As an international metropolis, Shanghai had the most expensive luxury plaza. Such as Ganghui, Hang Lung, Jiuguang, etc., but the IFC Center was absolutely the best force, with annual sales of the top five in the country. After all, it was located in a place that surrounded by Pudong’s important town, having favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions.

Xia Ding, who lived in No.1 Zhong Liang Ocean View, the most visited shopping mall of him was IFC. It was close to him , having most of fashion brands. He often took girls to go shopping, and became the VIP of all major brands. His father had never asked about this, as long as he didn’t cause trouble. His father thought money was just something unimportant. Money could be wealth once you spent it on something. If you didn’t spend it, it was just number and paper. People all made money to spend it. Supporting by such a father, Xia Ding was naturally unscrupulous. But he was still relatively decent. He was never sloppy in doing big things, and this was what Qin Sheng approved about him.

The company of Jiang Xianbang was in IFC. Qin Sheng had come several times. Xia Ding parked his car in the underground garage and then went straight to Ferragamo. He liked Italian brands.

But when they just arrived at Ferragamo, a beautiful girl holding a wind-coat in her hand, wearing high heels and with temperament was coming to them. At the same time, she waved at them with a smile. Qin Sheng was wondering what happened, Xia Ding had already stepped past and embraced the beautiful girl, and then pull the beautiful girl to come over. “Boss, this is my girlfriend Feifei.”

“Boss, nice to meet you.” Feifei, who had a typical beautiful face, called sweetly.

Qin Sheng had nothing to say. The speed that Xia Ding changed girlfriends was faster than changing clothes. During these two months since he returned to Shanghai. He had seen three or four girls, and all of them were as beautiful as a goddess. This kid was not afraid of retribution.

“Hello,” Qin Sheng greeted politely. Anyway, the girl might change to another one next time he saw Qin Sheng.

Xia Ding held Qin Sheng’s shoulder and said, “When two men are shopping in the market. Others will think that we are gay. Besides, men’s clothes need to be chosen according to the woman’s taste. Feifei has good taste; I believe her.”

“Boss’s body figure is well-proportioned, and everything should be good on it. Ferragamo’s men’s clothing is not bad. You can try a few sets first.” Feifei was an airline stewardess. Her family background was not bad. But it was much worse than Xia Ding’s family. Her taste was really good. This was also the character that Xia Ding appreciated.

So, accompanied by Feifei, Qin Sheng tried several sets of clothes in the men’s clothing store of Ferragamo, Zegna, Versace, etc., plus a pair of calf scalp shoes. After an hour, the mission was completed. Thanks to Feifei. Qin Sheng thought this beautiful woman was a vase. He didn’t expect her to be so deeply involved in these studies. Later he learned that she had studied abroad before and she worked in fashion magazines for a while.

Xia Ding was a really rich person. If he found someone met his need, even this guy was cheating on him, he was willing to spend money. If someone was not right for him, he would only treat him on the surface. So as long as Feifei felt right, he wanted to buy for Qin Sheng. However, Qin Sheng only promised to have one set. Too many clothes would change his style.

After buying the clothes, Xia Ding felt that there was still one thing missing. That was the watch. If the woman’s highlight was the pendant on the neck, then the man’s highlight was definitely the watch on the wrist. Xia Ding was a watch lover, who often played in watch forum. It was said that poor people played car, rich people played watch, and silly people played SLR. Xia Ding belonged to this type. He collected the masterpieces of major brands, and now what he was wearing was a Lange Saxon.

“Boss, you are lack of a watch now, go, and pick a watch for you,” Xia Ding stared at Qin Sheng, and said thoughtfully. There were Vacheron Constantin, Wanguo, Lange, Rolex in IFC. It was not difficult to pick a watch that was suitable for Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng heard this and resolutely shook his head. “No, I have one.”

Originally, this set of clothes had cost more than 30,000 dollars. And a watch would be more than 10,000 dollars. Qin Sheng did not want to be extravagant. He got used to a simple life. Grandpa also often taught him that it was easy to turn extravagant from frugal, however it was difficult to turn back to frugal once you were extravagant. Therefore, he hoped to maintain such an original intention, and was not affected by the flashy society.

“You have worn this watch for many years, just change it,” Xia Ding had a look at the old Shanghai fashion watch on Qin Sheng’s wrist, and said with carelessness. In his eyes, these indigenous watches were really not good. The quality was far away from big brands. The top watch was that custom-made version of the independent watchmaker. He wanted to get a custom-made watch of the watch god Philip Duffer. Unfortunately, there was no such channel. Thinking about the cat president of Hong Kong once made three custom-made watches of watch god, Xia Ding only had jealousy and hate.

Qin Sheng stared at Xia Ding and said, “I got you, but we can buy it next time. Feifei has been with us for so long, let’s go eat something first.”

To be honest, Qin Sheng did not want to change this watch. Because grandpa said it was his mother left for him. It was his grandfather gave it to his mother as a gift. He finally passed to him. Whenever he was in a bad mood, Qin Sheng would stare at the watch. He knew that the woman who was like all mothers in the world, had been with him all the time.

Qin Sheng had already said this, Xia Ding would change the atmosphere if he insisted on it. So he could only follow Qin Sheng.

Feifei was very familiar with this place, so she chose a Chinese restaurant that was not expensive. They had dinner casually. After the meal, Qin Sheng first withdrew and left the space to Xia Ding and Feifei.

After returning to Shilin Huayuan, Qin Sheng took a shower, changed his clothes and went straightly to the gym. After the card was registered, he began to resume his exercise. There were quite a lot of beautiful girls in this gym. But Qin Sheng had no interest. He was not coming for girls, nor did he need a useless private teacher to have lessons.

Qin Sheng kept training until nine o’clock p.m. Then he returned to Shilin Huayuan. Chang Baji and Hao Lei had come back. Qin Sheng told them he found a gym nearby, and they could go to exercise together later. Chang Baji, Hao Lei and Qin Sheng were the same kind of people. They must keep their bodies in the most perfect state, so that they would not be threatened when they were in danger. They naturally agreed with that.

The next day, Qin Sheng was still morning shift. Just after two o’clock in the afternoon, an Aston Martin had been driven into Shangshan Ruoshui. Qin Sheng was not in the hall at that time, but studied wine selection downstairs.

After a while, the head office called Qin Sheng to go to the second floor, the mountain box. Qin Sheng was puzzled. They did not arrange work for him at noon today. When he arrived at the door of the mountain box, the iceberg beauty Yu Fengzhi had already waited. She just nodded to Qin Sheng, then pushed the door and sneered, “Mr. Xia, Qin Sheng is here.”

Qin Sheng now knew what happened. It turned out that it was Xia Ding this asshole came over. This kid really did what he said. Yesterday, he said that he wanted to have the opportunity to see his work environment, and today he came over and strolled.

Because Yu Fengzhi and the other two artists were there. Qin Sheng could only keep smiling, but his heart was stunned. Xia Ding waved his hand to indicate other people. “You all go out, no one can come in without my allowance.”

Yu Feng said with a polite smile, “Okay, Mr. Xia, Mr. He, I am outside. Just call me when you need me.”

When Yu Fengzhi went out, she looked at Qin Sheng with a quiet look. Who was this man? He just turned to a regular worker after working less than half a month. And he was valued by Mr. Xu and Ms. An. What was the relationship between him and this member?

“Ha ha ha, surprise? Boss, you are right, there are so many beautiful girls in Shangshan Ruoshui.” Since there were no outsiders, Xia Ding directly took Qin Sheng to sit down and laughed.

Qin Sheng said with helplessness, “You really have nothing to do. And you stroll to everywhere.”

The friend next to Xia Ding was stunned. He had never seen anyone said things like this to Xia Ding. This buddy was just an ordinary worker of Shangshan Ruoshui. He was quite courageous.

“He, this is the boss in our dorm, Qin Sheng”. Xia Ding came here by taking advantage of him. His family and Jiang Xianbang had business dealings, so they were members here.

“Boss, this is my good buddy, He Pu, you can also call him Mr. Piao”

He Pu heard this and immediately cursed Xia Ding a few words, and then took the initiative to reach out his hands. “Brother Qin, don’t listen to him, just call me He.”

The two men shook hands, Qin Sheng picked up the teapot and smiled. “Let me give you some tea.”

“Boss, we can drink water; it is okay. We were too boring so we came to look at you. We have no outsiders here. Please don’t really treat yourself as a waiter. If I dare to let you serve, then master Yu will run to Shanghai and kill me with knife?” Xia Ding said euphemistically. They were brothers when they were together. And there was no second type of relationship.

He Pu was very puzzled. Xia Ding and Qin Sheng were at the same dormitory, so he must be graduated from Fudan. But why did he work here? He didn’t ask much more. After all, today, he only accompanied Xia Ding to stroll.

They hadn’t talked a few words yet. Wang Haichao ran over with a smile. He Pu was served by him every time. Just now he had something to do so he changed to Yu Fengzhi. Now he had finished his things and came here to say hello.

However, Wang Haichao just entered the door, he saw Qin Sheng sitting next to him, his face was gloomy in an instant. He did not care about He Pu and Xia Ding. He subconsciously frowned and said, “Qin Sheng, why do you sit here?”

Qin Sheng did not expect that Wang Haichao would come in without knocking on the door. He had to stand up in a hurry. He Pu just wanted to say something. Xia Ding next to him was holding his leg. Xia Ding was somewhat angry. What kind of person you were. You didn’t knock on the door to come in, and now you were here shouting. So you could shout at anyone?

“You don’t know the rules of Shangshan Ruoshui?” Wang Haichao stared at Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng did not say anything, he only looked at He Pu and said, “Mr. He, sorry, he is a newcomer. And he may not understand the rules. Sorry to let you see such an awkward situation. This gentleman is?”

He Pu did not introduce. He just stared at Wang Haichao with his eyes open. Wang Haichao saw He Pu not talking. He was wondering what was going on.

“You are a manager?” Xia Ding took the initiative to speak.

Wang Haichao replied smugly, “I am Wang Haichao, the deputy manager of the reception department. It is the first time I meet you. How can I call you, sir?”

“Damn you! What are you? Who asks you to come in and yell in here. Is a deputy manager so arrogant? You don’t know that I don’t allow anyone to come in?” Xia Ding stood up and scolded him with anger. It was helping Qin Sheng to vent the anger. Qin Sheng did not speak. Xia Ding more understood the situation. This guy and Qin Sheng were not in a good relationship. Or Qin Sheng would explain it immediately according to his way of handling things.

Wang Haichao was shouted to be muddled. What was going on?

“What the fuck, ask your responsible person to come in. They say that Shangshan Ruoshui is good, it turns out that just so-so. What makes you come in without asking first. Shit,” Xia Ding shouted unscrupulously. Anyway, Jiang Xianbang and Qin Sheng had a strong relationship. It would not cause trouble no matter what kind of mess he made, not to mention He Pu was next to it.

Yu Fengzhi and others heard the movement outside, they immediately ran in. “Mr. Xia, Mr. He, what’s wrong with this?”

“I just told you that no one is allowed to come in. Is that something wrong with your ears?” Xia Ding shouted at Yu Fengzhi. Yu Fengzhi felt happy in her heart. Anyway, she had told Wang Haichao. But Wang Haichao thought he had a good relationship with He Pu. So he pushed the door and came in directly.

“Mr. Xia, I have already said it, but Manager Wang…” Yu Fengzhi explained. But the explanation was not effective, and it was like pouring oil on the flames.

Wang Haichao stared at Yu Fengzhi. He abused in his heart, you bitch tried to trick me. But he couldn’t help it.

The outside artists had already notified Xu Lancheng and Ms. An, and the two quickly rushed over. A small matter was made public by Xia Ding. Qin Sheng did not care, and he allowed him to cause trouble. Wang Haichao always put him in a bad situation. And he was not convenient to come forward, just to take this opportunity to vent today.