Su Qin was currently working at the China headquarters of a multinational consulting company in Shanghai. Although her father had always asked her to go back and help him. He thought that a girl was easy to suffer and be harmed by others when she went out. But Su Qin had already had feelings for the city of Shanghai, and she did not intend to go back.

Her father had planned to spend some money and gave her a company, so that she would not be bullied by others. But Su Qin would like to work for a few years to gain some experience. Finally, her father could only compromise.

In more than two years, Su Qin had become a department manager from ordinary employees. Tonight, they were working overtime to discuss the feasibility of a project. This moment Kangzi called her, and Su Shi just directly dropped the rest of the department to leave. Anyway, there was already a result. They would inform her back.

In the YOUNG bar, Qin Sheng accompanied Tang Wan and Song Siyu. They were still drinking and chatting. The topic had already been transferred to Lyu Yuan. Qin Sheng never asked Lyu Yuan’s private life. But now he could not help but ask, “Brother Lyu, are you still not married yet?”

“No girlfriend, who will marry to me, you?” Lyu Yuan replied with a glass of wine.

Lyu Yuan was almost thirty years old. Although the average age of marriage was quite late nowadays. But Lyu Yuan even not had a girlfriend, and it made Qin Sheng puzzled. After all, Lyu Yuan had a car and house in Shanghai, and the salary was the top five in the reception department. It was easy for him to find a girlfriend.

“It seems that you are also a man with a story.” Qin Sheng smiled bitterly.

At this time Song Siyu gossiped, “Do you know why brother Lyu had such qualifications and strength, but he did not become a deputy manager of the department? Do you know why Wang Haichao does not like Brother Lyu?”

“I don’t know,” Qin Sheng said with curiosity.

Song Siyu cleared her throat and began to say slowly, “Brother Lyu had a girlfriend in the university. Later, both of them stayed in Shanghai and it said that they would get married after working for a few years. But they were too busy with each other’s work. His girlfriend often went on a business trip and finally they had no choice but broke up. After breaking up, Brother Lyu came to Shangshan Ruoshui, and had never been in love. He put his work in the first place, and was heavily weighted by Mr. Xu and Ms. An. There was a rule in Shangshan Ruoshui which most companies also do, that is that roman in the office is not allowed. In the year before last, they recruited new receptions. Brother Lyu was in charge of teaching two of them. Who knows that he had a feeling to one of the two, and they were secretly together. Just when the selection of the deputy manager began. Among the females inside Yu Fengzhi was undoubtedly selected. The male inside was Wang Haichao and brother Lyu were the most hopeful. Just in the important moment, Wang Haichao got the message from somewhere, and just took this thing out. So brother Lyu naturally fell. Wang Haichao was elected as the deputy manager.”

“It turned out to be the case.” Qin Sheng sighed, saying that brother Lyu’s ability was so strong, no worse than Wang Haichao.

“And then?” Qin Sheng continued to ask.

Song Siyu said, “Afterwards, the company stipulates that if roman in the office is discovered, there must be someone left. Brother Lyu is naturally unwilling to let the girl take this responsibility and propose to resign. But who knew that the girl was the first to leave without saying no one, and no one could contact her. Disheartened brother Lyu also wanted to leave. Later, Mr. Xu and Ms. An did the work and gave him a monthly vacation to recover. After the holiday, Brother Lyu understood and returned to the Shangshan Ruoshui, then he has never talked about love again.”

“Brother Lyu, I didn’t expect you to be a person who takes love as an important thing,” Qin Sheng looked at Lyu Yuan and said.

After experiencing these things, Lyu Yuan’s heart had been tough, especially in terms of love. Even if he met the right one, he just smiled.

“We all have young and frivolous time, and have time when we don’t know many things. Finally, we will be fucked up by the damn life,” thinking of the past, Lyu Yuan sighed with some feelings.

“Tang Wan, see, Brother Lyu has put down after experiencing so much. You are just having little things, and cannot get well after a few days. I will introduce a boyfriend to you. I’m sure you will be satisfied.” Song Siyu comforted.

Qin Sheng raised the glass of wine. “Come, this glass of wine, respect us; hope that we all get better and better”

“Respect the past,” everyone shouted.

After putting down the glass, Song Siyu stared at the entrance of the bar and was very interested. “I didn’t expect such a small bar to have such a beauty.”

Tang Wan and Lyu Yuan subconsciously looked to the direction. The dark lights could not cover the charm of the beauty, but this beauty seemed to just get off work, wearing a more formal professional suit, especially the gray skirt wrapped in the hips. She was a bit too thin. Under such weather, did the beauty feel cold?

Qin Sheng was busy replying message. Xia Ding had already checked Liu Chengfeng’s background details. It was similar to what Han Bing told him. Qin Sheng was discussing with him how to deal with it. Until now, Liu family did not take action, which was surprising. So he did not pay attention to the beauty that Song Siyu said.

After Kangzi saw the beauty coming in, he ran quickly and whispered a few words. The beautiful woman went straight to Qin Sheng.

“It seems that it should be an old customer of the bar. It is quite familiar with Brother Kang. I don’t know if she had any boyfriends. Otherwise, you two can try.” Seeing the beauty, Song Siyu was more interested in it than the man. And she started to talk about it. “This beauty is not simple; this business wear is definitely a luxury brand. Maybe it costs as much as my salary, and high heels should be jimmy.choo that I have seen in fashion magazines. Her bag is more common, YSL classics. Such a beauty is rich and royal, so for you, it is estimated to be somewhat difficult.”

“She is coming to us.” Tang Wan knew that Song Siyu had more research on luxury goods. She often went shopping.

“Hey, the beauty still smile to us.” Song Siyu was somewhat puzzled. “Brother Lyu, you know her?”

Lv Yuan frowned and thought about it, and shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

Just when they were puzzled, the beauty had already walked over to them and smiled. “How are you?”

After that, she sat directly next to Qin Sheng.

Whether it was Song Siyu or Tang Wan and Lyu Yuan, they were all puzzled. Just when Song Siyu was ready to ask “do we know each other”, Qin Sheng turned to look at the beauty at this time. The beautiful woman stared at Qin Sheng and smiled. She was squinting at the same time. It seemed to say “surprise.”

“How you…?” Qin Sheng stunned for a moment, asked with a strange look.

This beauty was Su Qin. Su Qin said with a smile, “You can come, how can I not come?”

A group of people suddenly realized that it was a friend of Qin Sheng. But they had already guessed whether it was a girlfriend or not. Song Siyu smiled and said, “It turned out to be a friend of Qin Sheng. No wonder.”

Su Qin introduced herself gracefully, “My name is Su Qin, a friend of Qin Sheng. I am very glad to meet you.”

Song Siyu, who could naturally engage with people, smiled and said, “Hello, my name is Song Siyu. This is Brother Lyu and Tang Wan. We are all friends of Qin Sheng. We just had dinner tonight and come over to sit.”

“I didn’t expect Qin Sheng to know beautiful girls like you. I didn’t hear to him before.” Su Qin smiled.

This sentence was exactly what Song Siyu wanted to say. Who knew that Su Qin said it first. But Song Siyu was not awkward, laughing and saying, “Oh, compare with you, we are not beautiful.”

Qin Sheng was just looking Su Qin and Song Siyu chatting, wondering what the hell it was.

After chatting for a while, Qin Sheng just said playfully, “Don’t you explain to it?”

“Explain what?” Su Qin looked innocent.

“Explain why you are here.”

“I said it was an encounter, do you believe it?”

It was what Qin Sheng used to say. Qin Sheng naturally did not believe, and said slowly, “You are wearing a work suite, which is not your style. You forgot, when you lie, your eyes will flash and you will not look directly at me? Tell me honestly.”

Su Qin looked down on the floor with a blush. But she didn’t know how to explain it. Qin Sheng still understood her.

At this time, the next Tang Wan suddenly cried, Su Qin and Qin Sheng subconsciously looked at Tang wan, without knowing what happened.

“Tang Wan, what’s wrong with you?” They looked at each other, and Song Siyu quickly held Tang Wan to ask.

Tang Wan did not say anything. But she cried on the table. And the crying was very sad and heartbreaking.

“It is estimated that she thinks about her past love,” Lyu Yuan said helplessly.

Su Qin whispered, “It is a broken love.”

“The same was true when I lost my love last time. I don’t know what you guys think. You have such a beautiful girlfriend. It is a great thing. But you don’t cherish it,” Su Qin said with a sigh.

In this case, there was obviously something in the words that seemed to be said to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng stared at Su Qin and sneered, “It was you who broke up with me.”

“I said breaking up, and you agree with that? Then you disappeared for more than two years. And there is no chance for me to repent. I really don’t know. We have been together for six years. Do you really have me in your heart?” Su Qin was angry. But her voice was very low. Obviously, she was not willing to let others hear.

This made Qin Sheng unable to say something.

Over there, Qin Sheng and Song Siyu were comforting Tang Wan. Tang Wan’s crying was finally stopped. She sobbed. “I really don’t know why? I am so good to him. He said that he wants to stay in Shanghai. I ran from Nanjing to Shanghai. He said that the work was too busy and too tired. I went to work during the day, and when I went home from work, I will do the laundry and cooking. He said that his family was difficult. All my salary was given to him. I have done all these things for him. He still wants to break up with me. What can I do to make him satisfied?”

Just now, her boyfriend sent her a long message. Probably meaning that she was good, and he hoped she understood he was not easy. He believed that she could find a better one.

“Tang Wan, such a bad gut is not worth your time. People like him is a scumbag. Even if you are good to him, he would still leave you,” Song Siyu gnawed her teeth and said.

“He derailed, I forgive him, but he finally wants to break up with me. He told me that he found a woman who could let him have a rest for ten years. You tell me, what is wrong with the society, why are people so tired?” Tang Wan continued to complain.

Song Siyu and Lyu Yuan could only comfort her while listening to her complaints.

“Your colleague is a good girl, but unfortunately she encountered a bad guy,” Su Qin said lightly.

This society was full of such dramatic things every day. Shanghai was so big. Everyone would have different choices if they wanted to stay here. Only some people chose to take shortcuts, and naturally, they had to pay the price. The price included hurting the person who treated him the best. Perhaps in their eyes, compared with things which they really wanted, other things were meaningless. Because these things were too cheap.

Qin Sheng said with a deep meaning, “You are also a good girl.”

“Then why don’t you cherish me?” Su Qin looked directly at Qin Sheng and said.

Qin Sheng smiled bitterly and still didn’t know how to answer.

“I want to hear you singing,” Su Qin said somewhat arrogantly. She hadn’t listened to Qin Sheng’s singing for a long time. Just like she used to not allow Qin Sheng to sing to other girls. This was her only privilege.

Qin Sheng did not hesitate. He nodded directly and said, “Okay.”

This made Su Qin somewhat surprised. She did not expect that Qin Sheng would still be so accommodationist to her. As long as he could do for her, Qin Sheng would never say no.

There was no resident singer at this moment. Qin Sheng slowly walked to the stage and picked up the guitar.

In the bar, several old customers who had heard Qin Sheng sang once again cheered up. Qin Sheng’s table was quiet. Song Siyu was pleasantly surprised. “Qin Sheng can play guitar and sing?”

Su Qin smiled lightly and did not speak.

People were staring at Qin Sheng who was on the stage. Qin Sheng holding the guitar seemed to exude a special charm, which made Su Qin thought of their high school time. In the sun, on the playground, she was lying on the lawn. Qin Sheng who was holding a guitar was singing her a love song.

The chords had been played lightly. This time Qin Sheng did not report the name of the song, but directly sang it.

“The girl in memory,

Standing in the streets after the rain,

Holding a flower paper umbrella,

The water reflected her beautiful appearance.

Her heart is oscillate,

Her voice is helpless and desolate,

Someone who wait for her is in the distance,

But never walks into her heart.

I said hey girl, dry the tears on your face,

That boy is not worth your heartbreak.


Look at the sunniness around you after the rain,

There is also a rainbow,

Just hanging on the sky.

There is also a rainbow,

Just hanging on the sky…”

After singing a song, the applause cheered. Su Qin suddenly got up, ignored the excitement, and left the bar with red eyes.