The reception department in Shangshan Ruoshui, if counted Ms. An and two deputy managers, sixteen artists and six princes, there was only a small amount of them who were experienced people that worked from the opening of Shangshan Ruoshui til now. Most of them were newcomers. The most junior worker had been here for only three months. Shangshan Ruoshui was full of noble guests, and artists were groups of beautiful women with excellent temperament. They naturally would be taken away by big shots. Man struggled upwards and water flowed downwards, everyone would choose a better life.

The luckiest one was chosen by the second generation of the South Jiangsu official. Finally, the lucky one became the young mistress of this family. Many of them became other people’s mistresses and so on. Several people entered the entertainment circle. Jiang Xianbang did not care about this. This society was short of everything, not it was never short of people. Beautiful women were everywhere. As long as the treatment was appropriate, there would naturally be substitutes. He would be happy to do a favor for others. Let alone he was tired of watching the same people. Changing a group of people could give him fresh feelings.

Qin Sheng had been involved in Shangshan Ruoshui for some time. He could remember the names and faces of all people in Shangshan Ruoshui. But the most familiar place was naturally the reception department. There were always small circles in every department, and the reception department was also the same. Lyu Yuan was an experienced one on in reception department. Qin Sheng was taught by him, so Qin Sheng was closer to him. Therefore, the closer relationship was the artists of the small circle of Lu Yuan.

The two managers in the reception department, the male named Wang Haichao, who spoke and acted in a strict manner. He was close to the big shots of various departments of Shangshan Ruoshui, and always wanted to take over the position of Ms. An. The female’s name was Yu Fengzhi, whose name was the same as the name of the patriotic hero Zhang Xueliang’s first wife. When hearing this name, Qin Sheng thought this female must be a precious baby in her family. If we described Ms. An as a group of fire, then this beauty was the ice. She was known as the first beauty in Shangshan Ruoshui, the absolute beauty of the iceberg. But she worked in an extremely strict way. She won the love of Ms. An, and Wang Haichao was her opposite. She disliked Wang Haichao flattering Mr. Xu and other VVIP members the most.

Lyu Yuan was a neutral character. He never favored anyone. This was the reason why Ms. An liked him. Why did Ms. An ask him to teach Qin Sheng? Because she didn’t want Qin Sheng to be involved. If she wanted to add another manager, it was definitely Lyu Yuan.

After Ms. An’s announcement, the reception department was in a heat discussion. Qin Sheng had only worked here for half a month, and he now turned to a regular worker. In the past, the fastest one was a month. Basically, the internship period took two months.

“Be quiet, I know you have opinions. But Qin Sheng’s performance during this period is obviously excellent. He has learned what he needs to learn. And he does it well. Those members have praised him, even Mr. Xu has praised him. Don’t take your experience as important. Do you think that your ability is stronger than Qin Sheng?” Ms. An asked loudly.

Wang Haichao took the lead and refused to accept it. This kid had a pretty good looking. The female members liked him very much, so he had no fear. He smiled and asked, “Ms. An, don’t you think about it again?”

Ms. An was very disgusted with Wang Haichao. She knew that he had several members to support him and always wanted to take over her position. So she sneered, “This is not my decision. It is the meaning of Mr. Xu. If you want to consider it, then go to Mr. Xu.”

Wang Haichao was blocked by Ms. An’s words. But he was not angry. He just smiled. Yu Fengzhi, who was next to him, stared and dismissed him. As to Qin Sheng, she had no interest. Anyway, he had nothing to do with herself. After all, he was Lyu Yuan’s person.

After talking about this, Ms. An arranged a few more things. And the meeting was over soon. After Ms. An left, Wang Haichao came directly. He stood in front of Qin Sheng and said in a weird tone. “Qin Sheng, congratulations. Good luck with your work.”

Qin Sheng just said thank you. Many people pointed at Qin Sheng and whispered about him. Qin Sheng was too lazy to care about it. Yu Fengzhi immediately followed Ms. An and did not congratulate Qin Sheng.

Lv Yuan patted Qin Sheng’s shoulder. “Remember what I just said to you. Do your own thing, don’t care about other trivial things.”

“I know,” Qin Sheng nodded silently and said.

At this time, an artist who had a good relationship with Qin Sheng, smiled and said, “Qin Sheng, you are really great. I thought you will take one or two months to turn to a regular worker. I did not expect you to turn to a regular worker in half a month. I took two months at that time.”

This petite and lovely artist was Tang Wan. She was a stupid girl having no ambition. She was also taught by Lyu Yuan. It was because of having no ambition, she was always teased by others. She would be difficult to keep her job if she was without Lyu Yuan’s protection.

“Thanks to Brother Lyu,” Qin Sheng said in a polite way.

Tang Wan’s chest was quite magnificent. It was the number one in the reception department. In private, everyone yelled at her big breasts. She replied to Qin Sheng, “You should invite Brother Lyu to eat, and then I will follow you.”

“And me.” Song Siyu, who was not far away, ran over. She was also taught by Lu Yuan. However, this beauty was much smarter. And she had good relationships with all parties. Qin Sheng also often chatted with her.

Qin Sheng said without concern, “Okay, as long as everyone has time, I can always invite you. I don’t mind if you bring family members.”

“Tang Wan has a boyfriend. I don’t have yet. Or would you introduce someone to me, or we can be together?” Song Siyu, who had long hair, and reputedly graduated from the China Academy of Art, said in a joking tone.

Qin Sheng knew that she was joking. According to this girl’s vision, she definitely would not look at him. During the time he was in Shangshan Ruoshui. He heard several people say that she walked close with some members, and their relationship was a bit ambiguous. Obviously, she wanted to marry to rich people. However many artists in Shangshan Ruoshui had this idea. And there were not enough rich men for them to meet. They could only depend on themselves. So did not think about becoming friends with these women.

“Siyu, if you really like me, we can get married tomorrow.” Though Qin Sheng thought about it, he would not say something to embarrass himself.

Song Siyu said with a charming look, “Just go, you think I dare not do that?”

Lyu Yuan smiled and shook his head. “Stop talking, go to work, or you will be scolded.”

Tang Wan and Song Siyu made a grimace against Lyu Yuan, and then took Qin Sheng to the second floor.

Wang Haichao really didn’t like Qin Sheng. Everyone had nothing to do in the morning, but Qin Sheng was arranged a lot of things. He would ask Qin Sheng to move things, and then let Qin Sheng went to the box to change the decoration. Qin Sheng knew What he meant. But he didn’t care about these little things.

He was already a regular worker, so Qin Sheng’s working time was the same as other people. It was divided into morning shift and evening shift. The morning shift was from ten o’clock a.m. to five o’clock p.m., which was similar to Qin Sheng’s internship period. The evening shift is from five o’clock p.m. to the early hours of the morning. But Shangshan Ruoshui did not accept members after the 11 o’clock p.m. So as long as there were no new members before 11 o’clock p.m., they would be able to get off work after all members leave.

Today Qin Sheng was in morning shift, and he could get off work at five o’clock p.m.

Just getting off work, Qin Sheng was going to go to Han Bing’s company to stroll around. It was not far away. Who knew that Xia Ding just gave him a call. This guy was recently on a business trip in Hainan, so he had no time to bother Qin Sheng. He looked for Qin Sheng when he just came back.

He asked where Qin Sheng was. Qin Sheng gave him the position. And soon he drove his car to Qin Sheng, a brand new Aston Martin. He shouted to Qin Sheng, “Boss, get on the car.”

“This kid.” Qin Sheng shook his head helplessly.

When he got on the car, he was seen by Yu Fengzhi, who was just driving home. Yu Fengzhi looked at the sharp shadow of Aston Martin, and started to think about something.

“Boss, I haven’t seen you for a few days. I miss you very much.” Xia Ding, who was wearing trendy brands on his body, was excited.

Qin Sheng dismissed, “I think you are missing your beautiful girls.”

“Why say so, my goal is to meet girls from different places in China. How can this small Shanghai city ban my soul and body?” Xia Ding shook his head and sighed.

Qin Sheng didn’t want to reply to him. This guy was determined to be a playboy.

“Do you know who I met in Sanya?” Xia Ding said with interest.


“Who? Our Yu Wenle of Fudan University. He went on vacation with his fiancee. We all lived in the Intercontinental Hotel, and then we met when we had breakfast, hahahaha.” Xia Ding laughed out loud. They looked at each other with shock, then laughed at the same time.

“Have you seen Laosi’s fiancee before, how is the girl?” Qin Sheng was more interested in the girl who enchanted such a boy like Laosi.

“I have seen her once before, but it was in a hurry. Most of the time I am alone with him. There are no outsiders. We talked so much in Sanya this time. I think the girl is really good. He said that he will bring her to Shanghai next time. Let you see her. “Xia Ding was quite satisfied with the girl. She was the wifely type. Anyway, he was not going to marry. And the family was not strick to him.

“You are very leisurely. I am such a hard office worker,” Qin Sheng said helplessly.

“How is the work in Shangshan Ruoshui? I heard a lot of people talking about this place. But I have never been there. Hope I could have the opportunity to see. I know that brother Jiang often helps people in the antique market to buy goods. He has many fixed big customers.” Xia Ding was concerned about Qin Sheng’s work. Qin Sheng told him about this. He did not say anything about Qin Sheng’s work because Qin Sheng was a particularly assertive person.

Qin Sheng really did not know about these things. He had not known so deep. But when he thought that Jiang Xianbang started business from this area, Qin Sheng could understand.

“Just so so. But there are a lot of beautiful women inside, would you like me to introduce to you a few?” Qin Sheng said in a half-joke tone.

Xia Dingxiao laughed. “Boss, you are very welcome.”

“Come on. You think too much. How can I push the good girl into the fire pit?” Qin Sheng smiled and cursed.

Xia Ding sighed and looked so down.

“Where are we going?” Qin Sheng asked with confusion.

Xia Ding casually explained, “Remember what I told you last time. There was a charity dinner at the end of the month, just this weekend. Participants are big shots in Shanghai. The task was given by my old man. I don’t want to take my girl with me and I’m ready for searching beautiful girls at that time. You just take it as accompanying your brother. Now I’m taking you to IFC to buy a good suit. Just a gift for you to welcome you back to Shanghai.”

“Um, weekend? Charity dinner?” Qin Sheng said thoughtfully.

Xia Ding’s foot stepped on the accelerator, surpassing a buddy who was driving a Porsche. At the same time, he said, “We promise we will share happiness and hardship. We will retreat in advance if it was too boring. Is that okay?”

“Okay,” Qin Sheng said very helplessly.

So the two went to Pudong IFC. Qin Sheng certainly did not know how wonderful the charity dinner could be. It could be the summary of his life in these years…