Chapter 7 He’s even more domineering than me

Who were Han Guoping’s enemies? They just acted unremittingly.

The questions in Qin Sheng’s mind grew more and more numerous. He had to get to the bottom of this and avoided the troubles. Now that he was facing such a situation, even protecting himself would be a problem, let alone helping others.

At this moment, Qin Sheng suddenly thought of a man who had a good relationship with his grandfather. Back when Qin Sheng was studying in Shanghai, the man took care of him. This man was called Knowall, he should know about this.

However, Qin Sheng had no time to think about anything else. He had to shake off this follower first …

Although Qin Sheng had only driven this Maserati for a few days, but a car was a car. Since he could drive a Passat on the mountain road, he could also control a Maserati. Furthermore, in the city, it would be easy if he wanted to shake off a car.

The viaduct …

On Shanghai’s viaducts and overpasses, as long as you missed a fork, you could not catch up anymore.

“Dog, what’s wrong?” After vomitting a few times, Han Bing was already clear-headed. The speed and Qin Sheng’s serious look frightened her, causing Han Bing to panic and ask.

Qin Sheng narrowed his eyes and said, “Someone is following us.”

Hearing that, Han Bing did not dare to speak anymore. Qin Sheng was so serious, it must not be simple.

After drving onto the viaduct, the Maserati continued to travel through the traffic, constantly overtaking. The Honda Accord behind obviously could not keep up with them, and after a short while, it disappeared from their sight. Qin Sheng once again drove onto a overpass with several forks in a row, randomly choosing an exit, and after circling around, he once again went on the highway and headed towards the southeast of Shanghai.

He had finally gotten rid of that Honda Accord…

By the time Qin Sheng reached the destination, the Dishui Lake, it was already past midnight. He knew that there was a Ocean Viewing Park. After a tiring night, he had to satisfy Han Bing’s wish. This was the best place.

At night, when you looked at the sea, you could see nothing, only listen, only the distant lighthouse or the lights of the ocean liner were still on.

Mountains, rivers, seas, Qin Sheng was filled with reverence towards nature. In front of them, humans were just too insignificant.

“Qin Sheng, thank you.” When she stood by the seaside, Han Bing subconsciously said this.

Qin Sheng stared blankly for a moment. That’s new, this demoness could say the words “thank you”. He then pouted, “To be able to hear those two words, it really wasn’t easy!”

“Scram, don’t push your luck!” In the next second, Han Bing returned to her usual state.

Han Bing took off her high heels, stepped on the beach with her bare feet, and started running towards the sea. When the waves hit her, she retreated while laughing, and when the waves retreated, she chased after them. In the end, her exquisite feet were swallowed by the waves, and her light laughter filled the air.

Qin Sheng held her high heels, standing in the distance and watching quietly. The current Han Bing was no longer the playful and willful rich beauty, but a little girl who would never grow up.


Han Bing cried out with all of her strength.

After who knows how long, she was finally tired. She sat down next to Qin Sheng, not afraid that the sand would dirty her expensive clothes.

“I was born in Tianshui City of Gansu Province, and the environment there was very bad. When I was a child, my family was very poor, so poor that I couldn’t even eat my fill, and the clothes I wore were all patched up. Other people wore new clothes during the new year, I was still wearing my old clothes, and when I went to school, my mother would always borrow from relatives and friends for tuition.” After being drunk and tired, Han Bing was finally willing to sit down and talk.

“My home is in Xi’an, not far from your hometown,” Qin Sheng casually replied. At least, they were all from the northwest.

“My dad ran away from home when I was six years old. He said that if he wanted to go out and fight for a living, he couldn’t just die of poverty in that crappy place, right? From then on, in ten years, my dad only came back during the new year, and sometimes didn’t even come back. I remember the longest time, I only saw him once in three years. My mom worked diligently to take care of my grandpa, grandma and me. It was a very tough time at the beginning, the whole family depended on my mom. Until my dad started doing business, the family conditions became good. But my mom, she was a woman in her thirties, people thought she was in her fifties, haha.”

“When I was sixteen, my dad brought my mom and me to Shanghai, and from then on, I was the child of a rich family. Everything was the best, and everyone served me. But my mom and I rarely see my dad, sometimes a week, sometimes a month, and I know that he’s busy, but no matter how busy he was, he should go home, right? Later on, I found out that my dad had women outside, and there were more than one, and I cried while hugging my mom, Damn it, who’s with you in the most difficult times. My mom said that my dad wasn’t easy, so what could I say? I hated him from then on … ”

“Later on, his business grew bigger and bigger, and the number of times he returned home became fewer and fewer. I also went to college, and was sent abroad to study, my mother was left there by herself, I only knew she had stomach cancer after I received the grievous news and went back. It was already too late, but she didn’t tell anyone that she was suffering from illness. How many times did I cry when I came back? I almost slapped him, I said, ‘did you only live for money? What sin did my mother commit in her previous life that she would marry you in this life? Did you know how much you owe her? You owe her so much that you won’t be able to pay her back.’”

“I had a cold war with him for a year, and from then on I never went back home. After graduation, I started my own company, but my relationship with him could no longer be eased. He brought a woman home later, I don’t care about that, and after that woman died in a car accident, he totally changed.”

Han Bing talked to herself as she held her arms and legs, Qin Sheng listened quietly by her side. It was only when she said that she was tired, that he realized the conflict between the father and daughter. It would be hard to resolve in this lifetime.

Humans, indeed, cannot live only for money, they should treasure what they should cherish. Otherwise, when many things are missed, only regret will remain.

The words “regret for life” could only be understood when one grew old.

“I’ve said so much, let’s talk about you, dog.” Han Bing had already secretly shed tears, and her eyes were red.

“I have a name.” Qin Sheng rolled his eyes.

Han Bing pursed her lips and laughed, “Alright, alright, since you accompanied me today, I won’t call you dog anymore. Qin Sheng, what about you?”

“I … I only have my grandfather and no parents.” Qin Sheng said casually.

Han Bing was surprised, “You are an orphan?”

“I guess so.” Qin Sheng had never been willing to talk about himself. No matter how good their relationship was, it would always remain hidden deep within his heart.

Qin Sheng was afraid that Han Bing would continue asking questions, so he stretched and said, “It’s getting late, let’s go back.”

“I want to watch the sunrise.” Han Bing did not plan to leave. This was the best place to watch the sunrise.

Just as Qin Sheng wanted Han Bing to give up on this idea, he realized that the danger had unknowingly arrived.

“The moon, the sea, a smart man with a beautiful woman, so romantic,” A man said playfully, and slowly walked towards Qin Sheng and Han Bing.

He was playing with a dagger in his hand. The moonlight reflected off the blade of the dagger. Han Bing subconsciously hugged onto Qin Sheng. If Qin Sheng were to abandon her at this time, no one would even know what happen to her in the wilderness.

Qin Sheng was reluctant to part with her in his arms, it was rare for him to take advantage of a beauty. However, this wasn’t the time to flirt. At the very least, he had to solve the problem.

“You should be the one following us right now, right?” Qin Sheng let go of Han Bing, stood up and walked forward two steps, leaving behind sufficient buffer zone so as to not threaten Han Bing.

The man had a scar on his left cheek, it looked scarred under the moonlight. He laughed and said, “You have the ability to discover and even shake me off. If I didn’t use some connections to check your license plate, I really wouldn’t have known that you guys were here …”

“Me or her?” Qin Sheng couldn’t be sure. After all, he had a lot of enemies. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be people chasing him all over China, and some would even want to make him their daughter’s hunsband. This world was full of strange people.

The scar man pointed at Han Bing and said, “Why should I looki for you? I’m here for the beautiful women. Such a great beauty, I have been salivating over her for a long time.”

“Enemies of Master Han?” Qin Sheng continued asking.

The scar man continued to play with the dagger in his hand. It was 30 centimeter long and extremely sharp.

“Han Guoping dares to call himself Master Han, he really thinks too much of himself. Honestly speaking, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you, I heard that you injured two of my subordinates yesterday, if you want to live, then apologize, I will pretend that nothing happened and tell you can scram immediately. If you do not know your place, then today will be your memorial day,” The scar man said sinisterly, clearly not taking Qin Sheng seriously at all, he was extremely confident.

Qin Sheng turned to look at the delicate Han Bing, and laughed: “She’s my girlfriend. You told me to give my girlfriend to you, why didn’t you tell me to f * ck you in the ass?”

“Interesting, interesting. Remember my name, Yang Deng, I don’t want you to not know who killed you.” The scar man said with a smile.

As soon as he finished speaking, he threw the dagger into the air and rushed towards Qin Sheng. Halfway there, he caught the dagger with a hearty movement.

Without a weapon in his hands, Qin Sheng was clearly at a disadvantage. He could tell from this man’s demeanor and actions that he wasn’t an ordinary character. He would probably have to pay a heavy price tonight.

Qin Sheng was afraid that he would hurt Han Bing, so he could only brace himself and go forward to receive the attack. When the two of them clashed, Yang Deng suddenly made a series of movements towards Qin Sheng with his dagger, he was clearly an expert, and Qin Sheng could only tirelessly avoid the attacks. Yang Deng’s footsteps were steady and he did not have any flaws.

If Qin Sheng wanted to snatch the dagger with his bare hands, he wouldn’t have much chance in a short time …

With a backhand, Yang Deng caught the dagger from under Qin Sheng’s armpit, and in the instant that Qin Sheng was careless, it pierced through Qin Sheng’s arm. This was after Qin Sheng realized that he had exposed a flaw, otherwise, his chest would have been ripped apart.

“Good skill!” Qin Jin backed up a few steps and said sincerely.

Yang Deng was actually very shocked in his heart as well. After so many moves, he could tell that this man’s strength was not weak. His advantage was dagger, if he fight head on with this man, it would be a bit difficult.

“You’re not bad either, I haven’t met a tough one in a while, and never thought that I win the lottery tonight.” Holding the dagger, Yang Deng sneered as he faced Qin Sheng, the tip of the dagger pointed downwards.

Qin Sheng slowly took off his suit jacket, twisted it into a rope. He said unhappily, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been injured. Since you respect me so much, how disappointing would you be if I don’t play with you?”

“Alright, he’s even more domineering than me.” Yang Deng was stunned for a moment, he did not expect that this man was actually domineering than him.

Qin Sheng was like a hungry wolf staring at its prey as he gritted his teeth and said, “Sorry for being rude!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the two of them attacked each other once again ….