Chapter 57 An Interesting Bookstore…

Qin Sheng’s knee hit, directly pushed Chen Xiangyang lying in the puddle and could not get up. Qin Sheng did not use all strength, otherwise his ribs would be broken.

Qin Sheng left, just left.

Chen Xiangyang stared at Qin Sheng’s back. It seemed that he had not come back to earth yet. He didn’t expect an ordinary receptionist could have such a good skill. Even he was not an opponent. Maybe Qin Sheng could only be suppressed when Chen Xiangyang was at his peak. Unfortunately, his body health had already collapsed. He wanted to vend his anger but was humiliated instead. Chen Xiangyang’s eyes were extremely cattish. He felt that everyone was forcing him. The whole world was bullying him. “Since you didn’t let me live better, then I would not let you live better, either.”

When the security guard at the door saw this scene, he didn’t dare to come out. After all, Chen Xiangyang was their former boss. He treated them not bad. However, for some reasons, it was not right to trouble Qin Sheng. After all, everyone knew him involving in drugs and gambling. He had to leave sooner or later.

In the monitoring room, when everyone saw this scene, the person in charge immediately contacted Xu Lancheng and told him what happened. Xu Lancheng rushed to the monitoring room. This moment, everything was over, Qin Sheng just returned to the locker room to change clothes.

“Replay.” Xu Lancheng’s face was gloomy. He could guess with his ass that Chen Xiangyang must think Qin Sheng was the one who released his secret information. Qin Sheng inexplicably became a scapegoat, poor child.

The security guard in charge of the surveillance immediately replayed the scene. In the beginning, Xu Lancheng’s face was like the cloudy sky, but in the end, his eyes were shining. Especially after Qin Sheng’s quick actions and movements dragged down Chen Xiangyang, he felt so surprised. He did not expect Qin Sheng could be so powerful. He knew that Chen Xiangyang’s body had been collapsed, but he still got skills. It was certainly no problem for him to deal with ordinary characters. Xu Lancheng finally understood why Jiang Xianbang arranged Qin Sheng came to Shangshan Ruoshui. If there was no accident, he might pick up his class in the future. What should he do at that time?

Thinking of this, Xu Lancheng smiled, and he thought himself being too worried. The big boss would definitely arrange it. Not to mention that he had not made a lot of friends here. Many people wanted to take him away with a high price. But out of his big boss’s kindness and understanding, he insisted on staying in Shangshan Ruoshui, or he had changed places already.

“I don’t want other people to know this thing,” after watching the replay, Xu Lancheng said to the security guards in the surveillance room.

After returning to his office, Xu Lancheng did not dare to hide this thing. He feared that if he did not say it, once the big boss knew it, he would be punished. So he called the big boss quickly.

At this time, Jiang Xianbang was on the way to the airport and received a phone call from Xu Lancheng. Because he had to ask about the new security manager, he whispered, “Xu, what’s wrong?”

Xu Lancheng truthfully reported the scene that had just happened to Jiang Xianbang. After Jiang Xianbang heard it, he was deep in thought and hadn’t spoken for a long time. Xu Lancheng just waited gingerly.

After a while, Jiang Xianbang said slowly, “This Chen Xiangyang is really bold. Does he think that I’m an easy guy to deal with?”

“Mr. Jiang, what should we do?” Xu Lancheng asked cautiously.

Though Jiang Xianbang and Qin Sheng could laugh and argue unscrupulously in daily life. However, in the eyes of Xu Lancheng and fellows, Jiang Xianbang was a vicious person. The most important thing was that he had a lot of social connections. Otherwise, how Third Master Wu would give him the chance when he asked help?

“If he dares to do this, he might do other things. He has been in Shangshan Ruoshui for so many years, knowing too much that he should not know, just end up his life. In case he would bring trouble to many people,” Jiang Xianbang said without any emotion. He just determined the fate of Chen Xiangyang.

Xu Lancheng’s face changed slightly, but he didn’t dare to plead. He just said, “Okay, I will inform them to do it.”

“Well, inform me once you have done it, don’t make an accident, bye.” Jiang Xianbang nodded. He had seen blood scenes and had long-term cooperation with others. But he never came out, and Xu Lancheng was responsible for his things.

Chen Xiangyang certainly did not know that the ending was already doomed, from the beginning of his search for Qin Sheng. Jiang Xianbang was absolutely not allowed anyone to threaten him or Qin Sheng’s existence, not mention a small role like Chen Xiangyang.

Qin Sheng came off work a little bit late today. The member who had a banquet did not leave until 8 p.m. Because Ms. An deliberately let Lyu Yuan and Qin Sheng take charge. Qin Sheng could only be busy doing this.

But what surprised him was that when he returned to the new home Shilin Huayuan, Hao Lei and Chang Baji had not returned yet. So Qin Sheng called them and asked what happened.

Hao Lei said, tonight Guoping Group had a dinner party, which was held by the creditors and investors of Guoping Group. Han Bing, who was still a shareholder of Guoping Group, would definitely attend. So they had to work overtime.

After hanging up the phone, Qin Sheng had nothing to do so he just hung around. After all, it would be the place to live in the future. It would be good to be familiar with the surrounding environment, such as where the supermarket was, where the vegetable market was, where the place to eat and drink tea was, and where could be the place to have fun and relax himself? This was naturally a joke. Qin Sheng was not interested in this.

After hanging for an hour, it was found that all necessary places were included in this area. After all, it was a busy downtown area, but Qin Sheng found an interesting bookstore on the roadside. There was no magazine and bestseller. The books inside had been all released for at least two years. And there were many types of books, most of which were books about human history and philosophy. The bookstore was not large. There were only one male cashier and two female clerks. Qin Sheng couldn’t have to think but knew that the bookstore could be definitely a loss. He didn’t know whether the boss’s brain did not work or out of other reasons, or he just had some feelings. After all, many things this year were based on feelings.

When Qin Sheng went in, the cashier smiled at him politely, and the two female clerks, who were not very old, said, “Welcome.”

“Sir, what kind of book do you want to buy? I can recommend you a few books,” a younger female employee asked politely. She made Qin Sheng felt the fragrance of books. And he didn’t know if it was just because of the environment.

Whether Qin Sheng was shopping or buying things, he did not like the waiter to bother him. So he euphemistically refused and said, “Thank you, I will take a look by myself first.”

“Well, just call me if you need anything?” The female clerk smiled and immediately left for her own thing.

So Qin Sheng began measured the entire bookstore with his eyes. The decoration was very old-fashioned but with feelings. Unlike the bookstores that were bright and beautiful like high-end shopping malls, this bookstore had books everywhere. There were many books on the ground, and many books were old books. Qin Sheng thought they might also receive books. It had no decorations, but there were quite a few stools instead, which were obviously for people staying to read the book.

Books about humanities, history and philosophy were the majority. The following was finance, science and technology, nature, medicine, etc. Qin Sheng hung around about half an hour, and he turned over each category in detail. Finally, Qin Sheng selected a historical book A Year of No Significance, a financial book The Big Short and a philosophical book Social Contract Theory. These three books ranged from one area to another different area.

So when he was going to check out, the younger female clerk stared at Qin Sheng and looked at him again and again. Qin Sheng couldn’t help but said, “What happened?”

The female clerk was cute. She laughed and said, “The books you read are quite mixed.”

“Mix but not mastery, so nothing happens on me,” Qin Sheng said in half-joke.

The female clerk pouted and said, “False reasoning. I think that people who like to read books will succeed sooner or later.”

“What is success? How is it successful? Lowly people is loyal, educated people is cruel,” Qin Sheng said with a slight emotion.

The female clerk said disapprovingly, “How old are you? Your tone is like a 40 to 50 years old man. We must live optimistically, so we can be happy.”

“Xiao Le,” Cashier shouted at the female clerk, and then smiled at Qin Sheng. “A total of fifty dollars.”

“It’s so cheap.” Qin Sheng was very surprised. The three books were only fifty dollars. Hey, this publishing industry was getting worse and worse. It was no wonder that so many people who would spend one thousand to 10 thousands dollars on eating and entertaining, but was unwilling to spend dozens of dollars to buy a book. This was a time of information being fragmented era. It was sad.

The female clerk named Xiao Le replied, “Because you have two books that are old books, so it is cheap. We are different from other bookstores here.”

“Can you earn money? I am really afraid that when I come here next time, you have closed your door and closed the business,” Qin Sheng said casually. And he felt unsuitable when he finished.

Xiao Le glared at Qin Sheng and said, “You are really a jinx. Can’t you say something nice? That is enough, our boss has so much money. You don’t have to worry about that. Unless our boss goes bankrupt, or it is impossible for our bookstore to close.”

“No wonder.” Such an explanation made Qin Sheng understood that it must have a story, or who could afford it.

After giving the money and taking the book, Qin Sheng said thank you and then left.

Not long after returning to Shilin Huayuan, Chang Baji and Hao Lei came back. But they also took Han Bing, because Han Bing drank too much this evening. No one took care of her, Chang Baji and Hao Lei could only make their own claims to take her here.

They had no choice. Han Guoping was not here anymore. Han Bing naturally had to face these things alone.

Han Bing slept in Qin Sheng’s room. Qin Sheng settled her down, and was ready to go to the sofa tonight. Chang Baji was sitting next to him. Qin Sheng hesitated for a moment, and then he planned to speak about it.