Those who truly loved each other were more willing to take care of each other, rather than forgetting about each other. Because thinking about someone was the most bitter thing. Who could bear this kind of torture?

Su Qin couldn’t help thinking. If she didn’t break up with Qin Sheng at that time, would they got married already, maybe they already had children. At that time she and Qin Sheng would think about their future, hoping to have a pair of children, and she could become a good wife and mother who was envied by everyone.

However, Su Qin was not the kind of beautiful girls without intelligence. She knew that the contradiction in her heart would erupt sooner or later. It only bursted in advance. She wanted to know what the man sleeping next to her wa thinking about. Su Qin had doubted about it since the day Qin Sheng chose philosophy as a major.

The excitement of re-union made Su Qin fainted. She did not know that Qin Sheng was not the one in the old time.

After leaving the Fortune Seaview Garden, Qin Sheng returned to Banyan Tree Hotel on the Bund and called Xia Ding. He was still inside the building. This charity dinner had entered the auction process. Xia Ding was boring, and he slipped away without telling anyone.

Qin Sheng waited for Xia Ding in the underground garage. When Xia Ding got on the car, Qin Sheng felt that something was wrong. This guy was a little weird. He would smirk for a while and be in a daze in a while.

“What happened to you, you are sick?” Qin Sheng asked quizzically.

Xia Ding said with anthomaniac, “Boss, I think I’m in love.”

Qin Sheng was stunned. This guy was really shameless. He met a new girl every night and had girlfriends over the country. And he said that he was in love. Since Qin Sheng returned to Shanghai, he had seen Xia Ding change many girlfriends. He was not in love. He just wanted to play.

“Can you be normal a bit? Is there a beautiful woman?” Qin Sheng asked quite helplessly. He didn’t know what kind of woman could make this playboy between life and death.

Xia Ding turned to stare at Qin Sheng, and said with a serious face, “Boss, she is definitely the life partner I have dreamed of. I was fascinated when I saw her at first sight. I want to chase her. I must chase her. You can prepare marriage gift now. Maybe I will get married someday.”

“Get away.” Qin Sheng could not stand it any longer. He pushed Xia Ding and said to him. He nearly wanted to slap the guy and made him awake.

Xia Ding had only come back to earth. The big beauty was the organizer of the charity dinner tonight. She was the head of the student aid fund. He had never been so crazy. Whether her look or temperament, it was definitely the top three beautiful women in his list. But the most attractive character of her, was her clear eye. They were simple and pure like clear water.

Therefore, according to the “kill better than miss” personality of Xia Ding, he must catch up with this big beauty…

“Where are we going now?” after coming back to earth, Xia Ding asked.

Qin Sheng said casually, “Let’s find a place to drink.”

“Where?” Xia Ding knew that Qin Sheng may have some fluctuations in his mind. Not because of the storm on the terrace, but of Su Qin.

Qin Sheng thought for a while. Then he called Hao Lei and learned that they had returned to Shilin Bieyuan. So they directly drove to the Shilin Bieyuan and found a restaurant nearby.

Having been employed by Shangshan Ruoshui ad the deputy general manager and security manager, Chang Baji had been very busy over the past few days. He was busy getting familiar with the environment of Shangshan Ruoshui, controlling and rectifying the security department. But when Qin Sheng asked him to drink, Chang Baji did not hesitate and took Hao Lei out.

Hao Lei still worked as Han Bing’s bodyguard and driver. Chang Baji had already had a new job, and either the treatment or the status could be much better than before. Qin Sheng was a friend of Hao Lei and he also cared about Hao Lei’s feeling.

Therefore, he took the time to talk about this matter with Hao Lei. Hao Lei did not care. Since Qin Sheng took him from Xi’an. He firmly believed that as long as Qin Sheng could make a career, he would never forget him. They didn’t know each other for just one or two years. He knew Qin Sheng very well. He didn’t say anything but he remembered it all in his heart.

Even so, Qin Sheng made it clear to Hao Lei that Han Bing’s current crisis had not been completely removed. He had to leave someone to protect Han Bing. When Han Bing was fine, and their affairs here were smooth, and he would naturally take him over.

The beer was not delighted as white wine. It was not easy to get drunk and it would only stuff their stomach. So they chose to drink white wine this evening. Three people among the four people were from Xi’an. They naturally had to drink Xifeng wine. But it could not be found in this restaurant. So Hao Lei ran to the nearest supermarket to buy three bottles.

After the dishes had been put on the table, they followed the rules and had three cups of wine. And then Qin Sheng said slowly, “I met Su Qin today.”

Qin Sheng, Hao Lei, Meng Zhe and Su Qin, they were friends since the first year of high school. At that time, Hao Lei and Meng Zhe were also interested in Su Qin. In the student era, everyone would fall in love with the most beautiful girl at school. Although most of them had no results. And everyone went on their own way and chose different life paths. But when they thought of it, they still felt very good.

In the end, Qin Sheng won the first prize. He was in love with the most beautiful girl at school, and broke many boys’ dreams. Qin Sheng fought for it for many times. As for Hao Lei and Meng Zhe, they all dropped the idea completely. After all, she was their brother’s girlfriend.

Later, Hao Lei went to the army, and Meng Zhe also had a girl he liked. The time passed faster and faster. Few years had been gone at a blink of an eye. Everyone had grown up and become matured. They were also familiar with Su Qin. But just treated her as a friend.

The relationship between Hao Lei and Su Qin began in high school. Xia Ding and Su Qin’s relationship started from the university. They just arrived at the university at that time. And everyone had no girlfriends. The four brothers held the idea of “the best defense is offense”, and started to solve their single problems. Who knew that Qin Sheng said calmly, “I already have a girlfriend.” And suddenly the whole dormitory was blown up.

The more surprising was, the first time they saw Su Qin, they were shocked and stunned. They didn’t expect the boss to have such a beautiful school-level girlfriend. Since then, their respect for Qin Sheng had been getting more and more, just like the water in Yellow River.

It was a pity that Qin Sheng and Su Qin eventually parted ways. And it was Su Qin who broke up with Qin Sheng. Since then Qin Sheng suddenly disappeared. He had gone for more than two years. Everyone thought that the reason why Qin Sheng disappeared was that he was injured. After all, they had been in love with each other for six years. It was needless to say how deep their love was. This was why everyone did not want to see Su Qin. Even Qin Sheng returned to Shanghai, no one dared to mention Su Qin. They were afraid to touch Qin Sheng’s scars again.

Hao Lei heard this sentence, the movement of picking vegetables directly stopped. His face slowly changed. He raised his head and looked up to Qin Sheng.

“Boss, I know that you are in a bad mood. If you want to say something, just say it. She is now living a good life. But we still have so much time. I believe that one day you will be significant, and let her regret it,” said Xia Ding, who felt angry for Qin Sheng. Those who could participate in the charity dinner tonight, they all said that they were awesome, or the man or woman around them was awesome. Obviously, Su Qin might belong to the latter. Because he witnessed Su Qin’s protector spent 1.6 million to buy a piece of calligraphy.

“A woman like her, not worth it.” Hao Lei sighed. He could only comfort like this.

Qin Sheng raised his head and drank a glass of wine. He waved his hands and said. “I’m not that mean. I am looking for you to drink today. I want to tell you what happened in the past, so that you will not be biased against Su Qin anymore. She does not owe me anything. I owe to her.”

Xia Ding and Hao Lei felt awkward, and very puzzled. They all wanted to figure out what was going on.

Chang Baji had experience. he knew that it must be the love of men and women. He was a bystander.

“In the last semester, whether it was Su Qin or you, have already started an internship. Su Qin wanted to stay in Shanghai. I wanted to go back to Xi’an. My grandfather is getting old. I don’t want to be too far away from him. I want to take care of him and company him til the end of his life. so I neither have an internship nor a job. Su Qin asked me about it several times. I didn’t say anything. She had resentment in her heart. The last time she asked me whether I have ever thought about our future, I still didn’t give her the answer. She was angry and said she wanted to break up with me. I knew that she was just too angry to say this. We had been together for six years. Can I still not understand her?” Qin Sheng began to explain, while other people were listening.

Qin Sheng sighed and continued, “After Su Qin said that we broke up. Grandpa was dying. You are all busy. So I didn’t tell you that and I went back to Xi’an. After a few days, my grandfather died. He told me something before he passed away. After grandpa’s funeral, I started vagabondage for more than two years. I have experienced a lot in the past two years. I have no contact with anyone, so I am sorry for everyone, and I am sorry for Su Qin. After all, I leave without saying goodbye.”

Qin Sheng did not say too much, but simply told the cause and result. Xia Ding and Hao Lei finally understand this.

“It turned out to be like this. I thought that you were injured because of the breakup. And you disappeared for this,” Xia Ding said thoughtfully, “But after you disappeared, I heard that Su Qin was looking for you. She looked for us to ask for many times.”

Hao Lei said, “I think so too.”

“Well, now I have explained it clearly. So you should not be biased against her anymore. Su Qin is a good girl, and I am the bad guy.” Qin Sheng smiled bitterly.

Xia Ding frowned. “Boss, since you said so, now that you are back, I guess that Su Qin has no boyfriend. And she may still keep you in her heart. Can you get back together?”

“Yeah, after all, you have been together for six years,” Hao Lei said.

Qin Sheng shook his head. “Time has changed many things. If you have missed it, just miss it. Su Qin has her own life. And me, everything is unknown. We should not bother each other.”

“Hey…” Qin Sheng said, and Hao Lei could only sigh. He knew that Qin Sheng was a particularly assertive person.

Xia Ding smiled. “Nothing, boss, there are still a lot of good women. I have found true love now. And you will get better sooner or later.”

“Go to hell!” Qin Sheng smiled and shouted.

Xia Ding sighed. “From tomorrow, I have to work hard and become an outstanding young talent. Because I found out that my true love is so good. And there must be many pursuers around such a woman. I must be stand out from the crowd. And become the proud of my family.”

“Do you know whether she gets married or not, do you know whether she has a boyfriend or not?” Qin Sheng said to him in a very rude way.

Qin Sheng’s words made Xia Ding’s self-confidence disappeared all at once. He immediately cried and said, “Yes, what if she is married? My God, no, I have to ask about it first.”

“Don’t ask about your true love. First check out the identity of the man tonight. Or it would be nobody knows when I was buried in the Huangpu River.” Qin Sheng frowned.

Chang Baji and Hao Lei look stunned. “What happened?”