In today’s real economy, most of people in the society seemed to be glamorous and bright. In fact, ordinary people simply didn’t know how much they were suffering. just as someone said, their assets were hundreds of millions or even billions, but they only had thousands and tens thousands working fund. Although it was a little exaggerated, it was probably the truth.

Driving a luxury car, living in a luxury home, and spending ten thousands for night entertaiments, was just for the sake of vanity. And it was possible to collapse at any time, and left a mess, especially those companies related to finance. Those P2P online loans, illegal crowdfunding, usury. Hegel said that existence was reasonable, which also showed the downturn of the real economy. Secondly, it was the disadvantage of capital, the pursuit of money. Ultimately they could not escape from the results.

Du Jiang was like this. But he was also different. At the beginning, Du Jiang did make it right. But as his business was getting big, the more and more management loopholes appeared, plus the change of policies and the involvement of some dropped officials in the project. This was also the most important. The most important culture in China for thousands of years was the political and business culture. It decided the success and failure. Today, the power of anti-corruption was unprecedented strong, and so many entrepreneurs were trapped. The former Han Guoping was the same.

Du Jiang realized the risk was coming, so he made preparations in advance. He didn’t plan to wait until the whole line collapsed completely, and eventually spent the rest of his life in prison. He was hiding very well. He was not found to be in trouble. However Xue Qingyan’s company knew everything. So they required withdrawing funds in advance.

“Xue Qingyan is such a bitch. She let the board of directors withdraw my position. And they are still investigating me. Mr. Du, you have to help me.” Li Dejun was in a dilemma. But he has already stood in Du Jiang’s side, so he had no choice but to continue his way.

Du Jiang smiled with holding a glass of wine. “Old Li, don’t worry, Xue Qingyan is just a woman. We don’t have to be afraid of her. Your mission has been successfully completed. I promise you, I will give you five million dollars. Go out for a few days with your wife and children. And I will give you the remaining five million next week. As for Xue Qingyan, give it to me.”

“Thank you, Mr. Du. But Xue Qingyan is not an easy character. It is said that her background is very powerful. We have to be careful.” Li Dejun kindly reminded. A woman could become the managing director of the company in her thirties. No one would believe that she had no one back up for her. Her company was really competitive.

Du Jiang didn’t care. He smiled. “You don’t have to worry. This is Nanjing, not Shanghai. I don’t have to be afraid of her. Li, you should go back first. I will inform you if there is something happens.”

Li Dejun, who had lost his dignity, would be sincere and fearful. He left with smiles.

After Li Dejun left, Du Jiang’s two confidants, one was Meng Dong, the vice president who picked up Xue Qingyan. The operation of the company was basically run by him. And the other was Song Chu, a trusted subordinate who took over his illegal business. The two were Li Dejun’s left and right arm. One was in the bright side, and the other one was in the dark side. And Du Jiang was controlling the overall situation.

“Xue Qingyan has decided to withdraw funds, boss. This is not easy to solve it. If we can not solve this trouble, other cooperative companies would also come to find us,” Meng Dong pushed his eyeglasses and said with frowning.

Du Jiang frowned and said, “Now our money is moving to another accounts. There is no 200 million fund in the company’s account. There are only ten millions of working capital. What do we give to her? If there is money, I will give it early. I don’t want to cause too much trouble. But now I have no choice but to bear it.”

“We can use tough methods if we had no choice. Do we just have to ask for one more week?” Song Chu said while biting his teeth. Anyway, even if it was a problem, they had already escaped.

Du Jiang looked at Meng Dong and said, “Is the money all getting out? How about the other preparations?”

“We have moved only one-third now. You know that during these two years, there has been too much pressure on this matter. Many ways have been blocked. We have to lose one-third of the money. As for other things, we have already arranged properly. First we go to Hong Kong and then transfer to Singapore,” Meng Dong said slowly.

Du Jiang nodded silently. “I can drag Xue Qingyan here. If I couldn’t hold it anymore, we use tough methods. At that time she will know our power. I wouldn’t be polite to her. Song Chu, just watch her. Once I give you a message. You take action.”

“Boss, don’t worry, I will go and arrange,” Song Chu said firmly.

In the Yayuan box next to Xuanwu Lake, at this moment, people started to toast each other. As for the family classes of these people, Xue Qingyan, Yu Kefei and Liu Ye were absolutely at the same class. So they had endless same topic. Liu Ye and Xue Qingyan were all beautiful women, so naturally they could talk more on woman’s topic. Qin Sheng didn’t talk most of the time, just listened and laughed, then accompanied them to drink and laugh.

From a brief chat, Xue Qingyan already knew that Yu Kefei and Liu Ye’s family were not simple. When she mentioned some characters in Sunan, the couple could tell some detailed information and the relationship with their family, which made Xue Qingyan very surprised. She had a more comprehensive understanding of Qin Sheng.

It was obvious that Yu Kefei and Qin Sheng were good friends. As Liu Ye said, Yu Kefei admired Qin Sheng very much. Xue Qingyan was very curious. Since having Yu Kefei such a friend, why Qin Sheng did not come to Nanjing for career, but chose to be an ordinary waiter in Shangshan Ruoshui. It seemed that this was very weird. She had to check it later.

When they drank too much, Yu Kefei finally couldn’t stand again and said, “Boss, I didn’t dare to ask more questions last time. I really want to know how have you been during these two years when you were missing. I feel that you have changed a lot. Did you suffer a lot?”

Qin Sheng did not really want to mention the things happened in the past two years. He had been to many places and involved in a lot of things. This was why he just returned to Xi’an, and some people still chased him. So he returned to Shanghai to have some peaceful time. But he believed that those things would not be so simple to end.

“There is no hardship. It is just a process of learning. And it is free and lively.” Qin Sheng was perfunctory once again.

Yu Kefei shook his head and said, “You still don’t want to tell me, maybe you have your own difficulties.”

“I don’t have any difficulties. You have thought too much. In the past two years, I travelled to great rivers and mountains of our motherland. If you have the opportunity, you should go out and see more. Don’t always work hard.” Qin Sheng smiled.

“Qin Sheng, then you tell me, is there any interesting place I can go if I had time?” Xue Qingyan changed the topic. But she also wanted to see where Qin Sheng had been.

Qin Sheng thought for a moment and said, “The mountains where Sichuan and Shaanxi meet are endless. There are many beautiful places, such as Hanzhong and Guangyuan. It is difficult to go to Shudao, and you will know how difficult it is when you go there. West is Qinghai and Gansu and there are many interesting places. Several grottoes in Gansu are quite famous. Dunhuang is a must-go place. The three mountains in Qinghai—the Kunlun, Tanggula, and Qilian Mountain all have different scenery. By the way, you can go to Qinghai Lake where is so beautiful. Inside Sichuan, it is different from its south to its north, and there are foods everywhere. You can eat wonderful food wherever you go. The most beautiful is the Shunan Bamboo Sea. And then go to west to Dege and Changdu all the way down, feel the mystery of Tibetan Buddhism. To the south, you can go to Chongqing and Guizhou…”

When talking about these places, Qin Sheng couldn’t stop. He told people the places he had been to with energy. Whether Liu Ye or Xue Qingyan were having expression of admiring. People in the big city were used to the city life, so they were more looking forward to the free life.

After talking for nearly half an hour, Liu Ye finally understood why Yu Kefei admired Qin Sheng so much. He was obviously not simple. Xue Qingyan’s understanding of Qin Sheng was constantly refreshing. He seemed to be a treasure. The more you dug, the more surprises you got.

They talked much and drank much. Qin Sheng got up and went to the bathroom, Yu Kefei had to follow, then the two friends huddled in the bathroom to pee. And the outside, Liu Ye and Xue Qingyan talked about fashion and taste.

“Boss, tell me the truth, what is your relationship with this beautiful woman?” Yu Kefei asked in a careless manner.

Qin Sheng smiled and said, “Why do you think that much, didn’t you hear me calling her sister?”

“Sister will mess with you during your life time, have not heard this sentence?” Yu Kefei depressed his voice and laughed.

Qin Sheng sighed. “Get out. She is the VVIP member of our club. I was ordered to protect her. Don’t think too much, you crazy dog.”

Yu Kefei just understood…

At ten o’clock in the evening, the dinner was finally finished. Yu Kefei asked the person in charge of Yayuan to send Qin Sheng and Xue Qingyan back to Shangri-La Hotel. Qin Sheng just knew that the restaurant was opened by Yu Kefei’s family. It was a place to invite friends and clients.

At the door, Xue Qingyan thanked Yu Kefei and Liu Ye for their hospitality, saying that when they went to Shanghai next time, she would invite them.

After returning to the hotel, Qin Sheng said good night to Xue Qingyan and then took a shower and go to bed, while Xue Qingyan worked for a while.

The next day, Xue Qingyan took the company’s executives to the Zifeng Building again. Qin Sheng was still following; Du Jiang did not welcome them at the elevator this time. He just sat in the conference room waiting.

At the beginning, Xue Qingyan continued to put them into trouble. But Du Jiang used the words of Li Dejun said yesterday to retreat, so Xue Qingyan had no choice but to lose patience at last.

In the morning, the two-hour negotiation still did not progress. Qin Sheng was sitting next and was sleepy.

When the negotiations ended, Xue Qingyan completely gave up this method. She knew that Du Jiang would definitely not accept it. So she could only try Qin Sheng’s method. But she was not in a hurry.

“Mr. Du, I think we do not need to go to the judicial channel. Everyone knows it well, and it is not good for you,” Xue Qingyan said coldly.

Du Jiang squinted and said, “Miss Xue, you are threatening me. But you forgot, Here is Nanjing, not Shanghai.”

“Nanjing so what, Shanghai so what. I hope Mr. Du will consider of it,” Xue Qingyan said without emotion.

Du Jiang bit his teeth and said, “Miss Xue, you are forcing me.”

“I just follow the rules, Mr. Du. I hope to get your reply as soon as possible, goodbye.”

After that, Xue Qingyan left with her people, leaving Du Jiang with angry eyes. Du Jiang thought for a few seconds, then returned to the office and finally dialed the phone of Song Chu, said straightforwardly, “Song Chu, this woman actually threatened me. Give her a little lesson first.”