Chapter 95 Are You Thinking About It?

I always believed that we would meet again, just like the fish belonged to the sea, the mountains welcomed the breeze. And the wanderers returned to their hometowns. Although I didn’t know when, I just believed that we would meet again.

Look, I finally waited for this day.

This poem expressed Qin Sheng’s mood at the moment. From the excitement at the beginning, to the calmness after standing in front of her, and then to see her familiar smile, Qin Sheng finally returned to normal state.

Du Fu said that the disease was caused by loneliness, old people met each other could not be calm.

When he didn’t see her at first, Qin Sheng was afraid that he was not calm enough. But after seeing her, his worry had vanished. Just like when they first met each other, she said that the first time I saw you, just like meeting an old friend. Now they met again, no need to mention the feeling anymore.

Without much spare time, in addition to work, Lin Su spent more time alone. She didn’t like to be lively, and she didn’t like socializing. She had been working overtime recently. It was basically going out early and coming back late. She got used to this life.

Lin Su built a good relationship with her employees. Whether it was management department or ordinary employees, all liked her very much. They worked overtime together every day, got off work together, and waited for the bus together.

At the moment, the employees who came out with Lin Su were three women and two men. Everyone was shocked by the sudden uninvited guest who appeared in front of them. Someone had already grinned when he heard this funny thing. It seemed they heard a big joke.

They have never seen this man in front of them. But they were sure that he would be the new cannon fodder in the vast pursuit army. Everyone had got used to it. Until the emergence of Mr. Yan, things changed. After all, there were not so many people who dared to offend Mr. Yan. Everyone knew that Mr. Yan and Miss Lin seemed to have a marriage contract. If someone dared to take Miss Lin away, unless they had a strong background, or they could just go away.

However, those, who pursued Miss Lin in the past, were rich dudes or royal guys. Even financial barons or rich sons-in-law, when they pursued Miss Lin, they would arrange a big show or romantic date. Who would stop her directly and invite her to have hot pot? Did he come for fun?

When Qin Sheng suddenly appeared, Lin Su was also shocked. But when she saw the appearance of the man in front of her clearly, Lin Su was slightly absent-minded. Later her face instantly burst into the most brilliant smile. She opened her mouth lightly “Okay, I want to eat the most authentic Chengdu hot pot, garlic sesame oil dish, medium spicy.”

When Lin Su said this, several staff members who wanted to see jokes were instantly stunned. What happened?

In the past, Miss Lin would directly refuse this kind of pursuer. Some time ago, there was a dude who drove Aston Martin, and he waited for Miss Lin got off work every day. In the end, he disappeared without any notice. These days he had vanished completely. Now this guy in front of them was not very handsome and looked poor. How could he get Miss Lin’s heart?

“Long time no see.” Qin Sheng said lightly, just like meeting old friends. This sentence was the simplest and truest.

Lin Su blinked her deep eyes and said. “I’m surprised. Every time you suddenly appear like this. Just like it is sunny in the last second, the next second is a downpour, always so unpredictable.”

“Isn’t it a surprise?” Qin Sheng half joked.

Lin Su joked. “More like a fright.”

These employees finally understood. It turned out that this man and Miss Lin were old friends. No wonder that Miss Lin would say yes. They were not going to look down upon it anymore, and they knew they should leave. So they said together. “Miss Lin, then we go first.”

“Well, see you tomorrow.” Lin Su smiled and nodded.

When Lin Su’s colleagues left, Qin Sheng said actively, “Go to the hot pot?”

“Let’s have a walk first. The view of tonight is not bad, although it is a bit cold.” Lin Su said casually.

Poly Plaza was next to the Huangpu River. The two walked to the bank of Huangpu River. They walked unhurriedly, like a couple walking after work. But unfortunately, they were not matched. After all, the level of the beautiful Lin Su was higher than passerby Qin Sheng.

“How can you find me?” Lin Su was very curious. After all, they were apart for two years. Qin Sheng suddenly appeared in front of her, which made her very surprised and slightly cautious.

Qin Sheng thought about stupid Xia Ding, felt a bit funny. But he had to thank him.

“Laugh what, you haven’t answered my question yet.” Lin Su did not understand.

Qin Sheng’s hands clasped his head and leaned back on the guardrail on the riverside. “Can I tell you that one of your pursuers is my university roommate? He fell for you, and I just saw the photo. So I know you are in Shanghai.”

“I see. I thought you traveled afar just to see me.” Lin Su said with interest. “Well, a little disappointing, it seems that I am not charming enough. It takes you two years to find me.”

Qin Sheng knew that Lin Su was joking. When the two of them were together, she often made jokes to tease Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng slowly explained, “After you and I parted, I continued to go to places and walked around. I traveled and stopped for two years and didn’t return to Shanghai until late October. Besides, when we parted, you said you didn’t want me to contact you. We will meet each other if it was meant to be. I have to listen to you. It would be a great loss if you put me in the blacklist.”

“I just talked about it, you took it seriously.” Lin Su sneered and rubbed her hair that was blown by the cold wind.

Qin Sheng laughed. “I see you are afraid that I am a prodigal son, who will mess with you.”

“That is also what I mean. But you are so damn great. Having not contacted for two years, I thought you forgot me, or you have already vanished from the world.” Lin Su stared at Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng said thoughtfully, “I will not forget you even if I forget everyone. After all, you and I have shared the same bed, although nothing happened.”

These words made Lin Su instantly blush. She said, “Do you believe that I will throw you into the Huangpu River to feed the fish?”

“Yes.” Qin Sheng was immediately frightened. This story was really funny. At that time, they went to Shunan Bamboo Sea. It was just at the peak of tourists. The only hotel with good conditions was only a double room left. Stayed or not? In the end, they chose to stay. Originally Qin Sheng said to sleep on the ground, but the weather was wet, Lin Su could not bear it, let Qin Sheng sleep on the bed. But they could not cross the line. Who knew that Qin Sheng was too tired, so he really did not cross the line. He became a modern Liu Xiahui, fell asleep immediately. He was worse than a beast. But Lin Su didn’t fall asleep for a night, for fear that Qin Sheng would do something crazy.

“I am also afraid that you have forgotten me. But now it seems that we are still in a good relationship. After two years, we can meet again, indicating that everything has its fate.” Qin Sheng said softly.

Lin Su did take it for granted and said, “Too emotional.”

“I have finished my part. Let’s talk about you, how are you in these two years?” Qin Sheng asked with a smile.

Lin Su sighed. “I am not like your prodigal son, who takes the world as your home. After returning from Yunnan, I start working step-by-step. In the past two years, I have been busy with my work. It is good but also not very good. Just make the best of things.”

“This is not the very independent and thoughtful Lin Su that I met. How can you be so pessimistic?” Qin Sheng was slightly surprised.

Under the neon lights of the high-rise buildings, the two walked and stopped. On the Huangpu River, the cruises shuttled, the cold wind blew face, the passers-by’s footsteps were more hurried than they were. There were couples taking pictures, let Qin Sheng help, Qin Sheng pressed the shutter. Inadvertently, Lin Su also became the background.

Going forward, Lin Su said with emotion. “The more you grow up, the more troubles you have, the more you can’t help yourself. Sometimes I want to leave it all, like you. But I can’t make up my mind, I can’t find courage.” ”

“Me? Don’t be like me. If a man is like me in the past two years, it must be unreliable. A man should work hard when he is young, instead of seeking ease and comfort life. When he is thirty, he wants to face the difficulties and make a breakthrough, and he will have no courage and strength. His life will basically be shaped.” Qin Sheng said unhurriedly.

Lin Su turned and looked at Qin Sheng, saying, “What do you mean? You don’t go on the trip?”

“No, I will be abandoned by life if I go on the trip.” Qin Sheng shook his head and replied.

Lin Su said with deep meaning, “You will stay in Shanghai in the future?”

“Well, stay in Shanghai. And I also meet you again today. I can’t go even if I want to go.” Qin Sheng said with half joke.

Lin Su stared at Qin Sheng severely.

She didn’t know why. She hadn’t seen Qin Sheng for two years. It seemed to have no gaps when she met Qin Sheng again. Just like two years ago, they kept no secrets from each other and were unscrupulous to each other.

“Lin Su, are you married?” Qin Sheng, who walked in front, suddenly stopped and asked nervously. Although he guessed the answer would probably be no. But he was still not down-to-earth if there was no definite answer.

Lin Su was a little absent-minded, and then she laughed and said, “How come you suddenly become so serious? I am a little uncomfortable.”

“You answer the question first.” Qin Sheng said with tangles.

Lin Su did not keep him guessing, shaking her head. “No.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Qin Sheng continued to ask.

Lin Su smiled, “You guess.”

“No?” Qin Sheng asked back.

Lin Su chose to be silent and did not answer. But this was also an answer for Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng suddenly came back to earth. Why did he act like a stupid?Lin Su was certainly not married or having a boyfriend. Otherwise Xia Ding would not have spent too much time chasing her. According to Xia Ding’s ability, how could he not know this information?

“Don’t tell me, you want to chase me?” When Lin Su thought of what Qin Sheng said when they were parted, she suddenly understood and stunned.

Qin Sheng did not deny. He nodded heavily and said. “Yes, starting today, I will chase you. This is the promise between you and me when we were parted. I naturally will not quit.”

After a long separation, they hadn’t met each other for an hour. It was not cautious for Qin Sheng to say something like that. But Lin Su also knew that Qin Sheng would do what he said.

Lin Su did not attack Qin Sheng’s ambitions. She just stared at Qin Sheng. No one knew what she was thinking. After a long time, she said calmly, “I am difficult to chase, you have made up your mind?”