May you not be afraid of darkness and ghosts. May you never frown, and those who loved each other would have their own places. Those who were willing to be exiled would be relieved. Hope someone would treat you so well. Hope that you would not be disappointed.

When Qin Sheng was in the university, he would be sitting quietly in the corner every day to listen to Su Qin singing. Su Qin never wanted him to his face in public. She was always afraid of which beauty to seduce him away. Now she returned to Shanghai, and then to the YOUNG bar, Qin Sheng had sung for the third time. People who didn’t know the situation might think Qin Sheng was the resident singer here.

Why sang this song?

Qin Sheng sang to Tang Wan and also sang to Su Qin.

His singing made Tang Wan cried and made Su Qin left. Everyone had a different understanding. Tang Wan felt that Qin Sheng hoped that she would let go of her sorrow. There were too many wonderful things waiting for her in this world. But Su Qin was just the opposite. She was stubborn and she thought that Qin Sheng was telling her that her boy was not worth her waiting anymore.

Qin Sheng naturally saw Su Qin left. He sighed helplessly. It was good to forget each other. Why did they have to meet again? From the details after the encounter, Qin Sheng could see that Su Qin did not forget him. In fact, he did not forget Su Qin too. But he just let go of this relationship.

After all, they had been together for six years.

Putting down the guitar, Qin Sheng slowly returned to the seat in the cheers. Tang Wan cried and said, “Thank you, Qin Sheng.”

Qin Sheng gently wiped the tears of this silly girl and smiled. “Is it still hurting?”

Tang Yan shook her head and said, “No.”

The human heart was full of emotion. Kind person was always disappointed by others. The person who fell in love was always hurt. Of course, it was painful. But it would be painless as time went by.

“How did Su Qin go?” Lyu Yuan asked with a puzzle.

After all, Song Siyu was a woman. She could guess the meaning. And she squinted at Lyu Yuan. Qin Sheng and this beauty must have a lot of stories to say.

“It is late, let’s go back,” Qin Sheng said without thinking. He was a little down and not interested in staying here.

Lyu Yuan called the waiter to check out. As the boss, he naturally rushed to pay the bill and did not give other people a chance.

After leaving the YOUNG bar, Lyu Yuan and Qin Sheng took a taxi and left. Song Siyu took Tang Wan back to her house, so everyone could be relieved that the girl could not do anything stupid.

Time was running, Qin Sheng tried not to think about those trivial things. And he tried to enrich himself.

On the second day of work, Qin Sheng saw that Wang Haichao, who was suspended for a week because of the last incident. And Wang Haichao passed by Qin Sheng, said in a weird tone, “Qin Sheng, you are quite good. Now I know. Let’s see.”

“Thank you, Manager Wang,” Qin Sheng said without being humble.

In the afternoon, Ms. Cheongsam Xue Qingyan came over alone. Qin Sheng was in the hall. He guided her directly to the box where Ms. Cheongsam often had. Ms. Cheongsam sent the others away except Qin Sheng. More and more members asked for Qin Sheng responsible for their reception. Qin Sheng became the red man in the reception department. Everyone was envious and jealous.

“Miss Xue, are you drinking tea or wine?” Qin Sheng asked politely.

Xue Qingyan took off her coat, wearing only a thin sweater that was slim. It was about to enter December. The weather was getting colder and colder. But it was warmer in Shangshan Ruoshui. Otherwise, those artists dared to wear stockings and short skirts?

“Qin Sheng, I told you, if there is no outsider, you can call me Sister Xue,” Xue Qingyan stared at Qin Sheng said.

Qin Sheng smiled and said, “Sister Xue, wine or tea?”

“Today I don’t have a good mood. Just have some wine. Penfolds Grange,” Xue Qingyan was massaging the temple, and said with headaches.

Qin Sheng immediately went out to arrange.

Later, Qin Sheng came in with the red wine. Song Siyu came with a fruit plate. Qin Sheng began to dispel the effects of alcohol, and then poured a glass to Xue Qingyan.

“You drink with me,” Drinking wine alone was always not good. Xue Qingyan looked up at Qin Sheng and said.

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “Sister Xue, it is not very good. You know the rules of Shangshan Ruoshui. We are not allowed drinking during working hours.”

Xue Qingyi said regardless, “Rules? What are the rules? The rules are determined by people, and they will vary from person to person. Besides, the purpose of Shangshan Ruoshui is to meet all the requirements of members. This is also a rule, not to mention that I am one of the six VVIP members. I let you drink, who can tell you not to do that?”

Ms. Cheongsam had said so. If Qin Sheng would not drink with her, it would be too damn. So Qin Sheng said with power, “Okay.”

“This is it.” Xue Qingyan smiled.

After Qin Sheng poured himself the wine, the two cheered. And Xue Qingyan drank it. Qin Sheng also followed it. He always felt that such a good wine was a bit ruined. But for Ms. Cheongsam, this wine was nothing.

“Sister Xue, you are not feeling good? I am willing to be a listener. If you need help, you can tell me,” Qin Sheng said thoughtfully.

“What can you help me?” Xue Qingyan said with a smile. But after saying this sentence, she felt she said too much. And she continued to say, “I don’t mean anything else. It’s just that my affairs are more complicated. You can’t help it. Just drink more with me.”

“Okay.” Qin Sheng did not ask and smiled.

Xue Qingyan chatted with Qin Sheng when she had nothing to do. “Qin Sheng, do you have a girlfriend?”

“I had when I was in the university. And later we broke up. Then I have never fallen in love until now.”

“It is impossible. You are so good. It should be easy to find a girlfriend.”

Qin Sheng picked up the wine glass and said, “Sister Xue, don’t laugh at me. I am a waiter. If I dare to say that I am good. Those good young talents on the Bund might jump the Huangpu River together.”

“Look what you said.” Xue Qingyan laughed and then asked, “Well, Xiaohao said that you are very good at your skills. Are you taught by a master or a self-taught student?”

“I learned from a few old men from a young age. And then I learned by myself,” Qin Sheng said casually.

Xue Qingyan frowned. “Do you know some masters, the very powerful ones.”

“What do you mean?” Qin Sheng did not understand.

Xue Qingyi sighed. “We have a bit trouble in company recently. There is a problem with a project in Nanjing. We get the news that the person in charge of the project, is ready to run away. This project has always been my job. The person in charge has an underworld background. The board let me handle it. I am afraid of an accident. So I’m asking you.”

So that was what it was. Xue Qingyan’s background was not simple. There should be a way to deal with this thing. Or she was not willing to use her relationship, or her opponent was also powerful.

“Sister Xue, if you believe me, I go to Nanjing with you,” Qin Sheng said slowly.

Xue Qingyan did not expect Qin Sheng to be so surprised, then she looked up and said, “You?”

“You do not believe me?” Qin Sheng laughed.

Xue Qingyan shook her head. “No, but it is really troublesome. Are you willing to take this risk?”

“As long as you can handle the endgame, and don’t let me become the scapegoat when something really happens, I can guarantee that unless I die, I will definitely protect you, Sister Xue,” Qin Sheng said firmly. He only had Chang Baji and Hao Lei with him. Chang Baji, who just took over the security department, certainly had no time. Hao Lei had to protect Han Bing. Only he could take a vacation and went with Ms. Cheongsam.

Qin Sheng’s words were so sincere. Xue Qingyan fell into meditation and began to consider whether she should believe in Qin Sheng or not. In the end, she promised, “Okay, then you will go to Nanjing with me. You don’t have to worry about other things. As long as there is an accident, you protect me.”


Xue Qingyi replied, “The night after tomorrow.”

So this thing had been dealt. For most people, it was better to save trouble. But Qin Sheng chose to jump into the fire pit. Of course, he had his own reason. Xue Qingyan as one of the six VVIP members of Shangshan Ruoshui, obviously had a powerful background. Now that Qin Sheng had stayed in the same line with her. He must find a way to make the relationship stronger. Rich was found in danger. The pay would inevitably have a return. This was Qin Sheng’s scheme.

After dealing with this thing, Xue Qingyan didn’t stay in Shangshan Ruoshui for a long time. Qin Sheng arranged other people to send her back. When she left, Xue Qingyan also told Qin Sheng, did not forget to teach Xue Hao to learn. Qin Sheng was a bit nervous. The college entrance examination had been passed for more than six years. He didn’t know how many things he could remember. It seemed that he had to take time to review it again.

Back to the second floor, Qin Sheng happened to meet Wang Haichao. Wang Haichao saw Qin Sheng had the smell of wine and immediately shouted, “Qin Sheng, stop.”

“Manager Wang, is there anything?” Qin Sheng smiled.

Wang Haichao shouted in a loud voice, “You have forgotten the rules of Shangshan Ruoshui. We are not allowed to drink during working hours. You explain it to me.”

Qin Sheng disdained and said, “Ms. Xue is in a bad mood, insisting that I drink with her. I said the rules of Shangshan Ruoshui, she said that if we have any problem just to find her. If you have any problem, please call Ms. Xue.”

“You…” Qin Sheng blocked Wang Haichao in one sentence, and he dared not to call Ms. Xue.

Qin Sheng smiled lightly. “If there is nothing, I will go first.”

Xu Lancheng was not here today. Qin Sheng planned to ask for a leave tomorrow.

After work, Qin Sheng just returned to Shilin Huayuan. And a few men came down from a van at the entrance of Shilin Huayuan Community. They shouted to Qin Sheng, “Are you Qin Sheng?”

“I am, is there something?” Qin Sheng smiled.

“Just follow us,” said these strong men.

Qin Sheng said directly, “Okay.”

After that, Qin Sheng was ready to get on the van.

These men were stupefied in the same place. It was not like in the movie…