Qin Sheng realized that troubles kept following him since he returned to Shanghai, most of which had to do with the Han Family. He wondered if it was because he owed the Han Family some favors from their previous lives.

He went into the car obediently without putting on a fight, which surprised and disappointed the men who were sent by the Liu family at the same time. They were all geared up for a fight, expecting Qin Sheng to retaliate. They felt like soldiers on the battlefield, all prepared to fight their enemies, when the enemies simply surrendered without putting up a fight.

Qin Sheng sat at the back seat of a Mercedes GLB with two other men, who made sure he was restrained, while there was another man at the middle row, and lastly, there was the driver and another man sitting next to him. All in all, there were five men besides Qin Sheng.

“Did Liu Jingcheng, Liu Chengfeng’s father send you guys here?” Qin Sheng asked casually as the GLB started moving off.

“Cut your nonsense and behave yourself,” the burly man sitting beside Qin Sheng scolded.

“Do you need to be so fierce? All I wanted was to have a chat with you guys. If you’re trying to intimidate me by your numbers, I’m sorry but I’m not like any regular man who is easily intimidated,” said Qin Sheng with a chuckle.

The burly man suddenly flashed out a dagger, wanting to threaten Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng’s expression changed. He grabbed the man’s wrist and twisted it so that the dagger came to rest on the man’s neck, where some blood started oozing from a small cut.

All the other men in the car were taken aback and the burly man implored, “Big brother, let’s not resort to violence. We can always discuss terms.”

The man on the other side of Qin Sheng froze, being anxious if Qin Sheng would proceed to kill his co-worker. Of course Qin Sheng did not have the intention to kill him, so he took over the dagger from the man’s hand and loosen his grip on the burly man.

“I bet you’re not as skillful as me when it comes to playing with the dagger,” said Qin Sheng, smiling as he fiddled with the common dagger.

By this time, the burly man was drenched in cold sweat and the others did not dare to make any further moves, trembling with fear.

“I said I just wanted to have a chat with you guys. By your bodily built accent, I suppose you guys came from the north?” Qin Sheng tried to strike up a conversation.

“We are from Shandong,” replied the burly man in a low tone.

“I guessed as much from your accent that you are from Shandong, which is a wonderful place. How are you all doing in Shanghai and who is your boss? If you like, I can help link you up with good connections. I know it’s not easy to survive in Shanghai because of its high standard of living and it’s so competitive here although there are also many rich people. Do you own a car and a property? Any girlfriend? How much are you earning per month? How much is the Liu family paying you for getting hold of me? At least a few tens of thousands? The Lius are really rich,” Qin Sheng blabbered on with the questions.

Those few men in the car was at a loss of words. In their hearts, they were thinking that Qin Sheng should stop embarrassing them and making them feel awkward. He should at least leave them some leeway, he was after all their captive.

“Shanghai is so big and there are so many rich people in it. However, most of the people here are afraid to die. We’re not afraid to die, and we know how to find ways of escape” the burly man said coldly.

“Are you not afraid to die? Then why did you break out in cold sweat just now when I put the dagger to your neck?” smirked Qin Sheng.

The burly man was strucked dumb with embarrassment. He shook his head and said, “That depends on who is trying to threaten me. What did you do to offend Manager Liu? I may not look smart, but I’m really not stupid. I can tell that you are no ordinary man from your composed demeanor. Moreover, I saw the killer look in your eyes when you put the dagger to my neck, from which I knew you can easily kill me. With all your qualities and skillfulness, there’s no way I am not afraid of you!”

“Big brother, are you also involved in gangs?” the burly on the other side started chatting with Qin Sheng too.

Qin Sheng sighed and said, “What gang? If you get involved in this kind of things while you still young, your lives will be ruined. You end up neither here nor there, basically you end up nowhere.”

“Aren’t you a veteran!” exclaimed the burly man said, as a smile broke out on his severe face.

Qin Sheng twisted his lips and said, “Have you ever killed before?”

The men in the car were once again strucked dumb by Qin Sheng’s question.

One of the burly men shook his head as he said, “Please don’t mock at us. Although we had gotten into fights and even injured some people as seriously as cutting off their limbs, honestly, we haven’t really killed anyone. I don’t think anyone would want to kill unless he’s left with no choice. A good boss might be able to keep you safe from if you kill someone, otherwise you either have to flee or go to jail for a few years.

“Looks like you are not a simpleton after all. Many people who became rich through many risks, but it is also down to a person’s destiny. I’ve learnt what a blessing it is to live a quiet life, especially after I’ve been through much wandering,” Qin Sheng said emotionally.

“You truly are a seasoned player, big brother,” the man on his left said quietly as he nodded.

“Will you stop addressing me ‘big brother’ already? I’m still young, just call me ‘brother’ will do,” Qin Sheng said cheerily.

The burly man on his right burst out laughing. “Tell us, brother, how did you offend the Liu family?”

“The good-for-nothing son of the rich old man thought he could do as he pleases just because he’s rich. Beaten up by me, he was so badly injured that he had to be sent to the hospital straight away. Just as you said, while the rich are so concerned about saving face, they are cowardly and afraid to die. Isn’t this why they are paying you to teach me a lesson?” said Qin Sheng, indignant.

“I get it now, brother. I’ve also witness so many similar situations. The rich are just so irritating, thinking they could do as they please as well as settle all problems with money. If not for Manager Liu’s good relationship with our boss, I would never have taken this up,” one of the burly man bawled.

The other burly man continued, “What are your plans, big brother?”

“What can I do? Do I apologize? I guess he would not make things difficult for me, this is the big city of Shanghai after all,” replied Qin Sheng as he continued, “Who exactly is your boss? Does he know Li Jun from Xinghe Industry?”

“Wow, brother, you mean you know Li Jun? He’s a big shot! There’s no way my boss can be compared to Manager Li.” That burly was shocked at the mention of Li Jun’s name. At this moment, his attitude towards Qin Sheng had completely turned around.

Qin Sheng light-heartedly said, “I kind of know him. He had treated me to a meal, during which he expressed his desire for me to work for him. Go back and tell your boss to stay out of the business between the Lius and me if he doesn’t want to invite trouble. If he’s adament, he should go find out more about me.”

Once the men cleared their suspicion towards, they proceeded to chat and smoke cigarettes. The initially tense atmosphere had now become funny and relaxed. All thanks to Qin Sheng’s hookwinking skills.

This went on for about an hour until finally the Mercedes GLB arrived at a teahouse in the Hongqiao vacinity. By now, the men had told Qin Sheng the address of this place and offered to call some friends over to help him, which Qin Sheng politely turned down.

While they were in the car, on the way here, the three men in the front rows eventually joined in the conversation. They eventually eased into each others’ company and began addressing Qin Sheng as their brother. They were just short of exchanging their contact numbers.

After they arrived, Qin Sheng followed the men up the stairs and entered a big room where Liu Jingcheng, Liu Chengfeng’s father was seated. Putting his legs on the table, he had been waiting for Qin Sheng’s arrival.

The two men seated next to Qin Sheng in the car brought him into the room while the others remained outside. “Manager Liu, we’ve brought you the man,” said the man who was closest with Qin Sheng.

Liu Jingcheng looked to be in his fifties and he was balding at the center of his head. He had a chubby face and pot belly, looking like a typical man his age, who held a managerial position. His was holding a cup in his hand and without looking up, he inquired, “So you are Qin Sheng?”

“What a redundant question. Why would I be here if I were not Qin Sheng?” said Qin Sheng, irritated.

Immediately Liu Jingcheng froze. He lifted his head and looked at Qin Sheng through squinted eyes and said, “Young man, it’s good to keep a low profile.”

“You should reserve this advise for your son,” Qin Sheng walked toward Liu Jingcheng slowly, sat down opposite him and helped himself to a cup of tea, acting as if he were the host here.

Liu Jingcheng snorted and said, “I’ve no idea how you, who was once a chauffeur and now a young waiter, gather such confidence to talk in this manner.”

“You are Liu Jingcheng, Liu Chengfeng’s father, someone of managerial level in a subsidiary company of Chengtou Conglomerate. I suppose your son had reaped plenty of benefits from you since you’re such a big shot. It’s not surpising how arrogant he is in light of this fact,” Qin Sheng said, mirroring the way Liu Jingcheng tried to expose Qin Sheng’s background.

“Are you fearless because you’re so ignorant, or somehow emboldened?” inquired Liu Jingcheng, with displeasure written all over his face. He had thought that by bringing Qin Sheng to see him, Qin Sheng would bow to him. Little did he expect Qin Sheng to be so fearless.

Qin Sheng calmly poured some tea for himself and snorted, “Whether I’m ignorant or not depends on how capable you are, but you are just a manager. What kind of prestigious background do you have? At most you are at the service level, or have I overestimated you?”

“What exactly is your background?” At this moment, Liu Jingcheng’s confidence began to waiver. He was worried that his investigation was not done thoroughly. Moreover, his son was his main source of information.

Qin Sheng squinted and said, “Let’s cut all unnecessary conversation since you got me all the way here. Let’s get to the point. I’m the one who beat up your son, so what do you want from me?”

“What to do? You have beaten my son up so badly that he had to be sent to the hospital. How could I swallow this?” Liu Jingcheng bawled and banged the table simultaneously.

Qin Sheng chuckled and said, “Stop trying to intimidate me, because you can’t. Whether you have to swallow this or not depends on your capabilities.”

“I truly wonder where you got your confidence?” Liu Jingcheng stood up and glared at Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng sat, crossing his legs and chuckled, “Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the Liu family. I’m only one person and I had been through my fair share of tough days. If you really want to play along with me, the Liu family would end up disadvantaged. I’m sure you don’t wish your son to die before you. Moreover, are you completely in the clear? I’m quite sure I can find some increminating about you. Is it worth the while?”

“Are you trying to threaten me?” Liu Jingcheng bellowed. By this time, he had blown his top.

Qin Sheng maintained a calm expression as he explained, “I’m not threatening you. Your son was the one who started it, but I can understand that you are protective over him. However, don’t treat me as an idiot. I’ve just come back to Shanghai and my only wish is to lead a normal and quiet life. If you wouldn’t leave me alone, I will have to make you pay as well.”

“You sound so fearless, who do you think you are?” Liu Jingcheng did not take Qin Sheng to heart and would certainly not be deceived by him.

Again, with a calm voice, Qin Sheng said, “I’m not some deity, so of course there’re things that I’m afraid of, but I’m not afraid of the Liu family. You can test me if you don’t agree with me.”

“Are you not afraid to die?” Liu Jingcheng said, gritting his teeth.

Qin Sheng stole a glance at the two men who were in the car with him and realized that they were looking back at him with a look of admiration. Qin Sheng then turned to Liu Jingcheng, fixed his eyes on him and said, “Who’s not afraid of death? But are you able to kill me? I’m giving you one chance to do it.”