The panicked Xue Qingyan was frantically driving and making calls at the same time. She was aware of Du Jiang’s background and influence in Nanjing, how he had started in the underground dealings to today’s accomplishment in the business scene and had not even land in jail all these years. She was afraid that after their close shave, Du Jiang would not let this go but continue to target them.

It was too bad Xue Qingyan did not have much social network in Nanjing. She had quickly contacted her brother and Big BOSS to help her in fear of more accidents. If it were Shanghai or Hangzhou, Xue Qingyan need not seek their help because help was just a phone call away, moreover, no one would be able to lay a finger on her there.

Xue Qingyan regretted underestimating Du Jiang’s capabilities. She had originally thought that this matter could be settled with little trouble. Little did she expect that it would come to this. Du Jiang had obviously been cornered and snapped under pressure.

The BMW which she drove had beaten a number of red lights and crash into several cars and ran away. More importantly, there was blood all over the body of the car. This had alerted the traffic police as well other patrolling police officers, who traced their tracks all the way to the state hospital. They had to look into this matter lest they be held accountable since Nanjing was a capital city.

Xue Qingyan’s Big BOSS was also commonly known as Old Chen. He had remained low-key for 40 years, so he rarely appeared at the office on normal days. Xue Qingyan’s investment company was also a rather low-keyed company, therefore its name rarely appeared on the internet search or news. However, the company was in control of a huge amount of capital in truth, and Old Chen came from a powerful background, perhaps from a politician’s family. Only those close him would know for sure, while the rest could only guess.

As for Xue Deming, he was a well-known character from Zhejiang to Shanghai who had been in the limelight for a while. If he continued down the same path, he would one day be promoted to the senior management level.

After both Old Chen and Xue Deming made a few calls each, a team of people in Nanjing was mobilized to handle this issue, which included calling up the state hospital to inquire about this very important lady, making sure that she and her friend were in good hands. It was clear how influential Old Chen and Xue Deming were. From this point on, this was no longer a problem between Xue Qingyan and Du Jiang. It had turned into a battle between two powers which reflected real phenomena of society.

At this moment, Qin Sheng was undergoing an operation in the emergency room of the state hospital. Fortunately, the only more serious injury was the cut on his back. The injuries on his arm and thigh were not an issue. The only other thing was that Qin Sheng had lost quite a lot of blood and was feeling rather weak. In addition, the blood that covered his body was a horrible sight that scared Xue Qingyan to death.

Sitting outside the operating theatre, Xue Qingyan’s elegant outfit was seen to have been stained with blood. She had received a number of calls from her brother’s friends as well as Old Chen’s friends. In fact, there were a total of four people who were on the way to the hospital. At the same time, they were making further arrangements by making many other calls, including the terrible incident that happened in the Sixth Apartment’s carpark.

Xue Qingyan would never have expected two incidents to happen within the span of a day and that they had to go to the hospital twice during this time. She had never had such a thrilling and alarming experience in her life. Even if there was someone who was against her would not dare take such risks.

After a while, the traffic police and police arrived at the hospital, having traced them through progressive shreds of evidence. They stared at the panic-stricken Xue Qingyan for a moment and the traffic police officer said, “Miss, you’ve been found to have involved in a few hit-and-run incidents. You are required to come with us to the station.”

Xue Qingyan remained silent as she did not have the mood to talk to the police. However, both the traffic police and regular police officers kept pursuing the matter and their attitudes showed that they were becoming impatient. This troubled Xue Qingyan very much. While she knew she was at fault, she was really left with no choice. All she could do was to call the deputy commissioner of the provincial council, who eventually spoke to the police directly.

The traffic police officer and the police officer had many experiences with offenders who relied on some kind of relationship backing to solve their problems. One of them took over the phone and said, “Please liaise with our superior. She had aggressively broken several traffic rules, including beating several red lights and involving in several hit-and-run incidents,” said one of the officers impatiently.

“Superior? I’m your superior,” the commissioner said. In addition, he told them his name and the fact that he was on his way there, so they could leave the rest to him because he would hand the matter over to the city bureau.

When the traffic police officer heard his name, he was taken aback. His initial arrogant attitude quickly turned to humility. He eventually handed the phone back to Xue Qingyan respectfully and said, “Commissioner Yu will be here soon, so please don’t be anxious or afraid. We will be here protecting you.”

The traffic police officer and the police officer were originally here to bring Xue Qingyan away for questioning but now, they ended up being the ones to protect her.

Within half an hour, among the few big shots Xue Deming and Old Chen contacted, two of the personally came to the hospital, while the other two sent their secretaries as their representative. These four people had a chat with Xue Qingyan. They were shocked to hear what happened and that someone had the audacity to do such a thing Xue Qingyan. Did the person not know who Xue Qingyan was?

Not only was this person digging his own grave, but he was also creating trouble for them.

A few of the management people from the hospital also came to meet Xue Qingyan and expressed that they would be doing their best with treating Qin Sheng.

At the same time, the two big shots and the two secretaries quickly reported this up to the provincial council, where an investigation team was set up to specialize in this case and to direct the actions to be taken.

Under the urge of the authority, the police force was subdivided to do different tasks and they sprung into action immediately. This included directly arresting Du Jiang, whose name had been blacklisted by the provincial council. He had been scot-free because of protection from some backing. Although the police had not gotten hold of any evidence, they decided that he be arrested regardless. Anyways, Du Jiang was in no way innocent, given that he had dabbled in illegal dealings before. As for his backing, the provincial council had obtained the support of their leader. Together with the background of Xue Mingde and Old Chen, they were totally not worried. On a different note, whoever was backing Du Jiang would be digging his own grave if he decided to protect Du Jiang at this moment.

Du Jiang, who was in his villa at Zhongshan Golf Resort, had no idea that he was eating his last supper there. Never would he expect Xue Qingyan to have such powerful backings. It boils down to the fact that he did not know Xue Qingyan well enough. He had thought that she was merely a high ranking employee in the company. He would not end up doing such a silly thing if he had investigated more thoroughly about Xue Qingyan’s identity.

Du Jiang’s mistress put her arms around Du Jiang as she said, “How are you back so early today, darling?”

“Because I miss you so much,” Du Jiang replied lustfully.

“I hate you for bullying me once you get home!” the mistress said flirtatiously.

“Who else can I bully if not you?” Du Jiang burst out laughing and went on to carry his mistress into his bedroom.

What they were unaware of was that four police cars had just arrived and surrounded the entire villa.

A team of special unit police officers carrying real weapons broke into the villa and took down all the security guards as well as the servants in the villa. Then they dashed directly into the bedroom upstairs.


As the bedroom door was forced open from the outside, Du Jiang was totally taken by surprise. By the time he reacted by turning around, a number of police officers carrying real arms had entered the room and were staring at him intently.

“What are you doing?” Du Jiang bellowed in fury, not expecting such a great formation.

The police officers did not care who Du Jiang was as they were just carrying out orders from their superior. The officer in charge waved his hand and said, “Arrest him and bring him away.”

Du Jiang carried out his plans with regards Xue Qingyan painstakingly, which included his attempts to threaten and kidnap Xue Qingyan. Little did he expect Xue Qingyan’s rebound to come so aggressively, that he did not even have a chance to explain himself.

At this moment, Song Chu was at a club in Gulou District, trying to pick up the pieces, deciding the secret places to send his injured men, and for those men who were unscathed to escape, lest they left any foothold.

Suddenly, a team of full-armored police officers broke in and all the men froze. They put their hands on their heads and squatted down where they were, then they were being taken away.

It was like a storm swept over them suddenly, so there was no chance of resistance.

Du Jiang, didn’t you think that you were so powerful and that this was Nanjing, not Shanghai? Xue Qingyan had practically overturned all that he claimed himself to be. He was but only a small fry after all.

Within a short span of a couple of hours, be it the management of Du Jiang’s company or his many underground henchmen, all of them were swept up by the police. This had shaken Nanjing city, so much so everyone began making wild guesses regarding who this big shot was whom Du Jiang had offended and infuriated.

In the hospital, Xue Qingyan had not left Qin Sheng’s side. While Xue Deming could not rush to Nanjing personally, he had a friend of his to accompany Xue Qingyan, and he did all the behind-the-scenes arrangements. As for Old Chen, he had already boarded a plane on his way there.

After the surgery was over, while the effects of the anesthetics were yet to wear off, Qin Sheng was put in a high dependency ward. The doctor had announced that Qin Sheng’s life was not at risk and that all the vital organs were all not damaged. Xue Qingyan breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the doctor’s words. She was finally at ease.

Xue Qingyan was holding on to Qin Sheng’s mobile phone when a call from Yu Kefei came in. Qing Sheng had requested Yu Kefei to help him look up some information in the afternoon. At this time, he had found the necessary information and was calling Qin Sheng to tell it to him. How confused he was Xue Qingyan was the one to pick up the call! It was then Xue Qingyan told him what happened and that Qin Sheng had just come out of the operation.

Yu Kefei was totally stunned. He immediately rushed down to the state hospital in his car. It was only after Xue QIngyan told him everything was alright, that he felt relieved. However, he remained in the hospital to keep her company while they waited in the hospital.

Old Chen finally arrived at the hospital at 1 a.m. and he took over from here from Xue Qingyan.