When Qin Sheng talked about the causes and consequences of all these things, Chang Baji and Hao Lei now understood that, including the previous conflict in the bar, it was all because of Han Bing.

“Woman is really dangerous.” Xia Ding couldn’t help but feel that young people tended to get into trouble because of women. He was the same. But he understood that women were just the coat of rights and money. Some one could get it. Some one who couldn’t get it, had to bear the pain of cutting love. Anyway, he was not going to get married. Why should he offend too many people because of women.

However, Qin Sheng was not for himself. He was just for a promise.

“What are you going to do about this?” Chang Baji asked very straightforwardly.

Qin Sheng thought for a while and said, “I will call and ask Han Bing first, then Xia Ding will check the details. We will discuss it make it clear. It will be best if we could compromise. Or I will take a step back. If we could not compromise, what does he want, we stay with him.”

Having Jiang Xianbang’s relationship, and Xia Ding would definitely be in his side. Qin Sheng knew that there would be no big problems. But he couldn’t always let others help him solving problems. It was not the two-year wandering, he could change to another place once he made trouble in one place. It was the place he would live in all the time. The higher level he went, the smaller the circle was. They would see each other a lot. They couldn’t be enemies even if they couldn’t be friends.

“Okay, don’t worry, I have arranged it. And I will give feedback to you once I know something,” Xia Ding nodded and said.

The wine was getting tastier, and the boys were getting drunk. Since Qin Sheng had already made the matter of Su Qin clear, Xia Ding and Hao Lei were no longer scruple. They started to laugh at Su Qin’s things. Thought about their past time. How carefree they were. And they did not have so many troublesome things like now. But who could always stay in the past?

After drinking the wine, Xia Ding asked the driver to come and pick him up.

Qin Sheng and his friends staggered back. When they returned to the room. Qin Sheng first called Han Bing and asked, “Do you remember the man who had a conflict with us at the G+ Bar in Xintiandi?”

“What’s wrong? Remember, he is Liu Chengfeng, a playboy.” Han Bing had a bad impression of this man. He had chased her several times. After being rejected, he didn’t give up, but when his father was there, he didn’t dare to do anything to her. Then his dad had an accident, he was somewhat unscrupulous.

“What is his family doing?” Qin Sheng whispered.

Had already returned to Huarun Nine Mile Bund. Han Bing, who just took a shower and put on a pajama and mask, said, “Why do you ask about him? Is there something wrong?”

“No, I just met him today. And just asked about it,” Qin Sheng did not want Han Bing to worry, said casually.

Han Bing who leaned on the bed and showed her white legs, said, “His grandfather used to be a deputy director. His dad is now the head of a company under the Shanghai Urban Construction Group. He has built a construction company and relied on his family. But he was too proud.”

“Oh, I understand.” It was better than Qin Sheng’s expectation. The background of the guy was not very deep, but the relationship network was more complicated. His dad was in the beneficial department of Shanghai Urban Construction Group. Liu Chengfeng followed the steps. Who would believe it if we said he had no dirty tricks. As long as Qin Sheng dared to investigate into it. He would lower his head.

“What are you doing?” Qin Sheng asked with a smile after coming back to earth.

Han Bing muttered, “Just after taking shower, applying a mask.”

“How is the progress of the Guoping Group?” Qin Sheng had not been concerned about this since he went to Shangshan Ruoshui.

Han Bing replied, “It’s still quite smooth. Uncle Zheng is taking care of it. It could be done at the end of the year. When I am completely quit, I will only take up the corresponding shares.”

“Well, that’s good. Okay, just go to bed early.” Qin Sheng stretched out and was a little sleepy.

Han Bing wanted to tease Qin Sheng with some words, but finally gave up. She said good night, and hung up the phone.

Liu Chengfeng’s affairs were not too big but also not that small. He was not a rich guy with a powerful background. Qin Sheng wanted to see what they would do, then he would show his schemes.

When he got up in the morning, he received a text message from Su Qin. Just a simple morning greeting. Qin Sheng did not reply, and went out running with Chang Baji, then went to work after having breakfast.

Shangshan Ruoshui had arranged a Mercedes-Benz GLE for Chang Baji. Qin Sheng finally did not have to take the bus anymore. But now he did not want outsiders to know his relationship with Chang Baji, so he would get off at the intersection and then walked in.

Just arrived at work today, Qin Sheng noticed that the big breasts Tang Wan was not in a good mood. Her dark circles were a bit serious. Qin Sheng had not asked, until Song Siyu was next to comfort her. Qin Sheng just walked to them and asked.

“Nothing wrong, just lost her love,” Song Siyu, who had been in relationships with others for several times, dumped by others and also dumped others, said carelessly. Compared with the simple and pure Tang Wan, Song Siyu would be more realistic. Otherwise, she would not have much gossip in Shangshan Ruoshui.

Things like being disappointed in a love affair, could not be healed by others. Unless you were strong enough to come out, or you could just lessen the pain as time went by.

“Everything will pass, you are a good girl, and you will meet better people to cherish you.” Qin Sheng comforted.

Song Siyu said in a huff, “Yes, Do not feel sad about the bad guy who hurt you. He doesn’t cherish you. You should be thankful. There are so many good men. You see that Qin Sheng is such a good man. He is still a single, right?”

Qin Sheng looked speechless and thought who he had provoked.

“I have an idea. We invite brother Lyu after work in the evening, and we will go out for dinner and let you vent your anger.” Song Siyu suggested.

Qin Sheng did not refuse, he replied, “Okay, we have known for so long, but have not had dinner yet.”

“Deal,” Song Siyu smiled and said.

Tang Wan did not speak. She knew that everyone did these for her, so she did not disappoint them.

Chang Baji was busy all day long. Since the day he made a drastic fight, all the people in the Shangshangshui had trembled when they saw Chang Baji. They were afraid that they would have trouble. The vice president would fight once he was not glad. It was said that the security department was the worst. There were still people staying in the hospital.

In the past, employees from other departments would be so fearful when they saw the security minister. They would just say hello for politeness. But now the security minister was also the deputy general manager. It had to be careful.

During the lunch time, Song Siyu asked Lyu Yuan to join the activity tonight. Lyu Yuan’s life was rather monotonous and his focus was on his work, so he had no entertainment.

Song Siyu then said that Tang Wan had a failed relationship. Everyone wanted to comfort her. It happened that they had not had dinner together. So they decided to go out for dinner and had some fun after work tonight.

Lyu Yuan had no opinions and readily agreed that. They were just having a day job today.

After work, several people changed their clothes, because they might have to drink at night. So Lyu Yuan and Song Siyu, who had cars, didn’t plan to drive. Four people went to the hot pot restaurant that Song Siyu had already booked. The weather was getting cold, two women wanted to eat hot pot.

Without outsiders, there were just four of them. When they were eating, they started to comfort Tang Wan. Tang Wan’s mood was better.

After chatting about Tang Wan, everyone’s attention was placed on Qin Sheng. After all, Qin Sheng was now a famous man in Shanghan Ruoshui. His work ability was particularly outstanding. He was appreciated by Ms. An and Mr. Xu.

“Qin Sheng, what kind of work did you do before? How do you think about coming to Shangshan Ruoshui?” Everyone was busy with work on weekdays, and there was no time to talk about these trivial things. Song Siyu who was curious asked at this moment.

Qin Sheng laughed. “After graduating from college, I went out traveling for two years. I returned to Shanghai last month. After being recommended, I came to Shangshan Ruoshui.”

“Hey, you have been traveling for two years. You have a wonderful life. What kind of university do you graduate from?” Song Siyu asked. The minimum requirement for Shangshan Ruoshui was a bachelor degree. She was from the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, and Tang Wan graduated from Jiangsu Normal University. Tang Wan came to Shanghai because her boyfriend stayed in Shanghai.

“Fudan University,” Qin Sheng did not conceal and replied casually.

Lyu Yuan knew about this matter. But he always felt that the high-caliber students who graduated from Fudan University came to Shangshan Ruoshui, did work unworthy of his talents. And he didn’t know what Qin Sheng thought.

“OMG, you actually graduated from Fudan University, then you are the most talented in our reception department.” Song Siyu exclaimed.

Tang Wan next to her was also surprised.

“Nothing matter, now we all work together.” Qin Sheng chuckled.

Song Siyu pouted and said, “You are right. No matter what university you graduated from, as long as you can earn money, it will be good. But there is still something different. Look at you, you are smarter than us. You can learn everything in a short time. No wonder that you only need to turn to a regular worker in half a month. I and Tang Wan are not as easy as you are. We are just beautiful.”

“Shameless?” Qin Sheng looked down and said.

Song Siyu smiled charmingly. “Am I not pretty? You tell me, have you ever thought about me furtively?”

Qin Sheng did not want to pay attention to her. He took the wine glass and drank with brother Lyu.

After the meal, it was still early. It was just eight o’clock. Tang Wan said that she wanted to drink, Song Siyu took the lead to agree. But she said to Qin Sheng and Lyu Yuan that she and Tang Wan was not good at drinking. They were responsible to send the girls back if the girls drank too much. But did not take any advantage.

Qin Sheng and Lyu Yuan were speechless. They were not such people. Unless they wanted to ruin their reputation. But it was hard to say that Song Siyu would seduce them.

It was the closest to the YOUNG bar here. Except for Song Siyu, who wanted to go to the nightclub first. Everyone else wanted to go to the quiet bar, so Qin Sheng took them to the YOUNG bar.

Sitting in a position against the wall, the manager glimpsed Qin Sheng, and greeted him with a happy face. “Hey, buddy, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“This is the manager of the bar, Brother Kang.” Qin Sheng introduced each other. “These are my colleagues.”

After greeting each other, Brother Kang smiled and said, “The arrival of the two beautiful women, let our bar shine. So, you can drink whatever you want, I personally send you a bottle of red wine.”

Seeing Brother Kang was so bold, Song Siyu was even more excited, and wanted to give him a kiss.

After chatting a few words, Kangzi left. He ran straight to the back and dialed the boss’s phone. Soon the phone was connected. Kang Zi directly reported, “Boss, Qin Sheng is here.”

“I will come over,” Su Qin, who was in the meeting, said thoughtfully.