When this way did not work, then you could change another way, or you could also take a two-pronged way.

Since Qin Sheng reminded her, Xue Qingyan, who was stunned by anger, was a little awake. She began to reorganize the cause and effect of the whole thing. The company had its own benefits. Du Jiang also had his scruple. The company’s benefit was divestment. This investment could not become a bad debt. After all, Du Jiang was now in jeopardy. It was really a risk of collapse. It would be a damage at that time.

Du Jiang’s scruple was that he must not let Xue Qingyan’s company become a blasting fuse, to ignite the explosives that he had accumulated for many years. At that time, he would be in a situation of not recovering. He could only help himself gaining enough time now. Let everything stayed calm before he was running.

As long as Xue Qingyan understood the situation of both sides, she would retreat and seek to attack from the other side, instead of playing the battlefield. The probability of success was great.

“Let’s go, and go back to Deji Square first. In the afternoon, I will sort it out again, and then decide how to do it.” After Xue Qingyan thought for a while, there was already a preliminary plan.

After returning to Deji Square, Xue Qingyan was already very hungry. Qin Sheng was also the same. So Xue Qingyan took Qin Sheng to the Nanjing food stall on the seventh floor of Deji Square to have lunch. This restaurant was quite famous in Nanjing. It had become a chain restaurant, with branches in Beijing and Shanghai. As for the taste, it could not be compared with those of old and authentic restaurants, but it was still moderate. Unfortunately, Qin Sheng preferred spicy Sichuan cuisine instead of Shanghai cuisine, Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine or Huaiyang cuisine.

After having lunch casually, Qin Sheng accompanied Xue Qingyan came back to the company. Xue Qingyan began to get busy. She called the Chairman of the Board to confirm the dismissal of Li Dejun. At the same time, She conducted an internal investigation to see if he had any duty crimes and so on. No boss would allow him gambling with company’s benefits.

Li Dejun’s office had been requisitioned by Xue Qingyan. Xue Qingyan was busy having meetings and callings. Qin Sheng had nothing to do in the office, so he just continued reading. There were many books in Li Dejun’s office. Unfortunately, it seemed that they had not been turned over. It made him thinking of a conversation between two big bosses in the past. One said that entrepreneurs must read and enrich themselves at all times. One said that the company’s money was not for you to read.

They had been busy until about 6 pm. Yu Kefei called, saying that he and his fiancee would wash the dust for Qin Sheng in the evening. Xue Qingyan was still busy, Qin Sheng was a little embarrassed.

“Boss, let’s see. We can wait until your friends finished her works. You can come together. It is impossible that I can’t even invite you for dinner when you are in Nanjing. It will be fine if you have entertainment at night, I just want to talk to you. Last time in Shanghai, we were too hurried. We only had some drinks and did not talk a lot. In the morning we were also rushed,” Yu Kefei said very sincerely, he really regarded Qin Sheng as a big brother.

Qin Sheng knew that this was Yu Kefei’s kindness, and finally replied, “Then don’t worry, wait until my friend finished her works. I will ask her. Then I will call you again.”

At seven o’clock, Xue Qingyan finally finished the meeting. When she entered the office, she sighed and stared at Qin Sheng, who was drinking tea and reading the book. “You are comfortable.”

“You will not let me help. I have learned financial before, and I can still help with the data.” Qin Sheng looked up and smiled.

Xue Qingyan did not expect Qin Sheng to have studied finance. However, the current learning materials in universities could not be compared with reality. Financial instruments, policies, derivatives, and so on, were being updated every day. Even they often had accidents. What Qin Sheng could help. So Xue Qingyan shook her head. “Forget it, just take care of yourself.”

Qin Sheng saw that the employees outside had already gone. This moment his stomach began to scream again. He could only say that he had no food at noon. He asked weakly, “Sister, when can we finish?”

“After sending this email, I will be able to leave later,” Xue Qingyan was sending an email to the big boss, and said casually.

Qin Sheng continued to ask, “Is there any other activities in the evening?”

“What do you mean? If you have something to say, don’t hide it, what do you want to say?” Xue Qingyan said coldly.

Qin Sheng got up the courage and said, “Nothing. My university roommate would like to invite me to dinner tonight, and do the honours of a landlord. It is the second time we meet each other after graduation.”

“Oh, I will go back to work in the hotel at night, and you do what you want.” Xue Qingyan understood and decided.

Qin Sheng said seriously, “No. I am going to protect you in Nanjing. Today, you and Du Jiang are in a stalemate. The son of bitch may leap over the wall. I have to pay attention to it.”

“So what do you mean?” Xue Qingyan did not understand.

Qin Sheng quickly said, “I mean, you go with me, I can just protect you. We just have a dinner, and I will return to the hotel after dinner. I will definitely not delay your work.”

“Is it appropriate for me to go?” Xue Qingyan was a little embarrassed. If it was in the past, she would definitely not want to go. But what happened last night still made her feel a little scared. Who knew what would happen today.

Qin Sheng smiled and said, “Why not. You are my sister, then you are his sister. Besides, he has a girlfriend. I will be a light bulb if I’m alone.”

There was some ambiguity in this statement, but Xue Qingyan did not care, and finally agreed.

When Qin Sheng heard her say yes, he smiled immediately. He ran out to call Yu Kefei to tell him to meet later, and let him send the address right now. Coincidentally, the place to have dinner was next to Xuanwu Lake, which was quite convenient.

Qin Sheng used the mobile phone to read the news. Xue Qingyan came out stretching herself. She had great body figure, but there was no good man to appreciate it. She was lazy and said, “Go.”

There were still several people working overtime in the company. After Xue Qingyan greeted them, she took Qin Sheng to leave. After entering the elevator, she said, “We have to bring some gifts. Later we go to the first floor of Deji to bring his girifriend a gift. Then we go back to the hotel, I will change clothes. This dress is not suitable.”

After all, the Ms. Cheongsam was from a rich and royal family. Her understanding of manners would be better than Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng naturally could not bear it. He said quickly, “Sister, we do not need gift; we are all friends.”

“You are you, I am me, two different things.” Xue Qingyan insisted, otherwise she would not go, Qin Sheng was helpless but could only say yes.

So, they went downstairs to go to the first floor of Deji Square. Qin Sheng didn’t understand these manners. Everything was decided by the Ms. Cheongsam. Finally, Xue Qingyan bought a Bvlgari necklace, which was more than 10,000 dollars. She didn’t think much about it. She thought that Qin Sheng’s roommate in university should be from ordinary or medium family, so such a gift was not bad.

Mercedes-Benz was parked in the underground parking lot. This underground parking lot was on the office floor. Almost no one was here this moment. It was quite gloomy. Xue Qingyan and Qin Sheng chatted and laughed. After a few steps, Qin Sheng suddenly stopped. He felt that someone was staring at them.

“What’s wrong?” asked Xue Qingyan, frowning.

Qin Sheng saw a car not far away. It seemed that a few people was sitting inside. Qin Sheng smiled and said, “Nothing.”

After they arrived at the parking position, Qin Sheng first turned around and went to check the car to make sure that the car had not been touched. After making sure, he asked Xue Qingyan to get into the car, and then drove out of Deji Square.

After coming out of the underground garage, Qin Sheng waited on the side of the road, and the car came out. He then went to the Shangri-La Hotel. At the intersection of several traffic lights, he also looked behind and confirmed that they were being followed. If they have not guessed wrong, their car had been installed with a positioning system.

After returning to the hotel, Qin Sheng accompanied Xue Qingyan to go up and checked the room first. It was confirmed that there was nothing happened like last night. Then he came out and let Xue Qingyan change her clothes. He kept waiting at the door.

After Xue Qingyan changed clothes, they came out from the hotel side by side. This time Qin Sheng did not drive, but said to Xue Qingyan, “Sister, let’s take a taxi, I am afraid I will drink wine later.”

“Sure.” Xue Qingyan did not think much, nodded silently.

Yu Kefei’s address was on the opposite side of Xuanwu Lake. And the Shangri-La Hotel was across the lake, not too far away. So it was not long before they arrived.

They got off the taxi at the roadside. There was a small road leading to the innermost three-story old building. But the intersection was sealed, and a security guard at the door stopped them and asked, “Do you have a reservation?”

“Yes, Mr. Yu Kefei,” Qin Sheng said slowly.

The security guard let them enter, then he noticed people inside.

When they walked to the door of the small building, there was already a manager waiting. He smiled and said, “This way please, Mr. Yu is already waiting inside.”

The parking spaces outside were full of luxury cars. It seemed this place was obviously not simple. It should not be open to the public. It was a private club, which made Xue Qingyan very curious.

The manager took them all the way to the third floor. It was all in Chinese style. They finally stopped in the innermost box that facing Xuanwu Lake. They knocked on the door, and they pushed the door after getting the permission to get inside.

Yu Kefei and Liu Ye had slowly got up and greeted them. Yu Kefei smiled and said, “Boss, come, I thought I have to wait again.”

Liu Ye also smiled and said, “Boss.”

Qin Sheng introduced hurriedly, “Sister, this is what I told you, my youngest university roommate, Yu Kefei. This is his fiancee, Liu Ye.”

When meeting a person for the first time, his or her temperament and clothing could be used as a measurement to judge the identity. Xue Qingyan had seen many rich guys or young talents. Now she had a preliminary understanding of Yu Kefei and Liu Ye. Not mentioned the temperament, their clothing and jewelry could let her judge their family backgrounds.

This result surprised her. She didn’t expect Qin Sheng’s university roommate could be such an extraordinary person.

After greeting each other politely, they sat down.

In front of the window, it was a small round table. Outside the window, it was the Xuanwu Lake in the night. This environment was really good. Yu Kefei asked the waiter to order food and prepare the wine. Qin Sheng began to look for topics to brisk the atmosphere.

At the same time, in a nightclub in Gulou District, Du Jiang and the two confidants were discussing how to deal with this matter. Li Dejun was sitting next to him, but his face was not very good-looking.