Chapter 81 Getting Better And Better…

Since Xue Qingyan’s business was mainly in the Yangtze River Delta region, naturally there were branches in Nanjing and Hangzhou. The other two branches were in Beijing and Shenzhen. The branch in Nanjing was mainly responsible for sales, project follow-up and finding excellent projects and partners. It was not for direct investment management.

The branch office was located in Deji Square in Xinjiekou. Today, Xue Qingyan wore a clean and professional business suit. The hair was straight up and matched with the five-cm high heels. It was absolute Queen style, completely different from her former style. It was the first time that Qin Sheng saw Xue Qingyan dressed as a queen. He was just stunned when he went out and saw her.

They took the elevator and went straight to the floor where the Nanjing company was located. Qin Sheng dressed like a simple bodyguard. Xue Qingyan did not ask for any requirements. Upon coming out of the elevator, they saw Mr. Li, who was drunk by Qin Sheng last night, already waiting for them with the other people of the management group of the Nanjing company.

“Hello, Miss Xue,” everyone lowered their heads and said with one voice.

Xue Qingyan was very dissatisfied with the Nanjing branch, so she answered in a low tone, “Hello everyone, we do not have much time. Let’s go directly to the conference room. I hope you don’t let me down.”

Mr. Li’s face was a bit unsightly. These words were obviously for him. Or it may because he had a ghost in his heart.

“Miss Xue, here, please.” Mr. Li and Miss Xue Qingyan walked in the front. And everyone else followed. Qin Sheng had nothing to do in a short time.

Xue Qingyan had already said, when she had meetings, Qin Sheng could just stroll around Xinjiekou. This place was very prosperous. Deji Square was a famous luxury square in Nanjing. If Qin Sheng wanted to buy something, just bought it, for he could require full reimbursement from her later, and she would call him after the meeting.

Although Ms. Cheongsam said so, Qin Sheng was not going to take her advantages. Besides, he had no pursuit of these things. It was just that Ms. Cheongsam was busy. Qin Sheng went out to find a coffee shop and prepared to give Yu Kefei a phone call. As Xia Ding said, no matter how busy he was, he had to meet him at least one time, otherwise Yu Kefei would remember it. Originally he had the resentment for his losing contacts for more than two years. If he still hadn’t called when he was in Nanjing, then their friendship would come to an end.

At the peak of work time, there was no one in the coffee shop. There was a lot of people queuing. Qin Sheng did not hurry to order something. He first called Yu Kefei, and it just ringing a few times, Yu Kefei connected the phone.

In Drum Tower Square, Greenland Center Zifeng Building, Yu Kefei just arrived at the office. After he graduated, he entered the family business step by step. Anyway, it was a matter of time, not to mention the fact that his father was old and not able to handle many things. He should take the burden of the family. The right of speak could not be robbed by those nephews.

“Hey, boss, what’s wrong today, you are calling me, will I have to buy a few lottery tickets later?” Yu Kefei just told the secretary to give him some papers, when he saw the name on the screen, he felt stunning and shock. The last time he saw the name on phone screen, was before graduation.

Hearing the ridicule of Yu Kefei, Qin Sheng felt so warm. The former follower had grown up and was no longer a weak child. He said, “I don’t want to talk bullshit with you, know where I am?”

“Where are you, you are in Nanjing?” Yu Kefei did not care, thinking that Qin Sheng was calling to chat with him.

Qin Sheng smiled, “Well, I am in Nanjing.”

Over there, Yu Kefei was silent for a few seconds, then shouted, “Wow, you scare me?”

“Otherwise, why I’m calling you? Do I need to send you a position.” Qin Sheng scorned.

Yu Kefei hurriedly stood up and said, “Report your position to me quickly. I will get to you right away. You finally find another place to live.”

“Deji Square.” Qin Sheng tapped the table with Moss code, and then said, “Xia Ding said last time in Sanya, he met you and your fiancee. Do I have this honor to meet her?”

“Yes, we can satisfy you; I will take her to see you. No bullshit anymore, I am in the Greenland Centre of Drum Tower Square; give me 15 minutes,” Yu Kefei said, picking up the coat and going out.

After hanging up the phone, Yu Kefei directly pushed off several meetings in the morning, and asked the secretary to change all today’s schedule. Then he called his fiancee and said that the boss had come to Nanjing and wanted to see her.

Yu Kefei’s fiancee was called Liu Ye. Both of their parents knew each other. Therefore, they wanted to let their children get married. They used to meet each other several times, but did not have much communication. So they met each other according to their parents’ willing. Who knew that they fell in love with each other, plus their families were well matched. So they started the date.

Yu Kefei was the kind of person that he would be good to others, if he received kind response, he would treat them with twice of kindness. Anyway, he would cherish his fiancee in his hand. The girl was also from a noble family, sensible and capable, and knew how to give Yu Kefei dignity. The two people in life had tacit understanding. So their relationship was naturally like glue. They were engaged some time ago, and waiting to get married next year.

Liu Ye was also working for family business. So she had much free time. But even if she was busy today, she had to accompany Yu Kefei now. After all, Qin Sheng was an important friend of Yu Kefei. If it were someone else, he wouldn’t make this call, or he would ask if she had time.

Liu Ye listened to Yu Kefei. She did not hesitate to say that she would come over, which made Yu Kefei quite satisfied.

After sending a detailed address to Yu Kefei via WeChat, Qin Sheng took the mobile phone to watch the news. During the time, he chatted with Lin Xin on WeChat, until he saw Yu Kefei came in with a beautiful woman wearing a gray wind coat, he slowly got up.

“Here.” Qin Sheng got up and waved.

Yu Kefei took Liu Ye’s hands and walked over with smile. He first gave Qin Sheng a big hug. “Boss, why did not tell me before you come to Nanjing, I will pick you up.”

“Come with friends to do something, I am afraid that you don’t have time to meet. So I did not tell you,” Qin Sheng explained casually.

Yu Kefei deliberately angered. “I don’t like to listen to this. It’s too hypocritical. I am busy, but as long as you have a call, I will rush immediately. There is absolutely no excuse.”

“Ha ha ha, I believe. Tell you the truth, I am involuntarily, but I’m in Nanjing now. I still want to tell you I’m here,” Qin Sheng said truthfully.

Yu Kefei said seriously, “Well, but if you didn’t tell me, I would not know that you are here. If I knew that you are here in Nanjing and would not tell me, then I would never find you in Shanghai.”

“Don’t be so mean.” Qin Sheng patted Yu Kefei’s shoulder and smiled.

After the two greeting with each other, Qin Sheng looked at Liu Ye, who had been standing next to him, with clean eyes. “This should be Liu Ye. You are a real beauty, Xia Ding did not deceive me.”

Liu Ye wearing the high heels, was almost as tall as Yu Kefei. The long hair with little waves hung on the chest. The gray wind coat made her quite temperament. Liu Ye smiled and nodded. “Boss, Kefei always talked about you. Today, I finally meet you.”

“Is it very disappointed?” Qin Sheng said in half-joked.

Liu Ye laughed and said, “No, Kefei respects you so much. You must be a terrific guy.”

Yu Kefei held the shoulders of Liu Ye. “Girl, he is the best brother of my life. I respect him from the bottom of my heart. Those things I told to you are definitely not lies.”

“Too much bullshit, don’t stand there. Just sit down and chat. What do you want to drink, I will take it for you,” Qin Sheng said while pulling Yu Kefei.

Liu Ye said with a meaningful glance, “You talk first. I will take you some drinks.”

Qin Sheng was also not polite. He ordered latte casually.

After Liu Ye left, Qin Sheng stared at Yu Kefei and asked, “You boy, you are so lucky. You have such a beautiful girl as your girlfriend. Just enjoy your life.”

“Perhaps it is destiny. I am not like Xia Ding, I am afraid that he will harm his body health one day.” Yu Kefei laughed.

Thinking of Xia Ding, who was hunting in groups of beautiful girls, Qin Sheng said with helplessness, “I can’t control him. Just let him mess with the girls. He will be tired of playing someday.”

“Yes, boss, what are you doing in Nanjing? I heard Xia Ding said that you are working in a private club now. Why do you want work at that place? You can come to Nanjing.” Yu Kefei invited him. He used to say that no matter what was his future, as long as he had something to do, he would share with Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng knew what Yu Kefei meant. Xia Ding also said something like that. But he euphemistically refused. “You don’t have to worry about my work. I have my own considerations and choices. If I had nothing to do in the future, I would definitely go to Nanjing and ask for your help.”

“As for why come to Nanjing, it is a bit complicated to say. If there is an accident, I may need your help at the time. Of course it would be the best if it goes smoothly.” Qin Sheng knew that Yu Kefei’s family was really not bad in Nanjing. Xia Ding said, among the four people in dormitory, Yu Kefei was the real rich guy.

Yu Kefei didn’t say no, and he said, “Okay, as long as you require, I promise to do it.”

The two didn’t talk too much, Liu Ye came back. Qin Sheng put the topic on Liu Ye. “Liu Ye, Kefei sometimes is quite capricious. If you are angry, please don’t mind. But if he bullies you and you can’t control it, just tell me, I beat him for you.”

“Kefei treats me so well,” Liu Ye said politely.

Yu Kefei proudly said, “Boss, don’t worry about that. I may be not very good to anyone, but I will never be bad to my wife. Just like you said, the girls gave us all the rest of their lives. if we can’t treat them well, Are we still real men?

“You know it,” Qin Sheng nodded silently and said.

Before graduation, everyone was quite confused with the future. After more than two years, everyone had their own life and career. It was good. And he hoped everything could be better and better.

Yu Kefei and Liu Ye both stopped doing things in the morning, and accompanied Qin Sheng to chat here. Liu Ye did not feel awkward. She knew the relationship between Yu Kefei and Qin Sheng, so she actively joined into the topic, like when they met Xia Ding in Haikou.

Yu Kefei and Qin Sheng talked about things in university time. They told Liu Ye a lot of interesting things at university. Naturally, they also talked about Su Qin. Qin Sheng also explained to Yu Kefei again, hoping he would not blame Su Qin. But he did not say that he had seen Su Qin.

As for this matter, no matter how Qin Sheng explained, Yu Kefei was sure that Su Qin was the one who said breakup first.

The three kept talking until 10:30. At this time, Xue Qingyan, who had finished the meeting, called Qin Sheng and said that he would go to Du Jiang’s company and let him came back quickly.

Qin Sheng was very embarrassed,. But Yu Kefei and Liu Ye did not care. They originally wanted to have lunch, since Qin Sheng had something to do, they could just find another time. Anyway, they were also very busy.

After they went, Qin Sheng returned to the Nanjing branch. Xue Qingyan was furious inside. The leaders of Nanjing company were stunned and they dared not say anything. This was the first time Qin Sheng saw Xue Qingyan being angry. It was really horrible.

Later, Xue Qingyan came out from with a few executives. She saw Qin Sheng, but still had no good impression on her face. She just said “go” casually.

So, everyone went to Du Jiang’s company. Qin Sheng did not dare to be sloppy. Things happened last night had already shown that Du Jiang was definitely not a nice person. Who knew what would happen next?