Chapter 8 Don’t Think Too Much

Qin Sheng was injured…

Han Bing instantly tensed up, Qin Sheng took off his jacket, his left forearm had already bled a lot. For some reason, whenever this man stood by her side, she would feel a sense of security, both internally and externally. This was also the thing that she was lack of the most, ever since she was young. Even Han Guoping could not give her such a feeling before.

This man she had only known for a few days made her feel so safe.

It was not that Han Bing had never seen the world, but those two men they encountered last night were actually useless. They could only scare ordinary people, but could not fight against a true expert, that’s why Qin Sheng was able to easily deal with them.

But tonight, this man dared to come alone, so he must have formidable strength. Now that he had even injured Qin Sheng, so Qin Sheng might not be his match.

She no longer thought about what would happen to her if Qin Sheng lost. She only hoped that Qin Sheng could win …

The jacket was Qin Sheng’s weapon, and when Yang Deng rushed over, Qin Sheng immediately threw the clothes right on his face. Yang Deng dodged in time, and his blade thrusted straight at Qin Sheng’s chest, while Qin Sheng dodged to the side to avoid it, at the same time, he caught the other side of the jacket and kicked towards Yang Deng’s abdomen, Yang Deng’s blade thrusted towards Qin Sheng’s neck.

Qin Sheng clenched his teeth, the blade cut his chest, leaving behind a line of blood. In a split-second, he used his jacket to wrap Yang Deng’s arm, and when Yang Deng wanted to dodge his knee, Qin Sheng pulled Yang Deng’s arm upwards. Following that, he used his elbow to strike Yang Deng’s head. This was a strong hit.

When a person’s brain was hit in an instant, he would temporarily become dizzy. Experts would usually use this time window to hit their target. Qin Sheng naturally would not miss this chance, he punched Yang Deng again, and immediately followed up with a series of punches towards Yang Deng’s chest, knocking him back a few steps.

In the end, Qin Sheng jumped high into the air and kicked Yang Deng in the face, causing him to fly.

Yang Deng had suffered such heavy hits on his head consecutively, at least it had to be a severe concussion.

“Didn’t you want to kill me?” Qin Sheng’s chest and arms were already stained red with blood, but he had long since used to it. He had experienced much worse situations.

Yang Deng was beaten badly by Qin Sheng, lost his arrogance. Now he laid on the ground and struggled to get up. However, Qin Sheng did not take advantage of him. He only picked up Yang Deng’s blade from the beach.

“You are pretty good at using this blade. It’s a pity that your basic skill is too poor!” Qin Sheng said disdainfully.

Yang Deng did not expect that he would lose so badly. He squinted his eyes and asked, “Who are you?”

“Me? I’m nobody. Since you want to fuck with me, I can’t just stand there and let you stab me with your blade, right?” Qin Sheng said with a smile, then played the blade as well as Yang Deng.

“Anyone will get their shoes wet if he always walks by the river. I got bad luck. It’s all up to you now.” Yang Deng was willing to accept the defeat, he would not beg others for mercy.

Qin Sheng was not courteous at all. He raised the blade and directly stabbed into Yang Deng’s thigh, then squinted his eyes and said, “Shanghai is a big city. Murder is illegal here. I don’t have a strong background like you guys, but you have to pay some price, otherwise you will think I’m easy to bully. This is your punishment.”

“As for what do you and the people behind you want to do, it doesn’t matter. I don’t need to care about family. So if you couldn’t kill me, I’ll fight to the end,” Qin Sheng continued.

“It’s getting late. We should go back. You think of a way out yourself.” Qin Sheng took out the phone from Yang Deng’s pocket. Under Yang Deng’s puzzled gaze, he threw it into the sea. He always did like this.

Yang Deng immediately cursed in his heart. What a bastard!

As Qin Sheng dragged the terrified Han Bing away, Yang Deng shouted manly, “I owe you a life!”

Qin Sheng was just listening, he didn’t take it seriously at all.

When he walked to the side of the Maserati, Qin Sheng subconsciously wanted to drive, but he was stopped by Han Bing, who was still in a daze, “You’re injured, let me take the wheel.”

Qin Sheng thought about it for a moment, then nodded his head, and handed the key over to Han Bing.

“I’ll take you to the hospital.” After getting in the car, Han Bing saw Qin Sheng’s bloodied appearance and said anxiously.

Qin Sheng shook his head, “It’s just a small injury. No need to go to a hospital.”

“You have to. What if you get infected? I don’t want to feel guilty because of it.” Han Bing was no longer willful. Instead, she showed her soft side. At this moment, Han Bing was cute and slightly insistent. She pouted and did not allow Qin Sheng to reject.

Qin Sheng could only let himself be manipulated by Han Bing. Otherwise, this miss would fall out with him again.

After finding a hospital, Han Bing ran around while Qin Sheng took the injection and bound up his wound. The wound on his chest was not serious, but he still got some stitches on the forearm. In Qin Sheng’s eyes, it was just a fuss. It was already three in the morning by the time they finished.

Han Bing was already sleepy, so Qin Sheng let her sleep in the front seat for a while, and then drove her home. Such an injury was not a problem for him, but Han Bing repeatedly asked if he could hold on. Then it was Qin Sheng’s turn to go crazy. How could a man say he can’t hold on?

It was three thirty in the morning. After he sent Han Bing back to Huarun Nine Mile Bund. Qin Sheng waited for Han Bing to get off the car, then he would return to Shimao Riviera Garden. At this moment, Han Bing’s feeling was complicated, and after hesitating for a long time, she finally opened her mouth and said, “It’s already late, stay here.”

Her words made Qin Sheng surprised. He stared at this alluring woman, he was extremely confused.

Han Bing realized the different meaning in her words and blushed. She quickly explained, “Don’t think too much into it, I have no other intentions.”

“What the heck am I thinking? What do you mean by that?” It was rare for Qin Sheng to relax, so he intentionally teased her.

Han Bing was so angry that she started to stutter, “I just wanted to say that it’s already so late, so you could sleep in my place. Otherwise, you have to come over and pick me up tomorrow morning, it would be troublesome. Don’t think I’ll give you a break because of your injury. I still need you to protect me.”

“Oh, I understand, that’s what I thought.” Qin Sheng said with a weird tone.

Han Bing was so angered by Qin Sheng but she couldn’t say anything. She could not help but punch Qin Sheng’s chest, but she hit Qin Sheng’s wound, Qin Sheng bowed and showed painful expressions on his face as response.

Only then did Han Bing regain her senses, and immediately supported Qin Sheng up, “I forgot that you were injured. I’m sorry. Are you OK?”

“Woman’s heart is really the most venomous thing in the world. Are you doing this on purpose?” Qin Sheng was still acting.

Han Bing did not want to continue, so she helped Qin Sheng go upstairs quickly.

When the door was pushed open, aroma smell wafted into Qin Sheng’s nose, giving him a refreshing feeling. This was the first time Qin Sheng stepped into Han Bing’s place.

The modern concise style matched with Han Bing’s appearance. The entrance and a few oil paintings in the living room were even more eye-catching. After the huge french windows were opened, the night scenery of Pudong in front of them became clear. It was truly enjoyable to live in such a place.

“Take a seat. Help yourself with the food in fridge. I’ll take a bath and change clothes.” Han Bing said casually after entering the door. She then entered the bathroom in main bedroom, conveniently locking both doors of the bedroom and the bathroom.

After all, a man and a woman were in the same room together, and she was a beauty that could make men go crazy. With Qin Sheng’s abilities, if he really wanted to do something, she would have to give up and lie down to enjoy.

Qin Sheng poured a cup of water as he sized up Han Bing’s place. Three bedrooms, one living room, one dining room, two bathrooms and a kitchen, the decoration was extremely modern and luxurious, the rooms were clean, fresh flowers and fumes were everywhere. He did not match this place well even if he lived in.

After a few minutes of sightseeing, Qin Sheng got bored. He lay on the sofa in a daze. Perhaps it was because of the intense battle tonight. Qin Sheng fell asleep very soon.

When Han Bing finished showering and changed into clean and fresh clothes, she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Qin Sheng curled up on the sofa and was sound asleep. She knew very little about Qin Sheng, but she could tell that Qin Sheng was a righteous man. She could not help laughing when she recalled the scene that he threw the man’s phone into the sea while the man had a pity expression.

This man suddenly appeared in her life and constantly protected her. He wasn’t like other men who would always flatter her, but gave her a special sense of security …

Han Bing blushed when she thought about it. She immediately ran back to her room to get a blanket to cover Qin Sheng. Then, she went back to her own room to rest.

Qin Sheng slept very well. Perhaps it was because he had slept too late last night and mentally relaxed, it was already eight o’clock when he woke up.

In the kitchen, Han Bing was making breakfast.

Qin Sheng stretched his body and walked towards the kitchen, “Why did you get up so early?”

“You’re awake. Wash up and come out for breakfast.” Han Bing, who was wearing an apron, said with a smile.

This scene suddenly dragged Qin Sheng into an illusion, as if it was a scene in his previous life with his love. He shook his head with all his might and ran into the bathroom. Han Bing had already prepared toothbrush and towel for him.

After eating breakfast, Qin Sheng sent Han Bing to the company. On the way, Han Bing said, “I’ll give you a day off, go back and change your clothes later, I’ll be at the company all day. Pick me up tonight, I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Qin Sheng had something to do, so Han Bing’s arrangements were perfect for him.

After returning to the Shimao Riviera Garden and changing his clothes, Qin Sheng used his computer to confirm that company was still there. Then he went straight to Lujiazui in Pudong.

It was a not-so-well-known trading company locating on the South 44th floor of the Shanghai International Finance Centre. Compared to the well-known multinational companies in this building, this company was simply too low-key. However, the two young ladies at the front desk were very pretty and fitted their boss’ preference.

“Sir, may I ask who are you looking for?” A lady with long hair asked Qin Sheng with a polite smile. After all, Qin Sheng had been groomed by his grandpa for so many years, so his temperament definitely wouldn’t be worse than anyone. Plus his inexpensive but fitting suit, he did not get despised by this beautiful lady.

Qin Sheng smiled, “Is old fox here? I mean, your boss?”

“Sir, do you have an appointment?” The front desk lady asked with a standard smile.

Qin Sheng didn’t have an appointment, so he said, “No, but I called him before. My name is Qin Sheng. Tell him my name, and he will definitely come out to see me.”

“Please wait a moment.” The front desk lady nodded and called the president office.

About three minutes later, a middle-aged man with a paunch ran out while laughing. He looked really funny …