Qin Sheng did not wish to be implicated in the politics within the reception department. He did not care how the people within the department sabotage one another as long as they did not get him involved. While Qin Sheng was very clear that he had only come to Shangshan Ruoshui to gather experience, Wang Haichao had been eyeing on him perhaps because his performance had been so exceptional that he was attracting unnecessary attention. More importantly, he was not in Wang Haichao’s inner circle and he had robbed Wang Haichao of his position in the limelight.

The reason Wang Haichao barged into the room was firstly because he thought too highly of himself, thinking he was someone important in Shangshang Ruoshui since he had He Pu to back him up. Secondly, Yu Fengzhi was out to prank him. Yu Fengzhi had every authority to stop Wang Haichao from entering the room given that the rules in Shangshang Ruoshui had be strictly adhered to at all times.

Qin Sheng, who was wearing a solemn expression, stood in a corner of the room and took in everything that was happening in the room. Spotting Yu Fengzhi, who was standing at the far end of the room, a thought came to his mind. He had a feeling that this woman was using him as a weapon.

“Sorry, Mr Xia, I’m at fault,” Wang Haochao sensed something amiss and quickly apologized.

Xia Ding totally disregarded him, so did He Pu, who was beside Xia Ding. How dare a deputy manager of the reception department tried to pretend to be He Pu’s equal. Between Xia Ding and Wang Haichao, He Pu was naturally more inclined to Xia Ding. He planned to leave everything to Xia Ding, assured that Xia Ding was a person with discretion.

Clearly, Xia Ding’s intention was that if Qin Sheng did not try to stop him, he would continue to make noise.

“You’re at fault? Is it enough to just admit your mistake? You suddenly barged in and started shouting at my friend. Are you the boss of Shangshan Ruoshui?” Xia Ding raised his voice to rebuke him. Wang Haichao could only curse under his breath, while his face showed fear.

By this time, Ms. An and Xu Lancheng had also arrived. They always made sure to be at the scene immediately when there was a stir. One of the motto of Shangshan Ruoshui was that to put the client’s interest as top priority. As for its employees, there were numerous talents in the great Shanghai and Shangshan Ruoshui would not be short of choices. As long as its boss was still in control, Shangshan Ruoshui would continue to be in operation.

Once Xu Lancheng entered the room, he inquired, “What happened here, He?”

Not only did Xu Lancheng have an intimate relationship with Jiang Xianbang, he was also closely acquainted with the He Family. On top of that, he used to be a goverment official. Wang Haochao was certainly not in the same league as Xu Lancheng. This was also the reason he addressed He Pu as ‘He’, and in response, He Pu had respectfully addressed his ‘Uncle Xu’.

“Uncle Xu, regarding this, you have to ask him…” He Pu said, pointing at Wang Haichao. Following this, He Pu tried to introduce them saying, “Old Xia, this is Manager Xu, the person in charge of Shangshan Ruoshui.”

“How do you do, Manager Xu?” Xia Ding immediately took the initiative to greet him with a smile.

Xu Lancheng politely asked, “Mr Xia, please do forgive these underlings for their ignorance and excuse them if they had offended you.”

“Manager Xu, don’t worry about it. Qin Sheng and I were school mates in the university and we haven’t seen each other for a long time. When I heard that he was in Shangshan Ruoshui, I had dragged He Pu here with me so the three of us could meet and catch up on each other. I had just requested for some privacy to keep out anyone trying to enter the room,” Xia Ding tried to explain calmly. When Qin Sheng gave him a signal, Xia Ding pointed at Wang Haichao and continued, “However, this manager just barged in without even knocking and went on to scold us. I thought people used to comment about how great Shangshan Ruoshui is, now I’ve seen it for myself!”

Xu Lancheng’s face fell when he heard these comments. He turned and looked straight at Wang Haichao, saying, “What is happening?”

“I’m sorry, Manager Xu, it’s all my fault, it’s my mistake,” Wang Haichao did not expect the incident to be blown out of proportion. Firstly, he had underestimated Qin Sheng, and secondly, Yu Fengzhi had plotted against him.

Xu Lancheng snorted and said, “What’s the use of apologizing? Have you forgotten Shangshan Ruoshui’s rules?”

Wang Haichao gritted his teeth, turned to face Xia Ding and gave himself a few tight slaps across his cheeks. The slaps were so loud and clear that everyone in the room could hear them. While he slapped himself, he simultaneously apologized, saying, “Sorry Mr Xia, it’s my fault. Please forgive me.”

Xia Ding thought that was enough. He waved his hand and said, “It’s alright. Just be more cautious next time.”

Xu Lancheng played along by saying to Wang Haichao, “You are suspended from work for a week, and your salary will be cut for half a month. Now go!”

Helpless, Wang Haichao did not have other options but to accept the punishment quietly and left the room looking embarrassed. The other followed suit to leave the room.

Xu Lancheng and Ms. An remained standing by the side. Ms. An had been observing Qin Sheng the moment Xia Ding mentioned that Qin Sheng was his university mate. She noticed that Qin Sheng’s expression was rather indifferent, as if it was none of his business. At the same time, he did not seem bothered about Wang Haichao at all, otherwise he would have retaliated.

“Please excuse us, Mr Xia,” Xu Lancheng said, smiling politely.

Xia Ding chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, Manager Xu. It’s a small matter.”

“Uncle Xu, there’s not need to stand on ceremony. Please go ahead with your own business. We will continue to have our tea and chat,” He Pu said, being the mediator.

“Alright, let us know whenever you need anything. Please do come back anytime to Shangshan Ruoshui.”

After that, Xu Lancheng led Ms. An out of the room. Xu Lancheng knew that Wang Haichao was becoming complacent because he had been in Shangshan Ruoshui for a period of time. What happened today would be a wake up call for him. However, just before he closed the door behind him, he cast a confused look at Qin Sheng.

All the people left, leaving Qin Sheng, Xia Ding and He Pu in the room. Xia Ding handed the other two a cigarette each and chuckled, saying, “Boss, this place is too insignificant for you to stay on, it’s like you’ve been mistreated here. I really don’t understand what’s going on in your mind. Back then, Prof. Lee had recommended you to continue studying philosophy in either Oxford or Cambridge. We were so certain that you’re so going to make it in life! Who knew that you disappeared right after graduation and did not even take the graduation photos with us!”

“Let’s not talk about the past. Did you seriously think that I love philosophy so much? Didn’t I tell you then that interest is the important? Most importantly, it was a breeze studying philosophy,” Qin Sheng said matter of factly.

He Pu burst out laughing as he found Qin Sheng to be such an interesting character. There were so many people who at the grassroot who wanted to get into popular courses in the universities, so they could change their destiny for the better. On the contrary, Qin Sheng had chosen one of the least popular professions.

“I don’t understand you thinkings at all. You could have found a good job anywhere else, but have chosen to be a service personnel here. When I found out, I didn’t even dare to tell second and fourth brother,” Xia Ding said, displeased. He had wanted to keep this to himself earlier, but he could not stand to see Qin Sheng being bullied by some small fry.

Qin Sheng casually said, “The choice is mine, so don’t you bother too much. Don’t worry, I won’t stay here forever.”

“I don’t understand how you want to live your life, but it’s more important that you know what you want,” Xia Ding shrugged. He did not want to interfere too much with Qin Sheng’s life.

“Alright, let’s not waste time but quickly enjoy our tea and chat, otherwise Qin Sheng needs to go tend to his business soon!”

Xia Ding and He Pu spent less an hour in Shangshan Ruoshui before they left to tend to their own business. Each of them was a professional in their own fields. While they knew how to enjoy life, they were also very serious when it comes to work.

Wang Haichao had changed his clothes and left Shangshan Ruoshui. Xu Lancheng did not come to look for Qin Sheng with regards to what happened, while Ms. An faintly smiled at Qin Sheng when they bumped into each other. Qin Sheng was tidying up a room when the cold but beautiful Yu Fengzhi pushed open the door and entered.

Qin Sheng looked up and was dazed for a moment when he realized who it was. Thereafter, he continued busying himself with tidying up the room and did not bother about her.

“To everyone’s surprise, you have some hidden secrets,” Yu Fengzhi walked gracefully towards Qin Sheng, smiling at him. She puffed up her chest and stuck out her hips as she lean against the counter. She really knew how to take advantage of her alluring figure and it was no wonder why the male employees in Shangshan Ruoshui were swooned over her.

Qin Sheng was squatting while he cleaned. From his angle, he only noticed Yu Fengzhi’s long slender legs and long flowy hair. After he was done with tidying up the wine chest, he gradually straightened and said, “I don’t know what you mean.”

“What exactly is your background? A commoner? It doesn’t seem like it. You’ve merely been here for half a month and both Manager Xu and Ms. An look highly upon you. You even know some of our clients. Don’t tell me those two rich friends of yours are here to experience what you’re experiencing,” Yu Fengzhi snorted coldly as she fixed her eyes on Qin Sheng.

“I will play along with you,” Qin Sheng thought.

Qin Sheng went up behind Yu Fengzhi quietly and abruptly turned to face her, putting his two arms onto counter while trapping Yu Fengzhi in between. They were standing such close proximity, face to face, that they could even feel each others’ breathing. Qin Sheng looked Yu Fengzhi up and down, which made her heart flutter. There was no one in Shangshan Ruoshui who behaved so audaciously towards her.

“What do you want?” Yu Fengzhi sounded nervous. Although she knew this was not leading anywhere, however, she was at a loss of how to reason with Qin Sheng even if he were to take advantage of her.

“What do you say I’m doing?” Qin Sheng challenged.

Yu Fengzhi was locked in place between Qin Sheng and counter. She wanted to give Qin Sheng a kick to break free, however, even her knees were blocked by Qin Sheng. She had completely lost her ability to put up a fight.

Looking at how they were positioned, it appeared as if they were a couple madly in love.

“What do you want? If you don’t release me now, I’m going to scream,” Yu Fengzhi shouted at Qin Sheng, feeling both furious and embarrassed.

Qin Sheng replied disapprovingly, “Go ahead and scream, so that people will rush in and see what we’re doing. I don’t mind, but I’m not sure about you.”

“Dare me to kick you out of Shangshan Ruoshui,” Yu Fengzhi threatened.

Qin Sheng leaned forward further, as if he was going to lay portrayed on her. He took in a deep breath, taking in her scent and said coldly, “You can try, and let’s see who gets thrown out first.”

Qin Sheng breathed and spoke into her ear, which made her extremely uncomfortable. Almost breaking down, she blurted out, “What exactly do you want?”

The corners of Qin Sheng’s lips turned up as he smiled an evil smile. “What do I want? I do want to do something to you, but not here. This is not the right place.”

Qin Sheng’s eyes turned cold and evil as he said, “Do you really think I don’t know what you were trying to do today? If you dare to use me as a weapon once more, or if you try to test me, then I will make sure to play along with you. Let’s see who gets into trouble first.”

After saying this last statement, Qin Sheng finally let go of Yu Fengzhi and walked out of the room with a chilling look in his eyes.