To Qin Sheng, there was no need to argue further but it made more sense to use his fists. He did not expect to bump into Liu Chengfeng today, and he was surely not here to create trouble. It was just too bad that Liu Chengfeng was too offensive with his words, which touched Qin Sheng’s raw nerves. Not only did he say that Qin Sheng was without any parents, he also called Han Bing a prostitute. How could he bully a helpless girl who had lost her parents?

In addition, Liu Chengfeng implied that he was going create more trouble for Qin Sheng and Han Bing in future. In that case, Qin Sheng would rather settle their business today so he could shoulder any consequences instead of getting Han Bing implicated.

“What are you trying to do?” Liu Chengfeng’s friend cried out in fury.

Apart from Liu Chengfeng, there were two other men and two other women standing by him. The guests who were present at this charity event were either wealthy or respected people. These men and women had thought that Qin Sheng was a friend Liu Chengfeng coincidentally met, little did they expect them to start arguing, and eventually start fighting.

“I’m just trying to warn him to be careful with what he says, so he wouldn’t put his parents to shame,” Qin Sheng said, fearlessly, since there were only a handful of them. Qin Sheng would be able to handle a much larger group of people anytime.

Liu Chengfeng, being punched in front of his group of friends was instantly infuriated, which was not a surprising response for a young man. He grabbed a wine bottle from somewhere within reach and charged towards Qin Sheng, crying, “Go to hell!”

Liu Chengfeng’s two friends tried to hold on to Qin Sheng lest Liu Chengfeng got injured. This was what needed to be done first and talking terms could come after.

Qin Sheng shoved Liu Chengfeng’s friend to the side as he lost balanced, but landed on a seat, almost crashing into a lady, even the table top was messed up by now. Qin Sheng took two steps forward, grabbed on to Liu Chengfeng’s wrist and twisted it with some strength. Liu Chengfeng instantly cried out in pain and he dropped his wine glass to the floor and shattered. Then Qin Sheng wielded his arm to land an attack on Liu Chengfeng’s chest. Before Liu Chengfeng could recover himself, Qin Sheng grabbed hold of his arms and threw him to the ground three meters away. By this time, Liu Chengfeng could no longer get up.

Such a great commotion had alarmed everyone on the veranda and all eyes were on them. They were surprised to be able to witness a real life drama before their eyes. Was someone two-timing someone, did the threesome meet up and got into an argument and fight?

Xia Ding, who was chatting with his friends, was wondering who had come to this event to ruin it? It was nothing to do with him, but did not mind being a spectator. How shock he was when he looked and saw that it was Qin Sheng. Shocked, he cursed under his breath and ran over to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng was about to start a fight with Liu Chengfeng’ friend when he heard Xia Ding, shouting on top of his voice, saying, “Don’t you dare try fighting him!”

Xia Ding’s voice stopped the men in their tracks, they were hesitant whether to proceed with fighting or not and each wore a look of embarrassment on his face.

The two accompanying ladies quickly took the opportunity to help Liu Chengfeng to his feet. At this moment, Liu Chengfeng was aching all over his body. Fortunately Qin Sheng did not use all his strength, otherwise Liu Chengfeng would be so badly hurt that he would need to be sent to the hospital straight away.

“What happened, Boss?” asked Xia Ding, looking anxious.

Qin Sheng shook his hands and replied, “Bumped into this mad dog on the street. I’m teaching his lesson on how to behave as a man, on behalf of his parents.”

Nana ran over too and asked with concern, “Big brother Qin Sheng, are you alright?”

“I’m alright, just teaching this idiot a lesso,” Qin Sheng said with a smile.

A man, who seemed to be Liu Chengfeng’s friend, emerged from the crowd at this instant and said calmly, “Friend, no matter what, it was wrong to hit someone. Isn’t it?”

The appearance of this man seemed to bring confidence to Liu Chengfeng and his friends and they immediately felt at ease. Sizing up the man, Qin Sheng realized that he was tall and burly, around 1.99 meters tall. It was apparent that he went to the gym to work out a lot. It seemed that the man had come forward to talk rather than fight, which Qin Sheng was ready to oblige.

However, the voice of a women cried out, “Qin Sheng” right at this moment.

There was the emotion of both surprise and shock in the voice, and it sounded so familiar to Qin Sheng.

Looking towards the direction where the voice came from, Qin Sheng was shocked and he froze. His hands were shaking slightly and his eyes blurry. Never would he expect to meet her again at this time under such circumstances.

This lady stood there motionless and her eyes were welling up in tears.

It was like they were meeting each other for the first time.

How have you been, Su Qin?

Xia Ding was perplexed by the fact that his ‘Boss’ turned out to know quite a lot of people. He was surprise when he first saw Su Qin, but following that, his surprise turned to fury.

“Su Qin,” Xia Ding cried out as he fixed his gaze upon her.

Qin Sheng’s bunch of good brothers had always attributed Qin Sheng’s disappearance to his break up with Su Qin. They were sure that the break up had caused great blow on Qin Sheng so he disappeared for a whole two years. For this reason, Xia Ding, Cao Yufeng and Yu Kefei blacklisted Su Qin in their hearts.

It seemed that before one storm was calmed, the other came along.

Just while ago, all the people’s attention was on the conflict between Qin Seng and Liu Chengfeng. Suddenly, now their attention had shifted to Qin Sheng and this beautiful lady. It seemed that many among them knew this beautiful lady dressed in an elegant Chanel evening gown. They thought they were lucky to have come tonight to witness a dramatic scene.

One could say that the most important person in Qin Sheng’s life, apart from his grandfather and the Lin family, would be Su Qin. He knew her since the first year of high school and they became an item in the second year of high school. However, they eventually broke up when they were in the forth year of high school. This women had played a pivotal role in Qin Sheng’s life, having given Qin Sheng the most beautiful memories that stayed with him even until this day, after almost ten years.

Ten years! How many decade could a person’s life contain?

Su Qin recovered before Qin Sheng and walked up to him slowly. Her stepped were laboured, it was as if every step she took brought back those beautiful memories of them.

When they first broke up, it was not her intention to break up at all. In fact, she was very much in love with Qin Sheng. However, she found the she was unable to understand Qin Sheng. She felt she had never been able to reach Qin Sheng’s inner heart, while she felt that her heart had been filled with Qin Sheng. She had wanted to some quiet time to herself to think over their relationship. She wished she could see more clearly what kind of a person he was and what he was pursuing after.

However, after the so-called break-up, Qin Sheng vanished into thin air and she could not find him anywhere. She went crazy going around to search for him, but to no avail. From that moment on, Qin Sheng completely disappeared from her life. It was later that she found out that Qin Sheng’s only family, his grandfather had passed away around that time.

Su Qin regretted badly over her rash decision to break up with him at that moment. She could imagine the grieve Qin Sheng was going through given that his grandfather was his only family. She should have stayed by his side, but on the contrary, she made a foolish choice of breaking up.

The event of losing one’s family coupled with a broken heart must be a blow too much for Qin Sheng to bear. This had to be the reason why Qin Sheng hid himself. Su Qin thought Qin Sheng would recover from grief after a period of time. Little did she expect that the next time they meet again would be two and a half years later.

Su Qin was shaken up when Qin Sheng appeared in Young, the bar they used to frequent. At that time, she was overwhelmed by all the memories of him and at that time and her eyes immediately welled up in tears. However, there were other people around her so she had to hold her emotions in, but when she got home, she almost bawled her eyes out.

It was because she knew Qin Sheng did not forget her but was still thinking about her, otherwise he would not have turned up at Young bar.

Nevertheless, Su Qin did not make a rash move to look Qin Sheng up. She merely instructed the manager of the bar to inform her immediately if Qin Sheng were to go to the bar again. She was no longer the young girl she used to be, in addition, she was afraid that Qin Sheng would refuse to forgive her. She had left it to fate if they would meet again.

Today, they finally met again.

“Long time no see.” Qin Sheng said, trying to sound calm. However, how could he calm the storm in his heart, standing face to face with Su Qin?

“Long time no see,” Su Qin responded with such a strong emotion that she did not try to suppress. Two drops of tears rolled down her cheeks as she spoke.

“It this your friend, Su Qin?” the man standing next to Su Qin said, totally ignorant that this was not the best time to interrupt. He could sense that Qin Sheng was someone very important to Su Qin because he had never seen Su Qin crying over anyone else.

Su Qin frowned slightly. Before he continued, Xia Ding looked Su Qin up and down and mocked, “Ah, Su Qin, long time no see. Looks like you are doing very well. It this rich young man your boyfriend?”

“Don’t do this, Dia Ding,” Qin Sheng said quietly, displeased.

“Boss,” Xia Ding continued.

The man could pick up Xia Ding’s message straight away. Without further hesitation, he stood in front of Su Qin and offered a handshake to Xia Ding and said, “Hello, my name is Tang Yunsheng. I’m Su Qin’s friend.”

Xia Ding could not be bothered about this man, or shaking his hand. Tang Yunsheng retracted his hand, embarrassed, but neither did he get angry.

“I didn’t think we will meet here,” Qin Sheng said with a helpless smile.

“Me too,” Su Qin mirrored.

“How you you been?” Qin Sheng asked. It had been two and half years and Qin Sheng could tell that Su Qin had changed a lot. She was no longer the girl whom he played guitar to while she sang. Neither was she the girl who stayed in the the library with him whole day long.

“I’m doing alright. How about you? When did you come back?” said Su Qin as she tucked the strand of hair blown out of place by the wind behind her ear.

“I came back just last month,” replied Qin Sheng.

“You should have called, since we are old friends. In fact, I should take you out for a meal at the very least,” Su Qin joked.

Qin Sheng was at a loss of words in response. He thought since they had not seen each other for such a long time, each of them had their own life and there was no need to disrupt each other’s life.

The moment Qin Sheng and Su Qin met, they had totally forgotten around what was happening around them. The surrounding spectators were watching intently, expecting something worth their attention, while Liu Chengfeng ands his friend were kind of forgotten and ignored.

The tall man who stood up for Liu Chengfeng, now in an awkward situation, opened his mouth and said, “Friend, you can’t just pretend nothing happened after hitting my friend?”

Liu Chengfeng, being helped to his feet by the people around him, gave Qin Sheng a hard stare. He thought he knew who Qin Sheng was exactly and despised him from the heart. At this moment, both Qin Sheng and Xia Ding were backfacing him. Liu Chengfeng, thinking that this was a great opportunity for him, took hold of a plate from the adjacent table and dashed towards Qin Sheng.

Just when the tall, burly man continued to speak to Qin Sheng, Liu Chengfeng had come up behind Qin Sheng and was about to smash the plate onto Qin Sheng.

Su Qin, who was directly facing Qin Sheng, was the first to realize what was happening. Her face fell as she cried out, “Watch out!”

Not kwowing where her strength came from at that moment, she dashed towards Qin Sheng and dragged him to the side.


The plate in Liu Chengfeng’s hands smashed onto Su Qin’s shoulder and the it broke into pieces. All the people around them cried out in shock.

Instantly, Qin Sheng’s eyes fumed with rage.