It was hard for any one who had not attained a certain level of status within any social circle to assimilate himself, after all he did to speak their common language. He was unable to join in the kind of conversation those people were having. This was the reason Qin Sheng did not want to tag along with Xia Ding as he went around the banquet hall. If someone were to ask what he did for a living, would he answer by saying he was a waiter? Not only would he bring shame to Xia Ding, he would also be embarrassing himself.

One could gradually build up his network of people by getting to know people and gradually get familiar with them. It was not necessary to force a relationship. If he were to try too hard and embarrass himself at the start, he would have to make a greater effort the save the situation later on.

Someone who possessed a real strength would be standing on sure ground and he naturally would not be assimilated into the different social circles. In this way life could be easier for him.

Qin Sheng had come to open his eyes, of course he would get acquainted with some interesting people, but he had certainly not come here to hunt for preys.

Therefore Qin Sheng was in no hurry to meet people. He was more concerned about filling his empty stomach. Little did he expect that he would meet someone he knew. This person was none other than Zhao Zixi, the talented, handsome young man whom he met when he first visited Jiang Xianbang’s villa.

“Fancy meeting you here, Brother Zhao,” exclaimed Qin Sheng, quickly swallowing the cake in his mouth.

Cladding in a smart suit and tie, Zhao Zixi shook his head and replied, “I had nothing much to do these days, so my friend dragged me here. I didn’t expect to meet you here!”

“Same here,” said Qin Sheng, after he took a sip of the wine and put the glass down.

Zhao Zixi chuckled, “Have you not eaten in days? You look like a refugee.”

“Like you said, I haven’t had any food. My friend who brought me is busy meeting people, but I don’t know anybody here. What the heck, I thought, just fill up my stomach first,” said Qin Sheng, laughing.

“You really are not concerned about how people look at you!” Zhao Zixi said, patting Qin Sheng’s shoulder.

Qin Sheng shrugged and said, “Did Old Jiang come?”

“I don’t think so, he doesn’t like to attend such events. Although it’s call a charity banquet, sounding like they’re raising funds for poor children, but in fact, it is for people to exchange their resources. Reaping the greatest benefit is what’s on their mind. People with a status like Old Jiang wouldn’t show up. After all, with his collections, he can organize as many of such events as he likes,” the two men walked towards the full pane glass windows and sat down adjacent to each other as they continued chatting.

“That makes sense,” Qin Sheng nodded in agreement. Xu Lancheng said the reason Shangshan Ruoshui was able to attract so many members apart from its ambience and service, was because it was also a private museum. There were many people who were interested in antiques, and they would naturally be attracted to Shangshan Ruoshui. Generally Jiang Xianbang would sell to them any items which caught their eye and they were able to offer a good price for it. Although he also take into consideration the person’s social status, background and the kind of business he was doing.

Since Qin Sheng was Jiang Xianbang’s nephew and that the Zhao family had a close relationship with Jiang Xianbang, Zhao Zixi did not mind introducing Qin Sheng to people since Qin Sheng did not know anyone else attending the event. He treated it as part of a relationship investment. “How about I introduce you to some friends?” Zhao Zixi offered.

Qin Sheng was a little surprise by Zhao Zihao’s initiative, but he did not dare to take up the offer so easily since he was not especially familiar with him. Perhaps he was just trying to be polite, Qin Sheng did not wish to be despised by taking advantage of the offer. He thought he would implicate Jiang Xianbang in light that he was kind of representing Jiang Xianbang. “It’s alright. I may be able to keep up a conversation with someone I know, but to strangers, I would feel extremely awkward,” said Qin Sheng, smiling.

Having been turned down gently by Qin Sheng, Zhao Zixi nodded and said, “Alright, we should meet up another day to catch up again. For now, please excuse me, I will have to move on.”

Zhao Zixi spotted a friend waving at him and he got up from to seat to leave.

The last time they were introduced, Qin Sheng had keyed in Zhao Zixi’s contact number from his name card into his handphone. Qin Sheng was not too deliberate in making acquaintances, he rather build up a relationship gradually, through interactions like today.

After a while when Xia Ding was done with his business, he came looking for Qin Sheng and saw him sitting and chatting with Zhao Zixi. He was surprised that Qin Sheng found someone he knew, but it was not surprising either because after all, Qin Sheng had resided in Shanghai for four years.

“How?Are you feeling bored?” Xia Ding walked up to him and joked. Accompanying his by his side now, was a pretty lady in a bright red gown.

“It’s not too bad,” Qin Sheng said, smiling, as he stood up. Throwing a glance at the beauty beside Xia Ding, he thought now there was trouble. How did Xia Ding manage to hunt down a prey so quickly?

Reading Qin Sheng’s thoughts, Xia Ding tried to explain by saying, “Nana, this is my Boss, Qin Sheng. I know you are very resourceful, can you introduce a suitable girlfriend for my boss?”

“Hi big brother Qin Sheng,” Nana greeted Qin Sheng, smiling sweetly.

Qin Sheng replied, “Hello, don’t bother with Xia Ding, he’s always behaving in this way.”

Xia Ding whispered into Qin Sheng’s ear, saying, “My eldest uncle’s daughter set us up, hoping that we can become a couple, but I it’s not what I want. I don’t know what to do, so please help me out!”

Then did Qin Sheng realize the situation.

“How about we go to the outdoor veranda, since the hall is filled with the older people and is too boring for us,” Xia Ding suggested.

Both Nana and Qin Sheng were agreeable and the three proceeded to the veranda. Once they stepped out into open air, Qin Sheng immediately felt the cool air around. He immediately asked Nana if she had brought a cardigan. His sweet gesture left a good impression in Nana.

Yuerong Manor’s veranda was facing Pudong and the skylight night scene was very captivating. In fact, the veranda was much more vibrant than the hall since it was filled with young people. Xia Ding bumped into many friends quickly as he greeted them individually. He had basically unloaded Nana onto Qin Sheng and asked them to sit down somewhere, while he went around meeting other people.

Qin Sheng was starting to secretly curse Xia Ding for pushing his problem to him. Xia Ding must be going around to prey on someone he fancy. Qin Sheng could only sit with Nana at a corner helplessly.

“Big brother Qin Sheng, how did you get to know big brother Xia Ding?” Nana was younger then both of them and was in the last year of university, planning to go on to do her masters overseas. She knew Xia Ding since young and had a soft spot for Xia Ding, the bad boy. Unfortunately, Xia Ding had always treated her as a younger sister. She was glad to have met Qin Sheng, thinking she could find out more about Xia Ding through him.

Qin Sheng tried to explain to her, saying, “Xia Ding and I were hall mates. There were two other room mates, and they addressed me the boss, or the Eldest Brother, while Xia Ding is the Third Brother.”

“I see, no wonder he addresses you as the boss. So big brother Qin Sheng also graduated from Fudan University! I had always wanted to go to Fudan, but my parents insisted that go to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, otherwise I would have become your junior!” Nana said shyly.

“Shanghai Jiao Tong University is also a good university. Wow, didn’t expect you are also a high flying student!”

“Nah… I don’t like studying. It’s because my parents were pushy. Now they want to go overseas to further my studies, I don’t know what to do,” sighed Nana.

Qing Sheng smiled as he thought that his young lady truly had no idea about the life. There were so many people who wished they could study overseas but did not come from a rich family like hers. She had no idea how many more did not even have the chance to study in the local universities. Perhaps this was what people called destiny.

At this moment, Xia Ding was surrounded by three to four pretty ladies and Qin Sheng could see that Nana was obviously unhappy about this. Qin Sheng suddenly had a naughty idea and he said to Nana, “You really like Xia Ding, don’t you, Nana?”

“No way!” Nana said, beginning to blush.

As Qin Sheng chewed on his fruits, he said, “One can determine whether you like a person by looking at your eyes. If you like him, the look you give him would be one with tenderness. You can’t really conceal that look in the eyes.”

“Really?” Nana asked with curiosity written all over her face. “Since you know so much, big brother Qin Sheng, why are you still single?” she asked.

Qin Sheng was struck dumb by Nana’s question.

Qin Sheng was dazed for a second, then he burst out laughing and said, “Do you know you can kill a conversation just like that, Nana?”

Nana was so tickled by Qin Sheng that she started laughing too. Covering her mouth with her hand, she said, “You’re so humorous, big brother Qin Sheng.”

Be it from Nana’s appearance, her mannerism and speech since they started interacting, Qin Sheng had the feeling that she was still a naive little girl. Perhaps because her parents were over protective that she grew up without having to worry about anything. It was not wonder that Xia Ding was trying all ways and means to avoid her, because they were worlds apart.

“However Nana, if you really like Xia Ding, you should not sit around and do nothing about it. Just look at the many girls circling around him, there’s no stopping one of them becoming your big brother Xia Ding’s girl. What you need to do is to go over and proclaim to the girls your relationship with Xia Ding. The girls are no match for you,” Qin Sheng said, trying to stir up Nana’s emotions.

Nana cock her head and pondered for a while and eventually agreed with what Qin Sheng said. Without further hesitation, she got up and walked up to Xia Ding, with Qin Sheng tailing her.

When Qin Sheng was following behind Nana, suddenly a strange man grabbed him from the side and said, “Hey, I’ve been looking for you everywhere but unable to find you and now you just suddenly appeared! Do you still remember me?”

Qin Sheng was frustrated to have been scolded for no reason. He did not think he would meet his enemies in this kind of events. He turned around, frowning to stare into the face of a man he did not know indeed.

“I think you’ve got the wrong person,” Qin Sheng said politely. Although this man before his eyes was decently dressed, his mouth was splurting vulgarities.

In a mocking tone, the man, holding a glass of wine smirked and said, “Got the wrong person? Seems like you’ve got a bad memory and had forgotten me so quickly. Remember what happened at New Heavens And Earth G+ that night? I thought you were someone great, but you were actually just a driver for the Han Family. Did you get in here by following Han Bing?”

Qin Sheng stared a the man and finally figured out who he was after he said those words. He was the man at the bar the other night, trying to take advantage of Han Bing and even wanted to hit her. Qin Sheng never expected himself to meet him here, how unfortunate.

“Oh, it’s you! I thought you had died,” said Qin Sheng, displeased.

Liu Chengfeng was utterly beaten in New Heavens And Earth G+ Bar. However, at that time, his family was in the midst of some crisis and Han Family was also in trouble. Then he did not dare touch Han Bing and eventually did not take revenge on Qin Sheng. During this period of time, things had died down and everything was going smooth for him, Han Family had totally collapsed and Han Bing had lost her backing, he thought it was time for him requite his humiliation.

However, he did not expect to bump into Qin Sheng here today.

“Really?” Provoked, Liu Chengfeng continued, “Too bad I’m not dead yet, let’s see who’s going to die now?”

“No need to wait any longer, let’s do it now,” said Qin Sheng as his face expression turned vicious.

Following what he said, he threw a punch at Liu Chengfeng’s face without any hesitation. No one, including Liu Chengfeng and his friend were prepared for Qin Sheng’s sudden attack.

Qin Sheng thought Liu Chengfeng must have scolded him non-stop because he thought Qin Sheng was a vegetarian.