Xue Qingyan’s face looked not so good. She was the kind of queen who could kill people with her eyes. The atmosphere made Qin Sheng a bit fear. Obviously, the results of the morning meeting were not satisfactory. It could be seen that how the management of Nanjing Branch made Xue Qingyan angry and dissatisfied.

It was surprise taht Du Jiang’s company was also in the Zifeng building of Greenland center, which was the landmark building of Nanjing. After all, this was the No.1 building in Jiangsu. Such a landmark building naturally attracted many large companies and multinational companies to come in. Companies like Du Jiang’s, that needed to be powered by exterior image, would choose such office locations. It would easily convinced investors and partners.

Qin Sheng was driving a Mercedes-Benz S600 alone. This was the special car for the reception of Nanjing Company. Xue Qingyan sat in the back and held a lot of documents. She was frowning and looking at it. Qin Sheng quietly looked at Xue Qingyan from the rearview mirror. The serious look of Ms. Cheongsam was also charming.

“You just strolled at Xinjiekou, why don’t you buy something. You don want to spend my money, or are you embarrassed?” Xue Qingyan seemed to feel Qin Sheng’s eyesight and asked without raising her head.

Qin Sheng said, “There is nothing I want to buy, and I have not bought those luxurious goods before. To be honest, I am reluctant to spend so much money to buy things that are useless.”

“Well, frugality is a good habit. But sometimes you have to spend money on something that you need. Don’t tell me that you have the ambition of being a good man when you are poor, and helping the world when you are rich.” Xue Qingyan was handling the key data in her brain, while not forgetting to ridicule Qin Sheng with a few words.

There was a red light in front of them. Qin Sheng stopped the car, turned his head and asked with a vulgar look, “Sister, can you make it into money?”

“Get out.” Xue Qingyan raised her head, cursed Qin Sheng with a light smile. Her mood was finally much better after being amused by Qin Sheng. Things happend in Nanjing was a lesson. When she returned, she would definitely recommen the board to check all the branches. Cheating behaviors in Nanjing should not be happened in other branches anymore.

Qin Sheng smiled and turned his head. He was not angry.

“What have you done during that one hour. Are you staying in Xinjiekou to see beautiful women?” Xue Qingyan was curious.

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “No. There are so many beautiful women in Shangshan Ruoshui. I have aesthetic fatigue for a long time. Besides, there is such a big beauty next to me. I’m here in Nanjing. My roommate in university is in Nanjing. I am afraid that our trip is too hurried. And I will not have time to meet him. If he know I’m in Nanjing and do not contact him. He will be angry with me. So I called him. He came with his fiancee. We talked in the coffee shop downstairs.”

“It so you have friends in Nanjing. If our things are going well, I would give you a day off. So you could meet your friends,” Xue Qingyan said with understanding, ignoring Qin Sheng’s praise to her. She had heard too much words like this.

Qin Sheng nodded happily. Ms. Cheongsam was quite understanding.

After arriving at Zifeng Building, Xue Qingyan had totally eight people. Qin Sheng was the most weird. He was wearing sneakers and jeans, plus jackets and short sleeves. Everyone else was wearing professional suits. Financial practitioners tended to pay attention to the appearance. Everyone was wearing famous brands.

Today, if Du Jiang was told that Qin Sheng was the assistant of Xue Qingyan. He would not believe it was truth. If he remembered how he was cheated by Qin Sheng, who had tricks more that him, at the dinner last night. He would be angry to vomit blood.

Du Jiang was active today. He had been waiting in the conference room in the early time. Because this was a key battle for him. If Xue Qingyan’s company withdrew funds, other partners would likely do the same thing. And there would be stampede at that time, directly leading to the collapse of the capital chain. There would be a road left that led to nowhere.

Therefore, Du Jiang had been waiting at the elevator with eight senior executives. Their company had rented two strories of Zifeng Building. It was obvious that Du Jiang made much money during these years.

“I thought Miss Xue will come over earlier.” Du Jiang teased Xue Qingyan when he saw her. He really thought that Xue Qingyan would come early in the morning. He didn’t expect to wait until eleven. The lunch time was coming soon, would there be any progress.

Xue Qingyan said out of politeness, “Sorry for keeping Mr. Du waiting.”

“That is okay. Did Miss Xue sleep well last night?” Du Jiang smiled and said. Nobody knew he was saying it deliberately or not.

These words made Xue Qingyan’s face changed slightly. Thinking about last night’s things was a little scary for her. Such a five-star hotel in the hall was installed with a pinhole camera. It was done by a traitor. She felt disgusting, just like eating flies. But she was still forbearing. “Thank you, Mr. Du. I have a good rest.”

“So, Mr. Du. We don’t have much time. Let’s start early. I hope to finish this project smoothly.” Xue Qingyan did not want to continue to linger in trivial matters. She stopped smiling and said to Du Jiang.

Xue Qingyan wanted to set the tone for today’s events. But Du Jiang did not accept it. He laughed and said, “Let’s have the meeting first.”

When they entered into the room, Mr. Du stared at Qin Sheng, who was standing at the back, for a few seconds. As usual, Qin Sheng as an assistant to Xue Qingyan, should be next to Xue Qingyan, how could he stand at the back. His clothing was stanger. Or he didn’t understand the rules?

The meeting room of Du Jiang company was very grand. There were 87 floors in Zifeng Building, and it was as tall as 458 meters. Du Jiang’s company was on the 36th floor. Standing in this conference room, you could have the view of the entire Nanjing city, just like taking in all the hills.

The executives of the two sides sat opposite each other, with laptops and documents in front of them. Qin Sheng was not permitted to leave by Xue Qingyan this time, but sat at the end.

“Let’s start.” Xue Qingyan cleared her throat. Although her throat was a little bit dry, she did not drink the water that Du Jiang’s company prepared.

Du Jiang was very wretched and staring at Xue Qingyan. “Let’s get started.”

Xue Qingyan directly started…

This battle had been lasted for two hours. They even didn’t have the lunch but continued the discussion. Both sides were on the verge of breaking out a fight.

Xue Qingyan insisted that the funds were misappropriated and the project had been suspended. The risk factor and instability factors had increased. According to the original contract terms, their company could propose divestment.

Du Jiang’s company insisted that it had not been misappropriated, and the investment project had come to an end. Her company’s withdrawal request was unreasonable. They completely disagreed.

The two sides fought fiercely base on various data and so on. Originally, Xue Qingyan could have the upper hand. Who knew that there was a bad teammate, who had sold out Xue Qingyan during the discussion. That was Mr. Li, who was drinking together last night. He had been helping Du Jiang to talk. Xue Qingyan was too angry to almost abuse him.

At the beginning, Qin Sheng was still interested in listening. And he stared at Ms. Cheongsam time and again. She was really powerful in business negotiation, very thoughtful and rigorous. If it wasn’t Mr. Li dragging her down, Du Jiang could not cope with it. Qin Sheng finally felt boring to listen to it. They had been arguing about same key issues, and he was already sleepy.

It was almost half past one, it was finally over.

As a result, it was obvious that there was no decision. Everyone was not happy. Du Jiang even did not mean to send Xue Qingyan. He was a polite person, but he did not expect Xue Qingyan to be iron-hearted. He was naturally not polite anymore.

To be honest, if this was in the past, Du Jiang would not dare to offend Xue Qingyan and her company. He knew very well about the powerful background of Xue Qingyan. There were many national capitals involved. As long as they said that they would withdraw funds, Du Jiang would definitely say yes without hesitation. He just took advantage of the reputation and relationships of Xua Qingyan’s company. Now it was worthless. But it was the key moment. He must fight for enough time for himself. He could only offend her. Anyway, he didn’t need to care about these things later.

Therefore, he threatened Mr. Li with violence and money. He caught Mr. Li’s shortcoming, and used the gangdom background to threaten his life, and then promised him with heavy money. Mr. Li had no idea but agreed with that.

This was what happened today, Xue Qingyan was sold out by the bad teammate.

Just arrived at the underground parking lot of Zifeng Building, Xue Qingyan directly pointed at Mr. Li and said, “Li Dejun, from now on, you have been suspended; you do not have to participate in the next negotiation.”

“Miss Xue, it seems that you don’t have this right. You want to suspend me or expel, but you have to have an order from the board of directors.” Li Dejun had done what he should do today. His mission had been successfully completed. Anyway, he had already offended Xue Qingyan. It was impossible to stay in this company in the future. Now he was not afraid of anything.

Xue Qingyan stared at Li Dejun. “Well, I ‘m now calling the Chairman of the Board.”

Li Dejun shrugged, implying that “I don’t care,” and left without returning, leaving Xue Qingyan and a group of people looked at each other in speechless despair. They did not know what to do.

When Xue Qingyan got on into the car, Qin Sheng took the initiative to say, “Sister, don’t be angry, Li Dejun may have discussed with Du Jiang, and he would use company’s interests to help the other company. He was not being threatened, but being bought off.”

“Li Dejun, I…” Xue Qingyan said with anger.

Qin Sheng slowly said, “Now we will lose a while. The next negotiation is hard to say. I think I have to find another way. Otherwise, there will be no progress.”

“Do you have any method?” Xue Qingyan looked up at Qin Sheng and asked casually. She did not expect Qin Sheng could come up with a good idea.

When they were negotiating, Qin Sheng had thought about how to get back to the situation. But he first asked, “Sister, what is the bottom line of your company?”

“The loss can’t exceed 10%. Once it exceeds this percentage, it means that the negotiation failed. At that time, we may take abnormal measures.” Xue Qingyan naturally did not doubt about Qin Sheng. So she told the truth.

Qin Sheng asked again, “What is the abnormal measures means?”

“Ask for the government’s help.” Xue Qingyan did not conceal. But this was the last way. No one wanted to owe a favor. This kind of a favor was more troublesome, and it could not be measured by money.

Qin Sheng said thoughtfully, “If this is the case, I think we don’t have to continue negotiations. It is meaningless to argue like this. You can just talk to Du Jiang directly, talk to him face to face, and threaten him when it is needed. After all, he is in a bad situation now, and you have enough chips.”

Xue Qingyan was deep in thought, what Qin Sheng had said was a good method after all…