Time flied fast. Twenty years had been passed just in a moment. Everything had been changed by time.

Qin Sheng had grown up from the naughty little boy to a young man of twenty-six years old. For those old things, he had been completely forgotten. Even ordinary people who had been in a familiar environment, they could be impossible to remember the things happened before they were four or five years old. Not to mention that Qin Sheng had entered a strange environment from a familiar environment, and all memories were recovered.

As for the appearance, could a child and a twenty-six-year-old boy look alike? Maybe they could not be found any familiar points.

Therefore, this was the reason why Qin Ran did not recognize Qin Sheng. She only felt familiar and known. She knew very well in her mind. Even if her brother was standing in front of her, she would never recognize it was her younger brother. Because it had been such a long time. It had been twenty-one years, and she was thirty-two. Her appearance had changed dramatically, let alone her brother.

As time passed, and the hope was getting more and vaguer. This was the pain that Qin Ran could never let go. She was afraid that she would not see her brother again until the day she died. She would never see the boy who held her father’s legs and cried, when she was punished by dad, the boy who brought her something good to eat every time, and said in a lovely voice, just eat it, my sister.

What she was most afraid of, was that if she really could not see her brother again, she didn’t know how to talk to her mother when she died. When her mother asked your brother was okay, how could she answer?

However, after all, they were family. Blood was thicker than water. Even they just passed by, they could feel each other. This was family.

Qin Ran felt like they knew each other. There seemed to be something floating in her mind, and it brought her unusual excitement. But she could not grasp it, which made her a little annoyed.

After Qin Sheng took Su Qin’s hand and went out for a few steps, he also subconsciously looked back at the elevator. But Qin Ran and Zhu Jiayou had already left the elevator. Qin Sheng squatted but did not think much. So he kept moving forward.

Su Qin let Qin Sheng took her cold hand, just like they did in high school and college. When she was sick, she was not willing to go to the hospital. Qin Sheng took her hand and took her to the hospital very aggressively. Like every time she was happy or not happy, Qin Sheng took her hand and wandered on the sun-filled road.

Every time when his warm and honest big hands took her slender and cold little hands, Su Qin firmly believed that even if the world was in darkness, she was not afraid of anything. Because Qin Sheng would take her hands and find the way home.

Opened the door and got on the bus, they drove Aston Martin left the Banyan Tree Hotel on the Bund. Qin Sheng didn’t know that besides meeting Su Shi this evening, he had passed away with his sister. He would also miss a woman lingering in his dream.

There were always too many misses and regrets in life. It would never make everything perfect. Maybe this was the life. Maybe only in this way, there would be so many joys and sorrows.

“Where do you live?” Qin Sheng asked without turning his head back.

Shrinking in the seat, Su Qin, who stared at the window against the glass, was more like the girl who was never grown up, not the gold collar who was now called a strong woman. She murmured “Pudong, seaview Garden.”

Qin Sheng knew that Su Qin’s family was also rich and well known in Xi’an. It was not a big deal for them to invest in real estate in Shanghai. Anything about Su Qin’s family, Qin Sheng was clearer than anyone else. Qin Sheng did not investigate deliberately, but Su Qin took the initiative to tell him. Qin Sheng had also seen Su Qin’s parents. As for their puppy love, Su Qin’s mother opposed firmly. But Su Qin’s father remained silent, provided that they did not forget their studies. Su Qin’s mother had no idea but only kept silent.

Su Qin’s father had great wisdom. At that time, they were all senior students. If he resolutely opposed it. his daughter’s temper would definitely make a mess. At that time, her daughter’s study would suffer a disastrous decline. Secondly, he casually inquired that Qin Sheng was the adopted son of Lin’s family. Lin’s family at that time was still a bit famous. Although it could not be comparable to the Su’s family, it could be matched for each other. The most important thing was, he had a good impression on Qin Sheng. The young man was very temperate and polite. He talked and acted properly. And when he was chatting with Qin Sheng, Qin Sheng did not have the fear and worry when of meeting girlfriend’s parents. What’s more, Qin Sheng was a good boy at school, not a poor student.

Later, both Su Qin and Qin Sheng were admitted to Fudan. The Su’s family had nothing to say about this. Su Qin’s mother also approved. Anyway, her daughter had to marry someone sooner or later. Qin Sheng made Su’s family quite satisfied, and he matched with their daughter. Their daughter liked him, and he also treated her very good. So just let them fell in love with each other.

As for Lin’s family. They were particularly satisfied with Su Qin at that time. Su Qin went to Lin’s Family often. Lin Xin’s mother treated Su Qin better than treated Lin Xin.

Who knew this relationship ended in vain, and both of their families were quite sorry for that.

Fortune Seaview Garden was not far from No.1 Zhong Liang Ocean View. But Xia Ding never encountered with Su Qin. Since there were ten millions of people in such a big Shanghai. It was like searching a needle in a haystack if you wanted to find someone.

Banyan Tree Hotel was not far from the Seaview Garden. It took fifteen minutes to arrive. The car was parked in the underground garage. Su Qin took Qin Sheng went home directly. Apart from her parents, there was never a man be here. Actually, this house was bought by Su Qin’s father when they just went to college. Su Qin’s father did not know how to hide his mind, he wanted them to use it when they needed it. So they did not need to go to the hotel. It made her blush at that time.

It was a pity that she and Qin Sheng had never been here. She was afraid that Qin Sheng thought too much. So she handed everything to Qin Sheng to arrange. She only obeyed. Even if they went to the guest house that only cost dozens of dollars a night. She had no complaints.

No matter what, Su Qin never regretted giving Qin Sheng the most brilliant youth in her life. This was the most beautiful memory in her life. No matter after ten years and twelve years later, when she remembered those days together, troubles and sorrows would be dispelled.

Han Bing’s Huarun Nine Mile Bund was a modern minimalist style. Ms Cheongsam Xue Qingyan’s Huangpu Bay was American style. Su Qin’s home was fresh literary style. It was very simple. There was not much complicated design. And there are some paintings in the room. There is a portrait of the painting she had given to Qin Sheng in the bedroom, just on the wall of the bed.

At this moment, he was afraid that Qin Sheng would enter the bedroom. If so, she really didn’t know how to face Qin Sheng.

“Is there safflower oil or Yunnan Baiyao, as well as alcohol and band-aid?” Qin Sheng asked and threw his jacket on the sofa.

Su Qin, who had taken off jacket and only worn a tuxedo, nodded and ran to the second bedroom with bare feet. After a short time, she took a home medicine box. Qin Sheng said to her in a low voice, “Come on.”

“Okay.” Su Shi sat next to Qin Sheng tamely. It felt like returning to their good old days. Su Qin was very used to Qin Sheng’s bossy feeling sometimes.

Qin Sheng opened the medicine box, and took out Yunnan Baiyao to spray some on her shoulder. Su Qin screamed painfully. Qin Sheng said calmly, “Calm down. This is the lesson. Don’t be the hero anymore”

Su Shi pouted, thinking that I was just trying to protect you, and you still blamed me. Really did not know how to recognize a good person.

After spraying Yunnan Baiyao, Qin Sheng checked the lower bones, determined that there were no major problems. he disinfected the wounds and put a band-aid. And the wound had been handled.

“Done” Qin Sheng got up slowly. “If there is nothing, I will go first.”

Su Qin heard Qin Sheng was going, she quickly turned around. She looked anxious. She hadn’t seen him for more than two years. She felt that she had a lot to say to him. When they were just on the road, she was just busy thinking about the memories of the past, and did not have time to ask Qin Sheng. She had a lot of things to ask and she didn’t know how to speak.

“Don’t you stay for one minute?” When a man and a woman were in the same room, it could be vague when a woman said something to a man. But Su Qin did not care about it. She used to give everything to Qin Sheng. Perhaps Qin Sheng’s understanding of her was clearer than herself.

Qin Sheng did not leave and sighed. “How have you been during these two years?”

“It’s so-so. Just like going through the day.” Su Qin smiled bitterly. Life without Qin Sheng was uninteresting. Only work could make her forget everything. When she gradually forgot the most important man in her life, he appeared again. Maybe they had a tragic relationship in the past.

“When I came back, I heard them say, you stayed in Shanghai and worked here. I thought you would go abroad.” Qin Sheng smiled awkwardly.

Su Qin stared at Qin Sheng and said. “Since you know that I am in Shanghai, and you know my mobile phone number. Why don’t you call me? Even if we broke up, can we not even make ordinary friends?”

“No, it has been more than two years. Time has changed too many things. I just don’t want to disturb your calm life.” Qin Sheng smiled lightly.

This made Su Qin very angry. She laughed and said, “Don’t disturb? Is the answer you gave me? For more than two years, you have disappeared for no reason. Do you know how worried I am, you know how long I have been looking for you. Why you didn’t tell me anything when you came back. You know what you mean to me. And what you want to do me? Just three simple words, do not disturb?”

At the end of the conversation, Su Shi had already burst into tears. And her tears had already washed away her elaborate makeup today.

Qin Sheng hesitated for a moment, and finally slowly held Su Qin’s face, gently wiped Su Qin’s tears and smiled, “You still like crying.”

“Qin Sheng, I hate you.” Su Qin screamed and hit on Qin Sheng’s chest crazily. Qin Sheng did not hide away, but let her vented her emotion.

“Why do you hate?” Qin Sheng said with emotion, Su Qin was still herself at that time. She did not change too much. And he was no longer the Qin Sheng any more.

Not knowing how long it took, Su Qin finally had enough.

“Are you in Shanghai in the future?” Su Shi raised her head and asked with tears. The face made Qin Sheng almost heartbroken. His biggest weakness used to be Su Qin’s tears.

Why did she ask? Because Su Qin was afraid she could not see Qin Sheng again after tonight. Just like two years ago, completely disappeared.

“Yes.” Qin Sheng nodded slightly.

“Are we friends?” Su Qin held back her words in her mind, and asked with biting her teeth.

“You said we are friends.” Qin Sheng smiled bitterly.

Su Shi thought of the death of grandpa, could not help but open her mouth, “Grandpa…”

Qin Sheng did not want Su Qin to continue to ask questions. So he stopped and said. “You should go to bed early. I will go to pick up Xia Ding and talk later.”

After that, Qin Sheng was ready to leave.

Su Qin had all kinds of feelings in her mind. When Qin Sheng walked at the door, she shouted, “Your cell phone number?”

“It was still the same as before.” Qin Sheng said without turning back.

When Qin Sheng left, Su Qin laughed out loud. She looked so stupid and cute.


Because Qin Sheng’s mobile phone number was her birthday.