Jiang Xianbang heard Qin Sheng told him things about Chang Baji before. A man who could be invited by Qin Sheng from Xi’an, he was definitely not simple. Not to mention that Qin Sheng had done so many things.

In fact, things about Chen Xiangyang, Jiang Xianbang knew it some time ago. But he never said anything. After all, Chen Xiangyang was a veteran of Shangshan Ruoshui. Jiang Xianbang also wanted to give him a chance. However, this d amn little thing was impenitent and was being further intensified. At the same time, he wanted to see Xu Lancheng’s choice in this big deal. If he really chose to cover up the matter due to a personal relationship, then Jiang Xianbang would be disappointed with him. Fortunately, Xu Lancheng took the initiative to report, so he got the chance to teach Xu Lancheng and he fired Chen Xiangyang. See who would come to Shangshan Ruoshui? How could they allow these scums to exist here?

However, after Chen Xiangyang’s left, he needed to worry about the burden of the security manager. The following two deputy managers could not support the overall situation and he also did not trust them. They were hired from the outside, not to mention, they would not be considered. So he had to find someone who was trustworthy.

He intended to train Qin Sheng, naturally he wanted to give Qin Sheng two confidants. He thought Chang Bajii was good. He sent people to investigate the details of Chang Baji. The result made him very satisfied, so he looked for Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng and Jiang Xianbang chatted without purposes. Qing didn’t care about these trivial things. She only cared about eating. She ate very elegantly. Unlike Qin Sheng, who didn’t care about his image, she liked eating slowly, just like tasting artworks. Occasionally, she would look up to Qin Sheng, being absent-minded a few seconds.

Qin Sheng stupefied for a few seconds, then he came back to earth and shouted, “Poaching?!”

“Hey, what do you say, how can you call it poaching? I’m here to find a companion for you.” Jiang Xianbang put down the chopsticks and laughed, showing the expression that “I was this kind of person in your eyes.”

Qin Sheng held a chicken leg in his hand and said while eating. “You don’t know why I am trying to ask rescue from Xi’an? The crisis of Han Bing has not been completely solved. I can’t take this risk, let’s say, I am a friend of brother Chang, not a subordinate relationship. Even if you want to ask him, you have to see if he is willing or not.”

“Zhou Wenwu and Zhao Dongsheng are all finished. As for Third Master Wu, I have pled for you. Who will still not get through with Han Bing now, if you really worry about it, that is fine, I will tell everyone today, Han Bing is the wife of my spiritual son, whoever dares to touch her, that is to mess with me, Jiang Xianbang. Although I, Jiang Xianbang, can not overturn the world in the Yangtze River Delta, in the circle of the Bund, I have some power. Han Guoping and his old fellows, still they really didn’t dare to provoke me, is this okay?” Jiang Xianbang subconsciously prepared the smoke, but he was stared by Qing. He smiled and put down the cigarette, and Qing gave him a bowl of soup.

Qin Sheng heard this and did not hesitate to say, “Fuck, your granddaddy.”

When he said this, he regretted it. After all, Qing was still sitting next to him. He was familiar with Jiang Xianbang, but still had to avoid the existence of Qing. After all, Qing was not familiar with him and not caring about what he said.

Sure enough, Qing’s face was transient, and she stared at Qin Sheng with anger in her face. Qin Sheng was embarrassing, he smiled and said, “Sorry, I am used to it.”

Jiang Xianbang laughed at this loser’s look. Qin Sheng couldn’t wreak his anger.

“Look at yourself, you are not willing to suffer losses, this is too bad, don’t you want to let Han Bing be safe, besides, this is just an excuse, you are not really planning to marry Han Bing, right?” Jiang Xianbang explained with a smile.

Qin Sheng calmed down, after all, once Zhou Wenwu and Zhao Dongsheng died, Jiang Xianbang also settled things of Third Master Wu. As long as Jiang Xianbang released this news, it was estimated that no one dared to touch Han Bing. The most important thing was that Guoping Group had already bankruptcy and reorganized. All parties were in the inside, Han Bing had no right to speak. Who had time to release his anger to a woman?

Moreover, there was also Hao Lei’s protection. Chang Baji was really a underemployed. Maybe he also had some grumble. If he was allowed to come to Shangshan Ruoshui, he would have powerful partner.

“Let me think about it, I will talk to Brother Chang first, to see what he mean. If he wants to do this, I have no opinion, If he dose not want to do this, then I have nothing to do.” Qin Sheng finally chose to regress, tacitly approved Jiang Xianbang’s suggestion.

Jiang Xianbang said joyfully, “Don’t worry, I won’t treat Chang Baji bad. The treatment is the same as Chen Xiangyang. Besides, who you will get in touch if you are with me. You know it very well. And this is maybe just a springboard for him. What do you think?”

In this case, Qin Sheng did not deny.

“Yes, I will go back and talk to him,” Qin Sheng nodded silently and said.

The big event had been decided, Jiang Xianbang was in a good mood. He picked up the bowl and drank the soup. “I will wait for you news.”

After lunch, Jiang Xianbang wanted to pack things and prepared to go to Beijing for a few days. He spent more than half of his time outside each year. He got busier when the year came to an end. Qing was ready to go out to school. There were two classes in the afternoon.

Qin Sheng and Qing went out together. He came here by taking a taxi. Qing had a white Mercedes cls. This was not bought by Jiang Xianbang, but she earned it by her own ability. She asked Qin Sheng out of politeness, “Want me to send you out?”

Qing was just saying polite words. Qin Sheng was unwelcome. “Okay, I am going to Shangshan Ruoshui.”

Qing was speechless. She thought it was funny but also annoying. This man really did not regard himself as an outsider. Since she had said it, so she could only send Qin Sheng to Shangshan Ruoshui.

“I heard Uncle Jiang said you are a teacher at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music?” Qing did not speak a word on the way. Qin Sheng could only find a topic to ease the relationship. He had made himself a bad impression in the eyes of the beautiful woman.

Qing nodded casually.

“What do you teach?” Qin Sheng continued to ask.

“Ethnic music department, Guzheng.” Qing still loved to ignore.

Qin Sheng smiled and said, “Sounds terrific. Wish I have the opportunity to hear your performance. I am very interested in these. My grandfather used to play Erhu and Guqin, and occasionally sing a few Beijing operas and Qin Qiang.”

Qin Sheng said a bunch, while Qing underestimated and said “oh” only, which made Qin Sheng very frustrated. But he had no idea, for he had two or three times made this beautiful woman unhappy.

Qin Sheng saw Qing was not interested in it, he no longer wanted to be self-sentimental. He did not want her. At most, he just enjoyed looking at her. There was no need to take her seriously. Women could not be spoiled. Some beautiful women were spoiled by men. She really thought that men all over the world should turn around her.

Middle Huaihai Road was not far from Shangshan Ruoshui, so it didn’t take long to arrive. After the car stopped, Qin Sheng deliberately didn’t get off the car. He stared at Qing for a few seconds, Qing slightly frowned. “What happened?”

“I don’t seem to owe you money, it should be, we had a bad relationship last ancestors,” Qin Sheng said thoughtfully.

Not waiting Qing came back to earth, Qin Sheng had already left the car, and Qing muttered “neuropathy”, and then drove away.

Qin Sheng was preparing to return to Shangshan Ruoshui to have a rest, and then started the afternoon work. A member wanted to invite a few friends, Ms. An had already appointed Lyu Yuan to take Qin Sheng and his several people to be responsible for this.

Just arrived at the gate of Shangshan Ruoshui, suddenly a man emerged from the back side of the tree, kicking at the side of Qin Sheng’s waist. Qin Sheng was telling Jiang Xianbang something, he was kicked directly on the ground. Because it had just rained, so Qin Sheng got mud and water on his body. It was extremely embarrassing at the moment.

“Damn, you are a little son of bitch. You actually dare to inform the secrets. You thought I was easy to be bullied. Though I left Shangshan Ruoshui, it is easy for me to clean you up,” a man with an annoying face came out, facing Qin Sheng on the ground and said angrily.

Being sneak attacked by someone, Qin Sheng looked angry. He turned back and stared at the man who sneak attacked him, Chen Xiangyang. He slowly climbed up with his eyes sneered, smiled coldly. “It is the funeral dog that was kicked away by Shangshan Ruoshui. Only you can do this kind of sneak attack behind me. I really overestimated you before.”

It was Chen Xiangyang who sneaked attacked Qin Sheng. He was expelled by Jiang Xianbang. He thought that the person who confessed was Qin Sheng. So he came to Qin Sheng with anger in his chest. But he was alone.

“You are bot qualified to scold me, son of bitch; today is a lesson. Don’t worry, this is not over, and I will slowly play with you,” Chen Xiangyang said ferociously.

Ordinary people might be afraid of Chen Xiangyang, but Qin Sheng had seen everything. This person could make him fear?

“If I were you, I wouldn’t come back to look for me, and I wouldn’t say these trivial things. I will wait for some time, and follow me for some days, find a dark night with wind, and kill me with a knife directly. That is the best way to vent the anger. Most People like you are waste, who dare to say but dare not do it.” Qin Sheng was not angry but laughing. He said with laughter.

Qin Sheng’s reaction made Chen Xiangyang felt nervous. Obviously, ordinary people would not be shocked. He didn’t want to be entangled here with Qin Sheng. He abused, “Why do you care for me, anyway, you be careful with me.”

After that, Chen Xiangyang intended to leave. After all, this was the door of Shangshan Ruoshui. If he wanted to do anything, he must consider the consequences.

“You want to go after sneak attacking me, you kidding?” Qin Sheng shouted at Chen Xiangyang, with the tone of Song Xiaobao.

Chen Xiangyang stared at Qin Shengdao with a squint. “What, what do you want to do, you little rabbit?”

“little rabbit?” Qin Sheng gnawed his teeth. “Then you try, who is the rabbit?”

Before his voice had died away, Qin Sheng had already rushed up. He especially hated being sneak attacked. He would think himself a waste if he was not going to fight back.

Qin Sheng was full of strength, and he went down from the sky to hack at Chen Xiangyang with his leg. Chen Xiangyang used to be absolutely powerful. After he took drug, he was completely abolished. Moreover, his body was ruined by alcohol and women, and he had not exercised for a long time, so he obviously was unable to rival such a powerful man like Qin Sheng, but the dead thin camel was still somewhat weighty after all.

He hurried back two steps. Qin Sheng’s foot fell in front of him, directly smashed the blue bricks on the ground, and even stirred up a splash of water. It showed the strength of this foot.

Following Qin Sheng’s elbows hit on Chen Xiangyang’s chest. Chen Xiangyang’s heel was not yet steady, and it ushered in another wave of Qin Sheng’s impact. He had to hold his hands to stop the elbow attack of Qin Sheng. Who knew that the strength of Qin Sheng was too big, it directly hit on his chest. He was trying to counterattack, but Qin Sheng’s right leg that just fell on the ground, had already hit with knee and attacked his side waist. This speed really makes him unable to keep up. And there was no way to escape.

In the next second, Qin Sheng’s knees had already hit his side waist. He who was thin like firewood, was directly smashed and flew out. He fell heavily on the roadside water. He was now even more embarrassed than Qin Sheng.

“You dare to deal with me, if you try, I will never let you down,” Qin Sheng said coldly.

After saying that he directly went into Shangshan Ruoshui, without caring about Chen Xiangyang, who was painful and groaning. However, he did not know that the scene was recorded by the monitoring of Shangshan Ruoshui.