Xia Ding had always said that Yu Kefei’s family was the best among the four people in the dormitory. Qin Sheng had not been clear about the specific situation. When he came to Nanjing before graduation, they went to Yu Kefei’s home, a large mansion in Zhongshan Golf. When they were living in a five-star hotel, they were picked up and transported by luxury cars that were worth millions, and so on. At that time, Qin Sheng felt that it was not simple. He didn’t expect that during the four years’ life in university, the real big boss would have been Yu Kefei, who had been low-key and weak all the time.

However they hadn’t seen each other for more than two years. Yu Kefei changed the most among four people in the dormitory.

They called Yu Kefei and told him all about these things. Yu Kefei on the other side of the phone fell into silence. After a long time, he said sincerely and earnestly, “I didn’t expect you and sister Xue to come to Nanjing for Du Jiang.”

“It seems that you are no stranger to Du Jiang,” Qin Sheng whispered. Yu family was deeply rooted in Nanjing, and they certainly knew about Du Jiang. They had to make friends with people from different areas.

Yu Kefei explained casually. “He used to be somebody in Nanjing. But he was too sharp. In recent years, the south of Jinagsu is not easy to get into. Most of these people who had grey zone powers had trouble. Du Jiang had a big backing. But it was not so lucky for the company. It was originally a high-risk thing. Once the capital chain was broken, no one could keep him. I heard people say that he has been bad recently. And he seems to be looking for money.”

“It seems that he is really bad. Laosi, I am calling you to ask you for help, help me find out where Du Jiang lives, and his life track, etc.”

Yu Kefei was stunned. “Boss, don’t you want to tell me that you want to fight with Du Jiang. He is a tough guy. I advise you not to provoke him, or you may be in danger.”

“It’s not as serious as you think. I have my plan. You just do what I said.” Qin Sheng laughed.

Yu Kefei also couldn’t understand what Qin Sheng wanted to do. But Qin Sheng had already asked him to do it, he could only say yes.

Qin Sheng returned to the hospital from the outside. Xue Qingyan was looking for him everywhere. She said with confusion, “Where are you going. I am looking for you everywhere.”

“Just called a friend.” Qin Sheng explained with a smile.

Xue Qingyan teased him deliberately, “Tell me the truth, are you calling your girlfriend and tell her your schedule?”

Qin Sheng felt funny and annoying. “Sister, don’t laugh at such an old single man like me. I don’t have a girlfriend. But I don’t mind if you want to introduce someone to me.”

“Okay. After this busy trip, when we go back to Shanghai. I will introduce to you,” Xue Qingyan smiled and said. Thanks to Qin Sheng this time. If she was without Qin Sheng, she would suffer a lot.

After leaving the hospital, they did not return to the Nanjing branch, but went back directly to the Shangri-La hotel to have a rest and prepared for the evening to deal with Du Jiang.

Qin Sheng was a little sleepy. So he slept well and raised his spirits to go out at night.

He slept till Xue Qingyan called him. Qin Sheng took a bath and changed clothes to go out. Xue Qingyan had been waiting for him in the downstairs lobby. She just met a friend.

In order to see Du Jiang, Xue Qingyan also dressed up a little. She also painted a light makeup. People who did not know the situation would think that she would use the honey-trap.

The Nanjing branch changed a BMW 5 Series for them. After Qin Sheng navigating destination, he was strolling the car unhurriedly. Xue Qingyan stared at the window. “I just called the boss. I also said something about the accident. Boss has already told us. If we can’t reach a decision tonight, we would go back to Shanghai. And we don’t have to cope with the rest, for he will deal with it.”

“It seems that your boss is angry,” Qin Sheng said thoughtfully. Du Jiang was challenging the bottom line of Xue Qingyan’s company. Since he did not obey the rules of the game, there was no need to be polite with him.

“Well, even if he agrees to withdraw the capital, it will not end like this. I said that he should pay for this,” Xue Qingyan said coldly. No one ever dared to do this to her.

No. 6 Mansion was located in Caochangmen street, Gulou District. This was a restaurant opened by a friend of Xue Qingyan. The chef’s recommendation was Huaiyang cuisine. Next to the river and with a small park in its north, the environment was quite elegant.

Xue Qingyan and Qin Sheng arrived early. After waiting for about half an hour, Du Jiang was coming lately. He took two bodyguards. And it was the standard for him to go out. After all, he had offended many people, so he would be cautious.

“Hey, let beautiful Miss Xue wait for a long time, I am sorry. There is a terrible traffic jam in Nanjing City during this period of time,” Du Jiang said with a hypocritical look.

Xue Qingyan smiled and said, “Mr. Du is very welcome, I have just arrived.”

The two sat opposite each other. Xue Qingyan asked the waiter to bring the menu to Du Jiang. Du Jiang pushed to Xue Qingyan and said, “You decide, Miss Xue. I have no appetite recently.”

Xue Qingyan did not resign any more. And she ordered six or seven dishes casually. She prepared the red wine early and asked the waiter to pour the wine. She whispered, “We have troubled Mr. Du these days, and I toast to Mr. Du.”

“Not mention about trouble. We are partners. We hope that Miss Xue can understand something,” Du Jiang replied with a wine glass.

After a glass of wine, Du Jiang seemed to ask casually, “I heard that Miss Xue had a car accident today. I don’t know if it was serious. I wanted to call you to ask, but I was too busy to forget about it.”

Xue Qingyan’s face changed slightly. What did he mean by this, real provocation?

“Not a big deal, thank you for your concern, Mr. Du.” Xue Qingyan bit his teeth.

Du Jiang said aggressively, “Miss Xue think that I am doing this? Even I am shameless, and I will not do anything that can’t be done in public. Don’t worry, Miss Xue. I have sent people to investigate this matter. I will give you a result. Or you will misunderstand me.”

“How can I think so?” Xue Qingyan smiled bitterly and shook head.

Mr. Du acted very casually. And he lighted a cigarette. “I know that Miss Xue invited me to dinner today, just for the affairs of both companies. Miss Xue, you know, our company is a bit difficult recently, but the cooperation project with your company is coming to an end, can’t you wait any longer?”

Xue Qingyan was very patient. But after being challenged by Du Jiang, she did not intend to be polite anymore. Instead, she directly pointed at the matter. “Mr. Du, you are a smart person. Let’s talk it out. Since our company sends me here, we must have known the detailed situation. Mr. Du should have known the background of our company, and I hope you will have second thought.”

Xue Qingyan’s words made the smile on Du Jiang’s face disappear instantly. He said coldly, “Miss Xue, you want to play it tough, and to threaten me? I know your company’s background is not simple, but I, Du Jiang is not simple either. You are in Nanjing, not Shanghai, don’t talk to me like this.”

Qin Sheng, who stood next to them, heard this. He knew it was bad. Ms. Cheongsam did not seem to plan to negotiate with Du Jiang. It was a direct fighting. And Du Jiang was also provoked.

“Nanjing? Hehe.” Xue Qingyan sneered. “You think we cannot do anything to you, because you are in Nanjing. It seems that Mr. Du is still unclear about the strength of our company. What do you do to start your business? We know each other well. We have lots of methods if we want to deal with you. As your company’s current situation, you are clearer than me. I have tried my best to speak nice, but you still intend to fight with me, then there is no need to continue. The principle of our company is very simple, two choices, one is divestment, and the other is to transfer the equity of your high-quality project to us, you can choose one.”

“If you haven’t said this before, I might consider it. But you said so, don’t worry, I will never agree,” Du Jiang said playfully. “Since you know how I started my business. Don’t you be afraid that I will kill both sides? If you force me, then don’t blame me.”

“Du Jiang, don’t be so shameless. Do you really think that I don’t know who made the car accident at noon today,” Xue Qingyan suddenly got up and asked loudly.

The atmosphere was arrogant, and Qin Sheng began to be cautious. At the same time, he took precautions against Du Jiang’s two bodyguards. He would not let them hurt Xue Qingyan.

Du Jiang pressed his anger and said without being angry at all, “Who is scaring? I am not scared by anyone. I did the car accident today. What can you do with me?”

“Du Jiang, I hope you remember this.” Xue Qing was annoyed.

After saying this, Xue Qingyan was not going to continue eating. She was really fed up with Du Jiang’s stinky face. She couldn’t help but regret this trip to Nanjing. She got up directly and prepared to leave.

Du Jiang’s two bodyguards directly stopped Xue Qingyan. Obviously, he did not intend to let Xue Qingyan leave. Qin Sheng stood in front of Xue Qingyan without hesitation and squinted. “If you know the situation, just go away.”

The two bodyguards glared at Qin Sheng angrily. They were willing to fight. At this time, Du Jiang waved his hand. “Miss Xue, I still want to have a good conversation with you. Since you have to make such trouble, then I will play with you to the end. And then I have to advise, the security environment in Nanjing is not too good.”

Du Jiang drank red wine and laughed.

The two bodyguards gave way. Qin Sheng guarded Xue Qingyan to leave. Xue Qingyan’s face was very unsightly. She had never been bullied like this, whether in Hangzhou or Shanghai, who would dare to do this to her. Since Du Jiang did not treat her well, then she had to let Du Jiang knew the price.

In fact, Du Jiang really did not know the detailed background of Xue Qingyan’s company. He just heard that their relationship with government was very strong, let alone the identity of Xue Qingyan. If he had known it, he would never do this.

“Sister, don’t be angry. There is no need to take such a dirty guy seriously,” on the way out, Qin Sheng said to Xue Qingyan with comfort.

Xue Qingyan shook her head with a cold face. “Because he is a dirty guy, I don’t plan to continue talking. To deal with dirty guys, we have to use the method of dealing with dirty guys.”

“It means that we cannot reach a decision?” Qin Sheng asked.

Xue Qingyan had completely given up. She would explain to the company when she returned. But she was worried that Du Jiang would cause trouble, so she said, “No, we will return o Shanghai directly.”

“Well, I will buy the ticket,” Qin Sheng said with a low voice.

After Xue Qingyan and Qin Sheng left, Du Jiang, who was sitting and drinking, broke the wine glass directly. He dialed the phone directly and told his fellows, “Song Chu, kidnap the bitch. I want her to taste my power tonight.”

The business of No. 6 Mansion was very good. When they first came, there was no parking space in front of the door. They had to park their car in the parking space behind, which was next to the park. But it was dark.

When they just walked to the BMW 5 Series, seven or eight men came out from several cars, holding the tools in their hands and directly encircling Qin Sheng and Xue Qingyan.

Qin Sheng squinted and said, “Sister, it seems that we can’t go.”