Hao Lei was the best cadet in the entire army camp in his time, but he chose to be discharged from the army when he was selected into the special unit. However, he was beaten by Chang Baji who merely used 30% of his strength.

Qin Sheng, who was under the tutelage a of a well-known master and went through two over years of training, many of which were close encounters with death, was now faced with Yang Deng, Zhejiang Third Master Wu’s disciple, in this first duel since he was back in Shanghai. Because of complacency, Qing Sheng only managed to put a slash on Yang Deng’s thigh. At the gates of the villa at Thomson Golf Course, Yang Deng gave it his all only to be defeated eventually, although he did take Chang Baji by surprise.

No one knew the upper limit of Chang Baji’s capabilities, except that Chang Baji had never been defeated by anyone, regardless of their capabilities, all these many years in Xi’an.

Therefore, faced with this group of martial art practitioners who were employed by Jiang Xianbang using a large sum of money, Chang Baji could still confidently call them a garbage.

This group of martial art practitioners naturally were not convinced.

Now that the first to go up was defeated with one move, therefore everyone was stunned by the outcome.

From Chang Baji’s bold comments, everyone knew he must be exceptionally skillful and strong, but they were nonetheless shocked by how short a time it took and how pathetic the outcome was. At this moment, there was total silence all around.

All the second floor windows of ShangShan Ruoshui were crowded with spectators and all, including Xu Lancheng, Qin Sheng, Ms. An and Yu Fengzhi were greatly stunned.

However, what came next was even more exciting…

A few security guards helped the defeated man up. His name was Sun Lei and he was a retired soldier as well. He was clearly not convinced that Chang Baji was that great, so he came forward first to challenge him.

“Look at how you have overestimated your abilities! Useless fellow!” Chang Baji said unforgivingly. Not only did Chang Baji defeat him mercilessly, he was also harsh with his comments, but no one dared to speak up to him.

“Who else is there who is not happy about this? Please step forward, don’t let me look down on you. Even if you are useless, don’t be cowards,” Chang Baji provoked.

One, two, three.

Eventually, six people stepped forward, each wishing in his heart that he could defeat Chang Baji. They were willing to be defeated but not humiliated.

Chang Baji nodded, thinking that at least this group of people were dignified, despite their lack of competence. Otherwise they would all be dismissed as fighters after this.

Chang Baji loosen the muscles on his neck, arms and legs, as if he were doing warm ups, and said with a relaxed tone, “If six of of you were to take turns to come forward, it would be too troublesome. Why don’t six of you fight me altogether at one go.”

The statement he made made a wave among the spectators.

It would not be a problem for Chang Baji to defeat all six men if they were just ordinary people. The problem was that each of these six men was carefully selected fighters. Did Chang Baji really want to challenge them at one go?

At this moment, Yuan Hua and Sun Chao’s faces were ashen. They stared intently at Chang Baji, wondering what would happen. They did not even think that the two of them combined, was able to withstand the six opponents.

However, the six men stood there for a while without making any moves. They were doubtful if Chang Baji would really do what he said.

“I already said that all of you are useless. So all six of you together with be six useless fellows,” Chang Baji said, smiling. He was completely unperturbed by any of the men.

The statement Chang Baji made provoked two security guards who roared and dashed towards Chang Baji. Following behind, the remaining four also dashed forward after them. They went all out, disregarding the consequences. Even if Chang Baji were to end up in tears, this was what he asked for.

Chang Baji was no longer looking as relaxed as a moment ago. In fact, he was beginning to be very serious. He had just taken over the position as the security manager and he was full of fervor, but he had to make sure that he did not make any mistakes because the outcome would determine if he earned respect in Shangshan Ruoshui in future.

Therefore, he had to put in his all.

The two men up front each stood at 45 degrees to Chang Baji’s right and left respectively as they launched their attack. Not only were these two men more skilled then the first challenger, they were giving their all as they vowed to defeat Chang Baji. Even if they were unable to do so, they would sap Chang Baji’s strength so their brothers would gain an edge over him later on.

Keeping a straight face, Chang Baji retreated two steps, then charged forward. He had decided against using the defensive technique but to attack violently, he was going all out this time.

The the two opposing party came to face with each other, Chang Baji leaped high into the air all of a sudden, sweeping his leg towards the security guard on the left. The force of the this move was so great and the speed so fast that the kick landed on the security guard’s arm which he had spontaneously lifted to block the attack. Immediately, he knew that his bone was broken as the excruciating pain shot up his arm and he could barely cry out. Chang Baji, who had landed by now, held on to the security guard’s arm and threw him towards the other two security guards standing behind him.

Thereafter, Chang Baji charged towards the other security guard and dodging his punch by bending down, Chang Baji elbowed his back and held on tightly to his wrists. Pulling his wrists downwards, Chang Baji brought his knees up forcefully onto the guard’s chests and he fainted immediately.

In the twinkling of an eyes, Chang Baji had defeated two security guards. The remaining four immediately rushed towards him, although they had lost some confidence. Chang Baji was like a ferocious tiger that dashed into the midst of a pack of wolves to fight against them.

The entire atmosphere was filled with brutality.

In a matter of three-and-a-half minutes, Chang Baji had overpowered six security guards so much so that the entire security department was shaken and all the onlookers were stunned. All their faces were wearing an incredulous look. The only exceptions were Qin Sheng and Xu Lancheng, who were not at surprised.

In the garden at this moment, the six security guards were lying on the ground groaning in pain, while Chang Baji remained at the position he was, looking like Vajra.

“I said you’re useless garbage but you refused to believe,” Chang Baji mumbled.

Yuan Hua and Sun Chao gave each other a knowing look. They initially planned to step out and challenge Chang Baji to get him out of the limelight, they could not let him think that all the security personnel were useless. However, they came to realization that all of them would be miserably beaten up if they step forward to challenge Chang Baji. Instead of bringing shame to themselves, they thought it would be wiser to protect themselves first. After all, the restructuring and recruiting of new members for the security department would not involve the both of them.

From this day one, they knew they had to submit to this him even if they were to do it unwillingly. Moreover, Chang Baji was the deputy general manager of the security department and they would rather suck up to him then to think of ways to harm him.

Yuan Hua stepped out to instruct the rest what needed to be done, saying, “Those who are fine, get up now. As for those who are injured, send them to the hospital right now. The rest of you continue with your work today. As for the assessment by Manager Chang, let’s get ourselves prepared. I’m afraid those who fail the assessment would be dismissed.”

Chang Baji turned to looked at Yuan Hua, thinking what a political guy he was.

He helped one of the guards on the ground onto his feet, patted his shoulder and left, smiling. As he walked off, he gave the onlookers the impression of awesomeness.

“Ms. An, is Manager Chang even human?” A stunned Yu Fengzhi, who was standing by the window on the second corridor mumbled, unable to digest the scene she just witnessed.

Ms. An who had seen eye-opening occasions and been through much ups and downs in life just smiled and said, “No human, then what is he? The world is so vast so you will meet with all kinds of people. Make sure your eyes are wide open always, lest you offend Manager Chang. I’ve a feeling that Manager Xu would be leaving and Manager Chang will take his place. I believe today is the day he established this fact through the deciding battle.”

“What? Did you say Manager Xu is leaving, Ms. An?” Yu Fengzhi cried in astonishment. She had totally missed this.

In contrast with Yu Fengzhi, Ms. An, at her current age, was able to sense Chang Baji’s aura more acutely. She could see the power in his moves and thought that even Xu Lancheng was no match for him. Her thoughts started to stray as she wondered how rigorous he could be on the bed, and her heart fluttered.

The words spoken by Yu Fengzhi awoke Ms. An from her day dreams. She shook her head and said “I don’t know, it’s just how I feel. In a while, I will try to find out if there is any news from the office.”

Xu Lancheng, who was on the third floor, had witnessed the entire process. Xu Lancheng definitely knew both Qin Sheng and Chang Baji much better than Ms. An did. He could roughly guess that Chang Baji had come to help Qin Sheng, otherwise he would not be given the position of the deputy manager in addition. As for himself, he knew he would have to leave sooner or later.

His era was passing and the Qin Sheng’s era was just about to begin. He wondered how Qin Sheng would bring Shangshan Ruoshui to the next level?

After watching this show put up by Chang Baji, he did not seem perturbed. He seemed to have gotten used to this. To him, Chang Baji had just walked off to mind his own business after stirring up a great commotion.

Chang Baji had a very busy day indeed. He had to familiarize himself with Shangshan Ruoshui’s environment. At the same time, he had to consider how to go about restructuring the security department, how to conduct assessment of security personnel, how to recruit new personnel and how to work hand in hand with the other departments.

On the other hand, Qin Sheng was rather free. In the afternoon, a club member brought three female friends to Shangshan Ruoshui. Of the three ladies, only one would qualify as a beauty, while the other two were far from being pretty. He wondered why Jiang Xianbang had employed so many beautiful women to work in Shangshan Ruoshui. Was he only concerned about pleasing the male club members and did not consider the impact of the blow on the female club members?

After Qin Sheng was finished for the day, he did not inform Chang Baji, but quietly escaped to attend a charity banquet which he promised to Xia Ding to accompany him to attend.

Qin Sheng was not resistant to attending such functions since his goal was to ascend to the apex of the pyramid. For this reason, he had to gain a social network and resources. Jiang Xianbang was considered his first point of social network left behind by his grandfather, while he would have to build up his own network and manage it himself from this point.