If you would not be touched when I saw you again, could our face be blushed again?

The most troublesome thing in the world was the love and emotion, partings and reunions. How many men and women who love each other could really be together. And how many men and women eventually forget each other in their life. How many men and women never asked about each other when they were broken up. And how many men and women could still be friends.

Ii would be good if time could stop at the moment when we first met. After all, everyone was different from each other, and everyone had different choices.

For the six-year relationship, both Su Qin and Qin Sheng could not let go easily. It was obvious that Su Qin still had Qin Sheng in her mind. The disappearance of Qin Sheng made her crazy. During that half a year, Su Qin felt like living was not better than dying. She couldn’t remember how many times she got drunk. She was afraid that Qin Sheng would forget her. Finally when the owner of the YOUNG bar went abroad, she took the YOUNG bar. She believed that if Qin Sheng came back one day, he would definitely go to the YOUNG bar. She believed that the love of the six-year relationship would make Qin Sheng remember her.

Su Qin’s choice was correct. After Qin Sheng returned to Shanghai, he really went to the YOUNG Bar because there was the most beautiful memory of Qin Sheng’s life.

However, Qin Sheng respected Su Qin’s choice. If he missed it, that he accepted it. He would not disturb Su Qin’s life anymore. he hoped she could find another man who could make her happy and satisfied. As for those beautiful memories, Qin Sheng had already been kept at the bottom of his heart.

However, Su Qin was still the most important person in Qin Sheng’s life. At least for now. If Su Qin was in danger, Qin Sheng would still protect her with his life, as he did in the past times. He would never let anyone bully Su Qin.

Therefore, at this moment, Liu Chengfeng, who acted recklessly, was challenging the bottom line of Qin Sheng. What’s more, the reason why Su Qin was attacked by Liu Chengfeng was that she wanted to protected Qin Sheng.

Su Qin was weak and sick before. Qin Sheng always laughed at her as being modern Lin Daiyu. in Sheng often visited the hidden famous doctors in Zhongnanshan at that time, and took some herbal medicine for Su Qin to nurse her body. so Su Qin was still very weak until now. But her immunity was much better now. But Liu Chengfeng’s plate was powerful and harmful. Su Qin directly fell in the arms of Qin Sheng. Her delicate face was full of painful expressions, and the broken pieces were also broken Su Qin’s neck.

Qin Sheng was stunned. Since the day he met Su Qin, he never let anyone bully her. But when they saw each other again, some people dared to bully her.

At this time, Qin Sheng’s eyes were full of murderousness. He was suffocating. He stared at Liu Chengfeng. Now Qin Sheng returned to Shanghai, he had been hiding this kind of suffocation. He wanted to get used to ordinary life as soon as possible. Even when he was going to Tianshui, he would not act like this time. No one knew what he had experienced in the past two years.

The atmosphere was suppressed. No one expected that Liu Chengfeng would suddenly attack. Xia Ding had not come back to earth. At this moment, he was also extremely angry.

Qin Sheng slowly put Su Qin in Nana’s arms, who was frightened when standing aside. He moved two steps forward slowly. Nobody dared to stop Qin Sheng this time, including Liu Chengfeng’s friend.

Liu Chengfeng shouted unscrupulously, “You son of Bitch. Be careful. As long as you were still in Shanghai, I would definitely kill you.”

Qin Sheng did not say anything, and he had nothing to say. He moved like lightning, and grabbed Liu Chengfeng’s collar. Liu Chengfeng’s friend came forward to push Qin Sheng and shouted, “What do you want to do?”

Qin Sheng did not give him any chance, and kicked him directly in his abdomen. This man flew out in an instant and squatted on the table next to him. A group of beautiful women were scared to scream.

Liu Chengfeng was also scared by Qin Sheng. He still wanted to fight back. He punched at Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng did not take it seriously. He avoided it easily, and used all his strength to raise his arm, hit on Liu Chengfeng’s face. Liu Chengfeng immediately ran bloody. Later Qin Sheng was pulling Liu Chengfeng’s head and heading toward his knees. Three consecutive knees hit on Liu Chengfeng’s face and chest.

Liu Chengfeng had already been beaten to weak at that time. He had nothing to do with it. Qin Sheng’s series of actions was too fast. Those people had never come back to earth.

Until later, they were shocked. Liu Chengfeng’s friends were going to help, and Xia Ding next to them immediately blocked them. “You guys want to have a try?”

Xia Ding was naturally standing by Qin Sheng. Even though the background of this group of people today was powerful. He would not step back but stood on the side of Qin Sheng. Because comparing with other three people in the dormitory, Qin Sheng had always stood at the front whenever there was trouble.

Liu Chengfeng had fallen to the ground. Qin Sheng still hit Liu Chengfeng with punches. Liu Chengfeng’s friend shouted, “If you killed someone, you’d take care of yourself.”

“Don’t worry, no matter if you are the King or the God. When you are out ot Yuerongzhuang. We would fight with you whatever you want to do.” Xia Ding said carelessly.

Su Shi was also scared by Qin Sheng. No one dared to stop Qin Sheng. She knew that only she could let Qin Sheng stop. she was afraid that Qin Sheng would kill the guy if he continued beating him like this.

Therefore, Su Qin endured the pain in her shoulders and ran to Qin Sheng in haste. She immediately hugged Qin Sheng from behind and said, “Don’t fight, it will kill people.”

Qin Sheng stopped until this moment. The feeling of the embrace was still familiar. Su Qin saw Qin Sheng had stopped. And she felt the way she held Qin Sheng was not right. So she quickly released. Tang Yunsheng, who was not far away from them, was very jealous.

Liu Chengfeng’s friends were anxious. They quickly ran over and looked at Liu Chengfeng, who was bleeding seriously. The two female companions had already scared and cried. The man who had just helped Qin Sheng stood in front of Qin Sheng. “Do you really have to do this. ”

“Yes.” Qin Sheng replied steadily.

The man said slowly, “This thing is not controlled by me and you anymore. He has been beaten by you, I hope you can bear the consequences.”

“I will fight until the end.” Qin Sheng did not fear.

The man passed by Qin Sheng slowly. And said a few words to Liu Chengfeng’s friends. After that, they took Liu Chengfeng and left for the nearest hospital.

No one called the police at that time. They were really all good citizens of socialism.

Liu Chengfeng’s gang was gone. It was obvious that it was not appropriate for Qin Sheng to stay here any longer. Xia Ding quickly ran with the crowd with caring about nothing. But he would definitely think about how to solve this trouble later.

Su Qin’s friend Tang Yunsheng also followed. Su Qin felt too embarrassed, she just said, “Yunsheng, you can go to do your own thing, I will go for you later.”

“You are hurt.” Su Qin’s shoulder had swollen, and there was a small wound behind the neck. But it does not look serious. As Su Qin’s number one protector, Tang Yunsheng naturally did not want to leave at this time.

However Su Qin insisted that, “I am fine.”

“You are really okay?” Tang Yunsheng said thoughtfully.

Su Shi smiled painfully and nodded. Tang Yunsheng no longer insisted. If he couldn’t fee; that Su Qin and Qin Sheng had a lot of stories to say at this moment, he was really an idiot. It would be bad if he stayed at this moment. These people would also take care of Su Qin. He just sighed and said, “Okay, call me later.”

After Tang Yunsheng left, Xia Ding and Nana were also preparing to leave. Although he had no feelings about Su Qin, he was only angry, but he still understood Qin Sheng. So threw the car keys to Qin Sheng and said, “Boss, or else, you send her to go back first.”

“Where do you live, I will send you back.” Qin Sheng took the key and spoke.

Su Shi also felt that she could not attend the dinner this time. She still did not hesitate to listen and trust any of Qin Sheng’s words. Like she used to do.

“Okay.” Su Qin whispered.

So Qin Sheng left with Su Qin, Xia Ding took Nana back to the banquet hall, leaving enough time for them. After all, the lovers who had been in love for six years, and they saw each other after two and a half years, would have many things to say.

When they were separated, Xia Ding whispered in Qin Sheng’s ear. “Be careful, if you have anything, call me immediately. I will find someone to check the details of those people.”

“Well, don’t worry.” Qin Sheng patted Xia Ding’s shoulder.

In the underground parking lot of Banyan Tree Hotel, Zhu Jiayou, who just picked up his cousin, finally took her cousin to Banyan Tree Hotel. Otherwise, if he could not complete the task of his mother, his pocket money would definitely be reduced when he turned back. He knew more than anyone else why his mother wanted him to bring his cousin to Banyan Tree Hotel. It was a rare opportunity tonight. Many young talents in Shanghai would be there. She was trying to find a man for his cousin, and quickly let them got married. After all, his cousin was in her early thirties, the whole big family was anxious for her. But she never mentioned this. It seemed that she didn’t want to get married at all. Everyone did not know what was in her mind.

“Why aunt does that, it is a charity dinner. It would be bad if I wore this dress.” After stopping the car, they went to the elevator, Qin Hao muttered.

Zhu Jiayou smiled and said, “Sister, don’t worry, your aunt have already arranged for you. She opened a room on it and prepared a set of evening dresses for you. You will be able to change it directly.”

“What did she do?” Qin Ran said, but she really didn’t think that her aunt would introduce her to the men there. After all, among the family members, only her aunt never urged her. Because her aunt knew why she was not married. As for the reason, it could be the taboo of the whole family. No one would mention it.

Soon they walked to the elevator. At the moment, the elevator door opened. Qin Sheng and Su Qin came out from inside. Su Qin was a beautiful girl no matter when she was in high school or university. When Zhu Jiayou saw beautiful women, his eyes could not move from her. He looked at Su Shi with a smile.

“Excuse me, let us pass.” Qin Sheng slightly frowned and said when facing Qin and Zhu Jiayou. Then he took Su Qin’s hand to leave, did not care that the opposite woman who was staring at her.

“That beauty is good, but still can not compare with my cousin.” Zhu Jiayou stared at Su Qin’s back, and said with some vague meanings.

Qin Lan was standing on the ground. She seemed to be thoughtful.

“Sister, what’s wrong with you?” After Zhu Jiayou turned around, he found her cousin in a daze. So he asked curiously

Qin Ran bit his lip and said with a deep meaning, “I feel that the man is familiar, but I don’t know where I have seen him.”

“Is it your friend? or I will catch up and ask.” Zhu Jiayou was willing to help. It was also a chance to talk with beauty.

Qin Xiao smiled and said, “Let’s go, you think I don’t know what’s in your mind?”

Zhu Jiayou laughed and then went into the elevator.

Qin Sheng, Qin Ran, this pair of sister and brother who had been separated 20 years ago, just passed by…