Qin Sheng was so bored staying in the hospital for an entire week. Fortunately, Liu Ye and Yu Kefei came to keep him company and chat with him every day. Other times, Qin Sheng mostly read his book. Xue Qingyan knew that Qin Sheng loved to read so she bought some books for him before she left so Qin Sheng could pass his time reading. Once in a while, Qin Sheng would wander around a little, or flirt with the nurses, who were reasonably attractive because they serve in the higher class wards.

On the day of departure, Yu Kefei was the one who sent Qin Sheng to the train station. Before they parted ways, Yu Kefei promised Qin Sheng that he would travel to Shanghai with his wife for a get-together with him some time. Finally, Qin Sheng’s eventful and turbulent trip to Nanjing came to an end.

When Qin Sheng returned to Shilin Huayuan, both Chang Baji and Hao were nowhere to be seen. Although this apartment was occupied by the three bachelors, it was kept exceptionally tidy and clean. After Qin Sheng took a shower and changed into a clean set of clothes, he headed straight to Shangshan Ruoshui. After all, he had been away for so long and it was time for him to go back to work and get back to his routine, stable life.

When Qin Sheng first reported for work at Xu Lancheng’s office, Xue Lancheng said nothing about his extended leave. However, when bumped into Ms. An on the way out, she immediately complained by saying, “Are you finally back? I thought you were going to quit and not come back!”

“Why would I quit such a good job, Ms. An? Moreover, I couldn’t bear to leave you!” Qin Sheng resorted to flattery, as he could smell that Ms. An was displeased with his extended leave.

Resting her hands on her hips, Ms. An berated, “Stop your smooth-talking and start working already! If you take leave again within this month, I would have you quit and leave.”

Even when she was berating Qin Sheng, her mannerism was alluring all the same. This is the difference between an unmarried young lady and one who was married.

After Qin Sheng proceeded with his work, Ms. An knocked on Xu Lancheng’s door and entered his office. After she made the necessary reports regarding work, Ms. An said to Xu Lancheng thoughtfully, “What exactly is Qin Sheng’s background? Why do you pamper and indulge him?

“What do you ask so much? What you should do is to just close one eye. Leave him alone as long as he doesn’t create any trouble in Shangshan Ruoshui,” Xu Lancheng said flatly. He certainly did not intend to reveal Qin Sheng’s identity to Ms. An.

Ms. An had a rather good impression of Qin Sheng in the beginning, but she was beginning to be displeased with the fact that Qin Sheng was taking leave from work so frequently. She was after all the manager for reception department and she had many other subordinates who would be watching what was going on. Qin Sheng’s attitude would have invited complaints and this would put her on a spot.

Having gone around the building twice, Qin Sheng did not spot Chang Baji. Where could he be? Nevertheless, he went back to the reception department, where he greeted Brother Lu, Tang Wan, and Xong Xiyu, who were busy with work. A few of them inquired about Qin Sheng’s extended leave and he merely explained that he had to tend to something back home.

Wang Haichao, who had been put down by Qin Sheng and Yu Fengzhi the other time, had been picking on Qin Sheng. He had also been at loggerheads with Yu Fengzhi since, which was widely known within the department. Wang Haichao would not let slip the opportunity to speak some sarcastic words to Qin Sheng when he bumped into him. “Qin Sheng, do you really think that Shangshan Ruoshui is your home? That you can come and go as you like? The number of days you were on leave far exceeded that you worked. Who else in the reception department is as relaxed as you? If you are not serious about working here, you should just leave and not take up space here!”

“Deputy Manager Wang, if I’m not mistaken, you’re just the deputy manager of the reception department, not Shangshan Ruoshui’s general manager. I don’t think you have the authority to throw me out. If you are looking for a place to vent whatever you’ve bottled up inside, I can teach you some Kungfu moves and you can practice them on the trees outside. It will also help strengthen your body,” Qin Sheng refuted.

Wang Haichao’s face fell and he said with a severe tone, “Don’t you think that I’m afraid of you just because you’re acquainted with some members of Shangshan Ruoshui. My advice would be for you to keep a low profile if you want to stay on in Shangshan Ruoshui.

“If this were your concern, I would say there’s nothing you need to worry about, Deputy Manager Wang,” Qin Sheng could not be bothered with him. He had not joined Shangshan Ruoshui to be bullied by Wang Haichao. In fact, Qin Sheng knew he could get rid of him anytime if he wanted.

Suddenly, Yu Fengzhi appeared from nowhere and said mockingly, “How supercilious, Manager Wang.”

“Yu Fengzhi, what business do you have here?” Wang Haichao replied, looking ashen on his face when he saw Yu Fengzhi.

“I’ve just come to witness your condescending behaviors,” said Yu Fengzhi matter-of-factly. She was certainly not intimidated by Wang Haichao.

Wang Haichao was surprisingly not provoked but with a smile, he replied, “I was just asking Qin Sheng how he was so relaxed in Shangshan Ruoshui. Now I see it was because you are backing him up. What’s your relationship? Don’t tell me he’s your little lover?”

These were malicious words and displeased, Qin Sheng immediately turned and squinted intently at Wang Haichao.

Yu Fengzhi snorted, “Do you think all people are like you? Don’t think I’m not aware of the filthy things you’re doing. Everyone’s just closing one eye on what you’re doing.”

“Are you trying to blackmail me?” Wang Hai surely knew that Yu Fengzhi was referring to his intimate relationships with a few pretty girls in the reception department since rumors had been going around.

“I wouldn’t dare to, given that you are going to be the future candidate for the manager of the security department,” Yu Fengzhi chuckled.

At this juncture, Ms. An exited Xu Lancheng’s office and spotted the three of them standing by. “Are you too free to be standing around to chat?” scolded Ms. An.

When the threesome stopped their bickering when they saw Ms. An and went their separate ways. Wang Haichao went away while Yu Fengzhi and Qin Sheng went up to the second floor. After they reached the second floor, Yu Fengzhi said to Qin Sheng, “Don’t be bothered by what this crazy dog said. He just doesn’t see eye to eye with you. During this period when you’re absent, he’s been arguing with me all the time because of what happened last time.”

“I’m taking the brunt of your attack on him the other time. While Wang Haichao couldn’t possibly do anything to you, he took it out on me instead,” Qin Sheng said. However, he was surprised that Yu Fengzhi stood up for him today given that he also sort of rode on Yu Fengzhi in that incident.

Yu Fengzhi whispered, “I used you as my weapon, but you also rode on my status. We are equal in that sense.”

“When did I take advantage of you?” Qin Sheng emphasized.

Yu Fengzhi’s expression changed a little as she said, “Hey, I’m giving you a way of escape, don’t you dare step on the toes of both the managers of the reception department.”

“It doesn’t matter now since I’ve already offended one of them, haha,” Qin Sheng said jokingly.

Yu Fengzhi could tell from Qin Sheng’s tone that he was just fooling around. She did not take his words to heart and turned to leave…

Today was not a very busy day. Chang Baji only appeared in the evening. According to the guards in the security department, Chang Baji was sieving through the existing guards to eliminate those who did not qualify.

When they finally knock off from work at 10 p.m., Qin Sheng and Chang Baji left the office one after another. Only when their car reached the crossroad outside the office, Chang Baji asked, “How are you recuperating?”

“No big deal, the most severe injury I sustained was the cut on my back. I would have come back earlier if I was not forced to stay a week in the hospital,” Qin Sheng tried to explain. It seemed that this was not a serious matter to him.

With a frustrated tone, Chang Baji said, “How could you be so careless? If I’ve known, I would have accompanied you to Nanjing.”

“It was an accident. I didn’t expect them to be brutal. It was all because I wanted to protect Big Sister Xue, otherwise, there’s no way I could get hurt. However, I think this was all worth it because Big Sister Xue would look at me in a different light,” Qin Sheng said, trying to comfort himself. He was currently more concerned about Xue Qingyan’s background. Having heard from Yu Kefei that some big shot behind Xue Qingyan had come to their rescue and settled Du Jiang within a night. Yu Kefei had said that Du Jiang was not a simple character, but even so, he did not even have a chance to defend himself.

Chang Baji shook his head and continued, “So the entire episode had ended? Would there be any repercussions?”

Qin Sheng replied, “It’s settled on that night itself. The person behind this attack had been arrested. He was considered a powerful figure in Nanjing. Even so, he did not have the power to resist the arrest. Old Chang, sometimes I feel that power is really a useful thing to have.”

“So Xue Qingyan has such a strong backing?” Chang Baji was aware of who this Big Sister Xue was, he had after all get to know most of the people in Shangshan Ruoshui.

Qin Sheng nodded and said, “Her background is not that simple. I’m planning to ask Uncle Jiang someday.”

Having known Qin Sheng for quite some time, Chang Baji had gradually get to understand him more. He was aware that Qin Sheng was an ambitious man and he would gradually realize his ambition step by step. To Qin Sheng, Shangshan Ruoshui was just a springboard. Before he acquired sufficient capability, he knew better to conceal his ambition.

Chang Baji was curious and so looking forward to seeing where Qin Sheng would finally get to, being raised the grandson of that wise old man.

Han Bing could not wait but rushed over to see Qin Sheng once she knew Qin Sheng had returned to Shanghai. Together with Hao Lei, they waited at the restaurant by Shilin Huayuan for Chang Baji and Qin Sheng. They had parked their car in Shilin Huayuan residents’ carpark before they walked over to the restaurant.

A Maybach was parked at the gates of Shilin Huayuan. A middle-aged man was staring intently at Qin Sheng and Chang Baji who were walking out of the carpark casually. There were mixed emotions in his eyes, although the rest of his expression was calm. It was only when Qin Sheng and Chang Baji disappeared from his sight that he stopped staring.

“Are you not going to see the young master yet, Boss?” a burly man, supposedly the chauffeur, whispered.

The middle-aged man sitting at the back shook his head and said, “There’s no rush really. So many years had gone by anyway. One or two days of delay doesn’t really matter.”

“Sigh, I’m just worried that the young master would not live to see that day. He had been through so much suffering all these years. Just two days ago, he almost lost his life in Nanjing. You’re really hard-hearted,” the chauffeur said, with pain in his eyes.

“If he dies, it’s his destiny,” said the middle-aged man matter-of-factly.

The burly man let out a sigh. Although his master had treated him like his henchmen, he was a servant after all. Although there were certain things he dared to comments, he knew he did not have a say in these things.

“Miss Qin is also in Shanghai these two days. Do you think she already knows the whereabouts of the young master?” the chauffeur asked, sounding confused.

The middle-aged man pondered and said, “If you don’t breathe a word about it. The main reason for her coming to Shanghai this time is to celebrate granny’s birthday.”

“Are you not going?”

The middle-aged man shook his head and said, “Not going. Even if I try to, granny wouldn’t allow us into her house. Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s go to Chongming Island.”

What was unknown to the burly man was that he was not the only one watching Qin Sheng. The middle-aged man had other leads. Qin Sheng was after all his son, otherwise, he would not have waited a whole two hours just to have one peek at Qin Sheng.

The burly man ignited the car engine and drove away from Shilin Huayuan slowly. He had witnessed for himself the feud and the entanglement between the Xus and the Qins over the years. He was aware of how much granny hated the Qins. Not only did she lose her daughter, but she also lost her maternal grandson. It was no wonder she had not allowed his master to enter her house over the years. Fortunately, the younger Xus were very understanding towards his master and had always been ready to lend a helping hand.

In the restaurant nearby, Qin Sheng had just sat down. He was totally unaware that the father he had thought about from time to time had just left. Even if he had known, Qin Sheng might not have taken the initiative to go up to him to acknowledge him. Otherwise, why had he not gone to Beijing to look for the old man named Chen Changsheng?