutes of explanation, Xue Hao hung up and said to Qin Sheng, “I’ve explained everything to my aunt. Don’t worry.”

Qin Sheng was not the least concerned about that so he refrained from making any comments.

Thereafter, two police officers came to record down the statements from the oeople concerned. What really happened was that both parties were a little drunk when they bumped into each other accidentally. From there, the conflict started.

Qin Sheng smoked two cigarettes and drank a cup of tea in the next half an hour that followed. It was then Xue Qingyan and Xu Lancheng hurried into the police station. A few of the chief officers received them fearfully before they brought Xue Hao and Qin Sheng out to them.

The moment Xue Hao saw his aunt, he rushed over and said, “I’m sorry, Aunt. I must have made you very worried.”

Without a doubt, Xue Qingyan was heartbroken to hear about how Xue Hao was beaten up. She held on to his arm and said, “Are you hurt, Hao?”

“No worries, Auntie,” Xue Hao replied with glee.

“How about your classmates?” Xue Qingyan asked with concern.

Pointing at his classmates, Xue Hao said, “Just a bit of injuries, it’s not serious.”

Turning her eyes to look at Xue Hao’s classmates, Xue Qingyan realized that they were more badly injured than Xue Hao, with bruises on their faces. She immediately turned to the police officers and said, “What shall we do, Officer Chen? Needless to say, those men should come look for me. I want to know who dares to speak up for them.”

“Don’t worry, Ms Xue. We’ve been instructed and know what to do,” the chief officer replied politely. He had been rebuked by his superior when this incident happened in the area of his jurisdiction. There was no way he would let those scoundrels off, especially when he knew he would be backed up by his superiors.

Being Xue Hao’s aunt, Xue Qingyan continued to show concern for the rest of the students by asking them more questions about what happened. It was only later that she finally came to Qin Sheng, who was standing by the side. He appeared to be so calm as if nothing had happened. Xue Qingyan walked up to him and said, “Please excuse me, Qin Sheng, for my reaction on the phone…”

“No worries,” Qin Sheng said casually

Xue Qingyan continued, “Thank goodness you were here tonight, if not…”

Before Xue Qingyan could continue, Qin Sheng cut in and said, “Ms Xue, if there’s nothing else, let me go get the car for you.”

Xue Qingyan was struck dumb by Qin Sheng’s words. Seeing this, Xu Lancheng could only shake his head and smiled helplessly. Although he was not totally clear about Qin Sheng’s background, he could feel Qin Sheng’s arrogance. Sometimes he may appear to be easy-going, however he always kept his distance from people.

Amidst the awkwardness, Xu Lancheng said, “Alright, Qin Sheng. There’s nothing much more for you to do here. Please drive Ms Xue’s car here. Thereafter, you may go home.”

“Alright,” Qin Sheng nodded and walked off, not even saying a word to Xue Hao.

Xue Qingyan stared at Qin Sheng’s back as he walked off and smiled as she thought that Qin Sheng was different from the people she had met. A normal person would go with the flow and try to draw close to her, however Qin Sheng seemed to keep his distance from her. Recalling what happened the other day, she started developing an interest in him.

“Who recruited Qin Sheng, Old Xu?” Xue Qingyan asked curiously.

Xu Lancheng was put on the spot by Xue Qingyan’s question. Although Jiang Xianbang had not specially instructed him to keep quiet about this, he could see that Qin Sheng did not wish anyone to know about his relationship with Jiang Xianbang. He smiled awkwardly and stammered, “This…”

“What is it that you can’t reveal?” Xue Qingyan was puzzled over Xu Lancheng’s reservation.

Xu Lancheng hesitated for a while and finally said, “Why don’t you ask Qin Sheng directly? I had promised him not to reveal somethings about him.”

“Alright, I shan’t make things difficult for you,” Xue Qingyan replied. From his reaction, she basically deduced that Xu Lancheng was not the one who recruited Qin Sheng. It had to be one of the other five VVIP members apart from herself, of whom Jiang Xianbang was one of them.

After settling everything in the police station, half an hour had passed. During this time, Qin Sheng had driven Xue Qingyan’s Range Rover over, handed the car key to one of the police officers and went off with a taxi.

When he arrived at Thomson Golf Resort, Han Bing had not retired to bed yet. She was obviously waiting up for Qin Sheng. “Why did you come back so late tonight?” she asked when he saw Qin Sheng.

“Something came up. Why are you not asleep?” Qin Sheng said with a smile.

Naturally Han Bing was waiting for Qin Sheng to return, but was too embarrassed to admit it. She was almost acting like the wife, waiting up for the husband to come home from work. “I was working overtime. I’m done now and ready to go to bed,” she said casually.

“Rest early,” Qin Sheng said, feeling a little tired.

“Wait,” Han Bing said as she continued, “I’ve found a house for you on Henan South Road, through a friend. The rent is reasonable. It is reasonably close to your work place as well as Nine Miles Bund. It would be good if you can find some free time tomorrow to go and have a look. Then you can move in if you are satisfied with it. I will then move back home.”

“No problem, I will go with you tomorrow to have a look,” said Qin Sheng. He did not have the time to go around for house hunting. It really saved him the trouble when Han Bing helped him solve the house problem.

Before Qin Sheng could thank her, she got up and said with a smile on her face, “I’m going to bed first, you rest early too.”

Qin Sheng nodded, as his mind drifted away to something else.

In the morning the next day, Qin Sheng left the house with Han Bing and the rest. They first sent Han Bing to work and then he followed the rest to take a look at the said house. The house was fully furnished with all the necessary appliances so it was totally in a move in condition. All three of them were completely satisfied with the house and agreed to move in once Han Bing moved back to her house.

Thereafter, Qin Sheng went straight to work. When he arrived at Shangshan Ruoshui, he was immediately intercepted by Chen Xiangyang. Qin Sheng was all smiles, as he could guess what Chen Xiangyang was going to talk to him about.